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BTS Reaction to you going down on them

This is my first reaction post in a while. Not that long ago (maybe like 6 months ago) I had a pretty good reaction blog. But then the private life hit me a little too hard and I had so much stress and thought that couldn’t run the blog anymore. So I deleted it. That was actually the most stupid thing I have done a while. Yeah…I just really missed doing reaction posts, so I decided to start over with a new blog. I hope you enjoy 



Oh he loves it. He would pull your hair to the side and start slowly thrusting into your mouth. But the pace would get faster the closer he is to cum. After he reached his climax he says…

“Babe, you love eating my cock as much as I love eating food”

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As soon as he realizes what you are about to do he would get comfy on the bed and just lay back. He’d be a moaning mess with lots of dirty words.

“You suck me so good”

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This boy is all in when it comes to oral. I think he’d be similar to Jin, so he’ll fuck your face but a little harder than Jin. But you’ll get paid well for that afterwards..

“You’ve been such a good girl. Now let me treat you well.”

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That dude loves oral as much as any other sexual activity. He’d go hard on you. Prepare yourself for some harsh facefuck.

“My cock fits so nicely into your mouth.”

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Even tho he’s dirty minded I think he would be the most ‘romantic’ one. He’ll be praising you for your work, stroking your hair and looking you deeply in the eyes.

“You are amazing, babe”

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I feel like he loves giving oral a little more than receiving. He enjoys it, don’t get me wrong, but he wouldn’t let you suck his dick for too long

“Now it’s my turn to treating you, princess”

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This little puppy would be a little surprised at first but would love the view of your naked body kneeing in front of him. If you gave him oral once, he wouldn’t want to live without it anymore.

“Your lips look so lovely aroung my cock.”

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Director: Okay so let’s talk about concepts…

Namjoon: safari

Yoongi: An acid trip

Jungkook: a bunny on the moon

Taehyung: Make us titans

Seokjin: Tigers and Sharks should definitely be in there

Jimin: have me standing amoungst hundreds of our faces

Hoseok: lets dance in a box with a green screen behind us.


Director: what the fuck…I love it

BTS Reaction to you blaming them for your soreness


He thinks he’s completely innocent, so he would start arguing who’s fault it really is.

“Then why did you asked me to hard on you, if you couldn’t take it? I wasn’t the one crying for more”

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Seeing you walking around weirdly and complaining all day makes him sort of proud. He’s not even sorry. 

“Stop blaming me, I did a great job, hun.”

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He actually thinks it’s kinda funny and would just have a big grin on his face.

“You’re walking so funny beacause of me?”

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As you complained about him being too hard he hushed you. Similar to Yoongi, he’s not sorry at all.

“Sweetheart, if you don’t shut up I’ll make it worse next time. You were the one begging me not to stop…”

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He feels a little guilty and tries to make up for it. He’ll be super soft for the next weeks.

“I didn’t mean to go that hard on you. I just can’t hold back when you look at me like that.”

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He’d act all innocent at first, but his eyes would get a little darker right after saying…

“It’s not my fault. You have no idea how sexy you look when you’re lying underneath me and begging me to go even harder.”

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He just couldn’t hold back his smile and would softly kiss you. 

“You were screaming for more, so I assume you liked it.”

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bts reaction: their gf moaning and being at a loss of words during rough sex

request: can i request a shinee + bts reaction to how they’d feel seeing their girlfriend moan out and be at a loss of words when they’re giving her hard/rough sex? >.< thank youuu

author’s response: thank you for requesting and i hope you enjoy this haha! have a great day!

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jin: feels even more like the man. he’d tease you incessantly, leaning forward as he increases the force of his thrusts.
“what’s wrong, baby? cat got your tongue?” he’d husk with a smirk, forcibly swinging his hips forward so he can sink deeper inside of you, smiling as you respond with a long moan.

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suga: “i knew i was good at this, but damn,” he’d rasp, noticing you hadn’t emitted a single word. your moans would be enough motivation alone for him to increase his pace and intensify everything. he’d get so riled up, he would most likely add a little spanking and over stimulation, wanting nothing more than to see you fall over the edge, spent and truly lost for words.

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namjoon: would initially think he was hurting you, even though you were obviously moaning with pleasure. “b-babe,” he’d whisper, slowing down as he leaned forward to brush his fingers across your cheek. “i’m not hurting you, am i?” after you managed to inform him that he was definitely not fucking hurting you one bit, he would proceed to tease you, making sure to thrust harder. a little daddy kink would spill out as he exhausted all his effort to make you feel good, to make you moan louder to the point where you lose your voice.

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jimin: gosh, am i really doing that well? he’d think to himself as he noticed that all that was really breaking from your throat were loud, shrill moans of pleasure. he’d definitely up his game, thrusting harder and doing everything in his power to intensify the pleasure for you. when he finally came, it definitely would prevail to be one of his best orgasms. he would definitely be up for a second round.

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jungkook: like namjoon, initially inferred something was wrong, so he slowed down a bit, making sure everything was alright. when he was assured, he would feel like a boss, knowing his skills had been able to rob speech.
“you know you can talk, baby,” he’d rasp, keeping eye contact as he doubled the pace of his thrusts, grounding his hips into yours. “go ahead, say something.” it would honestly make him feel so damn powerful and that would probably turn him on beyond anything else.

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taehyung: it would turn him on so damn much and the sight would probably make him moan with you. he always strives to make you happy and feel good so the fact that he was very much doing that would make a very happy taehyung. he wouldn’t tease you too much, only mentioning it when you two lay next to each other, tired and catching your breaths.
“you know, babe, next time, if you want, you can talk.”

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hoseok: “you okay, babe?” he’d tease, playfully biting your lower lip. “you’re awfully quiet. in terms of speech, i mean, of course; i’m pretty sure the neighbors are getting ready to complain about all this noise you’re making.” honestly, hoseok wouldn’t give a damn if anyone did complain, because he definitely wasn’t. in fact, your moans would only spur him to go faster and make him want to prolong the session for as long as he could. as always with hoseok, you’d be dumb not to expect more than one round, and tonight was definitely no exception.

BTS Reaction to both of you being horny, but you’re on your period


He’d be frustrated and was thinking of ways to pleasure both of you. His face lightened up, when he got an idea. He’d grab your butt saying…

“Look, babe. You don’t just have one hole…can we try anal?”

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He would be a little selfish here. He wouldn’t want to fuck your pussy or try anal. But he’s still horny, so he’ll just lean back and jerk off while watching you.

“I don’t know about you, but I won’t go to bed without cuming tonight”

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Hobi wouldn’t fuck you either, but he would still try his best to pleasure you. He would kiss you all over while working his magic on your clit. 

“This won’t stop us from having fun, babe”

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He doesn’t give a shit. In fact, he is actually kinda into it…

“I honestly don’t care if you’re on your period or not…let me fuck you”

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He would be kinda sad at first, but then start teasing you. He knows that you are extra horny whenever you are on your period. 

“Guess who’s not getting fucked today”

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His reaction would be similar to Namjoons tbh. He doesn’t mind that you are on your period. If he wants to fuck you, he’ll fuck you.

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This little puppy would be kinda sad and probably even turned off a little. That’s it for the two of you with being horny.

“Your body hates us”

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