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today i accidentally sent my crush something that said "they're the love of my life" (talking abt a fictional character) and i was like oops not for u! and my crush said "i can be the love of your life" and i've been blushing ever since

aaa congrats!!! 💕💕💕💕💕

talk to me about your crush

If he can make you laugh and forget how awful your day was, don’t let him go. If he can make your heart explode with nothing but a smile, don’t let him go. If he clouds your mind with happy thoughts and daydreams, don’t let him go. If he can calm you down, not just with his words, but with the sound of his voice, don’t let him go. If he sends tingles up your arm when you brush hands, don’t let him go. If he would do anything to make you happy, don’t let him go, even for a second. Love can slip through our fingers as easily as gravel in the wind, and if you let it go, there’s no guarantee it’ll come back. So fall in love and hold on tight, because when you find the person you want to be with forever and ever and ever, holding on can’t be an obligation, it has to be a choice. But when you’re with the right person, it should be the easiest choice you’ll ever make.
—  Never Ever Let Go

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First off, I'm a big fan of yours. Your text posts are PERFECTION SPACE MOM. Second, I sent a message to my crush about how I like him in a different language. And I promised to tell him on the last day of school what it meant in English when he's leaving. I thought you could make a text post of something Lance confessing to Keith in a different language ( cause I'm Klance trash ). Sorry to bother😅 just really wanted to ask. Hope you have a wonderful day !


secondly, i made a post similar to this a while back but i love this trope so much and couldn’t help myself so here we go!!

 translation: (to the best of my ability - please correct my spanish if anything is wrong ) 

“i’ve been thinking about you…”


“do you like me? i adore you…”


“i wish you were mine.”

“i’m sorry…”

“please ignore this”

~ and now because ur spacemom is a sappy piece of shit and couldn’t leave this open-ended~ 


keith: “You make me happy… I love you and I can’t live without you. :)”

lance: “i love you too!!! :)”

I love him for the little laugh in the back of his throat he does when he reads something funny. I love him for the way he smiles so big you can never see his eyes in pictures. I love him for the way his shoulders move side to side when he walks. I love him for the way he sometimes doesn’t get my jokes, but laughs anyway to make me feel better. I love that when I do something silly, he’ll laugh with me and not at me. I love that I can talk about whatever for as long as I need and he’ll patiently listen to me until I feel better. I love that he always asks me what’s wrong again when I tell him once, “I’m fine.” I love him because I smile when little words and phrases he uses slowly slip into my vocabulary and I all of a sudden find myself using them, no matter how annoying they are. I love him because he changed my endless string of bad days into a blur of laughter and smiles and happiness. He made the sun shine when it was raining and I’ve never me anyone else who could do that. So, yes, I love him, and this is why.
—  Why Do You Love Him?

Yousef totally wrote “russe” himself. He didn’t find that photo he made it for her to cheer her up. He also sent it right after she accepted his friend request, he was waiting by his phone ready to send it.

I hope Sana replied cause I would freak out if I sent a meme to my crush and didn’t get an response after they had seen it.

Soo I got my wisdom teeth taken out

While I was high, I guess I sent snaps to my group chat saying I had a huge crush on my girlfriend, And that they were not allowed to tell anyone…

 They kept telling me to go to sleep so I continued to say that I have to tell her just in case I died. 

mind you… shes also in this group chat. 

Long story short, im useless and a hopeless romantic 

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if you're still doing requests, i'd love to see syaoran or tomoyo!! (i love your art so much, thanks for being cool and making cool things!!💕)

these two children deserve the world 

I’m really glad that you’re happy and that your life is finally coming together after all these years. I’m glad that you’ve found a time and a place that you are at your very best and I’m glad that you’ve found people to share it with, even if I’m not one of those people. I’m glad that you’ve found your path and that it’s leading you to incredible places. I can’t wait to see where they go. I’m glad that your smile is genuine and your eyes light up when you laugh like they used to on those summer nights we spent together. I’m glad that you’ve found your corner of the world, even if mine is all the way on the other side.
—  A Message to Old Friends
I just want cuddles…
—  12:10 am
I know a boy who makes my heart jumps to my throat every time I see a yellow backpack in the hallway or a pair of icy blue eyes looking at me. I know a boy whose voice is quiet, but lovely enough to make angels jealous. I know a boy whose smile makes you feel like you’re dreaming. I know a boy whose arms can lift me up and twirl me around, but whose heart and mind and soul have an infinite amount of strength beyond that. I know a boy whose gentle touch has wiped away my tears and whose soft lips have kissed my cheek and melted my heart away with every one of my fears. I know a boy whose fingers have run through my hair, like a bird skimming its wing along a riverbend. I know a boy who shrugs when I refuse to tell him what I write about. I know a boy who holds my heart in his hands without knowing that it’s there, beating and pulsing quicker as he approaches me, and stopping along with my breath when we meet. I know a boy who takes up all my words and all my dreams and all my songs and all my thoughts. I know a boy who loves a girl. And something in me shatters like china when I remember that girl is not me.
—  I Know a Boy

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Good luck my friend

A human life is a collection of stories, and we are all authors. We write and we write from the moment we are born until we take our last breath, hoping and praying that we won’t just become another book on a shelf. Some of our stories are long and grand and scrawled out in large, grandiose letters for the whole world to see, while some are small notes tucked between pages that tell of stolen glances and kisses on cheeks. Some have covers made of sunshine and gold, but whose words create storms inside our minds and tear out our hearts as easily as a page; some are held together by paper clips and tape and fashion beautiful stories that are barely sweet whispers and unheard melodies in the symphony of life. The human world is made up of stories, and we are all writers that use different letters to construct different narratives, yet we all have the same goal: for someone to hear our shout in the void and decide that our story is worth reading, maybe even worth telling. So the way I see it, you can spend your life waiting for an adventure to carry you off with the current, or you can pick up a pen and write one for yourself, and never stop writing for a single moment.
—  Keep Writing Stories