HYYH Young Forever Thanks To - Jimin

My father, mother, younger brother Hyeonie
Bang Shi Hyuk PD-nim
Vice president Yu Jung, managing director Shin Gyu, managing director director Seok Jun and managing director Jae Eun.

Ho Beomie hyung, Se Jinie hyung, Jung Ilie hyung, Deok Hwanie hyung, Yoon Jae hyung, Min Hyeokie hyung, Pdogg PD-nim, Do Hyungie hyung, teacher Sung Deuk, Seong Hyeonie hyung, Hyun Ju noona, Seon Kyeong noona, Ju Yeongie hyung, Chang Wonie hyung, Bo Seongie hyung, managing director Lee Hyuk, Woo Jung noona, Ha Yan noona, Su Rin noona, Hyun Ji noona, Bun Hong noona, Seul Lee noona, Na Yeob noona, Seol Hee noona, team leader Hui Sun, Son Jung, Mi Jung, Yeon Hee noona, Seung Woo hyung-nim, Na Ri noona, Yu Ri noona, Hyeok Gi hyung, chief Jae Hoon, Eun Jung noona, Eun Sang hyung-nim and including our (backup) dancers, teacher Hyeon Jung and teacher Mickey.

Ha Jung noona, Hye Su noona, Jae Won noona, Seo Yeon noona, Yong Hwa-nim, Da Reum noona, Nae Ju hyung, Enokie hyung, Hyeon Ah noona, Song Hee noona, Seo Hee noona, Se Kyeongie hyung, Jin Yeongie hyung, Do Yeonie hyung, director Lumpens, director Hyeon Woo, director Seong Wook and including all the directors that helped us, SoonSoo’s Sang Minie hyung, Kang Mi noona, Eun Hee noona, Bo Hwa noona, Ju Hyeon noona, Ye Ji noona and other SoonSoo family members. Ji Hyeon noona, Suzuki noona, just Dance family members, my friends and BTS’ family members.

Thank you for supporting us whether you’re beside us or from far away, congratulating us when there’re good news, staying up with us without showing any tiredness while helping us and suffering for us. I think we, and I, are able to be here because of you precious people. I want to sincerely thank you with all my heart, thank you so much. I don’t think it’s enough to thank you with one sentence, but because I’m still lacking, please continue to support and help me in the future.

Namjoonie hyung, Seokjinie hyung, Hoseokie hyung, Yoongi hyung, Taehyungie, Jungkookie.

I’m very happy that all of you are with me.
I want to continue to be happy with all of you.
Thank you.
I love you.


My dearest mother, father, Kyungminie, Monie, and my grandfather, grandmother, and (maternal) grandfather who are now in heaven, please watch out for me. I love you all.

Bang Si-Hyuk PD-nim, vice president Choi Yu-Jung, managing director Kim Shin-Gyu, managing director Yoon Seok-Jun, managing director Lee Hyuk, I’m bowing (my head) to thank you all.

Pdogg hyung, Do-Hyungie hyung, Dong-Hyukie, Chang-Wonie hyung, Bo-Seongie hyung, and Ju-Yeongie hyung, thank you all for (giving us) the cool music.

Hon-Minie hyung, head of the team Ho-Beom, Se-Jinie hyung, Sang-Yeonie hyung, and Deok-Hwanie hyung, I sincerely thank you all.

Seong-Hyeonie hyung, Hyeon-Ju noona, Seon-Gyeong noona, and Sung-Deuk nim, thank you.

Woo-Jung noona, Su-Rin noona, Ha-Yan noona, Seul-Lee noona, Hyun-Ji noona, Na-Yeob noona and Na-Ri noona, thank you.

Team leader Hyuk-Gi, general manager Jae-Hoon and Eun-Jung nim, Eun-Sang nim, Son-Jung nim, Mi-Jung nim, Yeon-Hee nim, thank you.

Head of department/ section chief Ha-Jung, Hye-Su noona, Chae-Won noona, Bo-Hwa noona, Eun-Hee noona, Eu-Na nim, Ga-Eul noona, chief Gang-Mi, and chief Sang-Min, thank you.

Everyone in CJ & ACC, thank you. 

My dearest family members, relatives, I always miss you guys. My friends from Ilsan that are still sticking with me, my friends from Gangnam and every hyung, noona, thank you. You’re my all.

BTS will rise higher in the future so, believe in us. Bangtan members ah.

And ARMY. You’re me.

Thank you.



화양연화 (花樣年華)

Thank you to those who has been making my life beautiful and happy.

My beloved family, Bang Si-Hyuk PD-nim, vice president Choi Yu-Jung, managing director Kim Shin-Gyu, managing director Yoon Seok-Jun, thank you for making me (lit.: an existence like me).

Our Big Hit family members, who has been running around and working hard for me and for us (BTS) more than anyone else. Song-Hyunie hyung, teacher Sung-Deuk, Hyun-Ju noona, Seon-Kyeong noona, Ju-Yeongie hyung, Chang-Wonie hyung, Bo-Seongie hyung, Woo-Jung noona, Su-Rin noona, Hyun-Ju noona, Na-Ri noona, Ha-Yan noona, Seul-Lee noona, Na-Yeob noona, Seul-Hee noona, Seon-Jung noona, Mi-Jung noona, Yeon-Hee noona, Hyuk-Ki hyung-nim, Jae-Hoonie hyung-nim, Eun-Jung noona.

Acc, Pony Canyon family members, managing director Lee Hyuk.

Pdogg hyung, Slow Rabbit hyung-nim, Supreme Boi and BrotherSu makes cool music for us.

Our hyungs who always looks after us, Hon-Minie hyung, Ho-Beom hyung-nim, Se-Jinie hyung, Sang-Yeonie hyung, Deok-Hwanie hyung and Jung-Ilie hyung.

Soon-Soo staff members who has been giving me nice make-ups, Gang-Mi noona, Sang-Minie hyung, Eun-Hee noona, Chief Geon Hyeong, Bo-Hwa noona.

Department Chief Nae-Ju, department Chief Da-Reum gives us cool styles.

Ha-Cheong noona, Hye-Su noona and Jae-Won noona always gives us pretty clothes to wear. 

And hyungs from Go Arts Academy who has always been supporting me (when I was in Gwangju) and WAVEON Ent.’s representative Park Dae Hong and all the juniors in (Gwangju) International High School, thank you everyone.

And there are more other staff members that I couldn’t write down, I’m sorry. I will always be grateful.

Lastly, the most important (people) in my life are ARMYs

I’m very grateful, thank you.

And our members, Rap Mon, Jin hyung, Suga hyung, V, Jiminie, Jungkookie. I feel happy and uplifting just by hearing our members’ names.

Let’s be together forever!



i cant believe seongi is kpop-sex, i cant believe it, i can only imagine what was going through her mind. she was a wonderful person you’d never know that she was so sad that she’d edit fantaken photos. R.I.P pan i will pray for you