Biddies and Broz
  • Biddies and Broz
  • Internetg0d

check this rap trak i made on my ipad

Biddies and Broz by Internetg0d

bitch just chill or im gonna kill ya.

woo girls on deck, these college ass bitches

got white girl wasted and there yellin off bridges

ugg boots, starbucks, all vodka, no fucks,

black leggings, with their ass, hangin out, so what

them biddies on my dick now

dumb bros on the hunt, wearing gay ass fitteds

chillin at your local abercrombie and finches

small dicks, big trucks, no ladies, all sluts

axe spray layered on, till you gag, so what

them bros are fuckin siq now

all of these biddies and all of these bros

they make life so pretty over the rainbow

Apple, an All-American Success Story


Not surprisingly, Apple will be spending its money on the dividend and buyback using its domestic cash.

About two-thirds of Apple’s [$100,000,000,000, ie one hundred billion dollars] cash sits overseas since that’s where the company’s earns most of its revenue.

Apple pays an international tax rate of under 3%, according to Bernstein Research, so repatriating its overseas cash would come at a steep cost. Most large S&P 500 firms pay an international tax rate of between 13% and 25%.


kill me shinee will be in the same time zone as me ok. THE SAME FUCKING TIME ZONE HGJDJSHDFJSHDFSDHJJKJJGVFH

within driving distance too ok

ugh fuck

[insert everything fucking sucks gif here]

srsly tho. -_- ok well I’m going to be spending tomorrow adequately pissed off but oushdhlsjdhhflssdfbhksdhflusdhfku w/e

I might be babysitting my cousin tho :o he’s a bit over 2 but I don’t think he likes me ;~;

and unfortunately I’m not yet at an age where I appreciate babies. or children. or toddlers. or anybody. lol kkk it’s 3 am but I’m on my moms iPad and I’m still going to watch videos.

Dad STILL hasn’t fucking ordered another cord. at a loss ok. fancams and pics are coming out and I am positively dying for my photoshop jfc

yep. gonna effectively shank myself tomorrow. [insert sarcastic, dry smile here]

have a fab one guys