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  • “bro, you look so cute right now. dude, you are so fucking adorable.”
  • “wanna watch this murder documentary with me?”
  • “i may act like i’m sassy but if you’re mean to me there’s a 900% chance i’ll cry.”
  • “i may act like I’m clueless but actually know what’s going on at al times.”
  • “attention: i need attention.”
  • “i don’t have a nervous system. i’m a nervous system.”
  • “drugs? no thanks, the only ‘high’ i need is the natural rush you get from commiting a murder.”
  • “i think i’m subconsciously trying to ruin my own life.”
  • “why fall in love when you can fall on the floor and never get up?”
  • “i try not to sound like an asshole but it’s really hard because i am an asshole.”
  • “i don’t want to look 'pretty’, i want to look otherwordly and vaguely threatening.”
  • “i’m the nicest, sweetest, most rage-filled person i know.”
  • “girls are so soft and amazing and nice and beautiful and mysterious and complex and loving and caring. i don’t remember what i was going to say but i’m just gay.“
  • "i’d love to relax but that’s just not realistic.”
  • “contrary to popular belief i’m actually soft and have feelings.”
  • “this could be less hetero.”
  • “to be honest i just need a hug.”
  • “why can’t I be mentally chill instead of mentally ill?”
  • “this is it, this is how i die: lack of attention.”
  • “are we just friends or is this flirting serious?”
  • “i have this problem where i isolate myself from civilization and then get upset because i’m lonely.”
  • “i may be ugly but at least i have an ugly personality too. consistency is key.”
  • “i don’t wanna get involved in drama i just wanna know 103% of the information on what happened.”
  • “i am bysexual as in i’m not interested, goodbye.”
  • “i could win an olympic gold medal in being ignored.”
  • “fill your heart with bees. if someone breaks your heart then they have to deal with the bees.”
  • “i’m so tired of not being a multimillionaire.”
  • “i panic a lot of other places besides the disco.”
  • “which layer of hell do you think you’re going to?”
  • “my kink is being right.”
  • “my kink is being home alone.”
  • “you’re really sensitive for a selfish asshole.”
  • “i can tell myself to be heartless but in all reality, i have a big heart and can’t treat people badly, that’s just not me.”
  • “what about netflix and kill?”
  • “no offense but why does everyone hate me?”
  • “i’m a strong independent introvert who don’t need no social life.”
  • “why do i get struggles instead of snuggles?”
  • “if a conversation goes on too long without being about me, i’m out.”
  • “i’m small, queer and something to fear.”
  • “all this sadness is bad for my skin.”
  • “i’m cute and perfect but also unstable, violent and self-destructive”
  • “i’m beautiful and underappreciated.”
  • “she’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s me.”
  • “sorry for being awesome, loser.”
  • “is 'no’ an emotion? because i’m feeling it.”

Things my sister said while playing Skyrim {Sentence Starters}

  • “Ugh, he’s always trying to seduce me. I hate it.”
  • “Oh, it’s the old lady that has a dagger.”
  • “No, I don’t wanna do a good deed and I don’t want to talk to you.”
  • “I can just stick it in my chestplate. Shove it in there.”
  • “I did it. I beat the hill!”
  • “You wanna see? I can rip it out right now!”
  • “Why is this goat following me? The goat is my enemy.”
  • “No, I want this apple pie. ‘Scuse me, guys.”
  • “Help! I’m stuck in a house!”
  • “I have no friends. I have to take out an army, myself.”
  • “I’ll punch a mammoth if I have to!”
  • “Does it look like I want to fight this guy? Apparently!”
  • “Oh, he wants me.”
  • “Guess who’s a rich man. Not me. HA! Just kidding.”
  • “It said trading caravans, but I thought it said trading cards.”
  • “No, can you punch him?”
  • “Gotta go fast. No, gotta go faster.”
  • “I hate this place. I’m going somewhere else.”
  • “Oh my gosh, I am on fire.”
  • “Let me get through my dysfunctional stage, first.”
  • “All I can do is waddle.”
  • “I thought those guys were nice.”
  • “I have no idea where I am or what I’m doing.”
  • “Maybe I’ll get a job, a family.”
  • “You wanna try making me fly?”
  • “Watching me is a religious experience.”
  • *imitates high-pitched whistle*
  • “My heart went 'oh no.’ ”
  • “I can’t twerk when I’m in your arms.”
Overly Sarcastic Productions Legends Sentence Starters: Celtic Mythos

Cú Chulainn

“This makes the anthropologist in my heart very sad.”

“The most notable of these is a tale of a magnificent human disaster by the moniker of ________.”

“Hey kid, do you like proving yourself?”

“Frankly it sounds like clean up alone would make it impractical to use, but, whatever.”

“I love fairy-tale endings!”

“Priorities, ________.”

“________ is a a big ol’ meanie.”

Finn Mac Cumhaill

“Okay I didn’t men to actually stop me.”

“It’s just because he didn’t tell people his name so they just started to call (pronoun of choice) ’Blondie’.”

“It grants ________ all the world’s wisdom, but at a price; (pronoun of choice can only access it by sucking (pronoun of choice) thumb.”

“No no no, let me finish.”

“________  leads the deer back to (pronoun of choice) house, where upon the deer turns into a beautiful person.”

“And ________ just kinda sailed off into the sunset.”

“Man if even half of these legends are true, the apocalypse is going to be waaaaay more interesting than we give it credit for.”

Heat Wave (requested)

Asshole is a term of endearment.


Anon, you’re in for an adventure….

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, feat Taehyung

Word count: 4,807

Genre: Fluff, Angst, HighSchool!AU

Content/warnings: I hope you don’t mind a bit of swearing. Other than that it’s quite tame. Kind of crack-y

A/N: Sorry this took so long, I’m terrible at requests. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing them, they just don’t come as naturally as stories I come up with myself. I assume you wanted the reader to end up with Jungkook? I hope this is okay enough for you 😬

It’s hot as fuck outside.

By the time you get up the steps to homeroom, you’re drenched in sweat. The air conditioner seems to be broken once again, and opening the windows just lets in more stifling heat. You’re glad that the school uniform is a skirt and not pants like the boys have to wear. If you had to wear pants in this weather, you would probably jump off the roof. Still, your standard issue white button down is suffocating, and you try to undo as many of the buttons as you can without getting in trouble.

As you settle into your desk, more students come in, sweaty and panting. Your classroom is on the fourth floor, and on days like these, you wished the elevators were available for student use. But alas, they’re for staff only.

The bell rings, signaling the beginning of the school day. The teacher has just begun the morning announcements when the door crashes open, and in walk Jeon Jungkook and Kim Taehyung.

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Commandments of Fanfiction
  1. Thou shalt not say put in the summary, “Summary sucks, I suck at summaries/etc…”
    - Please stop. If your summary sucks, then what do you think I already think of your story? I am not saying this to be mean, but if you can’t write a summary, I’ve doubts right off the bat.
    Do this: I hate writing summaries because I never know what I what to conceal or reveal, so rather I like to take a quote from the story that I think really amplifies what the story is about or stick to the basics “Somebody Wanted But So Then” (This is the summary technique I’ve taught 4th graders, it works well). Talk about who the main character is and an overview of the main conflict.

  2. Thou shalt format thy story. 
    - I was a graphic and web designer. One of the number one ways to make someone not read your story (or any piece of information) is to have a super large block of text. It’s overwhelming, and it takes a lot of work for the eye to follow.
    Do this: Skip lines between paragraphs, at the very least. Also, make sure when you upload your story it stays in the intended format. Make sure the reader can follow what is going on, which brings me to the next….

  3. Thou shalt check thy work.
    - I AM GUILTY AS FUCK. I AM THE FIRST TO ADMIT IT. I will straight up finish a chapter and post it without looking at it ever again. I despise editing and revising! I know the feeling of working on something for hours or days and just wanting to be done with it. Also, it’s exciting to post a new chapter or story especially if you’ve been struggling with it. I get it, but horrific continuous errors can ruin the readability of a story. I have seen errors that include main characters names being misspelled (repeatedly), not starting sentences with uppercase letters, not ending sentences with punctuation, not formatting dialogue correctly. Yes, I have stopped reading in the middle of a story (or of a first chapter) because it was so hard to understand. I am not saying this has to be a perfect endeavor, hell there are probably errors in this, but it should be reasonable.
    Do this: Read over your work. Put it away for the night or for an hour and read over it before you post. You could also have a beta reader look over it and help you make edits.

  4. Thou shalt not hold thy story hostage for reviews.
    - You know, once you finish a chapter someone says “I’ll continue if I receive 5 reviews”. I’ll admit, I did this when I first started writing fan fiction. (And it’s not as common as it was years ago.)Yea, it worked sometimes, but when it didn’t it made me mad because I didn’t receive reviews, and I put myself in this uncomfortable situation of continuing the story of abandoning it.
    Do this: Continue or discontinue a story because YOU want to. It’s wonderful to have people support and praise your work, but it shouldn’t be the only reason you write. Yes, people should support the arts, in a perfect world, but ultimately in the world of fanfiction, you are using a lot of time and energy to write novels for free. Love. What. You. Do.

  5. Thou shalt not annoy writers to write your favorite otp.
    - The keyword here is annoy! Of course it doesn’t hurt to ask, but don’t overdo it. I understand there are some authors that take requests. Some don’t. I take requests. If you see that an author does not take requests, don’t annoy them.  And, consider what you are asking that author to write. I consider myself a multi shipper in some fandoms, in some fandoms I have one tried and true otp. Some authors have preferred pairings and types of stories (adventure, romance, smut, humor, etc…) they write. So, know who you are asking and know they might not be inspired to write it!
    Do this: Respectfully ask the writer if they would write it. Know who you are asking and don’t be offended if they decline the idea. And writers, nicely decline if you aren’t into the idea or pairing. If the author decides not to take a request, you could always write it yourself, so don’t be afraid to do that. If you really believe in the idea and/or the ship then contribute!! 

So… What else would you guys add to the Commandments of Fanfiction? 


j u n e  0 9 - s u m m e r  ☀️

ok listen, i am well aware that these might be the grainiest pictures you’ve ever seen. it’s the night lighting at its worst.

but i finally started on my french notes!!! i think my issue is, i was trying to start from the beginning, when i’ve already taken 2+ years. the basics were slowing me down, when all i need to do is lay heavy on my verb conjugations, grammar, and sentence formation. i know enough words to have a decent conversation if i can remember the verbs i need + the forms they need to be in!!! so let the self studies commence….

valentine me, please? (chanyeol)
word count: 1262 w.
genre: fluff, romance, valentines day au
summary:  teaching chanyeol english is frustrating.

valentines day special ; pick your date

minseok | junmyeon | yixing
baekhyun | jongdae | chanyeol
kyungsoo | jongin | sehun

“Chanyeol, we’ve been through this last week. It’s ‘love’ as in luv, with an ‘ugh’ sound. Not ‘lob’.” You switched from English to Korean pronunciation of the words for Chanyeol to better understand.

Chanyeol grinned while you rubbed your temples in a circular motion. Maybe it’ll help relieve the headache you’re getting from this 165 cm giant.

“I’m pure Korean. You should understand that. I get 'R’ and 'L’ mixed up. Blame the alphabet, not me.” Chanyeol raised his hands as if surrendering.

“I’m Korean, too, but I learned English in a breeze. You don’t see me committing the same mistakes again and again, don’t you?” You eyed him wearily, arms folded across your chest.

“I’m sorry,” He whined like a puppy and you can’t help but smile at his childish act. Chanyeol confined his face using his long arms.

“English is hard,” you can hear his muffled voice, frustrated.

Taking a glance at the time, you tapped Chanyeol’s shoulder. He faced you, his nose crinkled and it was damn adorable. You said, “We have to finish our lesson before seven p.m.”

“Ohhh,” Chanyeol eyed you teasingly, “You have a date.”

Deep inside, Chanyeol prayed your response would be something along the lines of 'No, I don’t have a date. Would you like to be my date for today?’ but it seems like the heavens were neglecting his wishes at the moment.

“Actually, I’m going out with Jongdae for dinner.”

You thought you saw his face fall but you decided it was just your peripheral vision fooling you. Your crush senses need to stop tingling. You haven’t admitted this to anyone but you have a huge crush on Chanyeol.

At the first month, you developed a brother-sister with the guy. Teaching him English as a second language and you, being his friend, offered to teach him English. However, you felt yourself becoming closer to Chanyeol when he started opening up to you. He often tells you how he wanted to communicate with the international fans but apparently, elementary english doesn’t suffice for a proper conversation.

Above all that, you found it handsome how he was determined to learn a language that’s hard to understand. Baby steps, that’s what you kept telling him. Chanyeol has to learn English step-by-step.

“Oh, okay. Well, have fun with Jongdae. You deserve that much,” He flashed you his pearly whites before picking up the pencil and answered the blanks on his workbook.

You deserve that much. What does that mean?

“Hey,” you called him out.

Nudging Chanyeol, he turned to face you. A sullen expression painted on his face. You flinched inwardly because it’s rare for Chanyeol to frown or have a straight face whenever he’s with you.

“I know it’s been three months and…” You could feel your heart race as you choked up the words in your throat. A confession was coming up and you didn’t want to handle rejection at Valentines Day.

“…and I just want to say that I’m proud of you for conquering this feat even if you’re having a hard time and we’ve been repeating lessons week per week.”

You wanted to bang your head on the nearest hard surface. That didn’t come out right and it wasn’t motivational at all. You shook your head, composing the right words inside your brain.

“What I meant was you’re doing a great job, Yeol. I’ll be here every step of the way,” You pumped your fists. It was the least you could do as his teacher.

Chanyeol could sense a wide smile coming up. One that would stretch from ear to ear. He stared at his workbook for a good ten seconds before calling your attention. He wouldn’t want you to be disheartened on this special day just because of his incompetency in English.

“I’m done with the activity. Can you check it?” Chanyeol asked, handing you the workbook he answered.

You took another glance at your watch. There was at least one hour to spare before your so-called date with Jongdae. You wouldn’t want to call it a date because that word’s reserved for someone else. Preferably to that someone who’s sitting right across you.

With hands fidgeting under the table, Chanyeol gulped nervously. “I’ll have to go after I check your–”

Nicely written penmanship scribbled on the worksheet took you by surprise. Chanyeol has difficulty in grammar and spelling so seeing this message on the paper nearly swept you off your feet.

I don’t think your date with Jongdae is going to work out. It’s a mistake to go through this.

“Wait, what’s the meaning of this?” You blurted out in English so Chanyeol wouldn’t pick up your words. It was impossible for Chanyeol to use these words in a sentence since he’s struggling with sentence formation. He must be fiddling with Google Translator under the table.

Chanyeol knew you’d be surprised. “It means I like you enough to have lasted three months repeating the same lessons.”

“I wanted to spend more time with you that’s why I’ve been trying to dumb down my English.” He confidently spoke in perfect English. There were no hints of the R and L mix-ups he’s been having trouble with the past few months.

“You’ve been pretending?!” Slapping your hand to your forehead, you heaved a big sigh. “I went through all the trouble explaining to you– Ugh, I can’t believe!”

“I’m sure Jongdae would understand,” He said again, in pure fucking English. “I mean, anyone who doesn’t want you is an idiot. If you weren’t my best friend, I’d want you.”

Chanyeol felt heat surging through his ears. Flustered, he bowed down his head to avoid your gaze. “No, actually, I want you.”

Cute, you thought. Chanyeol always thought his big ears was a downside when it was his best asset all along.

“Stop saying things like that, you’re making my heart race.”

You placed a hand over your heart when Chanyeol suddenly had the courage to lean in close to your face. “Maybe I like making your heart race.”

That’s it, you were a complete goner for Park Chanyeol.

Chanyeol cleared his throat which caught your attention once again. “Valentine me, please?”

You laughed when he covered his face with his hands in embarrassment. The Park Chanyeol you’ve been tutoring English made its appearance after cool English speaker Chanyeol disappeared.

“What I mean to say is, would you please consider being my Valentine?” He asked, hopeful eyes piercing through you.

It was hard to say no to Chanyeol when he was being this adorable. Plus points to his husky voice that made him hotter when speaking English.

“Aww, you asked me to be your Valentine.” You cooed, pinching his cheeks. You added, “I guess I have to make an excuse to avoid ditching Jongdae.”

“You don’t have to,” Chanyeol smirked. “This was part of our plan.”

“You know, someday, I’ll be able to see right through you,” you chuckled as he wrapped his arm around your waist. Heat creeped up to your cheeks and you found yourself burying your face on his chest.

Caught off guard, Chanyeol crouched down and kissed your cheek. “Someday, but not today, we have a dinner date to go to.”

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anonymous asked:

How did all the admins learn Korean? Can you give me some tips cause I wanna try and learn too🙁

all admins are currently still learning Korean B UT our newest member Admin Xiufairy (aka @xiustories ) is an intermediate beginner in Korean ^_^ 

Learning Hangul (the Korean alphabet) and the sounds they make is the first step! Once you learn that you can start by learning vocabulary and a few short sentences or phrases. From there, you’ll learn grammar and sentence formation and all that jazz!

I would suggest Talk to Me in Korean, and How to study Korean. Both of these i believe on are on youtube and their own websites?

Also sweetntasty on youtube shows you have to pronounce some words and also does skits of her own to show you have to use the word in conversations ^_^

Some helpful apps include: Mondly, Eggbun, Memrise, Popping Korean Pronunciation, and also the naver dictionary app for help with translations!

If anyone else would like to recommend some stuff please do ^_^

You know, I don’t have any major criticisms of Apocalypse World as a system.

I have a lot of things to say about the fact that Apocalypse World managed to make it trendy to present tabletop RPG rules in terse, flagrantly comma spliced run-on sentences formatted with a brazen disregard for effective use of whitespace, and is thus indirectly responsible for an entire generation of indie games being virtually unreadable.

(Seriously, people - it was arguably a justifiable stylistic choice for Apocalypse World itself, given the milieu and authorial stance of the game, but it’s terrible practice in terms of textual accessibility. Stop doing it.)

Hello Fanfic Writers, (and normal writers too, I guess) it’s time for a writing lesson.

Alright. I’ve recently read a slew of shitty fanfiction searching for a halfway decent Skyler Gisondo one. Not only did I not find anything that peaked my interest, I was able to compile a minimal list of suggestions for fic writers in general. So buckle up, because you’re in for some fun.

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Trying to write a complete PDP by Monday when I’ve never even heard of one until a week ago.

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i recently hit 3k followers (RICHIE: WHAT THE FUCK)!! Holy shit!! I seriously love each and every one of you guys. I have never loved a fandom more. I have never felt so welcomed and loved than in any other fandom. I have met so many amazing people including my wife @itsafuckinggazebo . I just want you guys to know i love all of you. 


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A bit of advice for the younger folks: you ever notice that folks in your parents’ generation may communicate with you or with each other using a very casual style of typing, but get pissy and offended if you respond to them in the same fashion?

You probably think they’re just looking for excuses to give you a hard time - and while arguably they are, the particular motive may not be the one you think.

Int a nutshell, for younger folks, orthography in electronic communication maps to tone. Basically…

when i type like this

… that “reads” as a different tone of voice than when I type like this.

For your parents’ generation, however, orthography in electronic communication maps to register - that is, to level of formality.

When they send a message to you without capitalisation, punctuation or complete sentences, they’re adopting an informal register, appropriate for addressing someone who’s below them in the social hierarchy.

If you respond in the same fashion, however, then you’re addressing them in the same register that they addressed you - which is inappropriate as far as they’re concerned, because they’re above you in the social hierarchy, and thus ought to be addressed in a more formal register.

It’s the same principle whereby your teacher might email you in cryptic, poorly formatted sentence fragments, but throw a fit about a dropped punctuation mark in the response: it’s not about the curriculum, it’s about putting you in your place. By forcing you to puzzle out what their cryptic utterances mean from context while insisting upon rigorous adherence to orthographic standards in return, they’re asserting their rank in the implicit hierarchy of your relationship.

(To provide an alternative angle, a lot of y’all are studying Japanese these days - you know how the grammar and honourifics can be completely different depending on the relative social rank of the speaker versus the party so addressed? Similar deal, except for orthography rather than vocabulary.)

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’re obliged to put up with this nonsense, but it pays to be aware of why your communication is being perceived the way it is.

Paragraph Formatting for Dialogue

How to format your dialogue between action tags.

I grow saltier and saltier about this the more I realize that a lot of writers don’t understand how it works. As much as I love the rise of self publishing, it’s destroying some of the genuinely good conventions that help with writing. So here I am to remind you of my very favorite convention of all time, though most of you probably already know it.

It goes something like this:

If Character One says something, all other dialogue within that paragraph must be said by Character One. Always. All dialogue in the immediately following paragraph must be said by a character who is NOT Character One. Always.

Every time you start a new paragraph containing dialogue, a different character must speak than the character who spoke in the paragraph immediately before it.

Other basic guidelines:

(1) You don’t need to state who is speaking a line if it’s already implied by the action tag immediately preceding or following the dialogue. This means the name of the character speaking should appear early in the action tag, and they should be the subject of the sentence. 

(2) You don’t need to state who is speaking a line if only two characters are present in the conversation. It’s good to remind the reader every now and then though. In cases like this, I personally prefer to tag dialogue at least every four paragraphs.

(3) If the pov character’s thoughts are included, you can deal with them the same way as you do dialogue. Never, never attach explicit thoughts (italicized first person thoughts) to a paragraph which contains dialogue from a different character. 

(4) I would stay away from attaching any of the pov character’s implicit thoughts (non italicized, third person desires) to a paragraph containing dialogue spoken by another character, unless you can format the sentence so that the character speaking is still the subject.

*Paragraph rule excludes monologues which are too long to be reasonably contained into one paragraph, but those require the quotation marks to be adjusted so the reader understands it’s a unique situation.

darcybehati  asked:

How long have you been learning Korean? I desperately want to learn but legitimately find it TOOOOO confusing. Like hangul throws me overboard 😫 How and where do I start!!!??

Hello!! We have been learning for about 2 years (kinda) casually now but it gets a lot easier! Once you have some of the basic grammar points down and basic sentence formation you can suddenly understand a whole loaaddddd of things - even if you only understand part of it, thats still pretty good! 
As for learning Hangul, which is a very good place to start! It might seem a little hard now but its very easy, I remember when I first learnt it Rosa was helping me (she learnt it before me) and I remember she showed me how to write Taemin’s (Shinee) name: 태민 so because I knew how to write and say his name, I suddenly knew 5 characters: ㅌ-T ㅐ-ae ㅁ-m ㅣ-i ㄴ-n boom! How easy was that? If you have idols you like you can learn Hangul by looking up the Korean spelling of their name, it will probably also be useful to look for a hangul table (which is v easy to find on google) just for reference but otherwise that might be a fun way for you to learn! You still might have to learn a few characters that you cant find in someones name but hopefully it won’t be too difficult! (here is our post)

Good luck!!


De La Salle University College Entrance Test 

Application Process: Online

Application Period: August – September (usually the DCAT is the last CET among the Top 4 Universities)

Exam Date: October - November (last year’s DLSUCET was held on October 16 and 23; however, due to inclement weather, the October 16 schedule was rescheduled to November 6)

Guide to Each Test

The following is what I can remember about each subtest of the DCAT. The order of the tests here may not be accurate (due to my foggy memory of this test).

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Every Hurdle, Every Chasm - Chapter 00

Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia
Warnings: hospitals
Characters: Midoriya Izuku, Iida Tenya, Uraraka Ochako, Asui Tsuyu, Todoroki Shouto, Shouto’s mother, All Might | Toshinori Yagi
Relationships: Dekusquad friendship | Pining Tododeku & Tsuchako
Other info: Dekusquad Roadtrip AU ; Fun times ahead but also some tough emotional times so I should definitely warn about that!; MAJOR MANGA SPOILERS.

Words: ~7,200 | Chapter: 00/14 | Language: English

With the end of their semester exams, the now third-years of U.A. get to finally enjoy a break without mandatory training or internships. Izuku Midoriya and his friends decide to take a roadtrip to visit some family, friends, and holiday celebrations for the winter break. 

While some are along for the thrill of the ride, others have personal goals to achieve through the journey.

[ Somewhat of a preliminary chapter for the roadtrip au! ]

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