“You’re a drunk who would sell his daughter for gambling money.”

“You’re the daughter of a racist with a god complex.”

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Dark Magic sentence starters

I received an anonymous ask requesting starters for necromancy, so I decided to expand upon that idea and create starters for dark magic in general, including necromancy. Enjoy!

“I’ve never used this spell before.”
“Magic like this is forbidden, and for good reason.”
“With this book of spells, we have the power to destroy everything.”
“If this wasn’t dangerous, it wouldn’t be interesting.”
“Have you ever wanted to bring someone back from the dead?”
“I don’t care what it takes. I’m bringing them back!”
“Be warned: what you’re going to see might terrify you.”
“This seems… dangerous.”
“One way or another, I’ll make them love me.”
“You can’t just use magic to manipulate people like this!”
“This isn’t right. It’s unnatural!”
“This is the only true way to speak to the dead.”
“If we do this spell correctly, we’ll own the world.”
“Do you believe in demons?”
“I’ll let you light the candles.”
“This isn’t the first curse I’ve cast.”
“This book of black magic is my little secret. Would you like to see?”
“Be quiet or I’ll curse you next.”
“They’ll regret the day they even thought to cross me.”
“Nothing will hurt us if we stay inside this circle.”
“They’ll be alive again, but not the same as they were before.”
“No one ever said dark magic was easy.”
“This spell couldn’t actually kill anyone, could it?”
“The ritual begins soon. I suggest you prepare yourself.”
“I’ve seen far more disturbing things than this.”
“Demons don’t scare me.”
“Let’s say the incantation together.”
“Do you want to see something truly horrifying?”
“We need a sacrifice.”
“All you need to do is offer a little bit of blood. Just a tiny bit, that’s all!”
“Trust me, and step into the circle.”
“I’ve never felt power like this before.”
“Open your eyes. It’s time for you to come back to life.”
“I’ve done it. I am the master over death!”
“I’m not evil. Magic isn’t evil. It’s just shades of grey.”

Random shit for your muse to say to mine:
  • "Dude don't tweet those dick pics."
  • "Please just take my word for this, werewolves do not like it when you put them in diapers."
  • "I have to pee like a god damn bitch."
  • "I tattooed your name on my ass."
  • "I can't afford to pay you for your time, but may I offer you a free puppy instead?"
  • "Your handwriting looks like a snake got a happy ending massage."
  • "I will drown you in cheap wine and bury you in used cigarettes."
  • "I would literally rather suck Satan's dick than sit through that class one more day."
  • "Did my left boob get bigger or did the right one shrink?"
  • "You taste like burnt popcorn and smell like fudge."
  • "Don't use carmex in place of lube."
  • "This is the shittiest mascara I have ever wasted ten bucks on."
  • "If I were Miz Frizzle you'd never make it back from our field trip."
  • "I will pay you thirty-eight cents to take off all your clothes right this very second."
  • "Is killing my professor so there's no class tomorrow worth the jail time I'll have to serve?"
  • "All that is gold glitters like it's worth a shit ton of money."
  • "Don't fucking piss on my bed."
  • "Which level of hell am I going to for filling his shoes with Legos?"
  • "I convinced him you're a vampire so pretty please drink this cup of blood in front of him? I promise you it's not real. Probably. I don't think. I mean, what's life without a couple of risks anyway?"
  • "I'm tickled like a porcupine in July."
  • "I wanna be buried in glitter."
  • "I mean, I certainly don't wanna live in denial personally but I promise I'll come visit you sometimes."
  • "Bill Nye couldn't even help you."
  • "I need you to bring me a new set of clothes and a hug."
  • "So help me if you say another word I am voting your dumbass off friendship island."
  • "How much money will it take to get you to let me dye your hair half bright pink and half neon green?"
  • "Fuck Katy Perry and her lies; that mascara is the shittiest thing ever."
  • "I don't think you understand how lesbians work."

“It’s pointless to count stars.”

“It’s also pointless to count freckles, but I know you have 36 on the edge of your left hand.”

submitted by anonymous someone who could probs woo me in a day

“I don’t want to die.”

“Unfortunately for you, my dear, that’s my choice to make and right now the color of red looks perfect on you.”

book starters [11]

                                  ( LEO TOLSTOY ) ( ANNA KARENINA )

  1. “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”
  2. “If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.”
  3. “There are as many minds as there are heads.”
  4. “There are as many kinds of love as there are hearts.”
  5. “Is it really possible to tell someone else what one feels?”
  6. “Be bad, but at least don’t be a liar, a deceiver!”
  7. “Anything is better than lies and deceit!”
  8. “It’s much better to do good in a way that no one knows anything about it.”
  9. “If you love me as you say you do, make it so that I am at peace.”
  10. “I don’t want to prove anything, I just want to live.”
  11. “It’s hard to love a woman and do anything.”
  12. “The law of loving others could not be discovered by reason, because it is unreasonable.”
  13. “Love those who hate you.”
  14. “Not one word, not one gesture of yours shall I, could I, ever forget.”
  15. “I’m like a starving man who has been given food.”
  16. “There are no conditions to which a person cannot grow accustomed.”
  17. “Enough or not – it will have to do.”
  18. “I ask one thing: I ask the right to hope and suffer as I do now.”
  19. “Whether we shall be the happiest or the wretchedest of people–that’s in your hands.”
  20. “I don’t allow myself to doubt myself even for a moment.”
  21. “There can be no peace for us, only misery.”
  22. “The pleasure lies not in discovering truth, but in searching for it.”
  23. “One must live for the needs of the day, in other words, become oblivious.”
  24. “We are all created to be miserable.”
  25. “When one sees the truth, what is one to do?”
  26. “You’re not going to get away with it.”
  27. “Where love ends, hate begins.”
  28. “I’m afraid I’m becoming ridiculous.”
  29. “Command me to disappear, and I disappear.” 
  30. “You shall not see me if my presence is distasteful to you.”
  31. “I can’t think of you and myself apart.”
  32. “Whomever the gods wish to destroy, they first drive mad.”
  33. “They ought to find out how to vaccinate for love, like smallpox.”
  34. “It is terrible but true.”
  35. “When you understand that you will die tomorrow, if not today, and nothing will be left, then everything is so unimportant.”
  36. “What’s all this arguing? No one ever convinces anyone else.”
  37. “I didn’t know you were going.”
  38. “Ideas, work - it’s all dust and ashes.”
  39. “I have nothing but you, remember that.”
  40. “Where am I?”
  41. “There is something in me, hateful, repulsive.”
  42. “I don’t get on with other people.”
  43. “No, I have no pride. If I had any pride, I should not have put myself in such a position.”
  44. “It means such a great deal to me, far more than you can understand.”
  45. “You have conquered me, and I am yours.”
  46. “If you could ever forget and forgive what happened.”
  47. “I have never ceased to love you.”
  48. “It is as if all that was good in me has hidden itself, and only what is horrid remains.”
  49. “That only shows you have no heart.”
  50. “I hate them all, and you, and myself.”
  51. “Vengeance is mine, I will repay.”
  52. “It’s all the same to me.”
  53. “I don’t imagine that I shan’t appreciate your choice.”
  54. “What shall we drink?”
  55. “I’m not living, I’m waiting for a solution.”
  56. “If one loves anyone, one loves the whole person, just as they are and not as one would like them to be.”
  57. “The one sure and never-failing resource —-; slander.”
  58. “If I succeed not, still I will have known happiness.”
  59. “I must ask what it is you want of me.”
  60. “I want love, and there is none.”
Stalker/Possessive sentences

For the first installment to this meme, check out Stalker Sentence Starters!

“Wear that outfit I like tonight. You know the one.”
“I never want to see you talking to them again.”
“I can’t stop thinking about you.”
“I’ve tried to move on, to think about someone else, but you’re always on my mind.”
“I’m obsessed with you.”
“You looked so precious in your sleep last night.”
“Don’t look at me like that; like you’re afraid of me.”
“Where were you? You’re thirty minutes late!”
“Tell me where you’re going and how long you’ll be gone.”
“You’re not leaving the house dressed like that.”
“It doesn’t matter where you go. I’ll follow you.”
“I can be everything you need if you’ll just give me a chance.”
“They’re no good for you.”
“I don’t like them. Stay away from them.”
“You’ll realize soon enough that no one appreciates you like I do.”
“I just want you to love me like I love you.”
“Look me in the eyes when I talk to you.”
“I see the way you look at them.”
“I want you to say you love me. Say it and mean it.”
“If you leave me, I don’t know what I’ll do.”
“I’m done hiding in the shadows.”
“We’re going to be together forever. Just you and me.”
“Leave them. Leave them and be with me instead.”
“Every time I see you talking to them, it makes my blood boil.”
“Are you just trying to make me angry?!”
“If you’re on your best behavior, I’ll treat you well.”
“Did you find the gifts I’ve been leaving you?”
“I was in your room last night. You looked so peaceful.”
“I’m sorry I stole your shirt. It still smells like you.”
“No one will ever love you as much as I love you.”
“If I can’t have you, no one can have you.”
“No! Shh, shh, don’t yell!”
“I don’t care what your friends have planned, you’re not leaving the house tonight.”


S L E E P | Arabic

● V O C A B U L A R Y | مفردات

Bedroom| Ghurfat Annawm = غرفة النوم
Bed| Sarir = سرير
Pillow| Makhadda / Wisada = مخدة / وسادة
Pillowcase| Kis Al Makhadda = كيس المخدة
Mattress| Martaba = مرتبة
Bedcover| Ghita’ Assarir = غطاء السرير
Blanket| Battaniya = بطانية
Sleep| Nawm = نوم
Asleep| Na‘em/a = نائم / نائمة
Sleepy| Na`san/a = نعسان / نعسانة
Dream| Hülm = حلم
Nightmare| Kabüs = كابوس
Snore (n.)| Shakhir = شخير
Yawning (n.)| Tatha‘ob = تثاؤب
Nap| Qailüla = قيلولة
Sleepwalking| Assayr Athna’ Annawm /or (Assarnama) = السير أثناء النوم (السرنمة)
Oversleep (n.)| Al Itala fi annawm = الإطالة في النوم
Fast asleep| Müstaghriq/a fi annawm = مستغرق/ة في النوم
Comfortable| Murih = مريح
Cozy(warm)| Dafi’ = دافئ
Alarm clock| Munabbih = منبه
Crib| Sari Tifl = سرير طفل
Cradle| Mahd = مهد
Nightgown| Qamis Nawm = قميص نوم
Pajama| Bijama = بيجامة
Slippers| Khuf/Ni`al/Shibshib = خف/نعال/شبشب
The middle of the night| Müntasaf Allayl = منتصف الليل
Staying up late| Sahar = سهر
Stretching| Tamaddud = تمدد
Insomnia| Al Araq = الأرق
Waking up| Al Istiqaz = الإستيقاظ

● P H R A S E S | عبارات

Good Evening| Masa’ Al Khayr = مساء الخير
Good Evening (Response)| Masa’ Alward = مساء الورد
Goodnight| Tusbih/i `ala khayr = تصبح/ي على خير
Goodnight (Response)| Wa Anta/Anti min Ahlüh = و أنت/أنتي من أهله
● S E N T E N C E S | جمل

I want to go to sleep| Üri Athahab ila Annawm = أريد الذهاب إلى النوم
I want to sleep| Ürid an Anam = أريد أن أنام
I feel sleepy| Ash`ur Binnawm = أشعر بالنوم
I had a nightmare| Halimtu Bi Kabüs = حلمت بكابوس
I feel cosy| Ash`ur Biddif’ = أشعر بالدفئ
This bed is comfortable| Hatha Assarir Murih = هذا السرير مريح
I need a new bedcover| Ahtaj Ghita’ Sarir Jadid = أحتاج غطاء سرير جديد
I should set the alarm clock| `ala yya an adhbüt Al Munabbih = عليا أن أضبط المنبه
I will take a nap| Sa’akhuth Qailüla = سآخذ قيلولة

“No one wants to jump out of the boat, but when the boat is sinking you gotta jump eventually.”

“If the boat is sinking, I’ll just stand in it and wait till I reach the water.”

“This is why I hate you.”

Non lascio le situazioni a metà,tantomeno le persone. Non esistono i “forse”,non esistono i “così e così”,non ci sono i “non lo so”,le cose si sentono e basta,si ha solo paura di darle certe risposte. Non esistono gli inizi incerti né i finali con l'amaro in bocca né i dubbi nello stomaco. Si rischia o si lascia perdere,si pretende o si molla tutto. È nero o bianco,il grigio è solo un colore e i rapporti grigi non dovrebbero esistere.

“Stop trying to bribe me with boxes.”

“This one’s pretty big; I bet you could fit in it.”

“Okay, hand it over.”