Hide and Seek - Yoo Seonho Requested Scenario


Genre: fluff

Message?: our little cube twins


I sat breathlessly behind the sofa as my mind overanalysed this friendly game of hide and seek for the actual world championships of hide and seek.

“Y/N!” Seonho shouted, “Y/N?”

I giggled from my hiding place behind the sofa.

“Ha!” he exclaimed, “I heard that!”

I clamped my hands over my mouth, blocking anymore sounds from coming out from my mouth.

“Y/N?” Seonho asked, cluelessness evident in his voice.

All was quiet until a hiccup sound came from my mouth.

Seonho laughed, “your poor breath has let you down again!”

I giggled too at this point, giving up as I peeked over the top of the sofa, looking at Seonho. But he wasn’t there.

“S-Seonho?” I asked when suddenly I felt fingers on my waist, making me scream.

I heard Seonho laugh evilly as he attacked me down to the ground, tickling my waist.

“Seonho stop!” I managed to say through gasps and laughs.

“What’s the magic word?” Seonho asked cheekily.

I started to fight his hands off of me, laughing, “Seonho! There is no magic word!”

“There is in my mind,” he said, an evil look on his face.

I screamed once again as his hands moved to my stomach.

“How am I suppose to know?” I asked through struggling breaths.

“Well I guess you should know me better,” he chuckled, knowing that he was in full control.

I strained my mind to think about what the magic word could be in Seonho’s mind.

“Guanlin?” I asked.

He laughed shaking his head.

“Food?” I asked.

He shook his head once again.

“Seonho is so cool?” I asked, still trying to fight him off.

He laughed, “thank you, but no.”

I gasped, “Pizza!”

He sighed, stopping, “oh. I didn’t think you’d get that.”

“Guess I know you too well,” I said, sticking my tongue out at him.

“Fine,” he sighed, “another round o hide and seek?”

I nodded eagerly, “you hide!”

He nodded, jumping up and running away to find another hiding spot as I began counting up from 1 to 30.

“You guys are so childish,” Guanlin chuckled, walking into the kitchen, “it’s literally 7:00am.”

Oh well.

[FAN ACC] [140904] "MY LOVELY GIRL" FILMING WITH INSPIRITS ~ Hoya and Myungsoo :)

*Their boyband in the drama is going to be called MHDR which stands for 무(Mu) 한(Han) 동(Dong) 력(Ryeok) or Infinite Power (무한동력). ‘Infinite Power’ members’ names:

  • Raehun (Hoya) - Leader
  • Siwoo (L)
  • JunJun/Joon (?) (Woollim trainee)
  • Sana (Daeyeol) (cr. dmswl1122)

*During ‘My Lovely Girl’ shooting, Hoya was doing his routine chant with the fans

Hoya: Rae!
Fans: Hun!
Hoya: Rae!
Fans: Hun!

Hoya: Infinite!
Fans: Power!

Hoya: Wojjai!
Fans: Jjeori!

(PD-nim: A moment please…) 

Hoya: Please wait…
Fans: A moment!

(cr. dailydukjil)

(T/N: The last chant was the same thing idols say during MuBank’s waiting room segment ~ Jakkuman.. gidaryeo..!!)

*During the MyLovelyGirl filming, L was supposed to say 'Please sing along’ (따라불러주세요), but he got tongue-tied and it came out as 'Please sing differently’ (달라불러주세요). Hoya laughed and started mocking him. (cr. miwoo1223)

*'Infinite Power’ is composed of 4 members & they performed a remix of “1/3” (cr. dmswl1122)

*During MyLovelyGirl filming,

  • Hoya: If you do well at cheering loudly, I’ll jump in the pool.
  • L: That’s only Hoya~ (cr. miwoo1223)

*After the filming, Seonho manager came out of the dressing room & Hoya started chanting “60 Seconds!” (cr. miwoo1223)

(compiled from @Infinite7Soul & @InfiniteUpdates) 

PS: I kinda miss Infinite and their randomness… (and they just had a comeback! -_-“)


‘♤’ 이거 아닌뎅! 으캬컁 좋으댜좋으댜 ~.~