sentinel rock


So you remember when I had a humanized Transformers Animated Art School AU? Well I brought them back – WITH A VENGEANCE IN ROCK.

Both versions! A Birthday version for Mercurymaplekey and a plain version.

Stay tuned. 



A couple things showed up at my door today, first being my Shooting Star Rockman 4-Inch Nel. He’s got collectable trading cards to pull out of thin air, and he’s not afraid to activate his trap one! Finally, my Hertzes have a fancy, out-of-box official fig to be displayed with.

So, the Final Smash 5 are all now together. 4-Inch Nels, unite! X doesn’t want Volnutt to be a part of this picture, though. Talk to the hand. X looks less doofy when he’s sliding down my bookcase, but I had to pull him off to join the rest of the crew. Just didn’t feel like pulling him off of his magnetic cling to my E-Tank.

Also, on this day of X (the X day of the X month, at around 4:X PM), an X arrived!

I didn’t bother with the MvC: Infinite Collectors Edition, because, well…I knew better. With all the Supers, Turbos and Ultimates, I stopped buying Capcom fighting games at full price years ago, and won’t touch this game until the inevitable 50-75% off Capcom sale that always happens. And once I saw this figure in the wild, I saw that sad face, and told myself I would only buy it on the cheap. So, I got a cheap one!

Look at that eye under his lopsided helmet. He looks so confused. Like, “Not sure…if…want to shoot?” His hand is so freakishly large, too. I also don’t quite understand the battleground made of broken electronic Simon game panels. Oh X, you deserved better. But other than that, the rest of the sculpt is still fairly nice.


Fog and Sentinel Rock, Mariposa County, CA by 4 Corners Photo
Via Flickr:
Clouds and fog swirl around Sentinel Rock during a spring storm in Yosemite National Park in Mariposa County, California.

Secret Hideouts!

The rebellion is gathering members! You should come to the next meeting…

  1. The old windmill
  2. The cellar under the inn
  3. The ruined keep at the crest of the hill
  4. Under the dock meetings at low tide
  5. The coal shed at the smithy. No smoking allowed
  6. A stone room built into the inside of the well.
  7. A dugout behind the sentinel rock
  8. The mayor’s office. Nobody will ever look there!
  9. In the back of the church
  10. In the church’s belltower
  11. Among the tall corn plants. The rebellion had better succeed before the harvest.
  12. The stables. Chestnut is content to share her stall in exchange for apples.
A Kingdom from a Spark
Andy Ristaino
A Kingdom from a Spark

here’s my demo of the song A Kingdom from a Spark for the episode The Cooler.   the lyrics are meant to be from an ancient story about the origin of the fire kingdom.  

and the lyrics

  • there was a time before,
  • when we were still afraid of the dark.
  • then came the first spark.
  • a fiery birth,
  • It totally rocked.
  • sentinels crashing down out of the blue,
  • creating a kingdom of red hue
  • for me and you.
  • these sleeping gods of tremendous power,
  • can cause a new kingdom to flower.
  • so burn as bright as the sun, 
  • my fiery one.
  • when light starts to dim awaken within,
  • the slumbering ones.

p.s.  check out an even earlier version of this song.

racccccccch-deactivated20161029  asked:

Hi Ally! I was wondering what your top hikes/places to visit in Yosemite are. My friend and I are going in March, but we're only going to be there for about a day and a half, so we want to make the most of it! I know it's your favorite place in the world, so I figured you'd have some good tips 🙃

Oh GOD okay yes you have come to the right person

Verbal & Nevada Falls - go down John Muir Trail and have lunch at the top of the falls, with a beautiful view of Liberty Cap towering over :)

You must must MUSSSSSTTTTT visit Glacier Point. It’s where the majority of my Yosemite Instagram pictures where taken, with Half Dome in the background. The views are absolutely breathtaking, you can see all across the valley and it’s honestly probably going to be one of the best sights of your life. It’s generally open from late May onwards (I’m on my phone and can’t remember if you said when you’re going).

Tunnel View - this is where you’ll see the most famous/picturesque views of the valley. It’s lovely.

El Capitan Meadow - pretty self explanatory, you get a perfect view of El Capitan and if you have binoculars or even a powerful camera on you, you can look up and spot rock climbers.

Sentinel Meadow - a really nice spot to see Yosemite Falls

I also did a really nice walk to Mirror Lake :) Word of warning go before dusk because I got eaten alive by mozzies.

Definitely definitely get in the open air trolleys and go on a tour for a couple of hours. Our guide was the peppiest, most upbeat person I’d ever met and she made me want to do that for a job. They take you to most of the above listed places, and will be great for recommending hikes for you.

I didn’t get a chance, but at certain times of year you can do a stargazing hike!!! Please do that if you get the chance, I’m sure it would be phenomenal.

Also, at one of the lodges they show a really awesome film detailing the history of Yosemite, all about John Muir and bears and everything.

Have fun and say hi to all the squirrels for me!!