sentient armour

Context: We encountered a Banshee (who we were supposed to have a conversation with), and my character’s sentient armour* said something that angered her. We wound up in a fight that wasn’t supposed to happen. After a few hits, we have this exchange:

Me: (to the banshee) “I’m sorry! It was my armour, not me, who said it!”

Banshee: “.. apologise.”

Druid (OOC, returning from afk) What’s going on?

DM: Qiro managed to talk his way out of the situation, and now everyone has to say sorry. Roll to apologise.

*not my idea


What I will do;

  • Nudity
  • Gore
  • Anthros

What I won’t do;

  • Anything derogatory
  • Sexual content
  • Animals

Bonus fun times for me;

  • Creepy spoops!!!!
  • Cuties, esp fem
  • Fantasy
  • Robots, golems, sentient suits of armour

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Older sketch of a dorito shaped char.
Getting ideas with Neavi for races to fill a world from which so far I shared the sentient armours. :)

That’s gonna be a member of a genderless technologically advanced race that treasures knowledge and science above all else. The Masmavi favour geometric or crystal like shapes in fashion, design and architecture.
The bottom picture is one of the first sketches for them and the right is another armour. :D