Alternative search engine removes the most popular sites

Google has had the monopoly on search engines for the past decade. The service works in such a way that already popular sites always come up on top, while small companies remain undiscovered on page 10 or even 100, unless they can afford to hire SEO specialists and pander to Google’s algorithms. Now, Million Short is an alternative search engine, which enables users to remove up to the first 1,000,000 Google results, in order to make browsing the web more surprising and give the underdog a fighting chance. READ MORE…

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & Internet Marketing are the keys to your online marketing success. It doesn’t matter if your business is local or an online retailer, you must have a strategic internet marketing strategy to reach your customers where they are. Virtually every age group, demographic, and type of customer (individual/b2b) uses a smart phone to access information and/or social media when researching products before making a purchase. Then when ready to buy, the purchase usually happens online or via a phone call from an internet site. We can help you identify your current and future customers through our proven research methods, develop the plan of action that make sense for your business, execute our plan of action with enough flexibility to fine tune your online marketing campaign to meet your goals.

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