(fanaccount) 150809 taemin @ seokcho fansign

taemin was second and because i was in the very beginning he was waiting for me and watching me and key chat in english. he looked… terrified ㅋㅋㅋ
taemin: hiiii~ (in english)
fan: hiii~ annyeonghaseyo
(we spoke in korean from here~~)
fan: i made this for you (taemin looked visibly relieved i was speaking korean and laughed a little) (i gave him a little clay doll i had made. i had ones made for the other members, but they weren’t finished in time ㅠ.ㅠ)
taemin: (picked up the doll) really?! you made this?! wow (really smiley and enthusiastic. he was so smiley and happy with everyone ㅠ.ㅠ)
fan: yes. oh and lately, your comedic sense has been great! you’re really funny!
taemin: aha really? (he looked really proud of himeslf)
fan: yes! you’re a lot of fun ^.^
taemin: thank you (he sounds so sincere when he says thank you ㅠ.ㅠ) bye bye~

(op note — found taemin really easy to talk to. he’s so graceful and sweet ^.^)

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(fanaccount) 150809 key @ seokcho fansign

key was first ㅠ.ㅠ i was so flustered and shaking
key: annyeonghaseyo (he was really soft and quiet)
fan: annyeonghaseyo. is english ok?
key: sure
fan: um, at ansan i hope you didn’t get bitten by mosquittos
key: o.o????
fan: oh i mean, ansan rock festival. there were a lot of mosquittos. you know, mogi?
key: oooh i don’t (he got kind of flustered and started coloring the heart next to my name) i didn’t…. have any problem
fan: i hope you were ok ^.^;;; ah um i went to see chess!
key: (immediately perked up) really? did you like it?
fan: yes! it was the best! anatoly was so good. in the last scene your expression (thumbs up thumb up) i cried.
key: aha thank yooouuuu (proud proud eye smile) byyyye ^.^

(op note — i find sometimes speaking english to key is easier and sometimes it’s harder ^.^;; i think it also depends on how much my austrailian accent is coming out otl. if i speak clearly he doesn’t have any problem understanding, but if i get nervous and mumble he gets confused)

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