sentra se

American Modified Car Scene

I can’t wait for stance to die off. These things come and go in waves. 

12 years ago, the big thing on the scene was putting big wheels and low profile tires on your car. I had 18s on a Nissan Sentra SE-R with red StreetGlow and subs so big that I had no space in the trunk.

Horribly molded, fiberglass body kits were a thing.

Street glow was a thing.


People use to chop their exhaust and put chrome tips on their mufflers and be applauded for it.

It was once fashionable to put the manufacturer logo of your car across your windshield.

We used to wear G-Unit clothing in those days and rock headbands that always matched the fit.

Wearing a durag in public was still acceptable.

Hot Import Nights was once the best and only car show around. 

People still listened to Sandstorm by Darude.

Stance will die. I look forward to it. Rocket Bunny kits will go away too. So will these awful carboy stickers.

Seeing everyone get so tight about it is nice and entertaining, though. In 10 years, they won’t even remember why they were mad.

Enjoy your youth and your bad taste. Eventually, everyone finds their way to the wonderful world of functionality and tasteful modifications.