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seo changbin 100% holds the spot of best scenario writer in the stray kids fandom

changbin: to save his collapsed/fainted friends felix and han hyunjin needs to kiss them
felix: HYUNG!!!!!!
chan: kiss on the cheek
hyunjin: really?
changbin: hyunjin wanted to save hannie first
woojin: hannie was prepared
*jisung pouts his lips*
hyunjin: yah this isn’t on the lips, turn your head
*jisung then sucks in the side of his cheek*
changbin & woojin: hyunjin would of done anything to save han
hyunjin being sweet: ahhhhh hannn
hyunjin being hyunjin: turn you head!
*roughly turns jisung’s head*
changbin: just as hyunjin was about to kiss him…han turned his head around
*han tried to turn around hyunjin’s hand keeps him in place*
changbin: take your hand off!
woojin: they got closer
changbin saving hyunjin: as they got closer hyunjin blocked his nose off and collapsed


☁️ Stray Kids OT9 ☁️

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Well, I died today because of these photos and outfits. Chan and Felix where,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,stunning,,,,,,,,,,,well. I’m going to shut my mouth or I’ll cry again thinking about HOW BEAUTIFUL THEY WERE IN THIS PHOTOSHOOT,,,,,,,[mINhO,,,,was,,,,,,,,,,,,SO HANDOSOME]

OK and those little drawings above their heads are about Alice In Wonderland! A friend and I were talking about how COOL they looked and how the concept of these photos were similar to Alice!! And so we gave them like a character and,,,,,,well, this happened.

That’s it. HAVE A GOOD DAY/NIGHT. Hope you like it.  ❤️


hello! based on recent inspiration I had an idea about making a little anniversary project for stray kids! the plan is to produce a magazine complete with fan art, writing, whatever you want really! this is your chance to create something for them! I have set up a net,  which you can apply to using this google form! I would highly appreciate any applications and I will be accepting people shortly. just some info, I will be looking for a co admin, so if you have (preferably) experience or a net manager already, I would highly appreciate if you could apply by dming me and il check you out! when this magazine is completed, I will arrange it and print it out professionally! everyone who will participate will get their free copy! if you didn’t manage to get accepted or have no interest about applying but you want to buy the magazine, prices will go up after completion. please apply! we will be doing fan art, writing, anything you want! and lastly, don’t get discouraged if you don’t get accepted, I will be accepting in batches, so don’t worry! I HOPE US STAYS PARTICIPATE AND MAKE A BEAUTIFUL PROJECT FOR OUR STRAY KIDS!

stray kids ⇾ s/o is a cheerleader

stray kids masterlist // official masterlist


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woojin ♡

  • ok so for the sake of the writing pretend they’re all in high school mkay
  • drives u to and from all ur games and practices
  • holds ur bag for u
  • makes sure all his friends know u cheer
  • carries u bridal style to the car after the games bc he knows ur tired
  • massages ? deffo
  • n when u get home he draws u a bath and makes u ramen (or a healthier meal if u want) and watches a movie w u until u fall asleep on his shoulder uwuwu

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chan ♡

  • tbh idk it’s hard 2 think of nine different scenarios where they’d all basically do the same ass thing
  • gets u ready beforehand
  • like putting ur hair up for u or makeup if ur coach makes u wear it
  • drives u everywhere
  • if it’s cold or chilly idk y u would be he makes u wear his sweatshirt
  • !! food !!
  • makes sure u eat lotsss afterwards
  • probably feeds u too
  • n gives u a bath
  • and puts on a movie and cuddles w u
  • like him laying back n u on his side w his arm wrapped around u and ur head on his chest
  • fuckin d i e s if u fall asleep like that
  • like his heart burts so much he could literally cry
  • idk when this turned into cuddling w stray kids but
  • he just likes taking care of u so much :(

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minho ♡

  • ,,,
  • deeeep sigh everyone
  • thinks ur uniform is sexy
  • takes lots of pics of u in it
  • @ home deffo asks u to do a routine for him
  • aka splits and shakin ur booty
  • even if ur a dude
  • also probably smacks ur ass in front of the whole squad n everyone on the bleachers
  • other than his pervertedness
  • always makes sure ur okay after games, he knows what it’s like to overwork urself
  • brings u healthy snacks n gatorade even tho it tastes like watered down fruit punch but u gotta keep up those electrolytes sis
  • if u have a headache after the game he read somewhere that if u rub limes on ur head it’ll go away so he makes u do that

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changbin ♡

  • thinks it’s super duper hot that you’re a cheerleader
  • like yknow how in the movies it’s always the super hot cheerleader and the super hot jock together
  • it’s like that except this time it’s a super hot cheerleader and a super hot rApper
  • while watching u he’s all !! hell yeah !!
  • but then he thinks !! hell no !!
  • bc if he’s watching u do all this nice ass shit then that probably means someone else is too
  • so he probably looks around to see who’s watching u
  • then when he realizes most everyone’s focused on the actual game he kinda calms down
  • but if he hears someone talking about u more than they should binnie finna square up
  • takes u out to dinner afterwards, wherever u want but probably like mcdonald’s or smth

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hyunjin ♡

  • sshGHSGAlkHHSjd idek ??
  • also thinks it’s rlly hot that you’re a cheerleader
  • and he makes sure eVeryone knows it
  • kisses u during all ur breaks
  • provides u w water and small snacks
  • cheers for u more than he does the actual game what good boyfriend wouldn’t tbh
  • takes vids of u cheering and keeps them in an album
  • after the game
  • lots !! of !! kisses !!
  • like he just went four hours w/o kissing u that’s basically torture >:(
  • gives u a bath then snuggles w u while watching a movie

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jisung ♡

  • comes to ur practices when he can
  • ends up learning the routines and when ur cheering at the game he’ll goof around behind u
  • and when he’s not goofing off he’s in the stands with the boys screaming rllyyyyyy loud
  • like excessively loud
  • hugs n kisses n praises !!!!!!!
  • “u did such a good job 2nite bby !!!’” n then smooches u real nice
  • carries u on his back to the car afterwards
  • makes chris go through the drive thru n feeds u french fries in the backseats

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felix ♡

  • you know that meme of spongebob naked while leaning against the wall
  • that’s felix minus the naked
  • probably tries on ur outfit at some point and does ur cheers
  • n gets rllyyyyyy awkward when he gets caught
  • probably wants u to teach him jumps and positions
  • confuses arm positions for left n right k and the difference between hurdler and herkie & expects u to be just as excited as him when he finally gets it
  • yeah boi i went to cheer conditioning u can’t touch me
  • i never tried out tho, i couldn’t raise my legs high enough and even then there were like ninety other girls there wtf
  • during the game he’s right up by y’all
  • gives u little kisses every time u walk by him
  • u better drink lots of water or he’ll be pissed >:((
  • afterwards takes u for milkshakes !!
  • if u don’t like milkshakes then idk sis y don’t u like them
  • cookout has the best ones don’t @ me
  • it’s also come to my attention that cookout is just a southeast coast thing ?? y’all rlly missin out smh it makes me sad :(

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seungmin ♡

  • packs ur bag for u
  • deffo leaves little notes on your snacks and drinks
  • “don’t forget to stay hydrated !! <3”
  • buys u concession stand food
  • especially if they have funnel cake but @ my school it’s like five dollars ?? for one plate ?? sis wyd
  • carries a bag of essentials w him at all times
  • aka extra shoes, hair ties, bandaids, deodorant, stuff like that
  • if u don’t have time to finish ur homework he’ll do it for u
  • after u shower he’ll tuck u into bed and snuggle w u
  • he seems like such a good cuddler like seungmin just looks
  • so comfortable
  • i’m jealous of the guys they get to hug him all the time >:(

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jeongin ♡

  • he thinks it’s !! so cool !!
  • like yeah boi my s/o a cheerleader suck it
  • comes to all ur games w the guys to watch u
  • gets really excited !! when u do anything, even if it’s just a toe touch or smth
  • you know that smile he does !!! yeah that one
  • does that while clapping rlly fast
  • if u turn around and wink at him
  • his heaRT
  • gives u cheek kisses after the game
  • maybe on the lips if he thinks u did a v good job

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My Best Couples of the Year So Far

1. Gong Woojin and Woo Seo Ri (Thirty but Seventeen)

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2. Lee Young-joon and Kim Mi So (What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim)

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3. Robo Nam Shin and Kang So bong (Are You Human Too?)

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4. Do Kyung Seok and Kang Mi Rae (My ID is Gangnam Beauty)

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Here are the first ten title cards from Season 1. 

The First Day - Josephin Ritschel 

Monster Babies - Seo Kim

Chocolate Money Badgers - Julia Pott

Saxophone Come Home - Sam Alden

Pajama Pajimjams - Sam Maurer 

Oscar and Hedgehog’s Melody - Aisha Franz

Feeling Spacey - Julian Glander

Ghost the Boy - Kim Ku

Computer Vampire - Julian Glander

The Basketball Liaries - Abby Magno