seogoong topp dogg

y’all can we talk about how great Arario is
  • first of all it was ot13
  • hojoon was serving looks i can’t get over it
  • the spinny thing with seogoong and p-goon at the end
  • traditional concept mixed with the hip hop ideas
  • iconic a-tom hair
  • sassy!hansol with the fan
  • sangdo was also really swag and it was great
  • those masks dude
  • drunk man!jenissi
  • also like everyone looked good all the time
  • favorite hair on xero tbh
  • this was nakta’s era guys
  • p-goon lifts his shirt in the dance practice and i need water
  • b-joo looking ethereal
  • dance line really showed their stuff
  • p-goon jumps over xero
  • nakta’s vocals
  • the fans
  • their live show outfits(like those bright ass yellow ones)
  • gohn, just everything about gohn
  • god bamm a-tom got a bomb bomb and pow
  • this was such a bop guys
fav topp dogg memories
  • hansols ‘dandy happy birthday sexy man’ 
  • fan asking bjoo where xero is and bjoo replying with ‘xero is an idiot’ 
  • bjoo slapping xero while hes talking and then xero slapping him back, harder and then bjoo getting up and looking like hes Ready To Fight™ 
  • xero drinking cooly and everybody thinks its a coffee but in reality it was hot chocolate 
  • bjoos ‘drop the beat!!!!’ 
  • hansol spraying bjoo with water and making bjoos shirt all wet 
  • the pepero game 
  • sangdo hitting the ‘ghost’, then apologizing afterwards 
  • xero kissing the members 
  • yano nakta hansol and a-tom getting brazilian waxing
  • hansol hugging bjoo, bjoo screaming ‘LET GO’ and then bjoo hitting him with a plushie 
  • hansol telling everyone that xero seemed to like his underwear and then telling xero that he will give him one pair of his underwear and then slapping him with these, xero throwing it at the floor, bjoo getting them back and then xero smelling these 
  • pgoons ‘einstein sunbaemin’ 
  • kidoh promoting his solo album and telling ‘so i’m giving this to hojoon as a birthday present!!’
  •  bjoo: you can have the buffet. hansol: with you? 
  • bjoos ‘WAOW’ and screams
  • bungee jumping
  • yano saying ‘disgusting’ in english in topp dogg all kill
  • jenissi tasting  coffee to guess the brand name
  • kidohs ‘im fresh like ur backpack!!!’
  • xero bjoo pgoon and hojoon dressed as girls
  • atom xero nd hojoon pranking bjoo and xero slapping bjoos ass afterwards
  • jenissi freestyling and then xero interrupting him with the squeaky chicken toy
  • kidoh in annie fanchant video, his foot dance and jenissis reaction to it
  • hansol chasing chickens
  • jenissi perfectly pronouncing western name and when the girl tells him it was good he mumbles ‘english good’
  • xero holding the card with his info and being all cool and then hojoon telling him its upside down 
  • hansol hugging bjoo and then pushing him out of the chair hes sitting on
  • hojoon atom bjoo and xero trying to dance along to gfriends glass bead and when the stardom poster behind them pells off bjoo starts to laugh hysterically and ruins everything
  • hansols ‘its td boys not titty boys’
  • gohn: im sorry for interrupting bjoo: if youre sorry then just stop
  • bjoo talking about how his shoulders got wider and hansol rolling his eyes
  • yano making a bracelet and trying to put it on the show writer’s wrist and then breaking it
  • pgoon scaring members
  • girl commenting ‘gay’ on hansols instagram and hansol replying with ‘so? you hate gay guys? really??’ and just basically being a hero we need
  • hansol dancing to red velvets dumb dumb
  • hansol voguing
  • nakta telling everyone that he talked for two hours about frogs to sangdo
  • nakta not picking yanos call but picking bjoos and not saying anything
  • hansol talking and holding the cookie in his hand and then yano takes it and eats it and hansol getting all shocked
  • hansol getting the cake on his birthday and he gets it on his hand and slaps bjoos cheek with it and then he goes to bjoo and bjoo do the same with him
  • xero and jenissi getting a challenge to hold hands when it was jenissis birthday
  • xero dancing in his cow pajamas in the middle of the night  outside
  • seogoong asking whos the best looking, atom screeching and seogoong telling him to go back to the building
  • i just love topp dogg

Of all of the kpop bands that have suffered Topp Dogg is the one who deserves it the least. Topp Dogg had gone through many long inactivities and has suffered through many losses of their band members.

It’s painfully heartbreaking to see such a large group of 13 talented men decrease to just 5 remaking members.

Throughout the years Topp Dogg had become popular but was promoted less and less. With the lack of means to support Topp Dogg, Hunus began looking to debut other groups instead which only hurt ToppKlass and Topp Dogg in the long run so much so that the remaining TD boys will be joining The Unit to get back on the radar and hopefully regain the popularity and support that they have lost.

To all the remaining TD boys. We love you and support you. We always have and always will. We will all root for you in The Unit. We all hope that you are aware of how talented each of you are individually and as a group. All of us ToppKlass are so proud of you and we couldn’t be more pleased to stan you out of all the possibilities and choices. Please take care of yourselves. We can never imagine how you’ve felt going through everything that you have, you’ve suffered more than you ever should’ve but we hope you can continue to be strong.

To all of the former TD boys, ToppKlass has and always will continue to support you with your choices to persue other activities and careers. We hope that all of you have also been taking care of yourselves and will enjoy whatever paths you take in life.

To everyone, ToppKlass or not, please continue to show your love and support for these boys. They deserve all of the best things in the would. They’ve done so much to be here for us despite everything, we should do the same for them.

Thank you to all of Topp Dogg for all of the great times and memories that you’ve given us. We appreciate all of your hard work and look forward to whatever the future has in store for you and for us.

We love you Topp Dogg.

We always have and we always will.

Once a ToppKlass always a ToppKlass.


From 13 to 10 to 9 to 5, these boys will always have a place in my heart. I will continue to support them no matter what and it’s so so sad how much they’ve gone through. I only wish I could’ve found them earlier but Happy 4th Anniversary ToppDogg ✨#4yearswithtoppdogg and thank you for being the group that got me into kpop and united so many fans from all over the world ❤️ I wish you all success, health, and happiness #fighting ✊🏼

Ok so I went on a binge and came to a conclusion.
If y'all could Stan toppdogg a little more that would be great. Like not just the group even the members doing solo stuff.
Like honestly those boys work so hard and I love them all so much. They’re so happy and they deserve more recognition please they are all literal angels


[Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do TOPPDOGG Cover] [ON Air 탑독(ToppDog…

Guys…. You’re welcome. I love their cover and i just needed to bring it back to the surface of tumblr.