sentient beings from space

Day 7 for Inktober, The Sentient Being, from the Space Travelers prompt.

I was originally going to do one of my previous Explorer characters meeting a really strange creature, but then we started watching GotG Vol.2, and I wanted to draw Rocket, and then I realized I could fulfill the prompt and draw Rocket at the same time.

Poor Rocket, life dealt you a rough hand buddy. But they’ll always have each other. He and Groot’s fierce love and understanding of each other makes me so happy.

ducktales space pirates au

so yesterday night I was texting @insomniz about hers and @cirilee‘s space pirates au, and I wrote this as a bonus scene taking place in her fic, The Golden Dawn.

I think this should be fairly easy to understand, especially if you’ve read tgd already, but basically: Fenton is a rookie soldier and Donald a First Lieutenant on the same spaceship. Daisy is the ship’s AI. This is a quiet moment taking place between Fenton and Daisy some time after chapter 1

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if there’s anything that could even remotely get me into football, it would definitely be an existentialist story set in the far-future after immortality is granted to the human race, and told from the story of three space probes that have become sentient beings who view humanity from space.

anonymous asked:

Reminder: all sentient beings [ALL [as in every single one]] are equal to all [ALL] humans, regardless. not one human being anywhere, no matter who, is superior to any other sentient beings. we are not fucking special. not special enough to do what we are doing to animals. and we never will be. :)

Sentient beings? Umm…

Was this sent via satellite transmission from an alien space ship in the Orion belt?