seo jun hyuk

These are my major Second Lead Syndrome lovers! Oh I wish I could have them all because of the no good female lead! Nah, I’m just kidding, but I really do love these second leads.

Idols who deserve better pt.2

bc one part wasn’t enough

- beautiful and don’t try to convince me otherwise
- cute but can be fierce if he wants to
- can rap and sing
- super talented dancer
- his facial expressions while dancing are no joke

- cute and dorky
- down to earth
- super funny and great on variety shows
- amazing vocals which she never really gets credit for

- very hard working
- a huge troll
- very handsome
- vocals
- has so much determination
- hits high notes without hesitation
- his dancing skills are note worthy 
- wrote She’s dreaming and the lyrics for Promise
- vocals

- multilingual
- can sing, dance and act
- A+ visuals
- plays piano
- amazing dancing abilities 

- a princess
- stunning
- so precious
- her visuals are pure gold
- amazing dancing skills
- great vocalist

- very good looking. very.
- undiscovered visual
- adorable personality
- a great actor
- unique voice
- beautiful vocal range
- extremely caring for his members

- stop ignoring him
- multilingual
- has a beautiful voice
- sharp dance moves
- everything about him is adorable

- a cute bunny
- gorgeous
- very determined
- plays the flute
- a true main vocalist
- voice of an angel



Like For Hong Seol x Yoo Jung (Drama Ending)! 

Reblog For Hong Seol X Baek In Ho (Webtoon Ending)! 

My best friend asked why I can only hang out on Sundays

Monday/Tuesday: In Beautiful Mind, Jang Hyuk looks all set to be playing the sort of role I love him best in - the asshole-who-wasn’t (i.e. he comes across as a cold hearted jerk, but we eventually see him for the softy he really is. But he’s still cold. Look it’s hard to explain, just think Wang So in Shine or Go Crazy and you’ll know what I mean).

Wednesday/Thursday: Lucky Romance throws us a midweek twofer; Ryu Jun Yeol being a puppy, and Lee Soo Hyuk being… well… also a puppy. So much squishy.

Friday/Saturday: 38 Task Force rounds up the week with Seo In Guk being a little shit.

What’s a girl to do?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯