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All animals are somebody—someone with a life of their own. Behind those eyes is a story, the story of their life in their world as they experience it. In our culture, we have been encouraged to think of animals as things, as commodities. The great challenge lies in having a change of perception. The realization that they have a life of their own, independent of their utility to me or to anyone else: this is what I am trying to get at when I speak of them as being “subjects of a life.” In this sense, they are exactly like us, equal to us. — Tom Regan

Saying “well I enjoy eating meat, so I’m going to keep doing it no matter what” is the most mind-bogglingly ignorant statement. The world doesn’t give a single fuck about what you find enjoyable. If something that you enjoy doing causes massive environmental destruction, drives climate change,  puts sentient animals through unimaginable suffering, denies people adequate food, and is ultimately bad for you, then you need to fucking stop doing it.

I don’t give a shit how toe-curlingly good you think steak tastes. Your pleasure does not come before the safety and health of billions of other animals and humans.

So we were in a forest with sentient animals, and our fighter was worried that her kitten would suddenly gain consciousness. Surrounded by talking wolves, she has to retract her statement.
“No I mean, I would love to talk to my cat- I get lonely sometimes.”
“Here, you can have my staff for lonely nights.” - flirts the Rouge on our team. Cue the entire team, including the DM, bursting into laughter.

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Zoos and Aquariums do more to protect species in the wild than any other program, and once a wild habitat is gone it's GONE. Captivity is often their only hope until we can rehabilitate them somewhere. Why do so many people who call themselves vegan have zero understanding of how any of this works? : /

Hi, alumni from the Conservation Biology and Ecology program at Arizona State University here. Let me break it down for you from an evidence-based perspective, since my being vegan leads you to believe I’m just talking out of my ass or something.

In not one of my classes was it ever stated that zoos are fundamental to wildlife conservation. In fact, my biology conservation professor said captivity in zoos is very antithetical to the physical and mental health of large land mammals, especially elephants and big cats.

Animals, especially far-roaming species, exhibit stereotypical behavior in order to cope with their cramped, unnatural living conditions (i.e. bar biting, circling, pacing).

Rehabilitation programs only work when endangered species have an environment to return to (in many cases, they do not), and the most successful programs I have seen are in closed facilities - not zoos open to the public.

Human beings are causing the sixth mass extinction event, and zoos are not going to help stop global warming, deforestation, ocean acidification, or poaching. Zoos aren’t even a temporary stop-gap solution. It’s a feel-good option for people who want to stare at wild animals in an artificial environment.

Unlike wildlife sanctuaries, which put the animals’ welfare first and foremost, zoos place a large amount of importance on giftshop and ticket sales, and that prioritizes species that are easily identifiable to the public - not animals who are the most threatened.

Captive-breeding in zoos will only go so far, and it is estimated that relying on captive-bred animals only (and not capturing more from the wild) will only allow 100-years of breeding before the species becomes so inbred they are no longer genetically viable.

Zoos have been known to kill “surplus” animals.

The vast majority of zoos DO NOT release animals back into the wild.

Sometimes zoos sell “surplus” animals to circuses, canned hunting facilities, or the exotic pet trade.

Chances are, many of you have seen Blackfish and boycott SeaWorld. While that is admirable, zoos are simply an extension of the captive animal entertainment industry. Some zoos even make their animals perform tricks to the detriment of the animals.

Do Zoos Really Teach Visitors Anything?

Zoos teach young children, as well as adults, that it is acceptable to keep animals in cages and pens for the rest of their lives, rather than live in their natural habitats.

Zoos are inherently cruel because profits come first, and animals cannot consent to captivity.

The fact of the matter is, you don’t need a BS in Conservation Biology to understand how placing wild animals in pens for us to pay money to look at sounds dubious and suspect. We need to use our critical thinking skills and stop being dogmatically worshipful of these institutions that profit from the captivity of sentient, living beings.

dirkjake is good

In related news, Dirk Strider and Jake English are deeply in love and I am so glad that they were able to work past the issues that plagued their relationship and the awful way the AR (itself a victim of circumstance) manipulated them throughout their early teens and played upon their worst insecurities with themselves and each other 

I thank fandom jesus every day that the homestuck credits revealed to us that Dirk and Jake talked through their shit and are now cohabitating happily on an island filled with semi-sentient animals upon which they can freely pursue their ridiculous interests such as creating giant robots and then slamming those robots together in glorious combat

I’m so fucking glad that these boys who went through so much and suffered so much at the hands of forces much greater than them were able to overcome it all and find happiness the way they always wanted to – with each other

dirkjake is good, thank you & good night

Dolphins never abandon wounded family members. Cows cry for each other when ripped away from family. When a pig finds out how to unlock their crate, they go around unlocking all the others crates to help the other pigs. Animals feel love.

All animals fight for their lives when it is about to be taken from them. They try to run, they cry, they struggle to keep their lives, something that is already theirs, but we have taken from them. Animals feel pain.

All animals are sentient. They feel pain. And they feel love..

Please make the connection.

Sometimes I have completely irrelevant silly theories I come up with as a total joke, and then realize belatedly there’s actually legitimate potential. And then it goes back even further into silly land.

A while ago: 

“with the theory Haggar was the original pilot of the Castle of Lions and quite possibly had a hand in its original creation, she also seems to be a biologist or someone who specializes in life and medical science hence the robeasts and prosthetic technology.

Since we have no idea how the mice got on the castle and into the same sleep pod as Allura, and something weird seems to be going on with them for the way they’re affected by the wormhole- morphing into a bunch of different forms when Coran ages backwards, almost suggesting that they might have taken those other forms before- what if they’re synthetic creatures that were created by Haggar and were thus in the Castle this entire time? I mean, they’d seem artificial considering how they’re clearly supposed to be animals, not sentient aliens, but have obviously human-level intelligence and we see Allura repeatedly surprised by how capable the mice are.”

“Ha ha that’s ridiculous, though.”

Me, recently:

“Wait. The crystals of the Castle’s barrier generator are in a crawlspace too small for anyone human sized to conceivably reach but as soon as Allura and Coran open that space, the mice immediately rush in and put the crystals back into place, proving they’re just the right size for that. and, again, unless people have a specialized tool for that, there’s no way anyone with a normal sized hand could’ve reached in there and straightened those crystals and if such a tool existed, Coran would’ve logically went for it when they were trying to repair the barrier and had no time to lose.

So some of the Castle’s systems seem designed for the mice- or, possibly, that the mice were designed for the castle. Which would make a scary amount of sense given they’re in the Lion colors.”

And then:

oh god, what if this means there is a black or purple-coded mouse and it was the only one that stayed with Haggar? Or it got lost somehow?

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Do the Fair Folk know about Slenderman and the like? what's the opinion on cryptids? are they the fae equivalent of wild animals?

I think cryptids are a Whole Other Thing. They’re not confined to thin spaces, the same protections don’t work, they don’t follow the rules of the Gentry. Like ghosts, in thin spaces they could probably be believed into existence, but also like ghosts, they exist in the real(er) world on their own, independent of Elsewhere weirdness.

As far as the Gentry’s opinion on them, it would depend entirely on what cryptids made it onto campus/which ones you told the Gentry about. They range so wildly from like - weird undiscovered animals? to sentient shy intelligent creatures that there probably isn’t an umbrella opinion of them.

Alvin and the Thousands of Other Chipmunks That Aren’t Sentient! It’s everyone’s favourite fun children’s cartoon about a chipmunk that becomes sentient and names itself Alvin, but no other chipmunks become sentient alongside it, so it has to continue acting like a non-sentient chipmunk so the other chipmunks don’t reject him and the humans don’t pick him up for animal testing! Kids and adults alike love to watch the adventures of Alvin as he both looks and acts identically to a normal chipmunk, climbing trees, eating nuts, and finding a mate, all in the knowledge that the whole time he is constantly trying to hide the fact that he is self-aware. It’s a fun show for all the family, and you can get some fresh coriander to nibble on while you watch it, like Alvin nibbling on a leaf, right here on our blog today! It’s on sale now.

It’s the most ridiculous thing when farmers think that if I experience what happens on a farm that the experience will “change my views for the better”. Honestly thinking that putting milk cups on angry cows with shit everywhere will make me want to drink the milk that was meant for their calves stuck in a pen no more than 20 metres away. Thinking that after castrating bulls without pain relief, or pregnancy testing cows who are culled if not pregnant would make me want to eat beef again. As if seeing the straight abuse and exploitation of these sentient animals would make me want to join in and support it.

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the cars universe makes me so upset. i have so many questions? first of all its stated that the vehicles are recycled. so its true that these cars and planes literally tear apart and recycle the corpses of their loved ones. also the tractors are cows but the birds are just small planes? weren’t there little car bugs in the first cars movie? so what the fuck even is the technical difference between the sentient vehicles and the animals? why was there a crop dusting plane but the grounded equivalent of that, a tractor, is a cow? why the FUCK did they equate the sprayer on the plane to balls? h how the f u c k do they do anything with no hands? the eyes. the eyes what the fuck. what the hell is cars

This post is going to be controversial, but…the goal of ethical veganism is to minimize harm to animals/sentient beings. So when there’s good evidence that eating local, organic honey may cause less harm than purchasing agave (see recent article I reblogged or I can send anyone the link), maybe it’s time to consider being less stubborn about the fact that it’s technically an animal product & invest in the raw local honey, which a) helps bees flourish in a world where they’re disappearing & b) minimizes harm to the bats who depend on agave & on the other creatures who are being negatively impacted by the commercial agave business.