sensory nervous system

Sensory Nervous System

Steve Rogers/Tony Stark


Steve’s fire, and not the cleansing type: he’s pure destruction.

Tony thinks he should fight harder against it, but getting burned seems better than staying intangible, like a ghost, forever.

Inspired by this fragment of today’s Secret Empire where we learn Steve can make AI Tony tangible.

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Short: It’s Complicated

Cas touched a knuckle to a bead of condensation that had begun crawling down the side of the bottle’s brown glass; the surface tension on the droplet burst and Cas lifted away half the droplet to examine, turning his hand this way and that. Dean watched Cas’s careful study for the space of several heartbeats before he asked, in a soft voice so as not to startle the angel, “What do you see?”

“Hmm?” Cas flicked his eyes upward at Dean.

“You were looking at it pretty hard. What did you see that was so special?”

“Oh.” Cas shrugged, grabbing the bottle and lifting it to his lips. “It’s…complicated,” he said after a long sip.

Dean swallowed a sip of his own. “Try me,” he offered.

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Can plants talk to each other? It certainly doesn’t seem that way: They don’t have complex sensory or nervous systems, like animals do, and they look pretty passive. But odd as it sounds, plants can communicate with each other — especially when they’re under attack. 

From the TED-Ed Lesson Can plants talk to each other? - Richard Karban

Animation by Yukai Du / @yukaidu 

Here’s another rambling on resurrection,

The first time Theon woke up he was blind, deaf and in acute pain. Senros calculated wrongly how much his sensory nervous system would be healed and did mistake the dose of his very improvised alchemical narcotic, the analgesic effect definitely wasn’t working.

It’s a purgatory effect, you lose two crucial senses to locate yourself, you have fragments of memory and only pain. It’s a experience of birth, it’s the same panic, a more concrete agony. After all, Theon may be drowned in the ID apparatus, but nothing would bring him back to this existential stage once he already had life perceptions and baggage to understand ‘what is fear.’

Senros on the other hand had a similar horror to the scientist with the monster, the association of a mistake would impact him alsmot in the same second. As Senros is designed to be obstinate to the point of ignoring his gut feeling or even the rational one to evaluate when something is drifting to a severe mistake, he would embrace the adrenaline to overcome the horror. He can’t play Genesis God. Or any God in this universe and out of an ambition that is only translated to his introspection, he would keep insisting.

The second time Theon woke up there was a
degree of instability that only awareness of his condition could bring.

It’s a new numbness towards reality and a crippling fear that has no shape or syntax to be conceived. He never has been closer to what Senros goes trough when in a psychotic panic. And in this case Theon is far from fantasy. He can shut down at any second, and the lack of symptoms is already extremely dangerous to any infirmity, more emphasis on the fact he was not even alive by himself. That’s unknown for any, there would be no warning before he simply stop existing once again, it’s like being standing in plank in the middle of a storm. And he feels this sparsely fails, moments where his life line gets so thin he can almost feel himself fading, and he wishes so much for a resolute definition.

He could never verbalized such, Senros was fascinated and horrified and he went to a similar process as Theon does when at his work. He dissociated that man as a person and focused as an study, which in the end this callous curiosity of Senros would be beneficial once he would not be able to conclude Theon initial recovery if he has his sensitive side so under his skin as Theon had. The guilt would consume Senros only years later, he would stop separating his accomplishment from the invasive and the abusive disregard he committed, and then a urge of excitement and the perturbation over what he has done.

That first moment Theon woke up. Blind and deaf. He shouted, he screamed, his panic was heard from miles.. And he doesn’t remember it.

Senros does.

He has no night of calm sleep while he has the raw sound of pure despair craved on his mind. Repeating again and again, the rhythm of condemnation.

  • Domain: Eukarya
  • Supergroup: Lophotrochozoans
  • Phylum: Mollusca
  • Class: Cephalopoda

Cephalopods are smart; they have a complex sensory capability, well-developed nervous systems, and can learn complex tasks. They are the only molluscs with a closed circulatory system. Some cephalopods precisely mimic their environment and can change both their color pattern and apparent texture. Octopus and squid have beak-like jaws which they use to inject an immobilizing poison into their prey. When attacked, dark ink is expelled into the siphon, and the cephalopod escapes behind a “smoke screen”.

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