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Harry is a singer by profession, not an activist. Even still he is using his platform in a major way to help others and shine a light on important issues. He is in no way obligated to do that, but he does it because he loves and cares about people who are suffering and who need support. That’s the kind of person he is. And if that’s who he is in the public eye, imagine all of the things he does privately and anonymously to help those in need–the things he does privately and anonymously because he does not want the focus on him and because he’s not after glory or a pat on the back for doing the right thing. I think in terms of asking others to get involved, his message is a simple one: treat people with kindness. Spread love. I don’t believe those are hard to understand, and they also shouldn’t be minimized just because they’re not complex. The flags Harry waves are only symbols, but the sentiment and call to action implicit in them is pretty clear and monumental. If you can’t see that, it truly is a shame. But you should give it some thought before you go heaping criticism and negativity on someone who works really hard to be a positive voice in a harsh world.

Ahsoka Tano's Theme (mix)
Kevin Kiner
Ahsoka Tano's Theme (mix)

Ahsoka Tano’s Theme (mix) - Kevin Kiner - Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Ahsoka’s theme is one of the themes that stands out in the Clone Wars for me, so I wanted to make a compilation of all the instances her theme shows up in the soundtracks, from standalone themes to the times it’s smack-dab in the middle of a battle. As the series goes on, her theme goes from warm and innocent, and gets darker and more fragmented, which this little compilation reflects. These are all the instances of her theme that I could find on the soundtracks.

Secret Adoration (Joker x reader)

“I can’t! I can’t, J! Not anymore!..”
Your hand was on the door knob, you were ready to exit his life.
At first, when you and the Clown King had started seeing each other, it was fun and exciting. He may not be the romantic lovey-dovey type but he was spontaneous and was always able keep you entertained.
You didn’t expect to fall for him. However, as time passed by, you can’t help but feel something more than a fling for the ruthless man. Even though he didn’t realize it, he started… “Feeling things” (that’s how he liked to describe it), for you too.

Except… He doesn’t show it. Ever.
For him, it was only sex and fun. He knew there was so much more emotional attachment, but he was too afraid to let you know. He was terrified to admit that to himself, let alone you.
You, however, you showered him with affection and love. You trusted him with everything and adored the warmth of his embrace. But it was starting to seem like a one-sided romance.

So, there you are, in a big fight… Screaming, crying and yelling.

“Y/N, don’t you dare step out of this house.”
Joker threatened. He wanted to be in control of the situation, but deep down, he knew. He was well aware that it was his mistake of not cherishing his queen and now she is slipping away from his fingers. Y/N starred at him with blood shot glassy eyes.

“Goodbye, J.” She turned her back away from him. Realization hit him like a ton of bricks. His guard and pride have been destroyed.

“Y/N, darling, please. I.. I’m not good with this, just, don’t go…” He sprinted towards her, his strong arms wrapped around her torso. She froze. Nobody has ever seen the Joker this way; His voice was a trembling whisper and his grip on her was unusually tight, almost… Desperate.

“Listen, I… I have never felt this way for a long, long time. After my- ex wife,.. I don t do this sort of romance sappy thing… But I assure you, Y/N, you mean so much more to me than you know.”

Y/N turned her head to face the broken man behind her. The man whom she loved with everything she had. She gently pressed her lips on his and caressed his jaw with her shaking hand.
The kiss was sweet and slow, a rare loving kiss that has never happened before. He still doesn’t have the courage to say those 3 sentimental words yet, but actions speak louder than words, am I right?

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anonymous asked:

i REALLY don't understand the kind of audience who don't realize jon is a hostage right now. they took his boat and his weapons, but d/ny said he wasn't a prisoner so i guess he could just swim to shore and walk unarmed back to the north if he wanted to no big! and then there's the folks who think kneeling is the same thing as making an alliance like literally i don't understand how the big speech about perpetuity could have gone so far over their head like the stakes are high dudes

This will kinda cover a huge portion of my up-coming “Targ!Bowl vs Targ!Cest” - post, but who cares since you asked and I wanna talk about.

Though I absolutely understand you and your frustration I kinda do understand why some parts of the audience don’t realize all that, or at least not the severity of it. 

I’m not even talking exclusively about the shippers who, to like anything from 50 -99%, don’t care what happens as long as their ships becomes canon, or the stans who will find a way to sugarcoat and excuse absolutely anything, anything I tell you, before admitting their fav has done some seriously terrible things or, dear god, “problematic” traits and storylines. 

It also seems plausible to me that some parts of the more general, non-obsessive, “I don’t read the books” or “have a blog about it” kind of audience, have trouble to really grasp these issues. You wanna know why? D&D are half-assing it. Right now they are half-assing two narratives, instead of whole-assing one.

I propose the following theory: 

Right now D&D are setting the stage for dark!Dany, while simultaneously selling her as Jon’s love-interest this seasonThose two narratives are pretty much forced to hold the other one back, because Jon can’t fall for “ the villain”, while Dany can’t break bad out of the blue.  

Leaving us with this incoherent mess, slightly ooc characters and actions that don’t influence the story in a “logical” way or even contradict each other.

Dany’s “transformation”, if you will, has to be properly foreshadowed, it has to be sufficiently hinted at from the moment she touches westerosi soil. The audience has to be able to look back and think “Oohh… I guess what she said there wasn’t alright. Should have seen that”.
But she also has to appear loveable enough to warrant any kind of affection Jon displays towards her. The audience’s reaction once dany does break bad should be “But why did Jon!? Well, I guess I didn’t think she was that bad back then neither.”

There you have it. That’s why her behaviour seems so appaling to some people, while others are still strong advocates for good!Dany and everyone in between doesn’t know what the fuck to think. That’s why you can make a strong case for both, or more precisely for neither.

This is apparent when you look at the fact that every “negative” characteristic she portrays is counter-attacked with one of two things: 

  1. Someone else making a comment, implying the exact opposite.
  2. The narrative conveniently jumping to a new plot point, reducing the immediate emotional impact of what we just saw.

Here are some examples:

  • Varys interrupting their dispute at it’s climax | Their first meeting didn’t go particularly smooth. They did not see eye to eye, they were not moving towards an understanding. Quite on the contrary, their interaction become more antagonist with every line of dialogue. It’s starts with both of them playing nice (in their own way), moves to Dany saying that Jon is breaking faith, Jon telling her that he doesn’t give a fuck about her birthright and ends with Dany outright accusing Jon of being in open rebellion (!!!). Where do you think that conversation was heading at? An intimate conversation about dead brothers? Dany has made her stance on Northern Independence clear, she see’s it as treason, I swear to all the gods, if Varys hadn’t walked in right then and there she would have explained what exactly the punishment for treason and oath breaking is. Try making a romance out of that. But conveniently enough Varys did come in at the perfect moment, dissolving all the tension into nothing, ending the scene on a half-baked Jon is her prisoner-but-not-really note.
  • Tyrion telling Jon about Slaver’s Bay | I don’t know if you had noticed, but Dany left her undeniably good accomplishment of abolishing slavery out of her little speech. She exclusively focused on awful things that have happened to her and the two big achievements that make her so god-darn special: Bringing dragons back into this world and making the Dothraki cross the Narrow Sea. All her statements were about her, not about the good she has or could do in this world. I strongly believe this is to imply that her conquest is deep down rooted in selfish desires. Contrasting Jon, who embraces his role as king to protect and save his people. So of course, we need another character to swoop in and remind us of the good things she has done. Too make it more clear: Dany says that “faith in herself kept her going”, Tyrion reminds Jon that “she protects people from monsters”. 
  • Jon is a prisoner, but hey, he gets dragonglass | Jon was a “prisoner” prisoner for exactly five seconds, when he - rightfully - complained about it to Tyrion. It is establish that Jon wants to leave, but simply can’t, because Dany took his ship, thus making him her prisoner. If D&D had some balls they could have pursued this narrative, but instead wooossshhhhh we are jumping ahead to Jon being allowed to mine dragonglass. Now it doesn’t matter whether Jon is staying on dragonstone by his own free will or not. He needs that dragonglass, so of course he will stay to mine it. The audience was forced to contemplate Danys decision to lock him up for like a minute, before rendering the conflict obsolete. Begging the question why it was necessary to begin with, if not to show Dany doing some un-nice things to one of our protagonists.
  • Varys and the whole “burn someone alive” issue | This isn’t limited to her interactions with Jon. I am going to talk about Dany threatening to burn Varys alive, very much, very soon. Right now, all I want to say is that it is not a good omen. It’s one of the clearest indication so far that Dany will embrace her “inner dragon” and cause some serious destruction when doing so. Dragons plant no trees. But all the not-so-great undertones of her interaction with Varys are forgotten in the next scene when she embraces Melisandre with open arms saying “we decided to pardon all those who served the wrong king.” Sucking all the dark implications of threatening someone to BURN HIM ALIVE right out of the audience’s mind. Emphasizing that part where she pardons former “traitors”. If that scene would have cut away from Dany right after “her promise”, without reminding ous of her “forgiving” side, that little comment would have left a way more bitter taste in your mouth than it did. 
  • I don’t wanna spoil anything from episode 4, (next paragraph contains very minor spoilers!)

    let’s just say that Dany demanding that Jon bends the knee, is met with another character stating that “Dany was chosen by her people”. Supposedly trying to establish a parallel that doesn’t hold any water in her current situation in westeros, anyway. But again, it is taking the sentiment expressed by Danys actions and words (a chosen king should kneel to her, whom his people didn’t choose) and twists it to paint Dany in a better light (she too was chosen by her people). It doesn’t make any sense when you think about it, but it fabricates enough emotional connections, for the audience to soften their view on Danys opinion on northern independence. 

Do you see what I mean? I have a couple other examples, but some of them are from episode 4 and I’m going to go into this in my upcoming post anyway. The unobservant and/or biased show watcher simply has no time to properly process all this in one go. I’ve watched each episodes several times, am pretty obsessed with this whole thing and even I took some time before noticing a pattern. 

Most people will just stick to that component of the narrative which is coherent with what they already know: that Dany is one of the good guys, a hero of this story. All her questionable actions are either dismissed or boiled down to “well, it turned out okay in the end”. As sloppy as the individual narratives seem to be (neither dark!Dany, nor, let’s call her hero!Dany are well developed, they overlap, contradict each other, etc.), they did a fantastic job at keeping the audience in the dark about it. Why? 

Because for one reason or another she has to fuck Jon. Why that is, can only really be judged once we seen the whole of season 7, probably season 8, but I do have a couple of ideas why:

  • It happens in the books and D&D shouldn’t have cut the episode count. Maybe Jon and Dany hook up and/or develop feelings for each other before she breaks bad in the books as well. But since we only have 10 episodes where that could happen and dark!Dany and targ!bowl also has to happen at one point, those two storylines overlap. It isn’t too far-fetched that something will happen in the books as well, since Jon unknowingly committing “incest”, while being tormented about falsely-assumed incest is just too … fucked up, not to have crossed grrm’s mind.
  • It’s a red herring to throw the audience of Targ!bowl and Jonsa. Yes, I do belong to the people who are pretty very much certain that Jonsa will be endgame. I also belong to the people who are pretty very much certain that targ!bowl will happen one way or another. Believe me or not, I believed that Jon and Dany would rather fight than fuck once she comes to westeros, way before I ever thought about Jon and Sansa being a thing. So it’s not because I’m a salty shipper. So what else do I have to say? It’s a red herring, they are throwing us off the rails, to make Jonsa and Targ!Bowl extra-super-duper-surprising in season 8. And probably a bit rushed as well. Great. Just what I wanted. At least Jonsa was properly set up in season 6 and they mention each other every episode. Coincidence?
  • They want to have a sex-scene with Kit and Emilia. D&D are trash. They have sexualized countless other encounters on the show, single-handedly coined the term “sexposition”, I do believe they could write in a Jon x Dany sex-story just because. You can call that fanservice if you like. I’m not going to stop you. 
  • Maybe they thought Jon and Dany having “a history” would make targ!bowl more engaging. Could be.

Either way, I personally feel a bit exhausted by this decision. Not because it “threatens” my ship, it doesn’t imo and not because I’m so opposed to the idea of Jon and Dany hooking up or even having a love-affair. It’s because the screenwriting is sloppy. It’s because they are messing up Danys characterization and maybe Jon’s as well. It’s because both Dany and Jon contradict themselves and the development of their relationship simply suffers by Dany being set on the path to the dark side, without any character on screen noticing it (at least yet. I have this feeling that Tyrion will seriously start to doubt all this very soon.) 

I know this got way too long again, but giving unwanted, unnecessarily long answers is my forte after all. 

I’m still holding my fingers crossed for Jonny playing Dany, all I can do is wait and pray. Let’s see how the rest of the season / series progresses, but for now I’m going to leave you with some wisdom from Ron Swanson, D&D should have taken to heart IMO:

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CB + underappreciated scenes | 4/?

In this episode, Blair finds the courage to confess to Chuck that she loves him. It’s the realization of that sentiment that drives Chuck’s actions later in the episode when he considers exposing Lily’s secret. Lily warns him not to turn away from the people who love him and that jolts Chuck out of his state of anger. His frustration and want for vengeance fade away when he remembers what Blair has done for him. Instead of chasing after revenge, he finally releases all his pent-up despair at his father’s death when he goes to see Blair. She’s the first person in his life to truly love him for who he is, and that makes such an enormous difference in his life. Even though he acts like he doesn’t care when Blair first tells him she loves him, it obviously impacts him tremendously on multiple levels. Because of the love that she conveyed to him, he later chooses to burn the letter holding Lily’s secret because he realizes it’s the right thing to do. Chuck and Blair consistently encourage each another to be their best selves - they are each other’s anchor and inspiration, and that never alters throughout the series. 


Author’s Note: sorry to keep you waiting, cutie anon! i hope this is everything you wanted and more <333

Pairing: Kyungsoo x Reader (oc; female)

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: angst; infidelity; strong language

Word Count: 3,671

You wish you could blame it on gin.

You wish that sentiment, feeling, and action could be explained away with a casual smile and the dismissive tilt of a glass. In a perfect world, you’d call it silliness, you’d call it friendship. You’d call it amicable coupling - inventing a phrase and a concept with a laugh that tumbles freely from your open mouth.

But how do you explain years of longing? Years of sober pining and tired yearning, hours of an ache in the center of your chest when you’re alone and empty and far too desperate for his touch to sleep?

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Our End/E.D. Imagine

As soon as his eyes opened from their slumber, he clenched them shut, his nose, and eyebrows scrunching up in distaste. He breathed in and out, his bare chest moving up in down in a rhythm my eyes watched religiously. This would be the last time I could do this; Stare at him just to remember him.

His mouth set into a frown, as he swallowed, his throat bobbing up and down. His long, nimble, fingers scrubbed at his face, as he groaned into his hands, the raspy sound clinging to my ears, a sound I hoped I would never forget.

He dropped his hands onto the fluffy white duvet, his fingers twitching anxiously, until he finally looked my way.

“You don’t have to go, you know.” He whispered. “We can work this out, if you just give it a chance.” The shake of my head was a clear indication of what we both knew.

We were goners.

Last night was evidence enough.

We didn’t love each other like we used to. The feelings were vague, blurry, distant. A memory that was meant to be looked upon every once in awhile, and not one that we need to reenact. It wasn’t his fault. It wasn’t my fault. You can fall out of love just as easily as you can fall in it. That’s the scary part about loving someone. Not the fact that you’re literally giving a piece of yourself to someone else, in hopes of their trust and respect in return. No. It’s the fear that they won’t love you as much as they used to.

That they’ll look at you, at the flaws that they used to call unique, at you’re stubbornness that they used to find so damn attractive, but now they just see it as you being thick headed. That they’ll see you’re fears as pathetic instead of endearing like they used to.

Last night we tried to test it; to see if everything really was gone. All of my things were packed, ready to be put into a moving truck first thing in the morning, and I stood in the apartment that I shared-no longer after tonight-with Ethan. My original plan was to go back to my new apartment, and bring my stuff over tomorrow.

But as I packed up the last box, placing the tape gun on the counter, Ethan approached me, hands in his pockets, bottom lip between his teeth. “Can we at least see…” he trailed off quietly, shaking his head in dismissal.

“See what?” I asked, eyeing his burgundy SnapBack, his black v-neck shirt, and adidas sweatpants. He swallowed past the lump in his throat, his fingers trailing up my jaw, as he tucked my hair behind my ears.

“See if it’s still there?” His request was clear by the look in his dark eyes. The way they drooped sadly, his face blank of any expression. But his eyes said it all; he wanted to see if all feelings were lost by doing the most intimate, most thought consuming, thing.

At first I was hesitant. What if It didn’t work? Wouldn’t this just be getting our hopes up? But what if it did work. What if our feelings were blocked, and the only way to prove it was by showing each other in a way we haven’t in what felt like forever?

“Please?” He rested his forehead against mine, his dark eyes beaming. I used to look adoringly into his eyes, the same way he did too. But now, I looked away in embarrassment, in fear because it wasn’t the same.

“Say we do. So what? It won’t change anything.” I shook my head, knowing that my words were crushing him.

It’s not that he’s in love with me anymore. He’s just too scared to lose something that’s been such a constant in his life. Too scared that he won’t be the same once I’m gone. And I know I won’t be. Without him, I’m lost, and confused, but it’s the same way when I’m with him. I don’t know where we stand, both of us too scared to admit that we loved each other when we had the chance. Now we don’t, and we’re both holding onto a lifeline that was cut, with nothing holding onto it.

“Just…Try.” His lips hovered over mine, waiting for me to deny him, to crush him like I had countless times before when he offered to love me. When I didn’t push him away, he pressed his lips to mine, the lightest of kisses, gauging the waters before fully entering, deepening the kiss, and parting my lips with his.

I did feel something. But it wasn’t love. It was wanting, and probably lust. Wanting because I wanted to make this work. I wanted to be with him. But I couldn’t be with a memory. I couldn’t pretend like things were all peachy, when all o really wanted to do was to cry, and leave the room. My eyelids fluttered closed, the vaguely familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach was enough indication that even if I didn’t love him, my body sure did.

I had missed the way his breaths came out in little pants as he trailed kisses up my chin. I had missed the way his arms would lock around my waist, bringing me closer to his toned body. His touches lingered, soft and smooth, and I knew that just like me, he was trying to remember.

What the hell. One last time before I hit the road.

I wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me to the bedroom, resting me on the edge of the bed, his fingers tugging the hen of my shirt up and over my head, throwing it somewhere in the room. His hat fell to the floor, as my fingers tangles in his dark locks, feeling the texture between my fingers.

I scooted to the headboard, watching as he slowly crawled towards me, a hungry glint in his eyes, one that I recognized, one that sent a chill down my spine, a chill that wasn’t at all due to the cold air around us. Ethan liked to keep the apartment at a cool temperature, something we used to argue about a lot.

His body melted against mine, our legs tangling together, getting into the rhythm that we had created back when we did these kinds of things religiously. Clothes were stripped away, revealing parts of me that I hadn’t shown him in a long time. Maybe this is part of the problem; we haven’t been this intimate with each other in who knows how long? Maybe this can fix everything.

The way we moved against each other was intoxicating, proving how much we craved the others touch. His strong arms cage me against the mattress, the golden light from the street lamp outside illuminating the sweat on his shoulder blades.

His hands gripped my thighs, motioning for me to open my legs wider, so he could bury himself in me further. My fists gripped the sheets tightly, head falling back onto the pillows, eyes clenched shut tightly to rid them of the thoughts in my head that were telling me that I shouldn’t be doing this, that I shouldn’t let him get my hopes up.

“Y/n,” he muttered my name against my skin, his thrusts getting sloppier, but not losing his momentum. I moaned loudly, feeling his skin move against mine, his fingers pushing against the soft flesh of my back.

Tears leaked from my eyes onto my cheeks as I realized that this wasn’t doing anything. All i felt at the moment was pure lost, ecstasy, and rage as he slowed his pace, noticing my angry tears.

“Hey, hey.” He wiped my tears, shushing me as he laid his forehead against mine. He lay between my knees, his stomach flexing as he sat up on his elbows that caged both sides of my head. “It’s okay…” he whispered.

“I don’t love you anymore, Ethan, it’s not okay!” I slapped my hands against the fluffy white duvet, staring at the ceiling intently, trying to calm myself.

I felt his hair brush against the skin of my collarbones as he laid his head onto my chest. “Do you want to stop?” He asked gently, his voice full of concern.

“No.” I shook my head. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted him. Physically, and emotionally. I wanted to feel him clenched around me, I wanted to hear him call me baby, I wanted him to collapse on top of me, muttering about how good it was, I wanted to dance with him in the kitchen, I wanted to make food with him, I wanted…

I wanted a memory.

We couldn’t keep doing this to each other; telling ourselves to hold on for just a little bit longer, because maybe it’ll get better soon, and we didn’t want it to end too soon. Those hopeful thoughts are long for now. All we wanted now was to feel each other, one last time before we had to say goodbye.

Ethan went slow, watching me carefully, making sure I didn’t change my mind. I kissed his shoulders, his neck, his jawline, and finally his lips, feeling them tremble against mine as he realized that this was it.

This was our end.

“I have to go,” I told him, the sunlight streaking in through the blinds, giving his dark hair a golden tint.

Ethan’s eyes searched my face, as he leaned in and kissed me once. Twice. A third time, lingering just a little bit longer, but there was no meaning behind it. No feelings, just a gesture that he was sad to see me go.

I untangled myself from the sheets, hiding my body self consciously, as I located my clothes. He didn’t look at me, giving me my privacy, as I quickly got dressed. He couldn’t look because it was too intimate, too sentimental of an action. Something he used to do, but couldn’t bow because the thought of looking at my naked body only saddened him more.

He sat up, the sheets wrapped around his waist, hiding his bottom half, as he ran a hand through his rumpled hair. Our eyes locked, a blush forming on my cheeks as I realized that we were looking at each other. Actually looking at each other for the first time in a long time.

“Bye, E.” I waved, looking over my shoulder as he clenched his jaw, and looked out the window. I saw a single tear roll down his cheek, but I didn’t acknowledge it. He didn’t need that right now.

“Bye.” I heard him mutter, after I had left the room. I gathered my belongings, and left my key on the counter, taking one last look in the direction of our-his- bedroom. His head lay in his hands, fingers pulling his hair, as he flopped back onto the mattress, long legs falling over the side.

This may be our end, but it was a new beginning for both of us. Something, I think, we both need, even if we don’t want it. ❥ forgiveness

minghao x reader; 100wtsily

gif; mine

word count; 1.4k

synopsis; does minghao deserve forgiveness? ; this is literally just angst + based on wtsily prompt 37, “can i kiss you?”

✎ i…am so sorry

Deep breaths, y/n. Just breathe.

The sound of doors slamming haunted your thoughts as you stumbled through your apartment. The tiny space appeared all too large with him gone—God, how long had it been since he had stormed out? Time had seemed sluggish ever since his departure. It couldn’t have been more than an hour, but somehow it felt like weeks had gone by.

The wait was agonizing. You were still mad at him—furious, really—but the anger was subdued by the worry gathering in your chest. The dangers that emerged in the dead of night taunted you, playing with your overactive mind and sending chills down your spine. If not for the harsh rain pounding against your windows, you could have buried your fear. Instead, you were left sprawled out on the cold wooden floor, too drained to stand but too anxious to sleep.

Tick. Tock. Tick.

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Eyes on You

Request: Omg can you please do 20 with Mingyu?🙏🏽 btw your writing is amazing❤️

20) Your bias takes care of you as a trainee

Prompt list can be found HERE

Member: Seventeen’s Mingyu x Y/N

Type: fluff

You stifled a yawn as you continued to stare at the computer screen before you. Clicking halfheartedly at the mouse, you shot a side eye to the piano in the corner. Grumbling to yourself, you began to scoot your office chair in it’s direction, and placed your hands on the weathered keys. Maybe if you didn’t look at the song you were attempting to compose, it would give you enough inspiration to actually compose it. 

You flipped on the keyboard and began to plunk lazily at the ivories. You chewed on your lip, unsure of what time it was or if it was even worth going to sleep at this point. In general, when you sequestered yourself in a practice room, you felt forgotten anyhow, so the other trainees surely weren’t missing you. They were probably all trying to catch a few hours of sleep themselves. 

The feeling of restlessness surged across your skin and made you anxious. You didn’t want to leave the safety of your studio, but you also didn’t want to sit and stare at your work any longer. There was a tight feeling in your chest, something similar to hopelessness as you gazed at the items surrounding you. Maybe this wasn’t exactly what you had imagined when you decided to become an idol. 

Pledis wasn’t the most natural choice for you when you began your journey into music. You originally had set your sights on one of the big three, but after being turned away enough times, you would join anywhere that would have you. The company wasn’t necessarily known for their stunning treatment of trainees, but you hadn’t quite anticipated the hard road they would send you venturing down. 

Sometimes you wondered if it was even worth it. 

Your stomach gurgled with hopes of food in the future, but all you could do was sigh. You had eaten convenience store ramen so many times in the past few days that it had begun to taste like cardboard. You weren’t really sure if it was giving you enough energy to practice anyhow. 

You jumped as you heard a loud thud behind you, disturbing you from your thoughts, and causing you to swivel and nearly fall from your chair. 

“Ah, sorry,” a tall boy hummed, his body halfway into your studio space. “I…uh…thought this room was empty. I’m-”

“Mingyu,” you croaked, clutching your chest. “I think you’ve introduced yourself to me about thirty times since I’ve signed my contract.” 

“Have I?” he chuckled nervously. He attempted to lean suavely against the doorframe, but instead missed and nearly fell over. “Funny, I remember meeting you, but can’t remember if I had actually introduced myself.” 

“Oh yeah,” you nodded. “You have. You stepped on my foot the first time. During the third or fourth you almost head-butted me when you bowed. Then there was the time you almost spilled my ramen all of your crot-”

“Yeah, I can’t seem to remember any of those,” MIngyu said quickly, his face turning a bright red. “Actually, are you sure that was me? Sounds much more like Vernon or maybe uh…”

“Nope, fairly certain it was you,” you smirked. You couldn’t lie, the small crush Mingyu seemed to harbor toward you was adorable. You hadn’t really thought much on it as you were busy trying to sort out your other priorities, but it was definitely nice to have the attention of an attractive man. 

“I guess you can’t forget this handsome face, huh?” he winked, sliding his tongue across his bottom lip. 

“Or maybe it was the possible assault,” you laughed. 

“Assault is a heavy word,” he gasped. “Perhaps…uh…friendly mistakes?” 

“Friendly mistakes that could have ended in a broken nose or third degree burns,” you grinned. “But really that’s just aesthetics anyhow.” 

“Aesthetics,” Mingyu sighed. “Isn’t that how we make our money though? The moneymakers.” He pointed up to his face and grinned. 

“Maybe that’s how you make your money, but I’m banking on what little talent I have,” you grumbled, turning back around in your chair so you wouldn’t have to face him. You knew he was joking, but the thought still made you sad. You had wondered if your “look” was the reason why you hadn’t gotten into some companies and were placed in others. You hated how visually focused the entertainment industry could be. You just wanted to make music. 

“Little talent?” Mingyu coughed. You heard him shuffle into the small room and close the door behind him. You glanced over your shoulder to see he was now leaning against the door with his arms crossed. “What do you mean ‘with what little talent you have?’ I know you’re dancing in front of a mirror, so you have to see how good you are there. And you listen to playbacks of your performances, so you have to hear that too. And I mean…you’ve seen your face everyday for like however many years now, so you know you’re beauti-”

“You have to say that,” you muttered, turning around again. “You’re my sunbae. You have to give a speech about how we have to continue to keep the art alive, and how I should embrace my own strengths and talents, and-”

“As you’re sunbae, yes, I should probably tell you all of those things,” he sighed. “But will I? Probably not. I suck at inspirational stuff. So if that’s what you’re looking for, I can probably grab Joshua or something?” 

“While Jisoo being Jisoo is always appreciated,” you hummed. “It’s kind of nice to not have a conversation about how I’ll find myself as an artist.” 

“Why do you have to find yourself?” he asked, furrowing his brows. “Are you lost?” 

“Well, that’s a loaded question,” you mumbled. 

“I was talking about more in the physical sense, but I’m guessing you aren’t,” Mingyu chuckled. “Why are you lost?” 

“You don’t have to take pity on me,” you groaned, trying to ease your way out of the conversation. “It’s really nice that you’re sitting in here and talking to me, but I knew you were on your way to compose or practice or whatever. You don’t have to listen to me being an ungrateful trainee.” 

“I don’t have to do anything,” MIngyu smiled. “And it’s three in the morning. I had a purpose when I came down here, and practicing wasn’t one of them.” 

“Then what was it?” you asked, lifting your brows. 

“I’ll tell you,” he nodded. “If you tell me why you’re feeling lost. Deal?” 

You rolled your eyes and tried to keep a groan from escaping your mouth. The old, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours first, trick. You leaned forward and began to clear your coat and a few notebooks from the small piano bench sitting before the keyboard. 

“At least sit down if you’re going to pretend to be my therapist.” 

“Aigoo,” Mingyu whined. He crossed the room in a few short steps and plopped onto the bench. “You’re the worst.” 

“Great comment for my self esteem, sunbae,” you chuckled. “You should probably work on your pep talks.” 

“Hey, I told you I could bring Jisoo in,” he grinned. “Maybe Jeonghan if you want some backhanded compliments.” 

“I’m thoroughly convinced both aforementioned parties would skin you alive if you pulled them out of bed a three am,” you nodded. “Which brings us back around to the question at hand. Why are down here so late?” 

“Why do you feel lost?” he countered. 

“I’m sure,” you hummed. “When you were a trainee. You wondered if this whole thing was meant for you…didn’t you?” 

“I think everyone does,” Mingyu agreed. “But it’s not the experience of a trainee that stops us. Rather, the determination to be a musician moves us forward. One outweighs the other.” 

“I’m just…going through that struggle,” you grumbled. 

“Well have you been eating well?” he asked, instantly furrowing his brows. “A clear mind and a full stomach can make a difference.” 

“Food can be scarce at times,” you said quietly. “We all make due.” 

“I’m not hear to help you ‘make due,’“ Mingyu croaked. “You called me your sunbae multiple times. Let me treat you as one. Let me take you out for food.” 

“That’s not necessary,” you instantly countered, shaking your head. You sat in silence for a moment, just as perfect timing struck and sent your stomach growling. You winced at the noise and looked up at Mingyu through squinted eyes.

“Right,” he grumbled. “Not necessary. It doesn’t have to be now, but I want to take you out more. Let me help you with your choreographies, with your lyric writing. Let me take care of you.” 

“Is that why you’re down here?” you whispered. “To keep an eye on me?”

You felt soft for a moment, allowing the sentiment in Mingyu’s actions to touch your heart. But without skipping a beat, you felt your stomach begin to tie itself in knots. You weren’t sure if it was the hunger or the slight annoyance causing the feeling, but you were irked at the thought. You didn’t need anyone to keep an eye on you. You didn’t need anyone to take care of you. You had gotten this far on your own. 

“Keep an eye on you?” he croaked. “You have enough eyes on you. I have actually been watching you though.” 

“Mingyu,” you whispered, reaching up to pinch the bridge of your nose. “Isn’t keeping an eye on me…the same thing as watching me?” 

“Nope,” he smiled. “Keeping an eye on you insinuates I’m having to babysit you. Watching you means…well besides it sounding pretty creepy, watching you means I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off you. I haven’t been able to keep my mind off you, really.” 

“Oh…oh,” you whispered. Taken off guard, this was the last thing you expected him to admit. You thought you would continue on in shy exchanges for at least a few more months to come before he would say something like this. “Is…is that right?”

“I don’t like hearing that you feel lost,” Mingyu sighed. “I want you to feel like you belong…right here.” 

He leaned forward and placed his hand lightly on top of yours, gliding his thumb gently across your knuckles. The small gesture made your stomach nearly drop to your toes. 

Just as quickly as he had offered his touch, he had taken it away and grinned. “Now will you let me help you? Practice at least? And maybe the occasional dinner?” 

“Well…” you hummed, tapping your chin. “I guess if you have to…” 

“I have to,” he nodded. “And I will. I promise.” 

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Jongkey Theory - Birthday Gifts

As with all my theories, this assumes jongkey is real and have been together for years.

I have feeling that the birthday gifts they give each other are not things you buy in a shop.  Sure they probably still give gifts, but the real presents are more sentimental actions to make each other happy.

For Key’s birthday, Jonghyun was styled up differently than his usual clothing and he was all smiles taking tons of selfies. I think Jonghyun’s gift to Key was this action.  Key is into fashion and putting outfits together, so what better gift to Key than to be his model for his birthday, everything on Jonghyun’s body being hand-picked by Key as an expression of his creativity and love.  A secret gift that only they share.

So for Jonghyun’s birthday, I think Key’s gift was the date to Taeyeon’s concert.  I imagine it would be very hard for them to always be hiding, to never be able to go out in public and have a normal date.  Jonghyun is such a emotional being, I think hiding all the time wears him down, it makes him sad and Key said Jonghyun really needed this present.  On this day they got to arrive together in the same car in broad daylight, waving to the fans.  They got to sit next to each enjoying the concert together without having to have the other members there as a cover.  They took pics together and shared them on instagram without having to disguise that they were there together.  When you can’t have the things other couples easily enjoy, can you imagine what an amazing gift this would be? 

Better to deny everything, to destroy everything, in order to renew from the ground up. Violence, is the quickest and most definitive way of reaching the revolutionary goal…No bourgeois hypocrisy, no sentimentalism: action, direct and sharp, carried out to the end at whatever cost.
—  Italo Balbo
Answering asks #2

l-der asked:

I think your theory is really close with what actually happen bw TaeJin. I feel something is off too. Jin said he close to V but they did not bond that well to consider as close in that period of time. Can I ask for your fav TaeJin moment? and What kind of bf do you think Tae/Jin is?

Ahhh thank you for your asks sweetie! As I said, I’m gonna answer you with 3 master posts ok!

FIRST PART: “Jin said he close to V but they did not bond that well to consider as close in that period of time." 

I mean these are personal theories based on what I see of their interaction and of course we will never know the entire story so all we can do is connect the dots and fill in the blanks.

Mirroring like people who are into each other do:

Yes Jin said V is the closest and I agree with you, their on screen bromance was far from being the "cutest” for fan service purposes so why did Jin said V was the one he was closest to? I think what Jin said explains a lot about Taejin actually, cause they had real feelings for each other from the start, what they had and shared was not for the fans to see, like it was not part of the job, not to promote a bts bromance. It was private, therefore precious.

This is why I believe taejin is real, Jinnie & VV interaction is completely different from the other pairings in the band. Like all the boys are touchy and promote the skinship and the management knows how to explore that aspect for the fandom, they know how to milk the cuteness of vk*ok and even jinkook. So to measure if something is real just by skinship and the kinda of puppy love all the boys display for each other is just not valid for bts. They legit are all superglued to each other all the time.

So to understand whats real and whats showmance, let’s compare Taejin with the popular Vk*ok. When I watch for instance the Vk*ok vids with “proof” that they are a real couple it’s mostly funny cause it’s all about they acting like puppies and two kids playing. Don’t get me wrong, vk*ok it’s totally cute and I get why their ship is pushed so hard by their management but there is no psychological or theoretical evidence of a real affair other than cuteness.

It only takes a minute to compare V in Vk*ok pix versus V in taejin pics, the difference is OBVIOUS, with Kookie he is a tease, a model, defiant, goofy, showing all his teeth with that pretty boy perfection, its all a perfectly staged performance and k-idol cuteness ship glamour to please the masses. No real romantic relationship needs an over the top kinda peformance like that, real couples don’t behave like they need to share their feelings like they are in an advertising. Its all aesthetics and I’m sure they adore each other but can you see genuine romantic sentiment in Tae’s actions? Me neither…

Posterboys, showmance & staged cuteness overdose:

Now if you see taejin pix, V is sometimes kinda shy, sometimes proud, sometimes even awkward, always seductive and delicate, he poses like if he was posing with his boyfriend. There is softness between them, they usually mirror, nothing is forced, no full teeth fake smiles, there is no idol V being all flamboyant, just 2 boys in candid togetherness and sometimes even a little real life bittersweetness in their eyes. Just look at these pictures and tell me that is not how a normal real couple, like your friends or even you and your bf/gf usually pose!

Soft, connected, candid and private like real couples do:

And when we talk about them, we have to kinda separate their relationship in phases. As I said before, I don’t think they had something going on before 2015. But I do think they were already secretly close, back in the start when Jin said he and V had the same hobbies and loved to watch dramas so they were used to stay together until late, I feel that they were already emotionally bonding. It was about friendship and companionship and not like trying to hook up with each other but when you are so young and kinda alone in an exciting different environment it’s most common to fall in love within your inner circle. So I believe V really got emotionally attached to Jin as a protective figure and that eventually became a platonic love.

One thing that also made me believe V was the one who was first really in love, was the infamous “taejin showered together” video. Jin talks about V asking to shower with him like it was something funny to be shared and you can see how V smiles shyly but his body language (hiding his hands, tight lips, turns away from the public) expresses he didn’t want Jin to share that. I think Jin didn’t see (or pretended not to see) that for V their thing was not just a funny bromance.

So basically they kept taejin a “secret thing just for them” without pushing their bromance like the other bts pairings were pushed probably made both Jin and V protective of this one special thing they had that was not for publicity or for promoting the band. There are many videos and stuff of the boys playing around and taejin is low-key sitting together in the background just lounging or something… It was their thing, and not a fan service job. And trust me when you have a very public life like these boys do, anything private is treasured.

To be honest, I think the vk*ok and namj*n push has always been a planned strategy to hide taejin in plain sight, but thats a conspiracy theory for another ask…

Lots of love.

Hannah Anafeloz facts!

Name: Hannah Anafeloz
(Sometimes written “Annafellows”)
Height: 172 cm
🗡 Hannah was the one who destroyed the Macken brother’s village, upon request of her Contractor (Luka).
🗡 Luka was the first human to ever thank her for her service, which moved her to tears.
🗡 Her love for Luka is what drove her to serve Alois, as she saw Luka in him.
🗡 Her body is the sheath for the demonic sword Lævateinn
🗡 Claude, at one point in reference to this, demeaningly calls her a fuckhole (in the Japanese).
🗡 She is the only female demon we have see thus far.
🗡 Considering she is able to hold such a powerful weapon inside of her, it is likely that she is an immensely powerful demon. Perhaps even more powerful than the others we have seen.
🗡 She forms a contract with the amalgamation of Alois and Ciel, which leads to Ciel becoming a demon so that Sebastian may never consume his soul.
🗡 Her contract seal is also the first we do not see placed upon the left hand. Hers is instead placed in her eye.
🗡 She has kept eye which she removed from Alois corpse in her throat.
🗡 The triplets are under her command, not Claude’s.
🗡 She hides an array of other weapons underneath her dress.
🗡 When fighting against Sebastian, she was able to damage his clothing. This was as close to injuring him as anyone was able to get in the aforementioned altercation.
🗡 Given her sentimental feelings and actions regarding Luka and Alois, she appears to behave more kindly than most demons.
🗡 Her uniform appears to be modeled after that which the maids wore prior to Jim Macken becoming Earl Alois Trancy.

Je sais pas qui a vu les bêtisiers de Kaamelott mais il y a un moment dans l’épisode où la Dame du lac vient d’être bannie par les dieux et ils sont tous les deux avec Arthur dans son lit elle essaye de résoudre le problème et elle dit “ptetre qu’on pourrait aller au lac, vu que je suis la Dame du lac…” sauf qu’Audrey Fleurot se trompe et elle dit “ptetre qu’on pourrait aller au parc” alors ils se marrent tous les deux, et Alexandre Astier fait “Ah bah oui ! la Dame du parc !… Celle qui vend les churros…” et après ç’en est fini de leur concentration pour cette scène

anonymous asked:

How did your begin to like the past

I guess I’ve always been interested in history but when I got a kindle around 10 years ago I began downloading hundreds and hundreds of public domain books and reading them, I thought it was interesting to see how similar the sentiments and actions of people were then when you compared them to those today. People enjoyed the same things, hated the same things, felt the same things.

So I wanted to go deeper and try and see every day life for people living at that time, and I think newspapers are one of the best ways to do so!

anonymous asked:

imagine young dennor in a human AU, talking about space, existence, aliens, sharing conspiracy theories and things like that. and then norway says 'imagine an alternative universe where we're not in love'. and then they just stare at each other in a reaaaally awkward silence, proably also blushing. if it's not too hard, can you write it for you drabble requests?

Here you are! It might have turned out a bit different than what you were asking for, but I hope you’ll still like it.

It’s funny because I actually had a conversation like this last week. Sadly, it was not with someone I have a crush on, it was with my dad. Oh well, it was a nice memory anyway.

The cicadas made a comfortable droning sound and the summer air was so thick and warm Lukas could have fallen asleep.

Comfortable was the perfect word for how he felt. It still amazed him sometimes just how at ease he felt around Mathias.

Social interaction, well, was never his forte. Speaking, even existing within the world with other people was a minefield.

Other people held secret judgments and false kindness, their eyes darting quickly, making calculations and criticisms. There were times when he had felt sure he could read minds, as the ugly whisper of “What a weirdo” seemed to echo inside his head in a voice that didn’t belong to him.

It had been so much easier, to just disengage with a world that was fundamentally wrong for him. To feign indifference towards those who didn’t understand him and didn’t care to.

And then there was Mathias. Perpetually optimistic, sweet-natured, goofy Mathias who wanted so badly to rip those prickly, sarcastic walls down he must have done it just by sheer power of will.

Lukas had, in the blue glow of night, wondered if he had made the right choice. Should he just cut his losses, assume he would only hurt Mathias and himself in the end? Push Mathias away at all costs to save them from future heartbreak.

But it was times like these, sitting on Mathias’ back porch under the cloudy night sky together, that Lukas could hardly believe he had thought of throwing this relationship away.

“You know what I mean? Hey, are you listening to me?”

Lukas whipped his head to the left, worried. Did he think Lukas didn’t care? He’d been accused of it by past flames. Truthfully, they were right most of the time. But not Mathias. Not ever Mathias.

“I’m sorry, I was just-”

But Mathias didn’t seem even slightly irked. He just gave Lukas a soft smile and said, “It’s okay, I’m just kidding.”

“What, um, what were you saying?”

Mathias faced forward again and relaxed against the rocking chair.

“Oh, I was just thinking, you know, do you ever think about,like, parallel dimensions and stuff like that? Like, why do you think they exist? And what happens in them? I mean, there’s supposed to be eleven of them, right? And different things are happening in them all. Does that mean there’s one original dimension and timeline and all the rest are working off it like a template?

I mean, can you even imagine all the possible combinations of events that could be happening in those dimensions? And what’s the function of those other dimensions? Is one of them like an afterlife? Is that where we go when we die?

Oh! What if our consciousness gets saved to, like, some kind of metaphysical flash drive and then we get plugged back into another dimension? Or what if that’s what other solar systems are for? Do you think there’s conscious life outside Earth? What if they know about us but we don’t know about them? Do you think they’re trying to contact us and we don’t understand? Or are they ignoring us on purpose because they’ve seen our lives and aren’t impressed?”

Mathias’ voice kept rising in pitch and speed proportionate to his enthusiasm. As his mind bounced from topic to topic, Lukas’ stayed fixed on one particular thought. The silent rushing of his blood seemed to urge him on, telling him if he didn’t take a chance and speak his mind, everything he had worked so carefully to build with Mathias would come crashing down.

“When you put it like that…”

Mathias paused mid-thought, turning to listen to his friend.

“You’re right, the odds are practically impossible. To think, you and I. We ended up in the same dimension, in the same solar system, the same planet, and in the same neighborhood.

Mathias only blinked. Lukas took this as a sign to continue.

“Can you imagine it? A dimension where we’re not in love.”

Lukas’ breath was stuck in his throat. There was complete silence. All the nocturnal sounds had stopped, as if nature itself was eager to hear Mathias’ response as well.

Mathias cocked his head to the side and glanced up at one of the only stars currently visible. His face betrayed no apparent emotion.

Lukas felt sick. Had he destroyed the very thing he was trying to save? What if Mathias was disgusted or horrified? He had made a terrible mistake…

But then, Mathias looked back down at Lukas. And he smiled that same, gentle smile he seemed to reserve just for Lukas. His cheeks and ears were red. Was he getting overheated? It was rather balmy out.

“Sounds like a crappy place, if you ask me.”

Mathias rubbed the back of his neck with one hand and took Lukas’ in the other. He stroked the back of Lukas’ hand with his thumb and Lukas wondered if Mathias could feel how blushy and warm he was. He wasn’t used to such romantic, sentimental action but he fought his instinct to run or say something snarky.

It was several minutes before either moved or said anything. But in fact, neither boy minded. It was enough to simply exist together.

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Grog as a Wizard?

I really enjoyed doing this, and this was especially tricky to figure out for Grog, but that made it all the more fun. He’s of the School of Evocation, for some potentially obvious reasons. Feel free to send me more!


The Herd of Storms has never had a reason to be cautious.

There’s no pause, no sudden fear of a power creep, for Stonejaw when he sees his son’s curled fists glow with the light of arcane bolts. He simply regards him, decision made, and has Shale deal with the runt. Magic has its place in the Herd, but it is not in the front lines of a Goliath raid. It’s the rolling thunder heard after the lightning strike of fifty raging Barbarians and not a step further.

It’s lucky, in hindsight, that Shale got shafted with him. Grog might say it to her, further down the line, but Shale keeps her thoughts on all matters a secret. Men talk too much, she would scoff, keeping track of her place in her tattered spellbook with a dragon’s tooth. Words are sentimental. Actions have meaning, so use them instead.

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“He that outlives a wife whom he has long loved, sees himself disjoined from the only mind that has the same hopes, and fears, and interest; from the only companion with whom he has shared much good and evil; and with whom he could set his mind at liberty, to retrace the past or anticipate the future. The continuity of being is lacerated; the settled course of sentiment and action is stopped; and life stands suspended and motionless.” 
–Samuel Johnson