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if you live in korea. What are the places you can recommend to go to? Or what experience should we do

I am a sucker for old stuff and architecture. Check out places like Gyeongju, Jeongju and Busan for great historical sites and temples/landscapes. Seokcho is great for beach escapes and hiking. Boseong is famous for its tea fields and Jeju is a hot destination for summer vacations.

If you’re stuck in Seoul, check out the royal palaces, hanok villages, or Lotte Tower observatory if you want to take in the whole city from way above. If cafe culture and art is your thing, try Hongdae, Mangwon, Hyewha or Yeonnam. Shopping is good in the Gangnam district, and there are tons of parks all over the city for days out in nature. The Han River and Banpo Bridge are are always a big hit and have lots of night festivals or markets. Sometimes even fireworks. 

I’ve never been a tourist in Korea, so I don’t know whats quite recommended to travelers since I just moved here and got right into a day to day life style. It really depends on what you are looking for! (:

Maybe some of my followers who have done touristy style traveling in Korea can help more? 

(fanaccount) 150809 key @ seokcho fansign

key was first ㅠ.ㅠ i was so flustered and shaking
key: annyeonghaseyo (he was really soft and quiet)
fan: annyeonghaseyo. is english ok?
key: sure
fan: um, at ansan i hope you didn’t get bitten by mosquittos
key: o.o????
fan: oh i mean, ansan rock festival. there were a lot of mosquittos. you know, mogi?
key: oooh i don’t (he got kind of flustered and started coloring the heart next to my name) i didn’t…. have any problem
fan: i hope you were ok ^.^;;; ah um i went to see chess!
key: (immediately perked up) really? did you like it?
fan: yes! it was the best! anatoly was so good. in the last scene your expression (thumbs up thumb up) i cried.
key: aha thank yooouuuu (proud proud eye smile) byyyye ^.^

(op note — i find sometimes speaking english to key is easier and sometimes it’s harder ^.^;; i think it also depends on how much my austrailian accent is coming out otl. if i speak clearly he doesn’t have any problem understanding, but if i get nervous and mumble he gets confused)

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(fanaccount) 150809 taemin @ seokcho fansign

taemin was second and because i was in the very beginning he was waiting for me and watching me and key chat in english. he looked… terrified ㅋㅋㅋ
taemin: hiiii~ (in english)
fan: hiii~ annyeonghaseyo
(we spoke in korean from here~~)
fan: i made this for you (taemin looked visibly relieved i was speaking korean and laughed a little) (i gave him a little clay doll i had made. i had ones made for the other members, but they weren’t finished in time ㅠ.ㅠ)
taemin: (picked up the doll) really?! you made this?! wow (really smiley and enthusiastic. he was so smiley and happy with everyone ㅠ.ㅠ)
fan: yes. oh and lately, your comedic sense has been great! you’re really funny!
taemin: aha really? (he looked really proud of himeslf)
fan: yes! you’re a lot of fun ^.^
taemin: thank you (he sounds so sincere when he says thank you ㅠ.ㅠ) bye bye~

(op note — found taemin really easy to talk to. he’s so graceful and sweet ^.^)

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Staff trip

Tis the season to go on overnight staff trips and sure enough today is the day. Leaving to go to Seokcho and will be back tomorrow late afternoon ㅜㅜ

It will be nice to get a short break from Seoul but I don’t want to be on the bus for 3-4 hours.