California Dreamin’, by DaniloFaria

All the leaves are brown And the sky is grey I’ve been for a walk On a winter’s day I’d be safe and warm If I was in L.A. California dreamin’ On such a winter’s day… The gentle flow the Merced River reflecting Half Dome in a balmy fall’s ending morning. Thank you all for your visits and feedback!

Biotic power

for reference this is how *I* deal with the different levels of Biotic power. It’a word-for-word reference to the Star Classification based on Colour and heat…

O – over 33K Kelvin [this is blue] [say an Asari Matriarch?]

B – from 10K to 30K Kelvin [this is blue to blue white] [Jack & Samara]

A – from 7.5K to 10K Kelvin [this is white] [Morinth and Liara]

F – from 6K to 7.5K Kelvin [this is yellowish white] [Thane, Miranda, Jacob & Kaidan, most Biotics are either F or G]

G – from 5.2K to 6K Kelvin [this is yellow] [Shepard, if she’s not a biotic]

K – from 3.7K to 5.2K Kelvin [this is orange] [lower range vanguards, sentinels, and infiltrators fall in the lower range for this]

M – anything under 3.7K Kelvin [this is red] [that one Volus Biotic God]

For reference in power our Sun is a standard G star, while Trebia’s a standard F.


“The queen herself oversaw the building of a wondrous new temple to Elune, a sprawling expanse of gem-encrusted bridges and effervescent lakes at the wastern edge of Kalimdor. Upon its completion, she named the mesmerizing grounds Lathar’Lazal, or ‘Seat of the Sky.’” - Warcraft Chronicle, Volume I, p. 95

“Blackfathom Deeps was once an ancient night elf temple. It once housed a most powerful moonwell” - Sentinel Aluwyn, Twilight Falls Quest

Note: Blackfathom Deeps is not necessarily confirmed as Lathar’Lazal, however the locations are close enough and both were renowned temples of Elune.