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AUs and Prompts List

So I just gathered some prompts and AUs that I really like. Take your pick!


  1. Imagine your OTP exchanging gifts for the first time during the holidays, maybe both a little nervous that the other won’t like their gift. It turns out that neither has any reason to be anxious; both love the other’s gift and kisses are exchanged along with each present.

  2. Imagine person A of your OTP relentlessly flirting with B in public, just to see B blush.

  3. Imagine your OTP studying together, and for every question answered right, somebody has to take off a piece of clothing.

  4. Imagine Person A keeps having nightmares about Person B. They don’t know what disturbs them more— how scary the dreams are, or how arousing they are.

  5. Person A has given up on love. Nope. Love is not for them. Forget that…. And then they meet person B and think; “Annnd this is the asshole who will ruin everything.”

  6. Imagine your OTP is wrestling over the remote.

  7. Imagine Person A of your OTP seeing Person B with bed hair for the first time, and being totally blown away by how cute/hot/etc. they look with their hair being a huge mess. Bonus: if Person A gets flustered when Person B pokes fun at them for liking it.

  8. Imagine your OTP intertwining their fingers together while they’re in bed.

  9. Imagine your OTP have a morning class together and person A always walks in late and has obviously just woken up and person B thinks that the grumpy person who sits in front of him is the cutest thing ever.

  10. Person A leaving thigh hickeys on person B.

  11. Imagine your OTP stuck in an elevator after they’ve had a fight. 

  12. Imagine your OTP getting in a fight and one of them yelling that they love the other one and then it gets really quiet.
  13. Imagine person A of your OTP scaring person B (during Halloween) on accident so badly that they cry.

  14. Imagine your OTP cuddling under a blanket on a cold winter night. Person A gently wrapping their arms around Person B and lightly kissing down their neck making Person B shiver from something other than the cold outside.

  15. Imagine your OTP running into each other under the mistletoe. Person A blushes and goes to suggest that they don’t have to kiss but Person B cuts them off with a kiss.

  16. Imagine person A of your OTP wearing person B’s clothes.

  17. Imagine person A walking out of the bathroom after a shower, half-naked and wreathed in steam, and B immediately dropping whatever they were holding. Bonus if it’s an animal which gives them the stink eye before slinking away.

  18. Imagine your OTP as teachers at the same school who are always flirting and have their students shipping them without realizing it.

  19. Imagine person A of your OTP coming home from the gym all sweaty. Person B sees this and gets instantly turned on.

  20. Imagine your OTP moving in together. They’re unpacking each other’s boxes when they find, ah, interesting things they didn’t know the other person owned.

  21. Imagine your OTP finding fanfic of each other, either separately or together. Alternately, imagine Person A writing fanfic of them and Person B finding it/finding out about it, or they both write it and find each other’s.

  22. Imagine your OTP waking up at the same time for a midnight snack and Person B scares Person A on accident.

  23. Imagine your OTP living together. The air conditioner breaks during the hottest week of summer and your OTP has to figure out how to stay cool. Alternately, the heating breaks during the coldest week of winter and your OTP has to figure out how to stay warm.

  24. Imagine your OTP not having enough blankets for both of them and sharing. It takes some doing, but they settle comfortably into each other’s arms and fall asleep listening to each other’s heartbeat, smelling their hair, feeling the rise and fall of their breath. The next morning, they’re still in the same position.

  25. Imagine your OTP living in a dorm. Person A thinks that person B is kinda cute, but otherwise doesn’t feel much for them. Person A goes to borrow a textbook from person B and walks in on person B in their pajamas with their hair all messed up and person A thinks it’s the cutest thing ever.

  26. Imagine person B of your otp uses person A as a pillow.

  27. Imagine person A of your otp goes to a bookstore and spends hours just looking at books and person B sees them and falls in love with how passionate they are and how geeky they are.

  28. Imagine person A of your otp is reading a book late at night and person B can’t sleep so they ask person A to read to them so person A starts reading out loud and a few minutes later person B is completely knocked out and person A gives them a kiss on their forehead.

  29. Imagine Persons A and B of your OTP both go to a private school. Person A is really studious and innocent, like never been kissed type thing. In contrast, Person B got kicked out of their old school for sleeping with a teacher. One day Person B sees Person A in the hall and decides that ‘corrupting’ Person A will be their personal mission this school year. Up to you whether or not they succeed.

  30. Imagine person A of your otp is waiting at a restaurant for their date and is obviously being stood up and person B notices this, just before person A gets sick of waiting and gets up to leave person B sits with them, and even though they aren’t who person A was waiting for they end up having a lot of fun and hooking up.

  31. “Bonding solely via eye contact over that annoying person on our plane that we’re both slowly becoming more and more exasperated about” au.

  32. “Constantly fighting for the best seat in the library/coffee shop/whatever” au.

  33. “We are both stuck in the dorm common room because their respective roommates needed ‘alone time’” au.

  34. “I was walking by the roller coasters and someone’s shoe flew off and hitme in the head” au.

  35. “You just caught me reading hardcore smut fan fiction during class and you’re wondering how I can read this with a blank face” au.

  36. “I sent a selfie of myself in the tub to the wrong number and you responded back with another selfie. Holy shit you’re really attractive.” au.

  37. “Now or Never kiss” au.

  38. Being on the brink of admitting their feelings for each other but then getting interrupted.

  39. Both of them being the best friends that everyone just assumes is a couple and no one is even surprised when they announce they’re official because 'wtf do you mean you weren’t before?’

  40. “I thought you were my friend so I slapped your ass in greeting" au.

Kiss and Dash | Part 2 | PETER PARKER X READER

Description: It all starts when the reader kisses Peter Parker for a dare then runs off but it really spirals out of control when Spiderman takes revenge with his own kiss and dash. Is it possible that a simple dare could lead to the unveiling of New York City’s youngest superhero’s true identity? Because not all people kiss the exact same… right?

Author’s Note: I know this isn’t an update to Double Take but I promise that’ll be the next fic I post. I’m currently out of town (this post is scheduled) so I’ll be answering all the asks and messages I receive when I get back. Once again I’d like to say that inspiration for this fic came from this one and as always feel free to send me requests or let me know if you want to be tagged in my future fics

Important Notice: I want to hold a contest to celebrate my recent gain in followers and one of my wonderful followers suggested I do a writing contest. Here’s a link to the ask she sent me with more info. If enough people message/like/reblog/reply to it I’m going to do it. Please let me know if you’re interested so I know if I should do it!

Word Count: 1969

Fanfiction Masterlist | Part 1

(Y/N) had kissed him.

She actually pressed him against the lockers, and kissed him.

(Y/N) (Y/L/N), his best friend who was relatively timid and shy, stormed into the boy’s locker room, pinned him down, and kissed him.

It was literally, all Peter could think about. He couldn’t tell you what happened in school that day because he was too busy playing the kiss over and over again in his mind. The warmth that seeped through his collar where she grabbed him. The feel of her soft lips against his. The sweet taste she had left behind and the sparks that fizzled all over his body at the fact that she had just kissed him!

And Peter couldn’t understand why. Well, he had an idea of what it meant but he wasn’t really in the mood to dwell over the fact that he might have a crush on one of his best friends.

(Y/N) had never been the type of girl who, well, walked into boy’s locker room and kissed someone. Not only that, but kiss someone fiercely. Peter never thought that (Y/N) had an aggressive bone in her body before this, but that kiss certainly raised some questions to the matter.

“C’mon Peter, bro,” Ned said, snapping a finger in front of his face. “Snap out of it! You’ve been acting like a zombie all day!”

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You can Run ( void!stiles smut )

author : wantstobeastilinski
pairing : void!stiles x reader
warnings : this is literally just sin, hair pulling, cursing, spanking, unprotected sex ( wrap it before you tap it children )

My heart was racing as I rushed down the halls of the abandoned house. My bare feet hit the pavement and I didn’t dare look over my shoulder, knowing he would be right behind me.

Those eyes that are so much like my friends, the ones that would make me do anything. But, when its Stiles, not romantically. But with this..this thing taking over his body, it could make me do whatever it wants.

“Come on, little one. You think you’ll get away from me?"His voice sent chills to my spine, but I didn’t stop. I had to get out.

"Ah ah, just remember, the longer you run, the harder the punishment.”;And that’s when I stopped, closing my eyes. I would be dying tonight.

You must be wondering, (Y/N), how the hell did you get yourself in this situation? Well, I needed comfort, and went to my friends house, who is currently possessed by an evil yet hot ancient Japanese spirit, because he gives the best cuddles. I’m surprised that with everything that goes on in Beacon Hills, I haven’t died, because I don’t think anything through.

I feel a hand wrap itself through my hair as my head is yanked back. I hit a strong shoulder as the familiar scent of Stiles fills my nostrils. He smells like mint and fresh rain, and it used to calm me, but now, it’s causing my heart to race.

“There we go, little one.” His husky voice sends shivers down my spine and I gulp, closing my eyes.

His free hand moves up my side as his lips find their way on my neck. I let out a whimper when he sucks on my sweet spot, and a dark chuckle escapes him.

“He sure doesn’t like this.” He mumbles. Before I can ask what in the hell he is talking about, his hand slips under my shirt and I let out a squeak when his icy cold fingers touch my skin.

His hand slides up to my breasts, and even though there is fabric separating us, I let out a sigh of pleasure as he gropes them.

“W-what are you doing?” I whispered, not trusting my voice completely. He lets go of my hair and turns me around, looking down at me with cold eyes. Instead of the normal joy and happiness, mischief and evil is filling them.

“I told you, if you ran, you would get a punishment.”

All of a sudden, I am thrown against the wall and his hands are on my hips, pulling my ass into his. I whimper and close my eyes.

He quickly pulls down my skirt and I can almost hear the smirk on his face. “Such a pretty ass, little one. But it’s quite pale, don’t you think, Stiles?”

Before I can give him a sassy remark, his hand comes down on my ass cheek. There is only a little bit of cloth covering my ass, but that area still burns. I let out a scream and close my eyes.

“Oh, shush little one, it’ll feel better in a moment.” He coos, rubbing over where he just spanked. After another moment, his hand comes down again, and this time I let out a whimper as arousal goes straight to my core.

He continues spanking me, and every time his hand comes in contact with my ass, I slowly get closer to the edge.

“Well, from the look on your face and the wet spot on your panties, i would assume you enjoy this?” He asks, and I quickly nod.

I knew it was wrong, but it felt so damn good. The only thing on my mind was his cock pounding into me roughly. I let out a moan at the thought and he pulled my hair again.

“Tell me what you’re thinking about, little one.” He demands, and I let out a gasp as he pulls my panties to the side, letting a finger run over my folds.

“Y-your cock in my p-pussy.” I finally get out. At my words, he slips a finger into my heat, a moan escaping my lips.

“Well, go on.” He states, his voice full of lust and desire.

“Y-you fucking me so h-hard, making me scream your name.” Moans are slipping past my lips as he adds another finger, scissoring inside me.

My legs are trembling and my eyes close. “Does that feel good?” He coos, speeding up slightly. I nod quickly, my mouth forming an ‘o’ as I near my release.

Just as I am about to fall over the edge, he pulls his fingers from my core, and I let out an impatient whine.

He chuckles and lets go of my hair. “Patience, little one. Even though I want to please you, I have another to worry about.”

He turns me around and lifts me up against the wall. My hands find his hair as I smash my lips against his, the lust finally taking over.

He groans against my lips as I tug at his hair harshly, a smile forming on my lips. I hear a zipper being pulled down and whimper, wanting him to fill me already.

My prayers are answered as I feel his tip slide between my folds. My eyes open and I let out a long moan. He bites his lip and I take in the scene, imprinting it in my mind.

He suddenly slams into me and I let out a scream, arching my back as the sudden intrusion makes my walls clench.

“There we go, little one. Enjoy yourself. Show him just how good you look on this cock, how much it pleasures you.” I didn’t even comprehend his words completely as I tugged at his hair.

“Faster.” I said breathlessly, looking him in the eyes. “Please go faster.”

He smirks evilly. “As you say.”

He picks up his speed, moans falling from my lips as a few grunts escape his. I clench around his member, moving my hands from his hair to my shirt. I tug it off and move to my bra, groping my breasts through the material.

“Look at that, Stiles. I’m making her feel so good, making her feel the way you wish you could.” His eyes shine with lust and desire, and I whimper as I buck my hips.

“I-I’m gonna…” I couldn’t finish my sentence, due to the fact the coil in my stomach breaks, sending me through waves of pleasure. Screams pass my lips and I move my hands back to his shoulders, holding on for dear life.

Void doesn’t even falter in his movements, taking in my every move. “There we go, little one. Cum all over my cock.” He whispers huskily.

Once I fall down from my high, I expect him to stop but he speeds up. “What are you-”

“Shut up!” He yells and I flinch. “I’m going to fuck you as long as I want, little one. And all you are going to do is let me and cum when I say so.”

His words go straight to my core, turning me on even more. I nod and move my lips to his jaw, sucking lightly.

Grunts fall from his lips as I feel my high slowly come again. I grind down on him as best as I can, trying to get him and I both to our releases.

“You feel so fucking tight. Such a great pussy, too. Want to be buried in you for forever.” He grunts in my ear.

“Please make me cum again.” I whine. And he does just that, moving one finger to my bundle of nerves. He works over it as I scream out.

“Let go.”

At his words, I let the pleasure swallow me whole again. My eyes roll in the back of my head as my juices cover his dick.

I can tell he is close by the way his cock twitches, and I smirk.

“Please cum in me.” I whimper, biting my lip. He groans and moved his head to my neck, his thrusts becoming sloppy and erratic. Soon enough, I feel his hot liquid shoot inside me, coating my walls.

Once he is done filling me up, he bites at my neck and pulls out of me. He lets me fall to the ground and I curse loudly, covering my face.

He looks down at me, a dark smile on his face. “Do clean yourself up, little one. We have things to do.” With that, he turns and starts to walk out.

Just before he is out of sight, his voice echoes against the walls.

“Stiles says hi.”

wwwhatnatahbd  asked:

Hi! First of all, I really like your blog. That's why I'd like to ask you a question. What do you think about Targ!bowl? Do you like this theory? I know it's almost impossible in the show, considering 7x06, but a man have a right to hope)) Maybe we'll see it in the books? I mean, Martin definitely sees dragons as dangerous as the Others. Thank you!

Hi, you’re awesome thank you!!

I don’t just like this theory. I believe wholeheartedly in this theory!

And it’s actually not impossible. There’s a variety of reasons why Targbowl is almost inevitably going to be the crux of the latter half of the story. 

1) From day one, Danielle has based every decision in her life on the fact that she is the last Targaryen standing and it is her birthright, her destiny to sit on the Iron Throne. 

Her speech here in 7x03: 

We fled before Robert’s assassins could find us. Robert was your father’s best friend, no? I wonder if your father knew his best friend sent assassins to murder a baby girl in her crib. Not that it matters now of course. I spent my life in foreign lands. So many men have tried to kill me. I don’t remember all of their names. I have been sold like a brood mare. I have been chained and betrayed, raped and defiled. Do you know what kept me standing through all those years in exile? Faith. Not in any gods. Not in myths and legends. In myself. In Daenerys Targaryen. The world hadn’t seen a dragon in centuries until my children were born. The Dothraki hadn’t crossed the sea. Any sea.

What’s kept her going is this steadfast belief that she has a larger destiny. It’s a powerful speech, which is half about her confidence in herself, but also half about her sense of entitlement to that throne. 

When my dragons are grown, we will take back what was stolen from me and destroy those who wronged me! We will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground! - 2x04

She fully believes this and will stop at nothing to achieve it. That’s her greatest character strength: her sheer drive and ambition. Now, what happens when it’s revealed that not only is she not the last Targaryen but she actually has no right to the throne? With the reveal of 7x05, Jon is actually the rightful heir. He is the only trueborn son of Rhaegar Targaryen, which means he is the first in line to the Iron Throne over Danielle. 

To say that she would give all of that up for ‘love’ is a disservice to Danielle’s character. She didn’t go through everything she did for 7 seasons only to hand it all over to Jon. And a marriage between them would be politically stupid because they’re both Targaryens and everyone in Westeros knows or rather believes that Targaryen inbreeding is what led to Aerys’ madness. 

Personally, I believe as well that Danielle is in love with the idea of Jon more than who he is himself. She likes the idea that there is another like her, who is a prophesised hero beloved by his kingdom, but to find out he’s a Targaryen as well with more claim to the throne then her, she’ll lash out. She may be blind to her own faults, but at a very base level, she’ll believe he’s capable of stealing everything she wants from her even though we all know Jon doesn’t want the Iron Throne. He’s a threat, plain and simple. 

2) ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, while Jon3rys shippers want to claim that as a reasoning for their ship, I believe otherwise. Actually, the Ice and Fire can refer to a number of things. I don’t think there is one solid answer, which I believe was the point of naming it as such. And one of the symbolic representations of Ice and Fire is indeed Jon and Danielle, but not as a couple. 

You see, there was the Dance of Dragons, which sounds friendly enough, but it’s actually about the civil war between Aegon II and his sister Rhaenyra over their father Viserys I’s throne. It’s a poetic title for a horrible war, so I believe ‘the Song of Ice and Fire’ will be the poetic title for the war between Danielle and Jon. 

And just to go off of what you said, Martin does see dragons as dangerous as the others, which is another interpretation of the Ice and Fire dichotomy. Ice obviously relating to the White Walkers and the Night King (a dangerous supernatural force in Westeros) and Fire being the dragons (another dangerous supernatural force in Westeros). 

The fact that now the Night King has his own dragon, this becomes even more of a pronounced manifestation of Ice and Fire. I mean, would a wight dragon spout fire or ice? Should be ice, right? Anyway, dragon battles are coming too. 

3) It’s already been foreshadowed. 

Jon says to Danielle in 7x05: 

“I wish you good fortune in the wars to come, Your Grace.”

This is a direct parallel to Mance Rayder saying it to Stannis Baratheon in 5x01 right before Stannis burned him. 

And Ser Arthur Dayne also says the exact same thing to young Ned Stark at the Tower of Joy in 6x03 right before they started fighting and Dayne died. 

I don’t believe Jon will die again because it feels like a repetitive plot point to have him die again [edit: although now I’m more inclined lol]. But let’s entertain that theory for a second. We know that Beric has been resurrected several times, so I suppose there is a chance Jon will die at the hands of Danielle, only to be resurrected again. It would bring Melisandre back into the story because she will be the only one who can do it. She also predicted that her involvement in this war isn’t yet over in 7x03: 

“I will return, dear spider. One last time…… I have to die in this strange country, just like you.”

If she were to bring Jon back again, it would make sense that Danielle would have her killed instantly so that she won’t have the power to do so again, making Jon vulnerable. Him dying at the hands of Danielle would finally give him the strength to kill her himself because he might have been conflicted in doing so up until that point, which would also fulfill Danielle’s prophecy that she would be betrayed by a lover.  

This would also explain why they keep bringing home the fact that Jon got stabbed in the heart around Danielle and why she is so drawn to that seemingly throwaway comment. At first, I thought it was to establish her obsession with prophecies and the idea that Danielle is Narcissus and Jon is her ‘reflection’, but maybe it’s foreshadowing that Danielle will be the second set of hands to drive a knife through Jon’s heart, either metaphorically or literally. 

Perhaps another theory in regards to Jon ‘dying’ is that once it comes to light that he’s a Targaryen, Danielle will burn him with her dragon fire, unwilling to believe that he is a Targaryen (because she’s so adamant of being the last of her family, she’s hardly going to believe it). Or even if he has Rhaegar’s blood, it doesn’t make him a dragon, as Viserys also died via fire and you remember what she said about him: 

“He was no dragon. Fire cannot kill a dragon.” - 1x06

But it turns out Jon is a dragon and he survives. Again, this also demonstrates to him and the audience that she is in fact not a hero at all. It absolves him of the guilt of being the one to kill her. 

Either way, what these quotes foreshadow is an antagonistic relationship between the person who said it and the person it’s being directed towards. Yes, some are claiming it’s just a saying warriors say to others, but if so, then more people would’ve said it over the course of the show. The fact that there have only been 2 other instances and both played out the way they did, that’s foreshadowing. 

4) I actually forgot to add this, but Danielle burning Randyll and Dickon Tarly will come back to wedge a huge divider between Danielle and Jon. The Tarly’s are Sam’s family. Whether he had a hostile relationship with his father or not, he didn’t hate his brother and Danielle burnt Dickon for utterly no reason other than pride and a need to instill fear. 

Even Tyrion acknowledges this in 7x06. 

Sam, as one of the most kindhearted individuals on the show, won’t take too kindly to this either. And as Sam’s best friend, Jon isn’t going to be happy about it. If people think Jon would side with Danielle, a woman he’s known for less than a year, over one of his most loyal and most trusted friends, a brother, then they sorely lack the ability to comprehend Jon’s character. It will be the first step towards Jon and Danielle hostilities, I believe.

Targbowl is coming, whether people are willing to accept it or not, and I personally believe it’s rather inevitable at this point. 

Alec and the Mute w/ Alec Lightwood x Reader

Request: Can you write an Alec x reader where she is a Shadowhunter but she is mute and is dating Alec. Then during a mission she gets hurt badly and almost dies and after she recovers she finally talks and Alec like cries because he’s so happy to hear her voice and can you make it with lots of fluff please?

A/N: At the anon who requested this, I hope it does match your expectations

I am a loner, not because I don’t like people, but because I am afraid of losing them. This is not an unreasoned fear, I lost my parents when I was little and I had to stand by and watch it. They died protecting me and my older brother, but no one knows that, because I don’t talk. With no one, not even my own brother, I just forgot how to. After witnessing my beloved parent’s death I shut down completely and stopped talking. And because now everyone thinks I am a mute, I don’t bother to change that, at least no one forces me to talk. I and my brother Jonah were both sent to the New York institute after our parent’s death, due to our uncle working there. Life was hard, but we had to learn to cope with it, a Shadowhunter never shows weakness. At least it brought something good, the Lightwood siblings whom were now my best friends, even without verbally communicating we understood each other perfectly, especially me and Alec, there is such a strong connection between us, that I sometimes wonder if we are really just friends or if there’s more to that. Anyways how you can probably guess, I am not really a fan of working together with other Shadowhunter on mission, not that I don’t think they’re not capable, but not talking makes some situations difficult, so I only go on solo missions, no talking more doing. Well, and that is exactly the reason why me and Alec are fighting at the moment. “Y/N, you are not going on this mission!” Alec said a bit aggregated, I pulled my eyebrow up, as if to say ‘and why’s that?’ “You know exactly why! It’s a suicide mission even with a partner, I wouldn’t let you go, it’s too dangerous and you can’t even shout for help, so my decision is clear and as the head of the institute you have to obey or else it will have consequences even for you!” HE said getting louder and louder towards the end, trying to bring his point of view across of me. Reacting to Alec’s outburst I threw him a sarcastic smile, turned around and left. Alec knew me well and understood that I was beyond pissed. This was definitely not the first time this happened, he knew that I was one hell of a fighter and had my priorities set, so why wouldn’t he let me do my job? Even Jonah, who was more than skeptical to let me off alone, accepted it at one point and let me do my own thing, but Alec wouldn’t get it in his head that I can take care of myself, sure I may not talk, but that doesn’t mean that I am weak, who does he think he is. My thoughts making me angrier than I already was, I didn’t consider Izzy’s words of wisdom, maybe Alec liked me and doesn’t want me to get hurt, but I consider that bullshit, Alec doesn’t like anybody, at least in the romantic way, “Shadowhunters’ don’t show feelings, or else it gets them hurt” those were Alec’s wise words. While my mind was running wild with angry thoughts I geared up for the mission I was not supposed to go one, indeed it might be a suicide mission, but I know I can handle it, there’s a reason I didn’t die on any of my hundred solo missions. Sneaking past Alec who stared intently at one of the monitors in the main hall, I quickly made my way out of the institute and of to find the rouge demon clique. As soon as I got there I understood why Alec wouldn’t let me go alone, there were way more demons that I thought.

Meanwhile at the institute

Alec was focused on one of the monitors in the main hall, at least it seemed like it. “What’s going through your head, bro?” Jace asked his Parabatai, who experienced a near heart attack from the sudden noise. “Don’t do that, Jace!” “Well than, what’s going on with you?” “I and Y/N fought, again… and now she is pissed and I don’t know how to fix it. She just doesn’t want to understand why she can’t go on this mission!” Alec said frustrated. “Dude, you know that she didn’t listened to you, right?” Alec gave Jace a questioning look “Alec, she went on that mission, I saw her gear up like an hour ago” “What?!? Why didn’t you tell me this earlier??” “How the hell was I supposed to know that you told her not to?” After that being said Alec dashed out of the room, went to grab his bow and quiver and went to find Y/N in the fastest way possible.  Jace was right behind him, not letting his Parabatai do this alone.

As the two Shadowhunters arrived at the fight scene, it was already a big mess. There were at least twenty demons and Y/N was still standing strong at least that’s what the boys believed, the second Alec cried out Y/N name, she got distracted and missed the demon she was supposed to slay. From this moment on everything went downhill. The demon took advantage of the very moment and got Y/N bad and Alec watched in slow motion how the silent girl he adored so much cried out in pain and made contact with the asphalt ground. In this moment of blind rage Alec took nearly every single demon out and the ones he didn’t kill he left for Jace to take care of. As soon as the area was cleared out of demons Alec kneeled down next to Y/N and his heart died a bit. His mind was still working in overdrive, he drew a healing rune on her body and took her in the quickest way possible back to the institute.

33 hours later- Y/N POV

Darkness was surrounding me and I didn’t understood why, I don’t remember going to sleep, so why is everything so dark? I tried opening my eyes but they wouldn’t budge, was I dead? Is this how being dead feels? Weird, it feels kind of nice, sure my body hurts, but it’s so comfy and warm, my hand is a bit sweaty too. As I try to wipe my hand off, I fell some pressure there and suddenly hear a voice. “Y/N?” it calls, still trying to force my eyes open the voice keeps on talking “Come on, I know you are in there, please just wake up, I can’t live any longer if you are not here with me. I love you, please wake up!” The voice actually sounded a lot like Alec, but why would he say such things? What the hell happened? Having enough of the darkness I pulled all my strength and will together and pried my eyes open, only to see white blinding light and a tearstained Alec. I groaned, trying to get his attention, him still holding his monologue. The second he looked me in the eyes a grin slit across his face, but vanished as fast as it came. “Y/N, I am so sorry this happened, I was the reason you got hurt, if I hadn’t distracted you none of this would have happened…” I waved a hand in front of his face again gaining his attention and pointing to the water on the bedside table. Man, was I thirty. Alec, being the sweetheart he is holding the cup to my mouth and enabling me to drink, clearing my throat I spoke my first words since at least 10 years “I love you too” The look on Alec’s face was priceless, he looked so shocked, either because I talked or because I told him I felt the same or maybe both, but I didn’t care. Those were my first words ever to him and I don’t regret them. “You… you can talk, I mean you just talked… and you love me” Alec was flabbergasted, his one true love was feeling the same way.  His dream finally came true. What happened next, I would’ve never thought that mister shy-pants would ever make the first and final move. You wouldn’t believed me if I told you that he kissed me, like in on swift unexpected move his lips where on mine and we were both moving in sync. And let me tell you this was definitely not my first kiss but it was by far the best, there was so much passion and love in just this one simple kiss. As the oxygen got less we both pulled away and it was as if the time stopped moving, we were just staring at each other and trying to realize what just happened and while doing so it happened again and again, it was like some magnetic force was pulling us together. In the end I scooted over to make room for Alec in my infirmary bed and all we did was cuddle and talk, well Alec was talking and I was listening, because you can’t just go from ten years without even muttering a word and then suddenly hold long conversations, so I stuck to listening and even sometimes answering, which still is a weird feeling. But with Alec by my side I would master this mission of finding myself again too. There sure was a lot more to come for me.

The End

If Our Worlds Collide

Kara x Lena (supercorp) -inspired by this song

Lena gently pressed the button for the top floor of Catco Magazine. In addition to the numerous messages she had left on Kara’s cell–9 to be exact, Lena had been all over National City in search of her best (and only) friend. When the elevator dinged at the top and the doors slid open, she was taken aback to see none other than Cat Grant standing in front of her. Cat stepped one sharp-toed heel into elevator frame “My, my if it isn’t Lena Luthor. I was wondering when I’d finally run into you, young lady. Kara talks about you non-stop…It’s disgusting really. She’s all ‘Oh, Miss Grant, did you see the flowers Lena sent me, aren’t they beautiful?’ and ‘Sorry, Miss Grant, I can’t talk I have to meet Lena for brunch at this new vegan restaurant down the street.’ A vegan restaurant Lena.” Cat took a pause, “Although, as annoying as it may be to listen to her constant gushing, I’m happy to finally see Kara with someone who treats her as well as you do.”

Lena looked down as a bright pink color brushed across her cheeks. After a few seconds, she looked back up at Cat, “I hate to burst your bubble Cat, but Kara and I aren’t together or anything. We’re just friends.“

Cat hummed to herself. “I think you and Kara might be the only two people in National City who believe that.” Cat watched Lena freeze at that. She stepped fully into the elevator, “Kara is out on the balcony. Correct me if I’m wrong here, but that is why you’ve come here at this late at night, right?” Lena nodded. Cat smirked and then gave Lena a little shove out into the office space. “It was good seeing you Lena, I’m sure I’ll be seeing you again very soon,” she said with a wink as the elevator door slid shut.

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I’m Not Wearing Plaid On My Wedding Day

Jared x Reader

Word Count: 667

Warnings: none

Written by: Mik

A/N: I mean no disrespect to Gen or the kids. Let’s just pretend in this fic, she’s happily married to someone else.

“No,” were the first words out of my mouth as Jared pointed to a pin on my screen. I was currently looking up wedding stuff on my Pinterest count, and Jared had decided to join me since we both wanted to have a part in our special day.

But after only an hour of searching through thousands of pins, I was ready to kick him out of the entire process. Our den’s coffee table was full of wedding magazines, Jared’s iPad and laptop and my laptop as we worked together.

“I’m not wearing plaid on my wedding day Jared!” I exclaimed, laughing at the ridiculous notion my fiancé set out. Jared and I had decided to keep it a country themed wedding as we were both born and bred Texans, and it just made sense for us. Now however, he was trying to get me to wear a plaid shirt instead of my wedding dress. “You are not actually Sam Winchester nor am I his fiancée, so don’t even think about using that argument,” I added as Jared opened his mouth.

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I just…love my mind right now????? So last night I dreamt Pete Wentz just randomly showed up at my school and like…apparently i had a girlfriend for some reason and we were going to the school’s lounge area…and then I noticed Pete…I almost cried and had my girlfriend ask him to talk to me so I would have some time to compose myself instead of breaking down in front of Pete…and he fUCKING SAT NEXT TO ME AND HE TOOK A PICTURE WITH ME AND SIGNED MY NOTEBOOK COVER BUT THEN OH MY GOD AJDKDNCNDOSOGOGHKAGDALSHSKJ HE KISSED ME?????? OH MY GOD?!?!?!?! I ALMOST CRIED AFTER HE LEFT BECAUSE PETE WENTZ WAS MY FIRST KISS EVER BEAT THAT YOU PEASANTS AND MY GIRLFRIEND WAS SCREAMING BECAUSE “OMG PETE WENTZ KISSED MY GIRLFRIEND” LIKE SHE WANTED TO KISS ALL THE WENTZ OFF MY LIPS SO SHE COULD HAVE SOME LMAO


Still, thank you, mind, for cooking up such a beautiful dream. It’s a wonderful follow-up to that one time I dreamed Patrick came to my school and we hugged for like 3 hours…he was so soft ;_;

ALLRIGHT been a while since we did one of these, but finally finished Biryu’s character, Allison! Definitely the most complex of our custom sprites so far in terms of different parts, but I think she turned out good! 

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dear life,

why have you been so crazy lately ?

for those who’re following me since a few months, you might know that a while ago i used to date a military guy who was sent in mission in the jungle near brasil. well, i used to date him and i’ll explain you why and where i’m going from now. take a sit because it’s a looong story. #lovelife

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The last message I sent to my first love, before I blocked his number and every social media account. We were “together” for almost 4 years and went through so much in and out of the country. He caused me more pain than happiness. He was a monk. He went back and forth about what he wanted and knew how much I loved him. He used that to string me along and have the best of both worlds. I was so blind.

We gradually fell out of love before this text message was sent, but I tried to remain his friend, though it wasn’t healthy. He would say things like “I know you still have feelings for me” and “This isn’t over.”

I made up my mind to cut him out of my life during a phone conversation a few days before I sent this when he told me he was currently pursuing two women, one of them married.

I have now been in a healthy, wonderful relationship for two months and I don’t miss him at all. Thinking back on the whole nightmare, it feels like another life. After being in misery for so long, you never know what wonderful thing is around the corner.  

“I actually had a lot of friends when I was a child, but only one of them was special for me. His name was Fred. We spent hours and hours after school together. Sadly when he was ten, his family moved away from Moonlight Falls. He sent me some letters, I answered, but it just…kind of faded. I wonder where he is now.”

Playing Dumb || Suga || Oneshot

Originally posted by mn-yg

Word Count: 1221

Genre: fluff, oneshot

Summary: Sometimes Yoongi didn’t know if you were playing dumb, or you were actually dumb.

“So is there a reason you’re perpetually hanging around here?”

You looked up at your brother’s roommate and best friend and straightened, “Well, is there a reason you’re perpetually refusing to wear pants?”

Yoongi raised an eyebrow and looked down at himself. A yawn escaped his lips as he made his way to the kitchen. “I forgot, okay? Plus,” he opened the fridge, “It’s not like it’s the first time you’ve seen me pants-less.”

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I Hate You, I Love You

Hi, I absolutely adore your blog, you’re such a great writer. I was wondering if I could request an spencer Reid imagine based on the song ‘I hate you I love you’ based on season 8 just before meaves death.

I can most certainly do this!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 2  Part 3  Part 4)

Feeling used, but I’m still missing you, and I can’t see the end of this, just wanna feel your kiss against my lips.  And now all this time is passing by, but I still can’t seem to tell you why it hurts me every time I see you.  I realize how much I need you…

Sitting on a bench as you hold your newspaper to your face, you slip your gaze up above the crest of the fluttering paper, peeking over at the man that had stolen your heart and soul.

The man you had kissed a few months back.

You watched as he stood, his hands jammed in his pockets as he rocks back and forth on his feet, waiting anxiously for the payphone to ring just so he could hear her voice.

Her voice that held all of the knowledge in the world.

His lifeline.

I hate you, I love you…I hate that I love you.  Don’t want to but I can’t put nobody else above you.  I hate you, I love you…I hate that I want you.  You want her, you need her…

You feel your jaw clench as the phone begins to ring, watching as he hastily picks up the phone before the first ring resounds, his lips curling up into the brightest smile you had ever seen.

A smile with the lips you had kissed.

They never smiled at you like that.

…and I’ll never be her…

You wonder what they are conversing about.  The topics you would never understand, and the humor you would never find funny.  You wondered if he was still asking her for help with his headaches that you knew had been plaguing him for some time…or if maybe they were chatting about how her day was going.

You watch as his entire posture changes: his eyes growing bright and his back standing tall.  His shoulders rolling back and his smile growing broad.  His hand moving at a million miles a second as he fills her in on his days, drinking in every drop of her voice as you watch him close his eyes, trying desperately to conjure her in front of him.

A her that wasn’t you.

You could never be here.

Not to him.

I miss you when I can’t sleep, or right after coffee, or right when I can’t eat.  I miss you in my front seat…still got sand in my sweaters from nights we don’t remember.  Do you miss me like I miss you?

You feel tears cresting the back of your eyes as you watched his stunned expression.  The way his body stopped moving.  The way he stumbled hanging the phone call back up.

The way he almost forgot his bag walking in the opposite direction for work…

She said it.

That word.

That word that you craved to say to him.

Did she feel it as vast as you did?

Did she offer no strings attached like you would?

Did her love has stipulations?

Would he even care if it did…?

Fucked around and got attached to you.  Friends can break your heart too, and I’m always tired but never of you.  If I pulled a you on you, you wouldn’t like that shit.  I put this reel out, but you wouldn’t bite that shit.  I type a text but then I never mind that shit.  I got these feelings but you never mind that shit.  Oh oh, keep it on the low…

You felt anger grow inside of your chest as you watch him walk away, his attention elsewhere as you watch him take out his cell phone at the corner, his body instinctively waiting for traffic to die down as he tries desperately with his shaking hands to send a text message.

You know who he was trying to contact.

And it boiled your blood.

You’re still in love with me but your friends don’t know.  If you wanted me you would just say so, and if I were you, I would never let me go.  I don’t mean no harm, I just miss you on my arm…wedding bells were just alarms…caution tape around my heart…

Watching him as he shoves his phone back into his pocket, you watch his long legs…those legs you straddled with your own as you cupped his face oh so many months ago…glide him across the intersection just as you feel your phone vibrate at your hip.

You felt the bile rise to your throat as you put your newspaper down on the bench beside you, drawing your phone from the clip on your hip as you see Spencer’s name flashing on your screen.

Always the best friend…

You ever wonder what we could have been?  You said you wouldn’t and you fucking did.  Lie to me, lie with me, get your fucking fix…now all my drinks and all my feelings are all fucking mixed.

Opening your phone, you take in a deep breath through your nose as you open the text message he sent you, the one sentence drawing the tears from your eyes, magnetized by your chin as they flow down your face.

She said ‘love you’.

How do you respond?

How do you tell him the drunken kiss so many months ago was the start of something new for you?

How do you tell him that you would give him the world just to see him smile at you the way he does with her?

How do you tell your damsel in distress that you want him to be your knight in shining armor?

How do you stop being so angry?

Always missing people that I shouldn’t be missing.  Sometimes you gotta burn some bridges just to create some distance.  I know that I control my thoughts and I should stop reminiscing, but I learned from my dad that it’s good to have feelings…

Clicking a text message back to him, you shut your phone as you wipe at the tears streaming down your face.  You needed coffee, as well as your makeup bag, in order to patch yourself up for work.

No need to be profiled today.

You didn’t know what else to send him, except for a congratulations.  You knew that this was monumental for your friend, finding someone akin to himself in mind as well as someone that captured his soul.

You would never be able to capture his mind.  Not with barely skating along in high school and just scraping by for a BA in Psychology.

You know the reason you were hired onto the team was because of your physical prowess anyhow.

But it still didn’t stop the tears from forming.

And it still didn’t stop your heart from aching.

And it still didn’t stop your mind from whirling.

And it still didn’t stop the jealousy from boiling.

You were here.

Not her.


When love and trust are gone, I guess this is moving on.  Everyone I do right does me wrong, so every lonely night I sing this song.

Cranking up your car as you pull out onto the road, you feel your phone vibrate again as you pull into the drive-through line of your favorite coffee place.

Here goes nothing.

Swiping your screen as you slowly inch ahead, you place your coffee order before looking down at the message Spencer had returned.

Grabbing coffee.  Want anything?

Does Spencer count?

When he asks you what you want…is it appropriate to say his name?

Probably not.

No, you reply as you slowly pull up to the window to pay, I’m grabbing something now.  See you soon.

All alone I watch you watch her like she’s the only girl you’ve ever seen.  You don’t care, you never did…you don’t give a damn about me.  Yeah all alone I watch you watch her.  She is the only thing you ever see.  How is it you never notice that you are slowly killing me.

Sipping your coffee mindlessly on the way to the office, you are lucky enough to find a spot on the first level of the parking garage across the street.

Deciding to take the time, you reach into your go-bag and pull out your makeup case, flipping your mirror down as you begin to cover up the red blotches and the sunken in eyes from numerous nights of staying awake, fearing that if you go to sleep, you would see him.

Him and you.

Tangled up in each other.

Smiling at you the way he smiles at her.

And you didn’t want a broken heart.

Not any longer.

I hate you, I love you, I hate that I love you…don’t want to but I can’t put nobody else above you.  I hate you I love you, I hate that I want you.  You want her, you need her…

Finished with your facade, you take in a deep breath through your nose just as you ear a light knock at your driver-side car window.

Flipping your mirror up as you slowly pan your gaze over to the window, you plaster on your best smile as your friend and colleague, Spencer Reid, waves at you from the other side.

“Morning!” he beckons, a broad smile peeled across his face as you reach for the rest of your go-bag, pulling it into your lap as Spencer opens your door.

“Need help?” he asks as he grabs for your coffee so that you can put your make-up bag away.

Why couldn’t he just be an asshole?

“Thanks, Reid,” you muse, climbing out of your car as you lock the door and shut it closed with your hip.

“So…?” Spencer asks as he hands you your coffee after swinging your bag strap across your chest.

“Mhmmmm?” you hum mockingly, trying to match his playful tone as you brace yourself for a conversation you didn’t want to have.

“What do you think she meant?” he asks sheepishly.

His tone of voice both melted your heart and churned your stomach.

You wanted him to be talking about you.

“I think she meant what she said, Reid,” you say as the two of you dash across the street, standing at the foot of the steps to the FBI building.

“So you think she meant it?” he asks.

“I mean, why would she say it otherwise?  Has she lied to you before?” you ask.

If she ever lied to him, you’d kill her.

“No.  No she’s-…she’s never lied,” he breathes.

And as you turn towards him, your hand reaching out and rubbing his arm comfortingly, a thought that hadn’t dawned on you before crosses your mind.

Maybe this women doesn’t wear make-up.

“Then there’s no reason to stop believing her now,” you muse, your smile sliding down to a grin as you try to keep your resolve, just until you could peel out of his vision.  Make an excuse to take a different elevator.  Slip into a bathroom.

Anything to free you from the fiery pits of the hell you had succumbed to.

“Thanks, Y/L/N,” Spencer muses before he wraps his arms around you, giving you a giant hug as he holds you close.

His warmth was intoxicating…

“I’m gonna wait until we see each other face to face.  I want her to see how genuine my response is,” Spencer smiles as he pulls away, starting up for the doors as you stand, rooted to your spot.


Spencer Reid was in love with a ghost.

A ghost that was better than you…

…and I’ll never be her.

5 things

@spellslut tagged me. here we go.

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  1. I don’t really carry a bag.
  2. This is starting off great.
  3. Probably just gum
  4. and trash
  5. if I carried a bag around, it’d be full of trash.

5 things you’ll find in my room:

  1. a pug canvas print. it’s beautiful.
  2. this sign with my name in mongolian that a friend sent to me years ago. i wonder what happened to them. they could be dead. who knows?
  3. a couple gay illustration books. they’re amazing.
  4. my computer. the best thing that has ever happened to me/is more than likely the reason why i don’t have a job currently.
  5. a thick layer of dog hair on everything.

5 things that make me feel happy:

  1. Money.
  2. Roadhog.
  3. Lipton Half & Half
  5. this one makes me sad but happy is that courage the cowardly dog episode with the space squids.

5 things I’m currently into:

  1. Cuphead
  2. Purple Disco Machine
  3. I’m still obsessed with that Magikarp song that Pokemon released a few months ago. why is it so good?
  4. Monument Valley 2
  5. I’m on that chocolate milk kick again

5 things on my to-do list:

  1. Survive
  2. Stop being trash
  3. edit
  4. die
  5. become a ghost and haunt some people

5 people I tag:

@anarchy-dj @kween-tsareena @udonbullets @princeoftheironfist @gochugaru

The Braid Train

The Braid Train
Bucky x Reader
Warning: None

A/N:I thought about this when I saw a fan art of the team doing each other’s hair.I decided to write a drabble of it.I hope you like it!This is I think my very first drabble.So let me know if you like it or not!Btw this is my first time with this whole “fanfic writer” thing and I’m in mobile so sorry if the format is horrible! I’ll try to fix it.Enjoy the story!Let me know if you like it or not.Thanks!

You sat down on the couch next to Bucky.“Your hair is so pretty,“you say while petting Bucky’s head.Bucky looks at you and laughs,“Thanks."You smile and say,"Can I braid it?"Bucky’s face turned serious and said,"No."Your smile fell and you jumped on Bucky’s lap and put your hands on his shoulders shaking him."PLEAAAAAAAASSSEEEE!!!!!!” You begged.Bucky grabbed your hand and pushed them away and held you down to keep you from moving.“no.” He said slowly.A pout formed on your lips as you stood up.“Fine then.I’ll just braid Thor’s hair.It’s way prettier than yours anyways.” You stuck your tongue out at Bucky while Bucky gasps and put his hand on his chest.

Thor was in the kitchen eating some pop tarts.“Thor!"you said and Thor looks at you and smiled with crumbs around his lips."HELLO LADY (Y/N),"he says."Can I please please please PLEEAAAASSSEE braid your hair pleaaaaasseeee?"you begged.
He looked at you and laughed."WELL OF COURSE YOU CAN LADY (Y/N),"he says."YAY!!!!"you screamed."Meet me in my room after your done eating,"you said and ran off to your room.

"Woah! Why are you running so fast (y/n)?” Natasha said as you ran past her.Your hands were on your knees and you were breathing heavy.
“I’m….going …to…br-…aid…..Thor’s ….hair,” you said in between breaths.Natasha laughed at you and said,“that’s sounds fun.Can I join?"You stood up and smiled."YES!” You said and grabbed her hand and ran to your room dragging the assassin in with you.

Thor came in your room a few minutes later.“THOR! you’re here!” You yelled.“Come on” you said pulling the giant man to your bed.You ran around your room grabbing some hair ties and brushes and threw them on the bed.You and Nat ended up sitting on the bed and Thor on the floor.You were watching Tangled while Nat was braiding your hair and you were braiding Thor’s.A few moments later you heard a knock on your door.“Come in!” You yelled.Bucky walked in and saw the braid train going on.Bucky burst into laughter.You started putting fake flowers in Thor’s hair so it looked kinda like the one in the movie just like Rapunzel’s.“Nice hair Thor,”
Bucky said in between laughter.
“So…..what are you doing here,"you told Bucky,one of your eyebrows arched.Bucky looked down and scratched the back of his neck."Um.. I kind of felt bad rejecting you earlier,"he said."Why what’d you ask him?” Nat said.You narrowed your eyes at Bucky.“He wouldn’t let me braid his hair,"you said.You then took a picture of Thor’s beautiful braid and sent it to your best friend Steve."So…I was wondering if you… Still want to braid my hair?"Bucky said.You smiled and pulled him down to sit on the floor next to Thor.You started braiding his hair and when you finished Bucky turned around and looked at you saying,
"Does Thor really have prettier hair than me?”

I love my mission president and his wonderful wife. They have been such great blessings. I am so grateful for my mission and the wonderful people I met and grew to love there. I am so grateful for Christ and what I was able to learn from him while there. I am so grateful for the branch that welcomed me home. I am grateful for my family and their love and support. I’m thankful for my best friend who has loved me and help me feel at home @spoonie . I’m grateful for the companions who I can confide in. I’m grateful for so much. My heart is so full it could burst. I know the Lord sent me to Seattle so I could meet each and every one of the wonderful Children of God I met there. I know that I came home at the right time and I know that me going to the Morganton Road branch is the right place for me. I am so much more at peace than I have been the whole six months I’ve been home and I’m so grateful. I still miss the mission so much, but I know I’m on the right path and doing the right things.
I can’t possibly tag everyone but just know, I love you all :)
Especially @imagination-use-it who i get to see sealed to her wonderful fiance in a couple weeks ;)

The Moment I Knew

A/N: Hey guys! So this one is a bit sad i guess, idk. It’s based off of Taylor Swifts song ‘The Moment I Knew’ and i hope you guys like it!

Genre: Angstyish (Idfk)

Word Count: 1078 words

“And it was like slow motion, standing there in my party dress, in red lipstick with no one to impress and they're all laughing and asking me about you. But there was one thing missing, and that was the moment i knew…”

Your P.O.V

“Happy Birthday!” A few of my relatives yell as they burst in through the door of my parents house. I smile and thank them for coming tonight.

Christmas lights are glistening around the living room, illuminating the room. But all I can focus on is the door. But not just the door in particular, the person who I’m expecting to be walking through that door any minute now. He said he’d be here. I cant help but think, about how he said he’d be here. I’m just waiting for him to walk through, like he said he would. He promised he would. But the time keeps on ticking and everyone’s conversations and laughter around me just sound like distant blurs in the background as I keep my focus on that door and that door only.

“Hey sweetie! How’s Daniel? Is he coming tonight?” My Aunt asks sitting next to me, throwing my focus off of that damn door.

“Oh Dan! Yeah he’s been good, he’s been a bit busy though. He said he’d be here tonight.” My Aunt just smiles and nods my head. She absolutely adores Dan, I’m pretty sure she likes him more then she likes me.

“Well, I can’t wait to see him when he comes.” She says and then walks off to go and talk to my mum.

I try and call him, but I’m sent straight to voice mail.

“Hey Dan, just wondering when you’re gonna turn up. My family,  friends and parents are wondering where you are, and so am I actually, call me when you get this, please" I say and then end my message.

“Okay everyone outside for dinner!” My mum calls out to everyone and then all of a sudden, I was the only one sitting in the living room, still staring at that wooden door, waiting for Dan to walk in, like he said he would.

“Are you gonna come outside, birthday girl?” My best friend asks. I look up to meet her worried stare as I hesitantly get up and follow her outside for dinner.

I take a seat, checking the time and keeping my eyes on the back door, wondering when he’s gonna turn up or if he’s gonna turn up.

But hours just seem to go by and now i just wanna be alone, I just wanna cry. He said he’d be here. He’s not gonna be here.

“Cake time!” My mum yells out as she brings out a 3 tier cake with a ‘21’ candle stabbed into the middle, on top of the top tier.

“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear (y/n), happy birthday to you!” Everyone around me sung. But there was one thing missing, and that was Dan, he was missing.

I blew out the candle and put on a faux smile for everyone as they all cheered and smiled and clapped like I’ve just done something miraculous.

I looked around one last time to see if he had snuck in or something, but there was still no sign of him.

“I’m just gonna go to the bathroom real quick” I say with a slight crack in my voice. My relatives just shrug it off, but my best friends seem to know.

I leave the table, with tears threatening to fall from my face, walking inside and down the hall, with my best friends following me in pursuit to the bathroom. And once we’re all in the bathroom together, I try my best to not fall apart, but that gut wrenching sinking feeling in my stomach starts, as tears flow down my cheeks.

“He said he’d be here. He promised he’d be here.” I say hopelessly as my friends try their best to comfort me as i unravel in front of them on the bathroom floor.

“I know he did, sweetie, I know he did.” My absolute best friend says as she comforts me and hugs me whilst I cry my eyes out on the bathroom floor.

A couple of minutes pass by, when i finally muster up the courage to go back outside.

“Hey sweetie, are you okay?” And just like that I unravel myself and fall apart one again like I did in the bathroom.

People are asking questions but I just cant answer them. What do you say when tears are streaming down your face in front of everyone you know? And what do you do when the one who means the most to you, didn’t even have the audacity to show up, to your 21st birthday, even though he promised he’d show up.

It was like it all went in slow motion. The whole night went in slow motion, it just dragged on, as I stood there in my party dress, with no one to impress. Everyone asking me about him, wondering how he’s been, when he was gonna show up. I just couldn’t take it.

I run off and lock myself in my room. I officially deam this the worst birthday ever, and it was one of the most important birthdays in my life. You only turn 21 once.

I just can’t believe he didn’t show up. I just can’t believe he would do that.

Later that night, I get a phone call from him

“What?” I answer in an annoyed tone.

“I’m really sorry I didn’t make it tonight, something came up at the BBC and Phil and I needed to be there to sort it out, and we didn’t know it would take all night. I’m sorry ” Dan says apologetically.

“Yeah, I’m sorry too”

“Whats that supposed to mean?”

“i don’t know. I don’t know anymore" I said then hung up the phone.

He should’ve been here, he should’ve burst through the door with that “I’m right here” smile he always gives me when I need him. I would’ve been so happy. But tonight there was one thing missing, and that was the moment i knew.

Marc/Dan; Dedication

OT is exhausting and it’s a new day in Nova Scotia, if not Ontario (partner of my excuse ‘it’s still DAY in Vancouver!’), so here is another of the bracket challenge prompts:

For this wonderful request, which helped me overcome my Marc block:  An excerpt from Marc’s book, preferably where he talks about Dan [I know you have said you will never write Marc POV but I thought this might be a bit of a compromise? And basically I love reading anything which is Marc gushing about how great Dan is.]

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