Why Sebastian has feelings for Ciel.

(Can you see the punctuation mark, I’m not fucking around right now.)

So I will now show every last one of you why Sebastians has actual feelings for his master, and does NOT see him just as some food.
You ready folks? OK. Here we go.

First of all, yes I’m aware of the fact that Sebastian is a demon. And yes I’m also aware of the fact that demons aren’t the most lovey dovey creatures walking around, but let’s just start with some basic Sebby informations here. To love Ciel, or just having some deeper feelings for him, he must be able to have some feelings (besides anger and similiar ones) in general right? Right. So let’s just take a look at how he loves cats.
(Oh yes my little humans I’m actually doing this)

Do you see the look on his face?
Does he look like he want’s to eat the cat? Definitely not.

Does he love cats ? Hell yes!

So we now know that he is able to feel affection. ( Don’t try to object, he’s always focused on doing everyting perfect, but when a cat walks by…. well we all know the story.)
Now let’s take a look on how he acts around Ciel.

In the first seoson, his behaviour is more like one of a cat, which likes to play with it’s food. He’s hungry, Ciel is tasty. And also he’s a fucking showoff.

But nevertheless he would do everything to protect his young master.

He get’s hurt.

Not just once.
And yeah I know that you will say: “ He’s a demon, it’s not like it’s dangerous for him or anything”. And I will answer you: SHUT THE F*** UP HUMAN I’M STILL NOT DONE HERE!
Because let’s make a little jump into season two and listen to something claude says:
So it IS dangerous for him.
I’m not saying that Sebastian loves Ciel in season one, I’m just saying that he developed an unhelathy obsession with Ciel(s soul).
I don’t have to mention his rage over the fact that he couldn’t eat him do I?
He destroyed the whole fucking island! I know how crazy someone can go when he’s hungry ( I saw the snickers commercial) but seriously man.. he just smashed that thing.
Ok but let’s go a bit deeper into season two.
You could still say he was so pissed because someone stole his food. All that work, all that stupid human bullshit for nothing! BUT when he went to get Ciels soul back, he definitely didn’t act like some hungry demon. He did everything to make sure Ciel would remember all by himself, that the contract was already fulfilled, and that no one else helped him with it. (That's  much work for just a meal you know.. I mean I myself am too lazy sometimes to just shove a pizza in the oven so I rather eat the Candy from last christmas… but whatever..) I think you have to keep in mind, that Ciel is not the easiest master one can have.

Let’s face it.. he’s a goddamn brat.
But he still puts so much effort in all this.
And he doesn’t even want someone to touch or look at him.

Remember how Sebastian slapped Claude some food in the face for looking at Ciel?
Of course you could say no one likes it when someone touches their food, but remember, Claude (even when he developed a “little” obsession with Ciels sould himself) doesn’t care about Ciels wellbeing, he really just sees him as some food. Of course Ciels soul is a very delicious and extraordinary one (that’s why he get’s a little crazy over it). But even though he doesn’t want Ciels precious body getting hurt, and he admires his beauty, he totures him to get what he wants, something Sebastian would never do. (I’m pretty sure of this, because if he would be more like Claude, he would have just eaten Ciel just after he got his soul back.) Of course Sebastian and Claude are two different demons, but Claude actually says that Sebastians obsession with Ciels soul is rather unusual.

Now you could all be like: “ Yeah but Ciels soul is not like every other soul, you said it yourself!” Yes.. yes indeed little creature I did. But let me bring back to your mind that Claude is the one who acts “normal” for a demon, and not even he really cares about Ciel, not even after he had a little jizz in his pants moment after tastig Ciels blood. He want’s to eat him ( maybe bang him) but like I said, he doesn’t give a shit about his wellbeing.

So Sebastian doesn’t even have a little obsession, ( that would be that strange shit Claude does) he’s acting totally unusual for a demon.
Not to mention he even put his butler aesthetics over a “free” life. He stays by his masters side FOREVER. Because Ciel was also turned into a demon. Yeah I know Sebastian takes his job seriously, but come on.. no demon EVER would stay by his masters side just because of such stupid fuck some other big boobie demon lady was responsible for. He already fulfilled his part of the contract in season one, there was no reason for him to still follow his masters orders in the first place, so why bother?
But let’s just take a look at season 3..
I mean..

I don’t kiss my food on the head.

Or pet it.
And I REALLY REALLY LOVE FOOD. I do. But look at all the other situations..

I don’t hold my food like this.

Or look at it like this.

Or like this.

And I never did something like this for my food. Trying to make it happy and shit.

Look at this scene..

I wouldn’t look like this if one of my chicken nuggets would get an asthma attack.
Or like this.
Or to say it with the words of my girlfriend, I wouldn’t give a pinky fluffy damn.
If you still think Ciel is just some “food” to him, or a nice little toy, just tell me, I will make an even longer post. With even more pictures, and more gifs. There are ENDLESS. I can’t even tell how much. Don’t argue with me bro, to interpret the relationship between some characters and to construe their actions is the biggest part of one of my main classes in school. Don’t fuck with me man, I know what I’m talking about.

Now go little human, go and spread the love of these two cuties~