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Is it just me or does the nct family seem like the best family.

Mothers always over protective and caring: Taeyong, Taeil

Fathers who stand at the BBQ talking about the Game, hidden love of anime: Hansol, Yuta

Weird Uncles that get along with the kids: Ten, Johnny

Responsible Uncles from time to time show a savage side: Doyoung, Kun

Well behaved cousins who also hide a savage side: WinWin, Renjun

Sneaky twins who never get the blame: jeno, jaemin

Teenager that no one understands but everyone loves: Mark

His cool older brother who always gets the girls: Jaehyun

Mischievous son who is the main source of the families fear of being pranked: Haechan

Awkward youngest son who stays in his room and plays games: Jisung

The very loud kid who is always around but no one is actually sure how he’s related, probably just a friend of Jisung: Chenle

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Jyp: *keeps eliminating members*

Chan: Don’t talk to me or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son ever again

Strays Kids Roles in Their Little Family

(Ps. This has nothing to do with my ships lol)


  • Dad. 100% dad. Like almost 99.9% of the time the leader of a group is one of the parents. It just happened to work like that for chan
  • All jokes aside he really cares for his members
  • Like you can tell he cares for them
  • He cooks for them. I mean Chan’s Kitchen isn’t just a one time thing. (Chef Chan Chan in the house)
  • He wants the best for them. And will work twice as hard to make sure he can help them.
  • He probably blames himself for their mistakes too
  • Like “They didn’t do something right it’s myself fault. I should have helped them more in this area.”
  • He just wants to protect them.
  • He loves his babies members. And his babies members love him.

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requested — boyfriend!johnny picking you up from a party when you get anxious


A man with a lot of friends

Being and idol is hard and having close friends is hard as well. Personally i think btob is one of the most friendly groups they care for their hoobaes and for their hyungs ❤


Note: i forgot to put some individual idols. He said a lot more. And he said Apink are not his friends, they are FAMILY (he mention all cube family)