valiaparty  asked:

I need some horror prompts, please

Sure thing! I am not the best at horror, despite loving and doing special effects makeup, I am actually pretty senstve to gore??? So I dont watch a lot of horror movies. I dont mind horror novels, and some horror video games are alright with me. I’ll try my best: 

1.”Hey, I thought you said your parents were out of town?”

“They are?”

“Okay.. Then whose in your kitchen?”

2. “Has your door always had a pentagram carved into it, or is that new?” 

“That’s been there since last week, however, the blood splatter is new.” 

3.”No offense, but your little sister is kind of weird..” 


“I saw her in the hall way right now, and when I said ‘Hi’ she just stared at me for a minute before walking away.”

“Dude.. I dont have a little sister.” 

4.”I think the new subsitute teacher is some kind of alien.Like a real alien.” 

“What? okay, I know they can be really mean, and they knocked you down a grade for like no reason, but I doubt they’re an actual alien.” 

“I totally deserved that B, but this isnt about that, I literally just watched them unhinge their jaw to shove an entire human arm into their mouth.” 

5. “They have an axe. Why do they have an axe!”

“I dont know.. Maybe they’ve been cutting down tree’s?”

“Trees dont bleed!”

I hope these work for you. I like more paranormal/ supernatrual kind of horror, so I tried that approach for most of these. I also think I took a more comedic-ish approach because, well, I dont know, It just happened. Anyway, I hope you like them, and if you have any other questions, feel free to contact me!