Chan: Seungcheol, we don’t like it when you leave Jihoon in charge.

Seungcheol: Why not…?

{One day, where Seungcheol left Jihoon in charge}

Jihoon: That’s it, you’re grounded! Now get on top of the fridge!

Chan, climbing on top of the fridge: This dorm is a FUCKING NIGHTMARE

SVT (S.Coups,Joshua, Mingyu & DK) reaction to sharing a bed with their crush

S.Coups: When you appeared in his room, he was concerned. He asked if you were okay and when you answered that you couldn’t sleep, he cooed at you and moved on his bed, making you some space.          

- It’s okay, you can sleep with me. 

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Joshua: Joshua was a little bit shy when you asked if you could sleep with him. Of course he agreed but tried to keep a good distance between you two. When you finally fell asleep, with a light smile on you face, he moved closer to you. Through the night he kept waking up and looking at you, not believing that you were actually sleeping in a same bed with him. 

“ I can’t believe they are sleeping next to me” 

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MIngyu: He tried to act all manly and confident, slightly teasing you. But on the inside he was dying. You, his crush, wanted to sleep with him because you were scared?? Blushing, he nodded and moved to make you space. He didn’t sleep for the whole night, admiring your face and trying not to fanboy. 

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Seokmin: Being the sunshine he is, he actually offered to sleep with him before you even explained why you were here. At night he cuddled you and made sure that you slept peacefully.

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Seventeen as teachers

Seungcheol: weekly parent-teacher conferences 
Jeonghan: the super hot teacher everyone has a crush on
Joshua: “ Sweetie, you’re not aPpLyING yourself”
Junhui: lots of hands-on learning but lowkey strict
Soonyoung: president of staff meetings
Wonwoo: encourages intellectual conversations 
Jihoon: the music/art/physics/literature/math teacher
Minghao: assigns  homework liek you have no life
Mingyu: FILED TRIPS!! 
Seokmin: sentence is missing a period- MINUS 5 POINTS
Seungkwan: easily spots cheating/plagiarism 
Hansol: makes group projects fun again
Chan: Gets off topic in the middle of lecture