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SEO and Usability

At first glance, search engine optimization (SEO) and usability seem to be quite distinct topics:

  • SEO is about attracting people to your site in the first place by making sure it shows up in search queries.
  • Usability is about people’s behavior after they arrive on your site, with the main goal being to increase the conversion rate.

Basically, SEO happens before the first click, and usability takes over from there. Both need to be good for a website to succeed. Having great SEO but lousy usability means that you’ll get lots of traffic, but the visitors won’t turn into customers. Conversely, a site with great usability but lousy SEO simply won’t get many visitors, so it doesn’t really matter how good it is.

Although they focus on different phases of the lead-generation funnel, there are many ways in which SEO and usability support each other and a few ways in which they conflict .

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