Hello! It’s your not so local yoonmin stan sugainmycoffee sugainmystocking. I recently it’s been weeks reached 5k almost onto 6k welp followers and my god that such an unbelievable and amazing feat for a blogger who doesn’t write or draw or contribute much to the fandom aside from shit posting o_o. I wish I could thank each and everyone of you personally but that would take forever so as a way to show my gratitude I’m finally doing a follow forever! should have done this 2k ago but yeah :’) 

Since this is a sideblog it would be hard to track mutuals and tbh I dont wanna pick out favourites bc you all run great blogs and make my dash a happier place THUS none of that highlight/underline stuff. Everyone is equally loved in this list <3

I’m gonna limit this to my bangtan/kpop related follows bc that’s all this sideblog pertains to. 

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