”Seo Juhyun, our baby Seohyun. (…) There’s been much less talking lately. (…) You changed! it worries me- but i can’t say anything because if i speak off the moment in concern, you might take it the wrong way. But, I’m happy. You’re pretty. Seems like you’re becoming a lady. Just continue to grow up just the way you are now~” Taeyeon to Seohyun, 2010.


Happy Birthday Seo Joo Hyun 160628 ♡                                                                                           “Seo Hyun, who I sincerely feel sorry to~ I always make fun of you and pester you, but you always come back to me with a K.O~ I always make fun of your inflexibility and you come back to me with a sting saying you’ll start to look up to me. You know I make fun of you because I adore you and I’m comfortable around you. I hope to stay close this way with you, and it’s good to teach us older sisters a lesson sometimes! I’m glad I have a sister like you… We are all learning from you, and thank you. Hehe~” message from sunny


The last picture shows SeoBaby picturing all the things she can do to Taeyeon as the kid leader sleeps. Something that involves sweet potatoes.