sentinel rock

The higher the waves,
               The greater the joy
               Of the steadfast rock,
                              A sentinel in the dark.
—  Bing Xin (冰心), from Spring Rivulets, The Flowering of Modern Chinese Poetry: An Anthology of Verse from the Republican Period, tr. Herbert Batt and Sheldon Zittner 

So you remember when I had a humanized Transformers Animated Art School AU? Well I brought them back – WITH A VENGEANCE IN ROCK.

Both versions! A Birthday version for Mercurymaplekey and a plain version.

Stay tuned. 

Secret Hideouts!

The rebellion is gathering members! You should come to the next meeting…

  1. The old windmill
  2. The cellar under the inn
  3. The ruined keep at the crest of the hill
  4. Under the dock meetings at low tide
  5. The coal shed at the smithy. No smoking allowed
  6. A stone room built into the inside of the well.
  7. A dugout behind the sentinel rock
  8. The mayor’s office. Nobody will ever look there!
  9. In the back of the church
  10. In the church’s belltower
  11. Among the tall corn plants. The rebellion had better succeed before the harvest.
  12. The stables. Chestnut is content to share her stall in exchange for apples.