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How to know you are INFP

-You often feel like an alien on earth.

(INFPs are one of the rarest types. Even though we can find a lot of us chatting on the internet, it can be hard to find other INFPs in “real life”, because we tend to avoid unnecessary attention. Therefore, we can sometimes feel very alone and different.)

-You feel sorry for the last cookie in the jar.

(A lot of INFPs have a great sense of empathy. We understand other people and their feelings. In some cases, this sense of empathy can even lead us to project feelings onto inanimate objects. I once apologized to a chair for knocking my foot on it.)

-Your room or apartment is full of random, more or less useful stuff.

(Our Intuitive side mixed with our perceiving side makes us idea machines. We are interested by everything. We start tons of projects we won’t finish right now, but maybe later. We keep stuff just in case. We also keep stuff because of sentimental values. Our mind is always rolling and exploring and creating. Our space is representative of our mind.)

-You can’t put your music library on random.

(INFPs are very curious and open-minded. We understand and love many different things. If you are INFP, chances are you like a lot of different kinds of music too. So you need to make playlists unless you want to hear a piano jazz instrumental song right after some gangster rap, followed by an obscure indie band from the 80s.)

Why Art Theft Is Wrong

1. Stealing is against the law.

“Pfft! It’s just art, no harm done right?” No. That’s worse. Money, jewelry and other stuff that has no sentimental value are better to be stolen than art. Not saying you should steal money but, someone once told me that it is like putting a piece of your soul on display for the whole word (person will remain anonymous). A piece of your soul, so imagine, people stealing it and reposting it, the sentimental value is gone. With money, if you show it to the world, nothing will really happen, no one will remove it’s value(welp someone might steal it because you flaunted it to the whole world).

2. Hard Work

“Hard work? Really? But this artist’s work is always amazing, like he/she didn’t put effort in it!” No. If it’s like that, maybe he/she didn’t find it as easy as you thought it is but there was a time they did, when learning their style more was hard. Maybe they’ve mastered their style and when you saw their art, it’s at its best and you think it’s perfect.

Or!! That, it’s so amazing, you think it isn’t even made by that person. I’ve thought of that once, but in the end I realized that the artist has flaws too.

Art isn’t done by the snap of your fingers, people!

3. Artists’ Emotions

“I’m just human! It isn’t my fault I reposted it! It’s our nature!” Nopety Nope nope! Artists aren’t some perfect robots. They’re human too! If the art thief would get hurt being caught, what about the artist catching someone stealing their art? If it’s like placing a part of your soul on display, wouldn’t the artist feel worse?

If you’re an art thief consider these three things.
•Ready to go to jail? (that escalated quickly but it’s true)
•A part of your soul being torn and ripped apart like the artist’s when you stole from them.
•The artists’ may loathe you or be all sad and insecure.

How to spot an art thief!
•Art style! Check out if the art style became different and constantly changes. (NOT ALWAYS! Some artists prefer to change their style from time to time)
•Watermark! The watermark usually blends in with the art, signatures are a different matter.
•Edit! If it looks edited or if a piece is missing; this includes cropping of picture.
•Process! Ask for the process shots if possible 😊

It’s always better to have both credit and permission to repost an art piece.





Prompt: Hey Cass… So I recently got mugged (the asshole took all I had including some stuff with sentimental value AND had the nerve to assault me) and I was wondering if you could write something about that. I’m sorry if the requests are closed, I really don’t wanna bother, but I just feel like shit and completely powerless. Thank you for reading this anyway and I hope you know how much your writing makes me happy 

Nonnie, I am so incredibly sorry this happened to you.  I hope this makes you feel a little better ♥  I’m also sorry about the lame title - I couldn’t come up with anything better and I wanted to get this posted for you today (((hugs)))

Reader x Bucky

Word Count: 5349

Warnings: Language, depiction of a mugging, assault/injuries, as much fluff as I could possibly cram in

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anonymous asked:

With Virgo's do you agree that they're clean freaks? My friend is a Virgo and she is messy as helllll

Hell no. Some of them can be, but I’ve found that most of them are cluttered and messy. But in an organized way, if that makes any sense. Like, they tend to hoard stuff for sentimental value and as long as they know where things are, they aren’t worried.

The last two times my family has moved made me realize just how much useless stuff I had accumulated during my life up until that point when we moved last year.

I already discarded a lot of stuff that had lost it’s value to me, sentimental or otherwise. But there is still a lot I need to let go.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 // 8:57 p.m. EST

So, there’s kind of a sad story behind this picture.

If you all remember from a picture of a major haul I did a while back, the pencil case in this picture was already purchased back then. The Pentel WOW! pens were also purchased in a mini splurge I went on at the beginning of the semester. My MUJI pens and highlighters have been with me for a while. If ya’ll follow me religiously or close enough, you know I love me my MUJI pens lol.

So, “Why are you buying this stuff again?”, you may be asking yourself.

My pencil case was stolen at school. No one has stepped up. I have a couple friends that have called me crazy for feeling so strongly about this, but those were my babies. They were my personal investment that I loved and appreciated. So, I went and bought the same stuff again. I will attach sentimental value to all these items like I did the last.

I hope the old one serves whoever has it well. I hope it brings them joy and motivates them and fills them with creativity and the drive to get shit done, because that’s what they were to me ☺

I’m in Stow, Ohio right now doing a few things on the being-a-grown-up list and I’ve come across a lot of Lindsey (things with charm and sentimental value that I’ve kept as reminders from my youth). This is stuff I don’t plan on driving back to Montana in a Prius (with my 18 year old brother in tow). It is also not stuff I’m fond of recycling/burning. SO I’d like to propose that I package it up and ship it to you in exchange for support of awesome sex education for the universe aka Sexplanations. Right now I’m just trying to test the waters for interest. Anyone interested?

Examples: sketchbooks, drawings, annotated textbooks, photographs, children’s books, college notebooks, hockey jersey, and trinkets galore with stories included.

I can’t sleep. Today FedEx told me my biggest moving box was no longer considered ‘missing’ but now ‘lost’ and that they basically aren’t going to find it and that I now have to write out all the contents and value of it…. It was a huge shipping crate, it weighed 90lbs and contained all of my books, manga, comics, hentai, tsumtsums, an angelic pretty dress, various artwork that had been gifted to me at lolita events, all of my pokemon merch/figures/games, my curtains etc 

Remember how cute my bookshelf was? All that stuff is gone. 

It’s stressing me out trying to remember exactly every little thing. The crate weighed 90lbs! and I highly doubt they will reimburse me what it is actually worth and some of that stuff had a lot of sentimental value too. 

I’m pretty bummed. 

10 more days till Girl Meets Forgiveness (New Stuff)

Alright. You are getting bored of the same message I’ve been using because I’m lazy. I’ve been watching a lot more Girl Meets World recently and I realized how Maya was always down and nobody pulled her up. Girl Meets Forgotten: Cory is talking about the Great Depression and Maya points to herself saying,” Nothings gonna beat that, sir.” In Girl Meets Semi-Formal, when Cory is asking who knows about Etiquette, Maya raises her hands to answer with a hopeful smile on her face and Cory shuts her down saying “No you can’t.” Did you see the look on her face? How can she look up to someone who claims that he is there for her but is the one who discourages her? In Girl Meets Texas part 3, he tells her not to use big words correctly it’s not who she is.They tell her she’s smarter than she thinks and when she acts on it, she gets pulled down. And also guess who gets asked to dance first, Riley. It’s okay, no bitterness but also how is it possible Riley gets 2 “real as in Farkle not included because he’s into both) boys to ask her but Maya gets none. FIRST OF ALL SHE’S GORGEOUS!!!!!!! but whatever. That doesn’t even count really because you’re not required to have somebody like you or ask you to the dance. In I am Farkle, when Maya asks Riley for a “wonderful little Riley” pick me up, she says,”What ever happens at least you’re in a better shape than Maya.” How wonderful. *Sarcasm* And Farkle just smiles. Maya clearly darkens her mood and says,”Kay that wasn’t what I was going for but sure let’s turn on me.” Is it okay to use somebody’s troubled life as a “pick me up” as in sure you feel bad now but hey, at least you’re better off than this girl who’s life sucks. “You think you got stuff, look at this, this is a bag of cats (was that it?)” and Maya is clearly upset. But whatever. I heard rumours that in Girl Meets Forgiveness, they are going to try to pressure Maya into forgiving her dad. Why should she forvive sombody who left. Who moved on and never called. Maya cried to Riley because her dad never send her stuff. It’s the sentimental value that sombody’s thinking about you to send you something is what she cried about. Whewre is that? Maya is hardly a bad influence. She is som=ine who is trying to be tough for a world who will not protect her. Where even her friends make fun of her. Where she never gets liked by a boy, asked on a date, truely vcared for. Josh says he won’t date her because of the 3 year gap but its ok for the ollege girl and him. Nobody takes her feelings seriously. Why do you like him Maya? And maybe she didn’t hide her feelings from the beginning. Maybe she just recently got them. She helped Riley all this time to get her the guy she likes and Riley stepping back now is honestly such a waste of effort. But it’s neither one of their fault because they’re still learning what the world is about. I will conclude this tomorrow because its 2:20 AM and I have to finish my french assignment and sleep) Bye. Yell at me later.

So for my morning after Valentines, I did not wake to someone in a strange bed nor breakfast but a call from the police to get to my flat in the city. So I drive like a crazy ass bitch to get there, and when I do and climb about five levels of stairs they inform me that my flat was broken into and destroyed. I’m not talking smashed glass here and there, but completely destroyed. Everything I own is either stolen or ripped to shreds, my walls have eggs throw on it and everything is gone, everything - Oh wait, it gets better -they decided to flood the place by blocking the sink and turning on the taps.Not only is all my belongs, even sentimental value stuff, are gone or in bits, I am now homeless.

2016 is the worst year ever, and we’re only in February.