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[17’S] 美好的日子啊 酱~该出手时就出手啊(叫我爱心)carat的星期五就决定是我们啦~ vocal team #火热的星期五##和小十七在一起吧##才不告诉你们翻译是俊##和carat在一起的漂亮的一天# ​​​

[17’S] A beautiful day, jiang~ Make a move when you should make a move (call me sweetheart) CARAT’s Friday has been selected to be us~ vocal team #Hot_Friday# #Be_with_SEVENTEEN# #I’m_not_going_to_tell_you_that_your_translator_is_Jun# #A_beautiful_day_with_CARAT#

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who sends the signs pictures of the homework + what subject
  • aries: minghao + chemistry
  • taurus: jihoon + physics
  • gemini: jun + algebra
  • cancer: joshua + calculus
  • leo: soonyoung + biology
  • virgo: seokmin + world history
  • libra: mingyu + environmental science
  • scorpio: seungkwan + technology
  • sagittarius: jeonghan + literature
  • capricorn: vernon + philosophy
  • aquarius: wonwoo + english
  • pisces: seungcheol + government
Seventeen When You Fall Asleep On Them

Request from: @taehyungie-lovee 


Genre: fluff!

650 Words


(pt.2 to the BTS reaction!! But with 17′s Vocal Unit ^^ The setup is pretty self explanatory, so I’ll just get right into the reactions ;DD)


Jeonghan: This angel would show irritation to you suddenly trying to distract him from watching his soap operas, but once he notices you falling asleep, he’d immediately turn into a puddle of goo. Jeonghan was quickly fetch you some blankets and wrap it around the both of you, where he’d end up dozihng off, too. Since this pretty boy loves to sleep and never gives up a chance to take a nap, he would result in sleeping longer than you had, giving you an extremely rough time trying to wake him up.

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Joshua: Jisoo would have been cuddled up with you from the beginning, the two of you watching a chick flick and talking about your days as you would add side remarks about the show you’d been seeing. The two of you would make fun of the characters and Jisoo would immediately click his tongue in disappointment each time one of them cursed. But once he saw you closing your eyes, about to fall asleep, he’d quickly turn off the television and watch you resting, him propped up on his elbow and smiling faintly down at you. He would occasionally tuck loose strands of hair behind your ear and pull up a blanket for the both of you.

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Woozi: You’d find Jihoon resting on the bed, his guitar supported on his unfolded legs as he strummed the notes to a nonexistent song. Out of pure boredom, you decided to jump on the bed and lay your head on the side of his lap, but you wouldn’t have if you remembered Jihoon takes his practicing seriously. And that he had his enormous guitar. He threatened (jokingly) to whack you with his guitar like he did to all the other members if you’d continued to bother him, but that didn’t stop you from fulfilling your boredom and desperate need to cuddle with your boyfriend. You simply sprawled yourself out on the bed and didn’t notice you fell asleep until you woke up to the light snores of Jihoon as he had his arm wrapped around your torso, sleeping deeply beside you.

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DK: Seokmin would be watching a Korean drama, and you’d just decided to join him by resting on his arms. He would be so thrilled that you wanted to watch it with him, that he’d end up talking to you more than actually seeing the drama. He would go on about his day, about the other members and how he had another “English battle” with Seungkwan (and ofc how he wON), how much he missed you, and even more. You only smiled, although you really wanted to see the show that was on, but couldn’t because of this adorable chatterbox. Seokmin would end up talking so much that he’d tire you out and see you suddenly close your eyes and fall off into a deep trance. Sure, he’d be pretty disappointed that you couldn’t talk about your day, but he would immediately grab blankets and wrap it around the two of you, falling asleep as well.

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Seungkwan: This cutie would make you so excited to finally get to rest with him in peace, and you’d be so hyped up to hear him crack another of his many jokes. He’d amaze you when telling his stories and jokes since he wouldn’t ever hurt anyone’s feelings out of them, nor were they boring and uninteresting. So basically, the two of you had gotten back from an exhausting day at work and you’d decided to just simply lay down together, enjoying one another’s company. You’d fall asleep slowly and Seungkwan would take notice quickly, causing him to hurriedly retrieve his largest, warmest blanket and tuck you gently in it before lying down beside you. He’d smile at the sight of you breathing through your mouth and the faint noise of you snoring, making sure to tease you about it when you woke up.

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