so i was exploring, hitting every suggestion to find new music, and i came across this wonderful underground artist named Kim Seora. This is her ig

i don’t know what kind of person she is, when she’ll be out with more, but i really like the sound of her music. here’s a few of my fav songs with her!

from her soundcloud

someone: are you okay?

me, on the outside: yeah

me, on the inside: to jooheon hyung. do you remember? when i first came in ‘no mercy’ we ended up doing a team mission together and before talking about composing the song, we talked about each other’s inner thoughts, our previous office was at seorae village and we talked in a long vocal room and honestly, during then, i was really thankful that jooheon hyung spoke about it first. because firstly in that situation it was very diffiult for me to approach the hyungs first but jooheon hyung came to talk to me first and i was really thankful but now it’s really a relationship that’s really great, as much as the chemistry in the word “kkulkkung”. for the past 2 years it seems like a lot has happened but it’s because of everything that happened that i feel “we have become this much closer”. maybe it’s because we’re the rapper line but we’re really strenght to each other and we talk to each other about out troubles so i really love us now. i don’t really have anything i hope for and i just hope you don’t get sick and that we can continue to be the monsta x like this forever. monsta x to go for a long time, rapper line to continue growing, let’s sweep everything! thank you~ i love you

They Got It Wrong (Leo)

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Request: Yay!! Can I please get a VIXX Leo scenario where his wife or girlfriend (you can decide) is heavily pregnant and she goes into labor during one of their concerts but she refuses to go to the hospital until after the concert is over? They just barely make it when she can feel the baby’s head.

“You looked like you’re gonna pop soon” Hyuk spoke as he looked at your oversized belly. Taekwoon came over beside you and smiled “you should have stayed home you know” he said as you smiled. “This is your last concert before you stay home with me for awhile” you tell him as he nods. “That’s why you should be at home. I don’t want you giving birth to our little girl right here on stage” you were told as you chuckled. Your hands went to your tummy as you rubbed it “I love you and want to see you preform” you tell him as he nods. “If you need me I will be here by your side as fast as I can” he tells you as he touches your belly and rubs it lightly. “Daddy will be back soon” he coos bending down to kiss your stomach.


Taekwoon kept glancing over at you when he could to make sure you were alright and you weren’t hurting yourself by standing too long. Unknown to him the thumbs up you were giving him with a nice smile were lies. Nearly as soon as the concert started you went into labor and had been hiding the odd pains and feelings you were having. Your daughter wanted out then and now and you were just as stubborn as she was.


When it was over Taekwoon was quickly beside you smiling as he was coated in a layer of sweat. “Did you like it?” he asked as you harshly squeezed his arm and took in a sharp breath. “Did your water break?” he asked panicked “like 2 hours ago or something” you say as his eyes widen “you’ve been in labor since I started the concert?” he speonded loudly as the boys heard him.


You let out a groan as Taekwoon held your hand “can you please hury” he said to his manager as he began stroking your face “little Seora will be with us soon” he said as you nodded. “Oh my god” you yell as he clutches your hand “she’s really coming” you cry out as he shh'ed you lightly.


He had you in his arms moments after the vehicle got to the emergency area and took you in “help please my wife is in labor” he calls out as nurses quickly spring into action “wife?” you ask as he smiles “soon” he whispered as a wheelchair was brought over and you two were rushed to the maturity ward.


It was perfect it seemed the moment your doctor checked on you, you were already crowning. Your cries and calls filled the room as time went on. Taekwoon let you squeeze, punch, slap, and call him names as you pushed his child out. And it all stopped the moment little cries filled the air “oh no” the doctor said as you and Taekwoon gave a look in panic “it looks like I got it wrong” he mumbled as Taekwoon quickly rushed down towards him before his jaw dropped. “What’s wrong with my baby girl?” you asked “she has a penis” Taekwoon says as he looked up at you “she’s a he” he said as you sighed in relief that your child was injured or something.


You smiled after both you and your son were cleaned up and were really allowed to bond. “Hello handsome” you coo as Taekwoon stares down at the two of you “I guess Seora is out of the question now” he says as you chuckle “little Seowon won’t be so bad” you tell him as he leans down and presses a kiss to your lips.


170413 Sweetheart Minho filming The Return of Superman with Seora, Suah & Daebak (Sian) @ Sum Cafe

played with little kids^^ so cute

cr: tabymana


“Secret conspiracies don’t have Wikipedia pages.”

Fingers frozen over the keyboard in slight embarassment, Gwen took a moment to recover and then put on her most professional smile for Seoras. “Suppose you’re the expert I could have asked but, just for future reference, any sites you would recommend?” 


tagged by @holysea​: post ur most recent selfie(s) and ten facts about u。

o1 ) i am a gremlin and haven’t brushed my hair in over a week
o2 ) i also haven’t done my eyebrows in almost two months wow
o3 ) maybe i should get an iphone for a better selfie cam haha

o4 ) i’m rly sad sinnoh remake was not announced and i’m considering blowing money to buy pkmn diamond again to relive my childhood hahahah i’m so salty
o5 ) i like to eat meat, especially beef and chicken, and rly nothing else hahaha
o6 ) i love collecting backpacks and mugs ; i use the backpacks but not the mugs
o7 ) i like soft pretzel bread
o8 ) send me incoherent memes to woo me
o9 ) My music taste is ??? These are a few of the songs I’ve been listening to lately.
Sweet Dream - Seora
R.I.C.O. - Meek Mill
The City - Missio - This one fucks me up with headphones on haha.
High - SIVIK
Fear Of The Water - SYML
Again - Fetty Wap
1o ) Birds do not like me

not tagging anyone cuz idk if any of yall wanna do face reveals hahah


“Where do you get the inspiration for your books? Awful question, I know – it’s just I’ve heard some similar stories and was curious if there’s a connection. Historical things. Not accusing you of plagiarism, don’t worry.”


Here have some random character sketches.

Names: (in order of appearance, left to right, top to bottom) Jen, Benson, Meirana, Gabe, unnamed crystal/mineral person, Ron, Ivanna, Jackie, Seora, Yamato (from Digimon), Dalenai, Yamato (again), Dalenai (again), and Ivanna (also again)

(161117) Hyungwon’s Fancafe update

All the monbebes taking the SATs ~
Firstly I want to say you guys worked hard and went through a lot. Instead of worrying and being concerned about the results I hope you can give yourself a good rest.
Also to the parents who packed lunch boxes early in the morning I’ll to say thank you as well ㅎㅎ
Although I can’t have fun with everyone who finished it, don’t worry; we’re watching from Seorae Village.
Then for the rest of the day… Fire!

translated by fymonsta-x ϟ take out with full credit.