Here is the Portal set of postcards I made for Comiccon Chicago. I really loved this game, and I really wanted to make something in honor of the series. For people who purchased these thank you, and I hope you enjoy them. But for now I hope everyone on the tumblr-verse enjoys and laughs with me on these Postcards. 

Superman vs Sentry
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An epic battle that was inevitable with the creation of this blog: DC’s iconic and unstoppable powerhouse versus Marvel’s golden guardian with seemingly limitless power.

Robert Reynolds is often accused of being Marvel’s answer to Superman, but the only real similarities are their vastly superhuman physiques and long flowing capes. Rather than working for a newspaper company and being raised by kindhearted farmers,  Bob was a former meth addict who broke into a lab and drank a mysterious compound that ultimately lead to his famous “power of a million exploding suns."  After laboratory experimentation and making a costume based off of a childhood comic, The Sentry was born, although too mentally unstable to be considered a truly iconic superhero like his DC "counterpart”.

It is unclear how much power the Sentry truly wields as his power tends to fluctuate with his emotional stability, but vast is an understatement.  Able to rip Ares the god of war in half with ease, and even defeat a Herald of Galactus without any perceivable effort proves that his strength is beyond compare in the MU.  Superman isn’t exactly a scrub when it comes to power, but there is more than just strength, speed, or even durability in this showdown. In fact, they may never even touch each other at all.

The reason Sentry shuts this fight down isn’t because of superior strength, speed, or durability. Superman may have a wide array of powers, but Sentry’s powerset is beyond anything the Kryptonian can handle. Light absorption, photokinesis, vast telepathic power, molecular manipulation that makes Molecule Man look like a joke; each of these powers is a bullet with Kal-El’s name written on it.

Superman’s only hope is that the Sentry is in a volatile emotional state which has shown to be his only true vulnerability, but even that isn’t enough to truly give him an edge.

Superman loses to a guy named Bob.

Sentry: 9/10