ok but i love that snsd is doing all of these raunchy moves bc remember when b*tches would slut shame girl groups and then say “but snsd keeps it classy when they do sexy moves :)” and now tiffany is opening her legs 0.1 secs into the mv and seobaby is jumping into the splits and crawling sexually on the floor and yuri’s legs parted the ocean as she sucked every1 up into heaven and i’m jst :) :) :) 

  • snsd:*loses seohyun at the fair*
  • taeyeon:shit guys i don't see her
  • hyoyeon:dw i got this
  • hyoyeon:*over the megaphone* SWEET POTATOS ARE FUCKING GROSS
  • seohyun:*shouting from the top of the ferris wheel* THE FUCK DID YOU SAY WTF SWEET POTATOS ARE MY FUCKING LIFE TF
  • hyoyeon:ah there she is

seotoro-deactivated20140204 asked:

wu-fan buttaerfly baekzitao

wu-fan: lol krystal is very cute and her love for kris is something unreachable like if u take kris away, she’ll fucking murder you lmao idk, we follow each other

buttaerfly: omfg a lovely snsd blog, gonna follow her now, she doesn’t follow me but fine, i rarely post snsd

baekzitao: GOD