seo yookyung

Am I the only one shipping them??? Because all I see are people shipping Sejoo with Mirae or Shin with Mirae.

Am I the only one who really likes Yookyung? From what I’ve seen so far, all posts that mention her dislike her but I like her more than the lead character. Like her female co-workers, viewers who dislike Yookyung must hate her for the same reason- that she seems like a flirt. But unlike her co-workers, if the viewers paid attention to what Yookyung is going through then they should somehow understand. She herself hates having to act cute and doing whatever the guys ask her to do but she has to bear with it if she wants more projects which she needs in order to provide for her family. Didn’t her scene wherein she went teary-eyed with Sejoo pull at your heartstrings?

Just having someone, a man, to treat her with respect and treat her equally made her cry. And it was at that moment that she really fell for him and that was before she found out who he really is.

And about her ‘meddling’… yes, at first it might seem annoying when she was trying to plan on how to make Sejoo go for her instead but she did regret it, knowing that he got hurt and so she made it up to him by being a good friend even if it hurts seeing how he is in love with another. Last, imagine how it feels to be in her shoes- to know that the man you are in love with is also the man you are supposed to marry but someone played with their fates and made him fall in love with someone else.

Right now it looks like she has already accepted that she and Sejoo won’t happen but I am still hoping that that isn’t so. 

Now I have a headache. This drama should have been entitled Watch It If You Dare or Future Mirae’s Victims especially if you are a Yookyung fan or a Sejoo-Yookyung shipper… then this Future Na Mirae manipulated parallel universe sucked. It felt like the change from being to a time machine to a parallel universe machine was a bit of an asspull attempt to redeem future Mirae’s character, to get things out of her hands else she’s nothing more than a meddling selfish hag who only cared about herself and her own happiness.Or if this was an attempt to differ from the usual cliche ending, then it was a poor one as it had a lot of loopholes- just a bunch of nonsense thrown together.

It’s bittersweet to be a Yookyung fan. It’s sad enough that she’s only a second female character, meaning she does not get much air time but even so, she stood out to me. She’s the opposite of the undecisive female lead and the guy who doesn’t know when to give up on the girl who only had eyes for someone else (ehem, Park Sejoo). Even though she knew what her future was supposed to be, she accepted her current situation and moved on without any resentment towards Mirae or Sejoo. She also made the choice to stand up for herself (without a prince to help her) for a better future which in the end she was able to achieve. I am so proud of this character. 

It’s disappointing that she and Sejoo did not end up together because from what we saw of their future, it looked like they were so happy together. I want that universe.

A parallel universe wherein Sejoo tells his grandmother, ‘If it’s not Yookyung, I can’t live.' 

A parallel universe where Sejoo falls in love with Yookyung no matter if he met her first or some other girl first, no matter if it was love at first sight or not, no matter if it was in Jeju or wherever and whether there be water or none at all.