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Kaeri’s Otayuri Fic Rec List  #1

There are so many great Otayuri fics on ao3 and I’ve… pretty much read them all haha. I wish I could include every single one I’ve read on this rec list, but then this list would probably go on forever so here are just some of my absolute favorites! Please go check them out if you have time! I promise you will love them. <3

From Almaty, With Love (ongoing, mature) by @boxwineconfession

I kid you not: as the Otayuri fanbase keeps growing, this fic will become known as THE LEGENDARY MULT-CHAPTERED SLOW BURN OTAYURI FANFIC. Because that’s exactly what it is. The characterization in this fic is unbelievably on point and Otabek and Yuri’s interactions are just so very… them. I greatly enjoy watching both of them suffer from the UST (although they are suffering no longer… heh).

run in my veins (50 sentences format, sfw) by @rovmustang

Absolutely exquisite writing. Some sentences will make you laugh, some will make you cry and all of them will make you feel like you’ve had the breath knocked out of you. I literally just stared up at my ceiling for ten minutes after reading this just contemplating the beauty of Otabek and Yuri’s relationship.

Feet first (Don’t Fall) (oneshot, mature, underage) by @gunboots

This was the first Otayuri fanfic I ever read and it just… blew me away? Otabek’s voice is so beautiful, clear and distinct, and you get the pleasure of watching both him and his relationship with Yuri grow over the years. There is underage sexual contact when Yuri is 17 (which, I would like to point out for the antis, is older than 16, Russia and Kazakhstan’s age of consent).

soldier boy, tripping over himself to win my praise (ongoing, sfw) by @thissupposedcrime 

This is a very unique fic with a semi non-linear format and a rich, engaging story! It explores Otabek and Yuri’s relationship over the span of ten years, and it’s really just… riveting.

Golden Days (oneshot, sfw) by @alcoholicrevo

The CUTEST fic you will ever have the pleasure of reading. I almost suffocated myself from muffling my screams with my pillow when the fluff got too real.

melt me down (oneshot, sfw) by @ohhotlamb

This fic is so gentle, romantic and enchanting that my heart just swelled with overwhelming love and affection for these two. Otabek is absolutely precious, and Yuri is smitten (the feeling is mutual!).

Endurance and Peach Tea (oneshot, sfw) by chapstickaddict (I don’t know their tumblr sadly)

This fic was such an emotional rollercoaster for me and I couldn’t help but drown in the wonderful feels. The ending killed me in the best way.

the naming of cats (oneshot, sfw) by @csoru

This fic cut me so deeply and made my heart bleed… But the ending plastered a nice band aid over the wound so it’s all good! All jokes aside, please go and read this fic; it’s so hauntingly beautiful that you’ll be aching from the feels for days.

on the verge of running into your arms (oneshot, sfw) by @clears-jellyfish-dress

Oh god, this fic highlights how utterly healthy, loving and caring Otabek and Yuri’s relationship is. Otabek is literally the bestest, BESTEST (I know that’s not a word but it gets my point across) friend in the world, and Yuri clearly agrees.

holding out for a hero (oneshot, sfw) by @mother-iwa-chan

I literally could not stop smiling while I read this fic. SO FREAKING SWEET AND ADORABLE AND JUST. AHHHHHH. SOMEONE HOLD ME PLEASE.

write my name on your skin (twoshot, sfw) by @altisetsky (one of my favorite blogs on tumblr btw 8D)

A refreshing spin on the soulmate AU trope! Ah, Yuri’s pining is just so freaking adorable to read…

down for the count, and I’m drownin’ in ‘em (oneshot, sfw) by @unhookingstarswithoutpermission

This fic killed me? Yeah, I just cannot get over how tender, loving and supportive Otabek and Yuri are to one another!

If the sparks didn’t glow (we would know) (oneshot, sfw) by @slumbrslumbrs

This fic made me smile so hard my face hurt. Everyone is so protective of Yuri, but Otabek is the best and purest bro. :)

Please go and kudos all of these lovely fics! Also, please, PLEASE comment if you can; all these writers deserve so much love, support and praise for their hard work.

A huge thank you to all the writers on this list (and all fanfic writers in general) for sharing their beautiful creations with us! I love and appreciate you guys so much <3

(I am very not a native/fluent speaker, so if anyone wants to correct me, feel free ;))

(For the textbook that I use, Better Chinese, this is Lesson 30.)

喂 - Wèi - Hello? (When answering the phone)

嗨 - Hāi - Hi/hey! 

打电话 - Dǎ Diàn Huà - To make a phone call

电话 - Diàn huà - Telephone * 

手机 - Shǒu Jī - Cellphone *

等一下 - Děng Yī Xià - Wait a minute

空 - Kōng - Available

对不起 - Duì Bù Qǐ - Sorry

请问 - Qǐng Wèn - Excuse me

没关系 - Méi Guān Xì - It doesn’t matter

那么 - Nà me - Then

下 - Xià - Next

请 - Qǐng - Invite

(*These are kind of interchangeable as far as I know.)

Sentence Formats: (Just replace subject with 你,他,or a name.

Subject 在吗? Is Subject there? (Like someone else answers the phone)

Subject 在/不在。 Subject is here/isn’t here.

Subject 有空吗? Is Subject available? 

Subject 有空/没有空? Subject is available/isn’t available.

请 Subject + Time + Activity. I am inviting you to do activity at this time. 

Ex: 请你明天打篮球. Qǐng Nǐ MíngTiān Dǎ LánQiú. I invite you to play basketball tomorrow.

Ask me for vocab list requests!!

‘The Americans’ Season One Sentence Starters

  • “I don’t think you understand how unpopular you are.”
  • “Why is everyone so punctual in this business?”
  • “It’s no use fighting guys like that.”
  • “You don’t have to be a cowboy to wear cowboy boots.”
  • “I thought you were here for your good looks.”
  • “I would go to jail, I would die, before I would betray my country.”
  • “She knows how to get men to turn their brains off. That is no small skill, it’s brought down empires.”
  • “They shouldn’t ask us to do impossible things.”
  • “I have value, you will see.”
  • “Do you love her? Because, if you don’t, leave her be. And if you do, leave her be.”
  • “You worried about me, ______? You think I’m out on a limb and someone’s gonna saw it off?”
  • “You share your deepest feelings about us, with him, while you lie to me?”
  • “I did warn them. Twice.”
  • “I think you’re making an emotional decision.”
  • “It never really happened that way for us, did it?”
  • “Thank you for making us take the afternoon off.”
  • “Both sides have their fingers on the trigger and that’s how it happens.”
  • “You have to rely on yourself in this world. Only yourself.”
  • “Waiting is a lost art.”
  • “I’d hire you in a heartbeat. You and your socks.”
  • “I think we’re both a little lonely.”
  • “Do you know what loyalty is?”
  • “One day, you’ll be living a different life, alright?”
  • “I won’t say this job is twice as hard for women but it’s close to that.”
  • “You know what I wish, as I fall asleep every night? That I’ll wake up and not be worried.”
  • “You’re my medicine, ____. Good for a worn heart.”
  • “‘Calm’? They’re going to put a bullet in my head!”
  • “I know what it is to feel fear in every fiber of your being and not being able to show it. I’ve been there.”
  • “There are no happy endings here.”
  • “I was supposed to be able to trust you and I did. I shouldn’t have, I never should have.”
  • “You’re not the only one who got hurt today, okay?”
  • “I’m sorry I didn’t kill you. That’s my apology.”
  • “Bad things happen, not only in literature.”
  • “I like to keep my wits when I’m handling snakes.”
  • “This is a bar. Nobody listens to what anyone says in a bar.”
  • “Don’t worry. What happened, happened. I wanted you but it never has to happen again.”
  • “You Americans think everything is white or black. For us, everything is grey.”
  • “Only duty and honor are real, ____. Isn’t that what we were told?”
  • “I missed you. I didn’t want to.”
  • “Just think how you will feel looking at me dead one day.”
  • “You know, you’re a sweet guy, ____, and handsome. Deep down.”
  • “We didn’t take a vow to be unhappy.”
  • “The first time we met, I saw you were disappointed. Like now, in your eyes.”
  • “I’m not your friend, friend.”
  • “I don’t want to pretend that your life is a do over because mine isn’t.”
  • “I wouldn’t let a dog suffer like this. Would you?”
  • “Time flies. One way or another, you snatch it or it’s gonna snatch you. There’s no pause button.”
  • “There are worse things than dying. Like shame. Shame’s not an option for me.”
  • “You can’t be married and not have secrets.”
  • “I know you just tell me what I want to hear.”
  • “You do not get to speak to me like that.”
  • “If you ask them, they’ll do anything for you.”
  • “I have never wanted too much, really. I just wanted to live for something and I’ve done that.”
  • “Some people just aren’t cut out for foreign travel.”
  • “Find somebody that will love you for being so strong.”
  • “They kill us, we kill them. That’s the world we live in.”
  • “That was the Harvey Wallbanger talking, sorry!”
  • “I’m still waiting on an answer that doesn’t smell like bullshit.”
  • “The only bad guy here is you.”
  • “Change is hard, daunting. It uproots us.”
  • “We all die alone. Before that, we make choices.”
  • “I don’t have anything anymore. I only have fear and you.”
  • “You, your life is a lie.”
  • “You grind people into dust. You have no heart, no soul, no conscience. ”
  • “Do you care about anything? Do you love anyone? Does anyone love you?”
  • “Surrender for you would be an act of suicide.”
  • “When you’re a loner, there’s nothing more satisfying than finding another loner to be alone with.”
  • “No knock on your charms there, Romeo, but there’s no way she’d go for that.”
  • “I know you better than you know yourself and you don’t know me at all.”
  • “The kind of man that did that to you, ____, is weaker and more vulnerable than he may seem.”
  • “I’m sure it’s hard for you to hear how much I miss you, over and over again, but it’s the truth.”
  • “It didn’t work out, ____. It all fell apart.”

Things my sister said while playing Skyrim {Sentence Starters}

  • “Ugh, he’s always trying to seduce me. I hate it.”
  • “Oh, it’s the old lady that has a dagger.”
  • “No, I don’t wanna do a good deed and I don’t want to talk to you.”
  • “I can just stick it in my chestplate. Shove it in there.”
  • “I did it. I beat the hill!”
  • “You wanna see? I can rip it out right now!”
  • “Why is this goat following me? The goat is my enemy.”
  • “No, I want this apple pie. ‘Scuse me, guys.”
  • “Help! I’m stuck in a house!”
  • “I have no friends. I have to take out an army, myself.”
  • “I’ll punch a mammoth if I have to!”
  • “Does it look like I want to fight this guy? Apparently!”
  • “Oh, he wants me.”
  • “Guess who’s a rich man. Not me. HA! Just kidding.”
  • “It said trading caravans, but I thought it said trading cards.”
  • “No, can you punch him?”
  • “Gotta go fast. No, gotta go faster.”
  • “I hate this place. I’m going somewhere else.”
  • “Oh my gosh, I am on fire.”
  • “Let me get through my dysfunctional stage, first.”
  • “All I can do is waddle.”
  • “I thought those guys were nice.”
  • “I have no idea where I am or what I’m doing.”
  • “Maybe I’ll get a job, a family.”
  • “You wanna try making me fly?”
  • “Watching me is a religious experience.”
  • *imitates high-pitched whistle*
  • “My heart went 'oh no.’ ”
  • “I can’t twerk when I’m in your arms.”
Lost Girl (TV series) sentence pack

(via the-write-ideas requested by pxrokinesis  )

  • “Who the hell are you?”
  • “Being human sucks.”
  • “You spit on the wrong guy.”
  • “I was wrong about you. You’re one of the good ones.”
  • “Your eyes are so beautiful.”
  • “Are you seriously gonna pretend that wasn’t the funniest shit ever in the history of funny and shit?”
  • “I think this might be the beginning of a beautiful something.”
  • “You need a snack so… you can feed on me.”
  • “I will never forgive you for this.”
  • (NSFW) “Your panty play was always top notch.”
  • “I don’t wear underwear.”
  • “Normally, that would make me jealous.”
  • “I’m not scared or anything, I’m just bored, and you amuse me.”
  • “Back off or I’ll drop kick you into a woman’s conference.”
  • “We’re going on a mission.”
  • “Ready to go home?”
  • “You ever pull a stunt like this again, I’ll personally rip your head off and shove it up your little white ass.”
  • (NSFW) “You’re right. Knocking bits is more important than saving lives.“
  • "You’re really hot. Have you ever kissed a girl?”
  • “Why would anyone leave their cell phone at home? Ever?”
  • “If you’re looking for a distraction, I’m partial to bar fights and howling at the moon.”
  • “I chose you and you broke my heart.”
  • “Miss me?”
  • “You need to work on your mind reading skills.”
  • “I’m a very, very bad wolf.”
  • “I like you. It’s just that I don’t like that I like you.”
  • “You’re not like anyone I have ever met.”
  • “Don’t struggle. It’s futile.”
  • ”Take it easy Meryl Streep.“

Bayonetta   {Sentence Starters} 

  • “Rise my child! Rise to realize your true potential!”
  • “You know, I still don’t get why the hell you drag me out here for these things.”
  • “Don’t worry about quality. I’ve got quantity!”
  • “Those assholes sure know how to get attention.”
  • “Let’s go! Just stay close to me!”
  • “What’s the matter sweetie? Afraid of something, are you?”
  • “As long as there’s music, I’ll keep on dancing.”
  • “I’ll always see to it no harm comes to you.”
  • “But you’ll have to forgive me, do we know each other?”
  • “Hey! I’m not dead yet!”
  • “You only run away so fast because you’ve got something to run from.”
  • “Out to find some answers about your past, are we?”
  • “You again? And here I thought I’d seen the last of you.”
  • “Just a child? What are you doing running around?”
  • “You’re much too ugly not to put out of your misery.”
  • “Damn it! Who did that!? I just bought the damn thing!”
  • “If you get in my way, I will, how do the Americans put it? Oh yes. Bust a cap in yo’ ass.”
  • “I’m sure you will be more than hospitable to me this time around.“
  • “We both know you came here for something.”
  • “You have any idea how much this is going to cost to fix!?”
  • “This is a waste of my time. You’re still not ready.“
  • “Yours is a face only a mother could love, and one I could never forget.”
  • “Whoa! Whoa! You’re getting the wrong idea.”
  • “You’ve been cheating on me, haven’t you? Someone else caught your eye?”
  • “Do I look like I have any interest in children?”
  • “I’ll hazard a guess this isn’t your home, so what on earth are you doing here?” 
  • “I told you there was nothing to worry about!”
  • “You’ve got to be a strong little one to survive in a place like this. “
  • “You’re really not going to like what comes next. I hope you know that.”
  • “Holy crap! For fuck’s sake, that’s overdoing it!”
  • “Monsters? I don’t think you know who the real monsters are.”
  • “ It’s a celebration, bitches.”
  • “You want to touch me?”
  • “ I should have been a pole dancer!”
  • “Right! Turn Right! Get off the road!”
  • “You think you’ve got me figured out, don’t you?”
  • “Do you have anything you really like? Something really important to you?”
  • “You here for business or pleasure? Either way, I’ll hook you up.”
There are too many notes on my phone
I have so many unfinished thoughts
But I hope they will bring clarity
When my tongue ties in knots.
There are too many notes on my phone
How can they all fit in my pocket?
I have no journal with a key
Around my neck to lock it.
Stuck in a sentence, in a format
In a program, in a folder
Like a fine wine, perhaps it will
Get better when it’s older.
It’s too bad my thoughts
Are so often broken, incomplete
But it’s hard to form my words together
When they so quickly fleet.
—  “Notes Before Midnight,” by Grazia Curcuru

It hurt.

He’d never admit it, not in a million years, but it hurt.

Jack and Bitty
Lardo and Shitty
Ransom and Holster
Chowder and Farmer

Everyone paired off easily, either into couples, or pairs of friends.

Everyone except




And it hurt.

Nursey tried not to think about it too much. Tried not to let it get to him when Dex sat with him, just because there was nowhere else to sit, and not because he wanted to. Tried not to get upset when Dex was forced to talk to him because everyone else was in their own conversation. Tried not to let anyone see how upset he was, that his crush only tolerated him - and barely tolerated him, if the look on his face was anything to judge by.

Which was why he only ever cried at night.

He’d never let anyone see him cry anyway. Not since he was a child. His parents were always exasperated and annoyed at the interruption, and his nannies weren’t able to soothe him when he only wanted his mom’s lullaby, or his dad’s hug.

So he only cried at night, in the privacy of his room.

By the time he went to boarding school, Nursey was able to hide his feelings, and always appear chill. He only let himself cry at night, curled up under his blanket, and hiding his face in a pillow. The next day, he’d act as though nothing had ever upset him.

So, he only cried at night. Nursey didn’t let anyone see how hurt he was, and he only let himself cry in the privacy of his dorm room.

Roadies were the hard part.

It wasn’t like he cried himself to sleep every night. Most nights he was okay. And he’d never cried on a roadie before. Even if it hurt when Dex fell asleep on his shoulder on the bus, only to pull away fast, the second he woke up. Even if it hurt when Dex only sat with him for “dmen tradition” or something. Even if hurt when Dex avoided him during a team celly.

He’d never cried on a roadie.

Until tonight.

Because all these things hurt. And so did losing Jack and Shitty’s last game. And so did seeing Dex so upset. But what the most, was Dex pulling away from his comfort like he’d been burned.

He tried not to let anyone see how upset he was, but even if they noticed, it hardly mattered. Everyone was upset at the loss anyway.

He waited until they were in the hotel room before dropping the fake chill he’d kept up. Dex looked over at him worriedly when he threw his bag at his bed, but said nothing. Nursey tried not to let Dex see how much that hurt, but he didn’t really care about his chill anymore.

He waited until they were both in their beds, and the light was off, and he heard Dex’s light snores, before he let himself cry.

He started crying quietly. Tears streaming down his face, as he pulled his blanket tighter around him. But at some stage his sobs must have grown loud.
Loud enough to wake Dex.

“Nursey?” Dex called sleepily. He rolled over in bed, and turned on the bedside lamp. As he woke up a little more, Dex realised that his friend - his best friend, his crush - was crying his eyes out in the bed next to him.

“Nursey, whats wrong?” he called again, only to be met with silence. Dex briefly considered letting him cry - clearly Nursey didn’t want anyone to see him cry or he wouldn’t be hiding under his blanket. But he couldn’t do it. At each sob, Dex felt his heart break a little more, and after a minute’s consideration, he was out of his bed, and lying next to Nursey.

“Nurse?” he whispered, tugging gently at his blanket “Hey, Derek? Are you okay?”

“De-Dex?” Nursey sobbed, as he moved closer to the wall.

“Hey, c'mere” Dex whispered, pulling Nursey towards him. Nursey curled into him quickly, and rested his head on Dex’s chest. Dex played with Nursey’s hair as he cried, and held him close until he stopped

“I…sorry” Nursey muttered, pulling away from Dex.

“Its okay” Dex whispered “Do. Do you wanna talk about it?” he asked awkwardly. He wasn’t good at talking about feelings, but if Nursey needed to, he could listen.

“Its. Its you” Nursey blurted out, then bit his lip. He hadn’t meant to let Dex know why he was upset, but he was tired, and it just slipped out.

“Me? What did I do?” Dex asked, instantly on the defence “I know we still fight a bit, but….”

“Its not that….just. Leave it” Nursey tried. Maybe Dex would drop it, and forget about it in the morning?

Or maybe not

“No, Nurse. If….if I’m upsetting you this much, can’t you tell me what it is so I can stop?” Dex asked

“But you can’t stop! Because its not YOUR that I’M in love with you!” Nursey yelled.

“…..” Dex spluttered, nearly falling off the bed as he pulled away from Nursey. And Nursey couldn’t even try hide how much that hurt.

“YOU love ME?” Dex yelled, looking shocked. Nursey nodded. He could feel tears building up again, and he closed his eyes to hide them from Dex.

The next instant, he felt a hand on his cheek, wiping away a tear he hadn’t even realised he’d shed.

“Nursey” Dex whispered “I…. I love you too”

Nursey opened his eyes, to see Dex leaning in slowly. He stopped for a moment, before gently pressing his lips to Nursey’s. He pulled away again, blushing.

“And I promise, to NEVER make you cry again” Dex whispered, before kissing him again.

all of my thoughts in the last 6 hours have started with “it’s not like i want to die, but” and then i can’t think of an end the sentence just ceases its formation there

Hi! My name’s Yasmine and I’m sixteen years old. For the most part I’m just looking for friends but I am open to romantic relationships as well.

Now, as for other things you should note about me, I will list them because sentence format is for losers:

I’m pansexual

I’m a dog person; cats are satanic.

I’m American from New York but I live in Egypt, hence why I didn’t tag my location. 

I’m alternative (I don’t identify with a particular label because I’m just a mix of everything).

I have jet black hair (as a result of cheap hair dye).

I don’t have any piercings (not even my ears) or tattoos.

I’m agnostic but very tolerant of those who do or don’t identify with any religious affiliations.

Contact info:

My main tumblr:

My secondary tumblr:

My snapchat: ykd99 (note: I won’t add you on snapchat unless you actually snapchat me)

My kik: You’re going to have to ask me for it (on either of my blogs) because I don’t distribute it publicly anymore.