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Maethrillian, commonly known as the Capital, was the political center of the Forerunner ecumene. It housed the Ecumene Council, the main governing body of the ecumene, as well as the Capital Court. It was a massive structure, greatly exceeding the scale of even the Halo installations.


Maethrillian was one of the oldest structures in the ecumene, having been constructed roughly around 125,000 BCE. Unknown to most Forerunners in later times, the Capital was constructed around the physical component of the Precursor construct known as Abaddon, discovered by early Forerunners on a distant world. A powerful intelligence closely linked with the Domain, Abaddon was believed to have taught ancient Forerunners to access the Domain, which would later become a keystone of their civilization. As the construction of the Capital progressed, Abaddon was contained within a chamber of relics known as the Mysterium and held secret from most of the ecumene apart from senior members of the Ecumene Council; however, scattered reports of its existence gave rise to the legend of “the Organon”, a Precursor artifact that controlled all others.

Despite its immense size, the Capital itself had a comparatively small population of several hundred thousand Forerunners, mostly high-ranking Builders. Trillions of ancillas served in the capital in the Capital metarchy, an enormous network coordinated by a Metarch-level ancilla that answered to the First Councilor. It was one of the most trafficked locations in the ecumene, with constant security patrols, sentinels, and transports swarming around it.Within five thousand kilometers of the structure, incoming vessels would be carefully screened by sensory fields and directed by hard light docking nets.The Capital’s system housed multiple slipspace portals that linked to many worlds, as well as the Ark.

During the Forerunner-Flood war, Maethrillian became the site of an enormous battle as Mendicant Bias, having been persuaded into rampancy by the Primordial, attempted to deliver a crippling blow to the Forerunner leadership. Even though the Forerunners responded with heavy force, Mendicant Bias was successful in firing Installation 07 in the system, sterilizing the Capital and eliminating most of the Ecumene Council. Although the Council would be reconstituted shortly afterward as the “New Council" from survivors found deep within Maethrillian, they would not return to the former capital. With the Flood having overrun the Capital system, strategic command of the ecumene was moved to the greater Ark.

Over a century after the Halos’ firing, a group of surviving Forerunners led by the IsoDidact returned to Maethrillian to restore the Domain, which had been rendered inactive by the Halo Array. While attempting to access the Mysterium, the Forerunners were confronted by a manifestation of Abaddon. Embittered and corrupted by the damage wrought upon it by the Halos, the Precursor intelligence intended to judge the Forerunners for this sins. However, the Forerunners managed to enter the Mysterium and discovered Abaddon’s physical location. Inserting a deadbolt key into the artifact, Growth-Through-Trial-of-Changesuccessfully restored the Domain, simultaneously causing Abaddon to vanish. Their mission a success, the surviving Forerunners returned to Installation 00 and left the galaxy shortly afterward.

Long after the Forerunner-Flood war, the Covenant learned about the existence of Maethrillian, revered as the fabled throne of their gods. In 2552, Supreme Commander Rho ‘Barutamee found Forerunner artifacts after an engagement with the UNSC. That led him to think he was close to finding Maethrillian. Ultimately he arrived at Reach, which he attacked with restraint, preferring to localize important Forerunner artifacts first. However, he never accomplished his secret objective, as his plan was foiled by NOBLE Team, and the rest of the Covenant did not pursue his goal.

Pre-War Senate

“Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons!”

That’s all that it has been about. Sure we got stories with characters and this happens on earth and everything that, but for so long the background has been just that. Megatron leads the Decepticons, Megatron is a tyrant, Optimus Prime leads the Autobots to fight the Decepticons, to fight for freedom for all sentient beings.

I will admit that the only continuities I know of is G1, Animated, Aligned and IDW. Maybe Dreamwave had some background, maybe did the Unicron Trilogy, but it feels for me that it wasn’t until Aligned and IDW that the focus went from the current war towards how it did start. We got Megatron Origins, a miniseries that was first intended to be part of the Dreamwave comics but when that went under it was picked up by IDW some time into IDW’s run.

Then we got the Binder of Revelations, Aligned’s Pitch Bible which did go into the background of Cybertron and background of Megatron and Optimus Prime. A detailed look into what made the world of Transformers for the Aligned continuity. And then lastly we got James Roberts’s work in MTMTE and the first Transformers Ongoing’s Chaos Theory.

And because I can’t really resist I’ll go into James Roberts’ pre-war Era, focusing on the Senate that partially created the situation that paved the grounds for Megatron and the war.

One thing that everyone manages to associate the Senate with is the rampant Functionism. And it starts at the beginning.

Nova Major, after all the Primes were gone, except Alpha Trion, worked with Alpha Trion and Galvatron to create a new government in Cybertron. He put him as the leader of Cybertron with everyone following him. No longer there were Thirteen Primes that split Cybertron into different groups, but only one Prime. And Nova Prime, using the Creation Matrix as a symbol of the Primes, set himself as that leader. And he had ideas on how Cybertron should be ruled.

The Senate might have come a bit later, where Nova wouldn’t be able to handle all the day-to-day of ruling Cybertron. He would have chosen those that he deemed worthy of ruling, not one of those beastformers or any others that would not be fit to rule according to Nova Prime. That would be the basis of the Cybertronian Senate.

Nova Prime, not wanting to stop at Cybertron but also wanted to spread the Cybertronian race to the stars, took critical decisions to accomplish that. But one of those decisions was the construction of the First Ark, which took him and his band of close friends and followers to the Dead Universe, leaving Cybertron without a Prime to rule them.

Nominus Prime is the one that comes in Nova’s stead. But he is barely a footnote in the history of Cybertron, despite the fact that he ruled for a while. What changed?

The fact is that the Senate gained in power after Nova’s disappearance. Maybe they were without a Prime for a while as they were waiting for Nova’s return, maybe Nominus Prime was weak-willed. But the Senate gained in power, maybe this was when the Cog was formed, but the position of a Prime weakened, leaving Nominus to be a figurehead. What is known is that Functionism grew in that era, most likely to make sure that the “appropriate” people were left in charge.

If Nova Prime hadn’t disappeared the problem wouldn’t have developed. As Nova Prime disappeared so did the interest in expanding to the stars. But the Cybertronian race continued to grow. Extravagant style became the norm, and the energy of Vector Sigma is seemingly endless. Senator Shockwave noticed the problem that would come to this but no one listened. No one cared for the truth because it was inconvenient, because it was dangerous. It was a long time ago that the Senate stopped serving the people of Cybertron and began serving themselves.

But even though they kept denying what was happening, it didn’t mean that things were going unnoticed by others. It isn’t exactly easy for a miner to see the growing energy crisis, but he sees the unrest in society, he sees the unfairness of it all as bots like him receive less fuel and face the fact that there is no upwards mobility for someone like him.

And that does not go unnoticed by those who want to keep things as they are. The Senate does everything it can to make sure that people are happy where they are. Functionism becomes a tool to reassure the people that they got a place in society, because even when they don’t have a favorable place in it they’re still part of society in whole and there is no need to start ask questions.

And those that persist in asking questions, well…

There are other methods to control them.

Proteus was a big player behind the Pre-war Senate. He was among the most pro-active members of the Senate, ready to take the big decisions and take responsibility for them. In a bid to gain the Power of the Matrix of Leadership he attacked Nominus Prime with the help of Sentinel, the head of security, and then staged it to look like an Terrorist attack, framing the anti-Functionist Triple M faction. But as the Matrix was proven false Proteus arranged it so that Nominus Prime was killed so he could put his own pawn, Sentinel, as the Prime, for him to command and control.

Proteus was the one who really started the second Civil War of Cybertron. He issued the clampdown, he launched the Deception Registration Act, he probably issued the order to brainwash Megatron. His quest for power and his pro-active ways to keep the Senate in power caused severe ripple among the population of Cybertron, one that enabled Megatron to be heard by others and others agreeing with him as they were suffering from the opression of the Senate.

The Tyrant is dead. Long live the Tyrant.

Sentinel Prime was however always a puppet. He didn’t last long and Proteus controlled him. All the control Sentinel had was to make his own Elite Guards that he commanded, not the Senate and not Proteus. He chased down annoying rebels that barely got the attention of the Senate itself. And when the Senate fell he fell in turn, arrogant and believing his own hype which was his downfall.

Zeta comes then forwards, one of those modified by Shockwave to carry the Matrix. He had his eyes set on the price for a long time, and Orion Pax was nothing but a tool in his hands to get him the title of Prime. Zeta Prime manipulated Orion Pax and his outlier pack to be tools of terror, annoying the Senate, especially as they fought for the Hot Spot. While the Hot Spot was in the shape of a hand, and it could have been used as Functionist proof, those that wanted to take over wanted to experiment on the hot spot to create Outliers, which is not a Functionist agenda.

Zeta simply saw the opportunity to use Orion Pax to harass the senate, driving his own agenda through. And then finally, after getting more power and influence within the senate, he “stopped” Orion Pax and his gang, handing them over to Sentinel Prime to be part of the Autobot Security Services. Orion Pax and Trailbreaker were in the Autobot Security Services during the events of Megatron Origins.

When Zeta became Prime after Sentinel’s death it was more of a military takeover than anything. He began to aggressively recruit Autobots to make sure that the Decepticons didn’t have that many people among them. He also gave more rights to the disposable class so that the Decepticons lost even more followers and it undermined the message of the Decepticons. While he did rebuild the Senate he elevated the position of Prime back to how it was when Nova Prime was still around.

But power corrupts, and it was Zeta’s downfall. He was much more effective dictator than Sentinel or Proteus was, but Megatron was better. Zeta had to fight the energon crisis that was in full swing and he had to fight the Decepticons at the same time.

The Senate before the war behaved arrogantly, disregarded those that they were supposed to serve and only served their own and their own agenda. The responsibility are on them. Megatron would have always voiced his discontent with the system, but what could have adverted what happened is if the Senate had listened, acknowledged the flaws in the system and the growing energon crisis. But that never happened, and thus the Autobot/Decepticon war began and continues to rage on.

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What are your thoughts on the alternate universe Starscream known as Armada!Starscream?

I know of two Starscreams that go by that description; one was an acquaintance of mine before he disappeared between the cracks of the multiverse and the second was dating Little Pax. The latter generously supplied us with the security sentinels that still stomp around outside the outpost to this day…before disappearing between the cracks of the multiverse.

So in short, beware of cracks in the multiverse.

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          {Log: Nightmares} 

Background: One month into her job as a Cop in Rodion, Alpha Bravo noticed how deep corruption run in the police force. All from reading the protocol and code of conduct and noticing how much was broken during her free time. This discovery lead her to investigate on her own time and she discovered that the senator are behind the corruption. Her investigation caught the attention of Sentinel Prime, head security of the senate.

Her and her Training officer, Venture, revived a call from the area known as Dead end. Venture notice how unusual the call is and told the young cop to be on guard. In response, she created her own recording of the event which impressed Venture. The 2 went int to investigate as it lead them to an isolated dead end. Alpha Bravo took the lead and investigate the mounds of bodies before she heard something. She turns to see what she thought was 3 of Sentinel’s goons. 2 held Venture by his arm while the 3rd held a blaster to his head. Venture last words was telling the young cop to save herself before his head was blasted off. But before she could transform and take off, she was knocked out cold from behind.

When she wakes up, she found herself in a cell but not in the police station. She was in a cell, somewhere else. She stood up and looks around before realizing that she was wrong. She was not attacked by Sentinel’s goons, she was attacked by the members of Cybertronian underground. She was confuse but she couldn’t think as the image of Venture death was heavily imprinted in her head. It took her a few days before she was finally able to think and looks for a way out. Luckily, the power had gone out long enough for the force field to her cell to shut down. She took the chance and made her escape.

As she quietly made her way though, she found herself having to fight back a few times. All want to kill her but she was able to neutralized them without killing anyone. After fighting for almost eternity, she found her way out and discovered it leads to where she was first ambushed. And Venture body was still there, among the other bodies. She approached his body and fell to her knees, the event had left her traumatized. Shaken, she wonders around before being found by her superior, Caption Orion Pax. She was taken to Ratchet’s free clinic for evaluation and to recover.

After being cleared by Ratchet, Alpha Bravo returned to duty. This time, She would spend her free time taking in more patrol. She never told anyone what had happen but told herself that she would not allow that to happen ever again. She also stopped her personal investigation she was doing which satisfied Sentinel enough to allow her to remain in the force.

{Note} Sentinel had the hand in Alpha Bravo’s traumatic even as he was the one who paid the Cybertronian underground to kill both Alpha Bravo and Venture. The instruction was to kill Venture in front of the rookie cop then imprison her. Allow her to escape on purpose and kill her during her escape attempt. Everything went according to plan until she escaped and fought back. Her quick thinking allowed her to evade her death unknowingly, causing Sentinel to be angered. But once he realized that the event had traumatized and changed the rookie cop, he considered this clean up a success.

{Note} Orion Pax learned of this event and was even more angered by the amount of corruption how much Alpha Bravo had changed since her near death experience.

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*dovah had been chained up to the ground with his wings and tail bound and nailed and his muzzle had been tied shut*

Sentinel and PX-001 where attempting a prison break o free a friend of there when the found Dovah

PX: that’s gotta hurt…

Sentinel: he’s the most secure and injured prisoner we’ve come across…

PX: what are we gonna do? we’re not here to rescue him…

Sentinel: he may know the prison better then we do…