Bobby Kim reveals that Kang Hye Jung wrote one of the songs in his album!

On October 22, Bobby Kim held his fourth album comeback showcase at The Riverside Hotel in Seocho-gu. He shared that he and Kang Hye Jung penned the lyrics to his song Good Thing

“Up until now, I always turned to Tablo to write the lyrics to optimistic songs. But because he has participated in my albums so many times, I thought about his wife Kang Hye Jung instead,” explained Bobby Kim. 

“After seeing her so happy on Superman is back, I asked Tablo if Kang Hye Jung writes lyrics. Because she’s overflowing with emotions when she acts, I thought she would write well. She asked me if she could hear the song, and although it took a bit, a bright love story was completed.” 

The title song of his fourth album Mirror is called Apology. The lyrics were written by Lee Juck. 

Source & Translated by: MWAVE


Ramen restaurant in gangnam area which is near from ‘gangnam station.

Restaurant name is  ‘유타로’=yutaro. ramen price are 7000won(about 6.5USD)

address:  1330-6, Seocho 2-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

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Two dead after a shooting takes place at military training camp with PSY, Jang Soowon, and Jung Suk Won on site!

A deadly shooting spree took place at the Korean military training camp, where k-pop star Psy, singer Jang Soo Won and actor Jung Suk Won reported for their reserve training.

According to the Korean media outlets Joongang Daily, the tragic shooting incident took place on May 13 at the Naegok-dong military training camp in the Seocho District of Seoul.

Another Korean media outlet Yonhap News quoted an army source, “The soldier opened fire on his colleagues while receiving training at a military camp in Naegok-dong, southern Seoul, at around 10:44 a.m.”

The suspect, believed to be a 23-year-old reservist, identified as Choi, first fired ten training shots at the range target. Then without warning he turned his K-2 assault rifle on his fellow soldiers, waiting in line behind him. He killed two soldiers and injured at least three others. One soldier died at the scene, another on the way to the hospital and a third soldier remains in critical condition. Another was treated and released. Those injured were taken to an armed forces hospital in Seoul.

After opening fire on his fellow soldiers, the suspect killed himself. In addition, a suicide note and will was found in the shooters’ belongings.

Singer Jang Soo Won was training nearby that day and heard the gunshots. “He said that he heard gun shots during the training, He didn′t think too much about it at first as gun shots are usually fired at the shooting range.” said the Daesang Entertainment representative. Fortunately, he was not close by.

Psy was also in the camp an hour before the incident. Yonhap News quoted a source close to Psy saying that he was granted an early leave due to an afternoon schedule. He did not hear about the shooting rampage until later. 

Actor Jang Sukwon was initially at the scene as well but left early for a schedule with the permission of the military. He plans to return and finish his training at a later date.

All South Korean men, between the ages of 18 and 35, are expected to serve two years of military service. A year after completing their active service, reservists must take part in an annual three-day training session for up to six years. Psy, Jang Soo Won and Jung Suk Won were at the camp for their three-day training sessions.


Source: EBN; Xsportsnews;

Translated by: koreaboo; kdramastars


Chrome Entertainment left a message on the official Daum cafe regarding the car accident* Crayon Pop was involved in.

Hello this is Chrome Entertainment.
I think that many fans are worried about the accident that happened this afternoon on the way to a schedule.
Right now, the Crayon Pop members have no serious injuries and have been discharged from the hospital.
However, considering that there may be unknown injuries arising even after returning home, the agency will, for the sake of the members’ health and safety, take extra precautions.
In order to prevent such incidents from happening again, we will thoroughly take more care in the members’ safety.
We are apologetic and grateful to all who are worried.

(Manager Suh Sangpil is fine too, and tells fans not to worry)

*(An accident happened when a bus collided with the vehicle Crayon Pop was riding. According to Seoul Seocho 119, a bus crashed into the rear of the carnival van. From this accident, the 5 Crayon Pop members and driver suffered minor injuries and were hospitalized.)

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150106 Jung Yonghwa at New Years Arts & Culture Gathering
South Korea‘s President Park Geun-hye attended New Years Arts & Culture Gathering at the National Society of Arts in Seocho-gu, Seoul and Jung Yonghwa among other artists shook hands with her.
CNBLUE is the Culture ambassador for this year.

Eng Trans: CNBLUE.CL  |  Source: Yonhap News
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If I wanted to send monsta x fanmail or presents do you know how or where I can send it?

To send letters and gifts (etc.) to Monsta X; this is the address:

1F, Sunho B/D, 577-92 Banpo-4Dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul 137-807, KOREA

Btw, make sure it is clearly written at the front as to which member you want your letter/gift to be sent to (or Monsta X as a whole) 

(Eg: To Wonho (Monsta X)) 

Leo (VIXX) [Profile]

REAL NAME: Jung TaekWoon (정택운)


POSITION: Main Vocal

NICKNAME(S): Crown/Top of the Head Fairy* (정수리요정)

(*This is in reference to his habit of lowering his head (showing his crown/the top of his head) whenever he gets flustered or embarrassed… which is pretty much every time he is asked to anything besides sing.)

BIRTHDATE: 1990.11.10

ORIGIN: Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea [Sports Hanguk 2012.05.27]



ZODIAC: Scorpio / Horse

HEIGHT: 183cm (≈6’0”)

WEIGHT: 63kg (≈139lb)

FAMILY: mother, father, 3 older sisters [Studio C 2012.07.05]

HOBBIES & SKILLS: piano, soccer, taekwondo, boxing, destroying your bias list


Boys’ Record - VIXX (2015.02.24)

  • 2. “차가운 밤에” (“On a Cold Night”) [lyrics & composition]


Y.Bird from Jellyfish With LYn x LEO (2014.08.05)



  • 풀하우스 (Full House) (2014) [Lee YoungJae]


  • He was a player on Korea’s National Youth Soccer Team.
  • Prior to debut, he was a backup dancer for 2PM’s 2011.12.30 KBS Gayo Daechukjae performance of “Hands Up (HipHop ver.)” & a number of Brian Joo’s performances of “ 따윈 버리고 (Let This Die) (feat. Tiger JK)” from February - March 2012.

Photo Credit(s): LEONIS | OH, LEODREAM likeTaekwoon-A

Last Updated: 2015.02.23


The City of Seocho is gearing up to celebrate it’s 2016 Seoripul [Frost] Festival which kicks off this weekend. The Seoripul Festival is one of the many cultural festivals that take place throughout Seoul in autumn and is a week long celebration of arts and culture. It will even host a parade, the Seocho Gangsan Parade, that will feature 5 different sections of amazing floats, music and even some K-pop celebrities!

BUT…my fave celebrity took the time to join the adorable mayor of Seocho, Cho Eun Hee, in a Facebook Live broadcast this Friday morning (Seoul time), to get the party started, as it were. After not really seeing or hearing the beautiful G.O in over seven months since his enlistment…it was five minutes of absolute heaven!! G.O is currently serving his military duty in public service with the City of Seocho.

It’s not subbed….but who cares??! Just seeing and hearing G.O was all my heart needed to hold me over until he makes his next appearance either by way of clandestine profile pic updates OR by any other means!!

Miss him! LOVE him!~♥

[Video cr. Mayor Cho Eun Hee]