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BS Medical Tropes that Need to Die, 2/? : Making People Unconscious

For Part 1 of the BS Medical Tropes series, click here!

So I got an ask the other night about a character choosing not to kill people, but knocks them out with blows to the head instead. And it’s not an unreasonable thing for writers to think is legitimate. In fact, in fiction, there are dozens of ways to produce unconsciousness! A sharp hit to the head; a sedative drug injected right into the neck, bro!, or even Darkly Dreaming Dexter with his special horse paralytic.

Hell, on Person of Interest the main characters routinely produce unconscious enemy combatants by shooting them in the @$#RY)G!@#% knees

Here’s the thing: Every single one of those is complete bullshit.

Poppycock. Nincompoopery. Asscrap. And you’d realize that it’s a crock of crap if you thought about it this way for even half a minute:

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The First Time In Forever

A/N despite the title, this has NOTHING to do with Frozen. Lol.

Spencer x Reader

“I’m sorry, but you’ve never had an orgasm?”

Your best friend Spencer Reid was staring at you with an incredulous look on his face, turning away from the Game of Thrones episode you were watching.

One and half bottles of wine and a GoT-athon, and the conversation had turned… wrong. Just plain wrong.

You can’t even remember what exactly had happened on the screen to make you comment that you’d never had an orgasm, but as soon as the words left your mouth, you regretted them.

You were open with your best friend, but not that open. Although… rather than blushing like you’d have expected him to, he just seemed shocked and appalled.

“Nope,” you replied, seeing his eyes bug out.

“Are you sure? Y/N, you’re 27.”

“I’m well aware of how old I am, Spencer. And yes. I’m sure. At least… I think I am.”

He quickly topped his wine glass up, this revelation was obviously making him turn to drink. Well, more to the booze that he already had.

“You think? Explain…. Because you’ve come to into work before raving about guys you’ve banged.”

“So you DO listen to those conversations…” You were surprised, he normally just rolled his eyes and buried his head in a file.

“I listen because you and Penelope talk very loudly, although sometimes it’s at a pitch that I’m sure only dogs can hear…. Ouch! Don’t hit me! Anyway… Stop going off track.” He rubbed his arm where you’d hit it.

“Why are you obsessed with this bit on information anyway? Does it matter that I’ve never had an earth shattering moment. I still enjoy fucking.”

“But what’s the point if there’s no orgasms? And what do you do when you can’t sleep at night?”

“Spencer Reid!! Well, next time your eyes are darker than normal, I’ll know what you’ve been doing all night. And there’s plenty of point.. Sex is fun. And it still feels good. Its just….I dunno. No man has ever managed to make me tremble. At least, that’s what I’m led to believe happens.”

“And… Erm.. You’ve never managed to make it happen either yourself?” The tiniest amount of pink appeared on his cheeks.

“I’m getting you drunk more often, Spence. The team would never EVER imagine you having this conversation. And no. I’ve tried.”

“You must be doing it wrong. I’ll send you some links later on how to masturbate properly.”

You shifted on the couch, your jaw dropping. “You will not! And anyway…. You don’t even have a vagina. What makes you so sure that I’m doing it wrong?”

“Because if you were doing it right, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

“And you think you know how to do it right?” You knocked back the last of your drink.

“Yep… Never had any complaints when I’ve been getting a girl off. And I used to talk Austin through doing it all the time when we couldn’t see each other.”

You spluttered your drink out, wiping your mouth with your hand.

“Austin… That bartender you used to see? You’re saying you used to have phone sex with her?”


“I am learning so many new things here tonight Spencer.” You shook your head at your friend and colleague, feeling buzzed.

“If you let me send you the links, you’ll learn something else too.”


“What.. Orgasms are one of the best things about life. Everyone deserves to have them, especially you. It’s a travesty that you’re not sure if you’ve had one or not. You’re missing out.”

You couldn’t not laugh at this conversation. You knew Spencer wasn’t as sweet and innocent as everyone made him out to be, he couldn’t be, he was a grown man. A very attractive grown man. But still….

“Spencer, this sounds like the plot of a really really bad porno. Any second now and you’ll be offering to give me one,” you sniggered.

“I will if you want. I could either talk you through getting yourself off, or just do it for you.”

“Reid, I was joking.”

“I’m not. Offer stands. Like I say, everyone deserves orgasms.”

You became very quiet all of a sudden and you realised you were actually considering his offer. You did sometimes feel like you missing out, and maybe you were doing something wrong… You still enjoyed sex and stuff but it would be nice if you got to finish too. You’d just never had that knee trembling, deity worshiping moment.

You completely blamed the wine for this.


Half an hour later, after the rest of the wine, much deliberation on your part, and much assurance on Spencer’s part that no this didn’t mean anything, no this wasn’t his way of trying to get you into bed although it would be easier to do this in the bed, and no he wouldn’t have to see anything, and you were lying in bed.

You were under the covers with your pants off but your underwear on and Spencer was lying on top of the covers, propped up in his side. The lights were out and the only light came from a thin sliver of moonlight where your drapes weren’t quite meeting.

“I’d prefer it if you didn’t look at me whilst we do this,” you whispered.

“Fair enough.” Spencer rolled onto his back, looking up at ceiling.


“Alright so erm…. Try thinking about something that does turn you on. Maybe a sexy scene from a movie or something,” Spencer’s voice had dropped and had become a soft, low cadence that was soothing but instructive.

You closed your eyes and tried to picture your favourite sexy scene.

This just felt wrong.

“Start running your hands over your body first, slowly feeling your skin. Pay attention to your breasts, maybe pinch a nipple or something.”

You did as he asked, feeling extremely self conscious about what you were doing. You let your hands move up and down your body a few times, squeezing your breasts and teasing a nipple through your vest. You’d removed your bra when you’d got in but had refused to get naked. You so couldn’t do this….it felt.. Silly.

“Reid, I can’t do this.”

“You can if you want to,” he told you.

“It feels silly doing it to myself with you here. Like I’m listening to an instructional video or something.”

He rolled to his side again. “You could just let me do this for you this once. And then when you know what you’re missing out on, maybe you’ll feel more inclined to figure it out for yourself.”

“But…. It’s weird…”

“Only if we make it weird. It’s up to you Y/N.”

“Erm….Oh God. Okay… Do it,” you felt yourself blushing horrendously as Spencer pulled the covers back and slid under, lying closer to you and rolling onto his side so that he was facing you. He tugged the cover down slightly to your waist and then placed his hand on your tummy.

Lazily he began drawing patterns with his finger tips, them skimming over the fabric of your vest top.

“Relax, Y/N. Relax,” He said in that same low voice and you let out a breath, keeping your eyes closed.

Spencer’s hand stayed in the safety zone for a while, gently stroking your stomach, your arms, your shoulders. It was relaxing, and you felt yourself beginning to feel more at ease with this. It was just Reid. He wasn’t bothered by this, why should you be?

He let his hands move lower under the covers, tickling the tops of your thighs lightly, grazing over the soft material of your underwear as he moved his hand back up, sliding it over your stomach and onto your breast.

“Many men actually neglect the breasts, they assume that woman don’t actually find having their breasts fondled all that sexy. In actual fact, the majority of woman have said that they wish their partner would spend more time on them, some woman even claim to have climaxed solely from having their nipples stimulated.”

As he said that last part he spread his fingers and then closed them slowly, catching your nipple between them. Moving his hand gently back and forth, he rubbed against the sensitive flesh. Your breathing hitched as he used his fingers to swipe over the now hardened nub, teasing it gently.

“Am I allowed to…..?” he moved his hand to the strap of your vest and you nodded, still keeping your eyes shut as he pulled down your top, exposing your breasts to him. You thought you detected a change in his own breathing but you couldn’t be sure. Feeling him moving on the bed, he heard his voice again.

“Can I….can I use my mouth?”

Oh fuck….

“Not down there you can’t!” you blurted out, a chuckle escaping his lips.

“Okay. But I can use it here?” he rolled a nipple between his thumb and forefinger, the sensation causing you to bite your lip. You nodded.

Spencer lowered his mouth to the breast closest to him and moved his hand over to the other one. He began peppering light kisses over the swell of your chest as his fingers circled and teased the puckered flesh of your other breast. You weren’t going to lie, the sensation was wonderful and you started to forget the awkwardness of the situation and to actually enjoy it. His lips slipped over your nipple, pursing around it and sucking it into his mouth, his tongue flicking against it as he pulled it’s twin at the same time. You moaned, not beings able to stop the sound.

You could feel his lips change shape, he was smiling at the sound. Carrying on he repeated his actions, grazing his teeth over the skin and sending jolts of pleasure down into your groin. Giving one long hard suck, he released it from his mouth and dragged his hand down your torso and over your panties.

“I need you to spread your legs slightly. You’re clenching them shut,” Spencer whispered and you realised you were. You moved them, allowing him access.

He placed his palm flat on your groin and began rubbing his hand back and forth, applying a small amount of pressure, but not particularly paying attention to any one area.

“Another mistake guys make is going straight for either the clitoris or the vagina, forgetting the whole area is sensitive, even more so once someone is aroused. The clitoris is the most sensitive part though, it has over eight thousand sensory nerve endings all in a tiny area. Some woman can come in a matter of seconds from having their clit stimulated, others take longer, even up to hour. So you have to be patient. But most people aren’t that patient, which is where you could be missing out.”

He ran his hand up and down your covered centre and you winced slightly, realising that your panties must be feeling damp.

“Can I take these off? We can leave them on if you’re uncomfortable…. ”

You raised your hips in response, helping him quickly pull them off and then settle his hand back between your thighs. He’d already seen your breasts, to hell with it.

“Are you sure I can’t use my mouth down there?” he asked again, his long fingers dragging up and down.

“I’m sure… Cos it’s not like I’ll be able to do that to myself right?”


You allowed your legs to move slightly further apart as his hand explored.

“So if you’re doing this yourself, you need to remember to that keeping lubricated is important. Chaffing can be a problem, for guys and girls. Don’t start stimulating your clit when it’s dry, in my experience, the sensation is better when it’s wet. You can use lube, or you can lick your fingers first. Or you can use your own arousal, like this.”

To demonstrate, he pushed the tips of two of his fingers into your opening and you gasped. Retracting them he slid them forward, using the slick from his fingers as lube.

“You’re so wet, Y/N.”

“Spencer! Don’t say shit like that to me….. ”

But oh god, how delicious it had sounded coming from his mouth.

“Why… It’s the truth. It’s good, it means what we’re doing is working.”

“What you’re doing you…..oh…. Ah…”

Your words trailed off as he pressed his fingers to your clit and began massaging it, moving his fingers in a circular motion at first, he’d then switched to a more pressured side to side movement, changing between the two.

“There’s so many nerves ending here, Y/N. You can’t really go wrong with how you stimulate them. Some people use their whole hand to massage it like I’m doing now. Others just use one or two fingers like this.”

He changed his positioning, applying just two fingers directly to your clit and rubbing faster. The pressure was more localised than with his whole hand and felt more intense. He carried on for a few minutes, heavy breaths exhaling from your body. You bent one of your legs at the knee and placed your foot flat to the bed, your legs suddenly feeling restless.

“Other woman like having their clit tapped or smacked.” He demonstrated again, making a tapping motion on you. It felt okay, but not fantastic and you shook your head.

“Not a fan? Some girls aren’t. Okay and then we have that magic elusive spot that some people can never seem to find. The g spot.”

He slid his fingers through your folds, your lips separating as he slid two fingers inside you, your hips bucking off the bed as he did.

“Most women need clitoral stimulation to come, which is why most don’t orgasm during penetration itself unless they or their partner is playing with the clit too. That’s a mistake that men make, not working the clit as well or even being offended when the woman starts to touch it herself. They’re missing out though. There’s nothing better than being inside a woman whilst she orgasms, trust me.”

He started moving his fingers slowly inside, curling them.

“The most sensitive part of your vagina is the first two thirds, or there is a spot right at the top called the A spot, but that’d hard to reach by yourself. Your g spot is located about two to three centimetres along the front wall and feels pebbly and rough. You can’t feel it unless you’re aroused. So you should be able to feel this… ”

Spencer pressed his fingers to it and you felt the familiar sensation that you felt during sex. Rather than thrusting his hand in and out, he simply manoeuvred his fingers against it making you start to pant.

“Y/N, use your hand on yourself.”

You followed his instructions and slid your hand between your legs, using two fingers rather than the whole hand. You tried to mirror his actions from before, feeling light headed as he worked his fingers inside you.

“You can use your other hand to pull back the clitoral hood if you like, but some woman find it too sensitive.”

“This… This is fine… Ugh… Oh.”

This WAS fine… More than fine in fact. It was….Oh god there were no words to describe it.

“Apply a bit more pressure, Y/N. ”

“Help me…” you gasped out as he slid his hands from inside you and placed his fingers over yours.

Interlocking his hand with yours he pressed down, guiding you in your movements.

“Your skin is flushed and I can hear your heart racing.” He lowered his head back to your chest and sucked your nipple back into his mouth as your hands moved together between your legs.

Your leg started to twitch and you tried to slow your movements, feeling slightly funny.

“Nope… Carry on. Let go, Y/N. You’re nearly there. ”

Spencer continued working his fingers against yours, his lips sucking against your chest.

Your gasps grew louder and your legs trembled, your hips involuntarily bucking from the mattress. You could feel a pounding in your head, hear the blood rushing through your veins. Every nerve ending in your body seemed to be on fire and you felt like you’d never felt before.

“Oh god…. Oh fuck… Oh fuck, Spencer.” Was this coming? Oh jeez, it had to be….. You could feel yourself contracting inside, your whole body quivering. You were dizzy but in the best possible way, and you continued to expel expletives from your mouth as the feeling racked through you, subsiding after around twenty seconds or so, although it felt like longer.

Spencer removed his mouth from your chest and his hand from yours, and you felt him wipe it on the sheets. You did the same with yours, and then slowly opened your eyes to see Spencer looking very pleased with himself.

You couldn’t speak, not yet. You just lay there, trying to regulate your breathing for a few minutes. When you finally could think straight, you realised your boobs were still on display and you hurriedly pulled your top back up.

“Shame…. I was enjoying looking at those,“ came the comment from your companion.

You glanced over at him, a smirk on his face.

“So?” he asked.

“I both love you and hate you for that.”

“Why both?”

“Because you were right. That was the best feeling ever. And I definitely hadn’t had one. But if I can’t replicate that myself when I’m alone…..”

“You will. Now you know what you’re doing.” he told you.

“But if I can’t?” You felt shy again.

“Then…..I can always help you. Or do it for you. I don’t mind. And it’s not like I’m not getting anything out of it. Giving an attractive girl orgasms makes me feel good too.”

“You think I’m attractive?”

“Don’t play dumb, Y/N. I’m not blind.”



“What about….what about actually making you feel good. Like… Well. Finishing you off too.”

“Well,I’m not gonna lie, that was extremely frustrating for me. But I enjoyed it. And I’ll just cold shower when I get home or something.”

Or something. You giggled, knowing what the ‘or something’ might be.

You shifted your position on the bed, moving closer to him and placing your hand on his groin, seeing the surprised look on his face.

“Hey, no. I didn’t do this to get something in return.”

“I know you didn’t. But I want to. I may not have been able to get myself off, but experience tells me that I’m quite good at getting other people off. And we’ve already crossed the friendship line of no return. Why not cross it even further. If you want to….”

Feeling a twitch underneath your hand, you waited until he nodded and moved to the buttons of his jeans.

“Spence… ” you stopped. “Thanks, by the way.”

“You’re welcome.”

Grinning, you started unbuttoning his jeans, feeling happier now you knew you could pay him back.

Cybertronian Vocab List For Beginners

I was making my friend a “cheat sheet” of Cybertronian vocabulary and…things got way out of hand. Maybe it can benefit someone here too? It’s not an all-inclusive list and some parts are probably inaccurate or just my personal opinion. I tried to keep it open to interpretation, because honestly that’s my favourite thing about the TF fandom. Seeing all different takes on Cybertronian biology and culture is the best!

Welcome to the fandom, here’s your information brochure:

-  aft -  butts

-  audial, audio receptor - ear

-  berth, recharge slab - bed, a place to recharge

-  bond - marry. Involves  "spark merging" and possibly a ceremony, or at least personal vows of devotion.

-  cables - muscles. Sometimes refers to an interface cable.

-  calipers - (look up a diagram) a channel of internal “muscles” inside of intakes and valves.

-  chassis - main body, torso

-  CPU - attention span, memory capacity

- coolant - runs through fuel lines (or something?) to reduce overheating. -  cooling fans activate when flustered, like blushing. Used to expel excess heat from the frame and moderate internal temperature.

-  circuits/circuitry - circulatory or cardiovascular system

-  communication link (“comm link” or “comm”) - wireless communications system in which mechs choose a specific radio frequency and use it like a phone line. Can be privately or inclusively broadcasted.

-  cord - a cable with a jack at the end, used for interfacing.

-  digit - finger

-  dentae -  teeth

-  derma, dermal plating - skin, outer armor

-  electromagnetic field (EM field) - (definitely research this, its cool stuff!) An aura. Simply put, it’s the charged particles (electrons) surrounding an object which conducts electricity. When different EM fields come into contact, they slightly alter each other, causing interference of sorts. Using your imagination, you can presume Cybertronians use fields to communicate. Different levels, intensities, amount of charge etc are likely associated with different moods and emotions. EM fields likely expand and contract depending on social and emotional situations. They are essentially someone’s “bubble.” One can feel disturbances in the air around them if another mech brushes against or stands in their field. In a way they are like whiskers, judging spacial awareness and reading energy currents/air currents. It’s fun to make them into a method of emotional communication akin to body language.

-  engine - will rev when excited. Can also growl when angry, sputter when exasperated, etc.

-  frag - v. or n. (opposite of “defragment”) Crude word for “interface.” Also an interjection.

-  frame - whole body

-  frame type - overall shape and style of the Cybertronian’s model. Examples include jet, race car, truck, helicopter, etc

-  fuel pump -  Pumps fuel throughout the body the same way a heart circulates blood.

-  glossa - tongue

-  helm - head

- host/carrier - a frame type which relies on a symbiotic relationship to other mechs (i.e, Soundwave and Blaster).

-  intake, fuel intake - throat

-  interface - v. Two or more mechanisms connecting either physically or mentally, in a manner that is generally perceived to be sexual. (Depends on personal interpretation!)

There are 3 main categories for interfacing, “sticky,”  "plug n’ play,“ and "tactile”.

Sticky interface uses concepts analogous to human anatomy (spike, valve, fluids)

Plug n’ play focuses on a cord/port connection, along with the transfer of energy, files, emotions, and memories.

Tactile interface focuses on physical (and sometimes electrical) touch

Personal suggestion: combine all three!

Colloquial terms for interface include: jack in, plug in, link up, fileshare.

-  interface housing - an area of the body (your choice!) that houses interface equipment, be it cables/ports or spikes/valves). Generally the equipment is kept safe behind separate panels (one for spike/cord, one for valve/port)

-  olfactory sensors, chemoreceptors/chemosensors - sense of smell. Detects chemical stimuli in the environment.

-  optics/optical sensors - eyes

-  offline - unconscious, asleep. Sometimes means “dead.” (I don’t use it that way).

-  online  - conscious, awake, alive.

-  oral cavity, oral component - mouth

-  oral lubricant - saliva

-  overheating - body becomes uncomfortably warm, possibly to a harmful degree. Causes of overheating include embarrassment, anger, arousal, etc

-  overload - the climax of interfacing (orgasm), achieved by excessive electrical charge within the frame. May involve shorted circuits, being knocked offline, systems crashing, blacking out, temporarily shutting down, rebooting in some form.

-  panel, interface panel, interface hatch/manual hatch - the panel behind which lies the interface equipment. May be automatically or manually operated (or both!)

-  pede - foot, leg

-  port - receptive end for an interface cable.

-  processor - brain

-  recharge  - sleep

-  sealed/factory sealed - Essentially a virgin. One who retains the protective seals over their interface equipment they were constructed with. Most will agree that seals should be medically removed, but some mechs romanticize “breaking their lover’s seals.”

-  sensory input modules - nerves (things that relay information to the processor)

-  slag - basically “shit”.

-  spark - heart/soul/lifeforce. Located in the chest.

-  spark merging - a profusely intimate act in which mechs open their chest compartments, revealing their sparks, and press together until the sparks resonate at the same frequency, pulse in synchronicity, etc. Likely this leads to overloading. Generally spark merging is an act reserved for bonded mechs, as it involves one to expose themselves to absolute vulnerability.

-  spike - phallus component utilized in sexual interface. Upon arousal, spikes will “come online” by heating up, extending from interface housing, stiffen by means of magnetism or hydraulics (probably?), and likely will self-lubricate. Connecting to a valve forms a circuit between mechs and energy can be shared in a feedback loop. Thrusting in-and-out movements stimulate internal tactile and electrical sensors, accumulating electrical charge.  

- struts/spinal struts - back

-  symbiote/symbiont - a mech smaller than a mini which lives on or inside its designated host/carrier mech. (i.e., the cassetticons)

-  valve - interface equipment resembling a vagina. Internal components include calipers, a ceiling node, various tactile sensory nodes, various electrical nodes. Outer components include a rim and at least one external node resembling a clitoris. Valves will “come online” and start to heat and self-lubricate upon arousal.

-  ventilation - breathing

When in doubt, look up car/plane diagrams, read other people’s fanfiction, or make stuff up! 8D Alien robots, yeah!!

Confidence - Part Three

Reid x Reader. Scroll for the first two parts.

Your date with Spencer had been wonderful. He’d still seemed nervous and had made a few comments about how he couldn’t believe you were here with him but you’d shut him down, telling him that there was no one else you’d rather be here with.

There HADN’T been any making out in the back row of the movies. When you’d both finally decided on a film to watch, the theatre had been packed. Whilst it wouldn’t have bothered you too much to be surrounded by people, you were fairy certain it would have bothered Spencer. Shy little Spencer. Although you hoped you could start to change that.

He walked you to your apartment door, his hand around yours and you fiddled with your keys.

“Do you wanna come in? Maybe have a beer, it’s not too late.” It wasn’t, it was only ten thirty. Spencer nodded and you pushed open your door and led him inside. He’d been here before a few times when you’d hosted parties or the occasional get together for the team, but this was the first time you’d been alone with him in your home.

You busied yourself collecting two beers from the fridge and then sat down on your couch. He remained stood and you could see him trying to work out how close to sit to you. You patted the cushion directly next to you and smiled as he joined you. Flicking on the TV you took a sip of your beer and then set it down, turning to him.

“So…. There was one thing I said we’d do tonight at the movies that we didn’t get chance to do.”

His eyes lifted upwards as he recalled what you’d said, a light blush on his cheeks as he remembered. He coughed, clearing his throat lightly.

“The making out?” he asked, his voice a little croaky with nerves.


“You still wanna…. you still want to do that with me?”

You leant over and pinched his thigh and he yelped, “What was that for!?!”

“Everytime you ask me a question like that I’m gonna pinch you. I’m not going to keep telling you what a catch you are and how I’ve had a crush on you for ages Spence. You need to believe me here when I say that I want to do everything with you. And I mean EVERYTHING. I know that you’re nervous and lacking in self believe but I need you to get it into your head that I like you. I really don’t want it to get to a stage where you’re thanking me for having sex with you or something daft like that.”

His eyes shot up and widened and you knew that probably would have happened. Thinking, he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth, letting it slowly roll back out. Your eyes were transfixed on it and you were sure a tiny groan left your chest.

“Did you just…..?”

Okay so a groan definitely had left your chest.

“I did. I’ve already told you I have a major thing about your lips and mouth, Reid. You have the nicest, sexiest mouth I’ve seen on a guy.”

“I do? No one’s ever said that to me before,” he licked his lip now, his tongue slowly swiping over his full plump lip.

“Spence, if you knew the obscene thoughts I’d had about your mouth……”

He set his beer down and inched closer to you.

“What sort of thoughts exactly?” he bit his lip again, now purposely toying with you it seemed.

Do you tell him and scare him off? Or hope it finally gets him to stop doubting himself?

The second one.

“Thoughts about having them in various places on my body, ” you crept closer to him and now your thighs were pressed against each other.

“Where?” he almost whispered, pushing a lock of his hair back.

You touched your finger tips to your lips.


Spencer leaned forward and brushed his lips over yours softly before pulling away.

“And then here…. ” you pressed your fingers to your pulse point on your neck, pulling your hair out of the way. Spencer leant forward again, lowering his mouth to where you fingers had pinpointed, his lips warm against your skin. He scattered little butterfly kisses on the area before moving away slightly and touching his lips back to your own and taking you by complete surprise.

This kiss was different than in the coffee shop, still tentative and sweet, but he had more confidence with it. He moved his mouth against yours and you tilted your head slightly, parting your lips. Your tongue slipped out, the tip touching his and you felt his hand move to the back of your neck. You kissed for a few minutes, your mouths moving together in a dance. He tasted of sugar, the overly sweet slushie he’d had at the movies overpowering the beer he’d sipped. When he pulled away, you almost whimpered. You could kiss this man for hours, and given the chance, you would. He smiled, hearing the reluctance in your breathing he leant in again, not kissing you this time but to ask a question.

“Where else?”



You wondered how far you take this….

“Here…” you pulled your cardigan to one side, exposing your collar bone.

Without any hesitation this time he kissed your collar bone, adjusting his position so that he could reach better. You moved too, leaning backwards and slowly inching down so that you were laying on your couch. He followed you, slotting against the back of the couch at your side so that you were both lying down.

Well this was going better than expected.

“And here….” you dragged your fingers to the top of your breast, just above where the edge of your tank top started.

He DID hesitate this time, glancing up at you his eyes darker than normal. He didn’t wait long though, kissing his way down to the spot you’d pointed out, his lips skimming over the curve of your breast. Your breathing caught in your throat as his breath tickled your skin, sending a shiver down your spine, straight to your groin area.

“I’ve definitely imagined them here,” you told him breathily. If anything was going to make him balk it would be this. Your hand different over your boob, settling onto where you knew your nipple was.

He cleared his throat and wriggled slightly.

“Was there….. Erm…. Fabric between them when you imagined this?”

Oh god.

You shook your head, your eyes widening when he moved his hand to your tank top and pulled it down, exposing your bra. You watched as he licked his lips, hearing him gulp as his fingers slipped under the cup of your bra, moving it away and exposing a pink nipple.

Your eyes closed in bliss, a tiny gasp escaping you as he wrapped his lips around the sensitive flesh. Allowing your hand to move to his head, you gently caressed the back of his neck, feeling him twitch against you as you stroked against a sensitive spot. His mouth continued to work against your now pebbled skin, his tongue flicking out and circling your hardened bud.

“Oh fuck Spencer…. ” you groaned as little jolts of pleasure coursed through you. “This is definitely something I’ve thought about over and over again.”

“Really? Cos I’ve thought about it, but never ever expected I’d actually get to do it, ” he released your nipple from his mouth to speak and you opened your eyes, seeing his hair falling sexily over his eyes, a huge grin on his face. He darted his tongue out, flicking against it and you gasped, lifting your hips slightly.

“Well I guess we’re both getting something we’ve dreamt about then,” you smirked, and the groaned again as he blew on your sensitive nipple.

“There’s erm….. Somewhere else I’ve…. I’ve thought about having my lips too,” he said, and your eyes nearly bugged out of your head, you were that surprised.

“That’s interesting because there’s somewhere else I’ve definitely thought about having them somewhere else too.”

“Should we see if it’s the same place we’re both thinking off?”

“I think we should,” yes Spence, yes. This was what you wanted. Him coming out of his shell a bit… Well actually a lot.

He inched down the couch and made quick work of undoing the buttons on your jeans and dragging them down your legs, tossing them to the floor. Settling back down between your legs, he surveyed your still panty clad centre.

Lowering his head, he pressed his lips to the fabric, kissing directly over your clit causing you to buck your hips.

“I’ve definitely thought about kissing here before…… ” he whispered as he placed the flat of his tongue to the cotton that was quickly becoming damp. He licked a thick stripe upwards and you jolted again, whimpering.

“Can I take these off?” he asked, and you raised your your hips in response. Alright so things were happening a little quicker between the two of you than you’d initially planned, but what the hell.

You felt suddenly shy, perhaps because this was someone who was a close friend and now he was seeing your most intimate parts.

“I can’t beli…..”

“Don’t you fucking dare say it, Spencer. I’ll kick you if you do.”

He laughed, “Sorry. It just seems surreal that we’re doing this.”

“Well we don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

He kissed the side of your leg and slowly started to work his way upwards.

“I want to, I definitely want to.”

Reaching the tops of your legs, he settled back down into a comfortable position and lifted one of your legs over his shoulder. He moved the other off the couch so that your foot dropped to the floor and you were wide open to him.

“This is the one thing I’m fairly certain I’m good at. I actually have a tiny bit of confidence when it comes to this.”

Interesting… Very interesting.

“Show me how much confidence then.”

“I’ll try. Did you know the word “orgasm” is from the Greek word orgasmos, which is defined as “to swell with moisture, be excited or eager.”

“I did not.”

He lowered his head again and gently blew on your warm core. “And did you know that the clitoris has over 8,000 sensory nerve endings in it. Hence why it’s extremely sensitive.”

He blew again and then flicked his tongue out, looking up at you and seeing you bite down on your lip in response.

“On average, it takes around twenty minutes to bring a woman to orgasm,” he licked again swiping his tongue over the hood.


“Let’s see if I can do better than that.”

“Uh huh.”

You felt his fingers on you, gently pulling you open even more and pushing back the thin piece of flesh that covered your sensitive bud. Lowering his mouth, he placed his lips to you and got to work.

Within minutes you were panting heavily, sharp gasps leaving your throat as he alternated between licking and flicking you, swirling his tongue over you as he sucked you hard into his mouth. Appreciative noises left his own mouth every so often and whenever he pulled away to take a quick breath, he’d comment on how good you tasted or how wet you were.

You had no doubts about that. Spencer’s mouth was everything you’d hoped it would be, his plumps lips and deft tongue working hard against you, reducing you quickly to a quivering mess. When he allowed his hands to join in on the action, slipping one then two fingers inside you and curling them gently as he thrust, you were a goner. You couldn’t stop your hands gathering in his hair, almost pressing him closer to you still, as his tongue teased your throbbing clit, your gasps and moans spurring him on as you bucked against his mouth.

“Oh fuck….Oh… Ah…….Fuck Spence….. I’m… Oh god…. I’m… Ah…. ”

Finally, you spilled over, crying out his name as stars exploded behind your eyes, an overwhelming sensation of pleasure burning through your body, your toes curling and your butt lifting off your couch as you were fucked with Spencer’s mouth and fingers.

When he was satisfied you were done, he retreated from you, quickly wiping his hand on his jeans and then his mouth on the back of his sleeve. It made you giggle watching him do it.

You tugged him down to you, wanting to feel him pressed against you and you wrapped your arms around his torso as he lay on top of you.

“Was that…. Okay?” he asked after a few moments.

“I thought that was something you knew you were good at?”

“It is….. But I like to double check.”

“Well, clearly I knew what I was talking about when I told Shirley that you knew exactly how to handle me…. Fuck…. Oh god, I’m gonna get even more distracted by your lips now I know what they’re capable of.”

He laughed and raised his head to yours, planting a kiss onto your mouth.

“Give me a few minutes and we’ll see if I know just how to handle you too,” you told him.

“You don’t have to.”

“I know. I want to.”

You were gonna show him that you knew EXACTLY how to handle him. And hopefully, give him something to get distracted about when he looked at your mouth at work

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Renegade (pt. 1)

Originally posted by daenso

Another wolf-finds-his-mate story, but I kicked it up a notch and created a whole new world around it.

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Genre: Supernatural (EXO as wolves, but more species involved in the storyline)

Word count: 4540 words

Warning: curse-words and sex references

ATTENTION! Read the prologue here: Prologue
This is crucial to be able to follow the storyline as it develops, even in future chapters. Things might not make sense otherwise.

Part 1

Chanyeol took another sip from his coffee whilst he studied the markings in the syllabus in front of him and cliqued his tongue as he set down the cup on the desk. Something was wrong with the coffee since five minutes ago. It tasted different, which was odd, considering it was still the same cup he drank from ten minutes ago. He lifted his nose in the air, staring at the door that led to the lecture hall where he would be giving the first lecture of Introduction to neuroscience.

Whilst last year he only gave lectures of Neuroscience and behaviour, he was now allowed to teach the Introduction to neuroscience lecture as well. Not that that could be described as a gift. Temporary lecturers like himself were expected to accept teaching assignments just weeks before term started because all material was pre-prepared, which made the job even harder as he had to effortlessly assimilate the work of another mind. He was not allowed to make any changes to the material, not even to the messy PowerPoints he had issues with understanding himself. Why was he doing this again, he wandered off in his mind, then nodding as he remembered how he liked to shower himself with gifts from time to time that were way too expensive. His parents were still paying for the PhD program, but the pocket money he had to earn for himself.

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it will rain

Originally posted by hyeoa

◇ Yugyeom will change - but only for you.

◇ Yugyeom x reader

◇ badboy!au + mma!au

◇ based on ‘It Will Rain’ by Bruno Mars

◇ okay so tbh this was sposed tl be a jungkook scenario but i was browisng through the got7 scenarios tag and my baby has so little???, why???

◇ also, this is probably the longest thing I’ve ever written,,, i couldn’t help it,,,,, the ending is a bit abrupt but i am t i r e d im sorry - also i know little to nothing about mma fighting sl if i offended someone, oop


The moment in which you met Kim Yugyeom was blurred around the edges. Maybe because you had been hearing of him from when you started middle school, when he became notoriously famous for doing the exact opposite of what he was expected to do. Homework never got handed in, he came in almost every day with a bruised lip and knuckles, and you were sure you could count the number of classes he attended in a year on both of your hands.

You hadn’t bothered yourself with joining in with your gossiping classmates, all huddled close together as they shared secrets and rumours that were so extravagant and strange you had no idea if they were lying or just plain stupid. You were a firm believer in change - this was only middle school. Kim Yugyeom had enough time to change his ways, and with that final note, you turned your attention to things more important than a troublemaker, like studying.

You had never been more wrong in your entire life.

His behaviour followed him like a shadow from middle school to high school, and it was the beginning of your Junior year. He still hadn’t changed.

Actually, the only thing that changed about him was his appearance and his personality; his height shooting up passed classmates that had always been taller than him, his jawline sharpening and his chubby cheeks slimming down. He no longer frolicked with others in his year - most of his friends had already left school or were in the year above him. He remained quiet and stoic around others.

The topic of Kim Yugyeom was not unknown to you; it seemed as if everywhere you turned, somebody was whispering about him. Now, don’t get me wrong - you didn’t hate him (much). You were just bothered by his behaviour and the amount of attention he was given for it, and you were more than bothered by hearing his name come up in every conversation. Even your friends were slowly but surely falling into the pit of gossip.

“He’s a boxer, I heard,” Nayeon whispers to you, eyes wide with delight and excitement, her food gone untouched beside her. “Jihyo’s cousin goes to the gym - that one in the city, you know -, and she said that she saw him training in the ring-”

Dahyun scoffs, her mouth full of kimbap that she quickly swallows down. She wipes her mouth absentmindedly, and Nayeon’s attention averts from you in a matter of seconds.

“That’s not true,” Dahyun rolls her eyes, and you’re about to sigh in relief, thanking her for not believing the rumours, when she insists, “He’s a dancer, Nayeon. He went to those tournaments with Im Jaebum, don’t you remember? That guy who used to go here a few years ago-”

“Well, who says he can’t be both?” Nayeon questions, turning her nose up at Dahyun in annoyance as she begins to pick at her food. Dahyun tsks, tugging at Nayeon’s hair childishly and starting to relay the sources of her information - Jihyo’s cousin would do anything for attention, why would you believe her?

You stay silent, willing the conversation to turn somewhere, anywhere. You’ve heard every rumour about Kim Yugyeom 100 times, and at this rate, you’re sure that you know him beter than he knows himself. It’s only the fact that your friends haven’t finished eating that makes you not storm out of the cafeteria.

“What do you think, _____?” Your head snaps up to face the expectant gazes of your friends, eyes wide and confused. As you process the question, your eyes narrow and you can suddenly think of a thousand places in the school you could be right now.

“I don’t care,” you shrug, pushing your chair out and grasping the metal lunch tray that had held your food just half an hour ago. “And I have better things to be doing than gossiping about Kim Yugyeom - so if you excuse me.”

Dahyun begins to pout and Nayeon murmurs a quiet sorry, but you’re already gone. Annoyance fueling your energy, you stride out of the crowded cafeteria and into the silent halls towards your locker. If I hear another word of Kim Yugyeom, you think in irritation as you turn the corner to your locker, I’m going to explode-

You freeze in your tracks as you come face to face - face to chest - with the boy that you had been internally cursing. Ignoring the erratic pounding of your heart from the fright, you completely ignore him, walking around him to continue to your locker - you try not to take notice of the cut on his cheek, or the throbbing redness of his knuckles.

In fact, you try not to take notice of him, but his presence is so powerful that you find yourself glancing at him from the corner of your as you rifle through your locker, pulling out book after book in an attempt to distract yourself.

Why is he just standing there? You internally narrow your eyes, glancing at him once again - only to find that he’s now facing you, hesitation written over his features. Uh oh. He’s about to try and talk to you (about what, you have no idea, but you’re not gonna stick around to find out) - you speed up your actions, and you’re taking out the last book when-

“Uh, _-____, right?” He begins. You screw your eyes shut, heaving a quiet sigh. You allow your eyes to open, and turn to him slowly with a neutral expression, almost egging him on to continue with what he was about to say. He bites his lip nervously, “Do you have the notes for Mr. Ahn’s science class?”

You can’t stop your eyebrows from shooting up, and you almost feel sorry as his cheeks grow rosy red. “You’re in my class?” You echo in disbelief. You had never missed a class, but you had never seen him before - ever.

“Uh, yeah,” Yugyeom says awkwardly, shifting on his foot. You’ve never seen the tall boy look so awkward and uncomfortable, but you can only guess that’s because you had the most judgemental expression on your face.

Oh well, you sniff, maybe he shouldn’t have acted like an idiot for the majority of his school life.

Nevertheless, the kind and giving person that you normally were worms it’s way up from the depths of your body and compels you to reach inside your locker, reluctantly handing the copybook over to him. At least he was trying to get his grades together.

But what did you care? You didn’t - not at all.


Your next proper encounter with Kim Yugyeom comes too fast for your liking.

It was a week later and your Science teacher, Mr. Ahn, had allowed the class to go to the library for his period to study for the upcoming exam, which is how you found yourself crammed into one of the many studying tables with your two chattering friends - who were thankfully talking about something other than Yugyeom.

Speaking of, he didn’t come to class to return your copy. Actually, come to think of it, you hadn’t seen him at all, lately. But you weren’t worried about him, obviously. No. That copy had some good notes in it, and you’d need it if you were going to pass the test-

You look up from your book when you realise that your friends have gone completely silent. Confusion filling your brain, you look to where they’re looking - at the entrance of the library, Kim Yugyeom stands, conversing with Mr. Ahn. His face is red and flushed, his chest heaving with every breath, and if you look closer (which you definitely don’t), you can see his cheek is bruised and his eyes is turning a dark shade of purple.

He definitely got into another fight, and he must’ve run here, you guess, and for what reason you have no idea.

But it’s none of your business, and if he wants to return the copybook, he’d do it when he was ready. No way you were going to go and ask for it back.

“He’s actually shown up,” Dahyun raises her eyebrows in surprise, and with the way her eyes narrow you guess she’s trying to read his lips as he lists off one of many excuses. “That’s new.”

Nayeon hums, but she’s turned away from looking at him and is back to flicking through the nove, that she’s hidden in her Science book. You decided that it would be better to turn back to your studies, too, and focus your attention on the book in front of you. Ligaments join bones to-

“Uh, hey.”

It takes you a second to realise that you’re being spoken to - you lift your head in confusion to see who’s talking to you, and ignoring the look of utter shock and disbelief on your friends’ faces, you unconsciously greet him too.

“Here’s your notes,” Yugyeom says softly, holding your copy out to you. You nod in thanks, retrieving the notes from his hands, and preparing to turn back to your business, when suddenly-

“I’m sorry, but if you have time, could you help me go over sensory and motor nerves?” His ears are fire truck red, and you guess it’s the first time he’s asked someone for help. It strikes you once again how polite and quiet he is around you - he certainly isn’t like that with his friends. “I read the notes, but, uh-”

“O-Oh, sure,” you mumble after a few seconds. Dahyun and Nayeon are still watching on with wide eyes, but you ignore them as you clear a space for him beside you.

You were only doing this because it would’ve been rude to turn him down - besides, if he was trying to change, why not help him?


“What exactly was that?” Nayeon hisses to you as you pack up your stuff, shoving book after book into your small school bag. Yugyeom had left as soon as the bell had rang, only giving you a smile and a grateful thanks before he was gone, leaving you to deal with your curious and confused friends.

“What do you mean?” You furrow your eyebrows, heaving your bag onto your shoulder. You know exactly what she’s implying, but it’s better to make her think that you think nothing of your situation. “I just lent him my copybook because he asked me for it.”

“You scolded us for talking about him, ____,” Dahyun scoffs, coming up on the other side of you. It feels like you’re being interrogated, and you don’t like it. “It’s just weird that right after expressing your hatred for him, you’re lending him your precious notes.”

“Wait a second,” you argue as you stop outside your next class, leaning your weight on one leg. “I never said I hated him-”

“You may as well have,” Nayeon retorts, before she turns on her heel and disappears down the quickly emptying halls, leaving you gaping in offence. Dahyun giggles at your face shortly, patting you on the shoulder with a small she’s right, before she’s gone too.

There’s no-one left for you to try and convince, so with a huff you turn and enter your own class.


You always find yourself at the local library after school. The library in the school is closed after hours, and there was no way you were going home to a tension-filled house with parents that had expectations far too high for you. You were here so much that the librarian knew your name, and more often that not she let you stay till late.

The library was your home from home, and you let out a sigh of relief as you push open the heavy oak doors. School had been stressful and you forgot to have breakfast in the morning - or rather, your mother made a snide comment about your weight that made you feel sick to your stomach, and so you skipped out on food for the first half of the day. Then, on top of that, you spent lunch studying for a test that you had completely forgot about.

Well, at least the library could offer you some sense of order and relaxation - what the hell. Frustration sinks into your pores as you take in the current state of the library; every table was full, the librarian was frantically running around and trying to sort things out - it was chaotic.

This was supposed to be your safe haven. And it was completely ruined.

You couldn’t even see a spare table anywhere, your eyes trailing over every nook and cranny as you stand nervously at the door. You refused to go home so early - you’d end up going mad from the amount of time spent with your family.

You’re a hair away from turning around and going to sit in the park to study when you spot a head of dark brown hair. You almost skip over him, truthfully, because while he does appear to be having some trouble with his work, he’s bent down so close to the table that he almost melts into it.

What’s Kim Yugyeom doing at a library? And alone, too? You’re almost impressed at the change in him - just a few weeks ago, you’d laugh at anyone who told you they saw Kim Yugyeom in the library.

You stand there for a few more seconds, debating your choices and weighing the pros and cons. He borrowed your copybook and you helped him study, but that doesn’t mean he’d appreciate you sitting at his table. But then again, you’re sure even he wasn’t rude enough to turn down a simple request for someone who had helped him out.

Gathering your wits, you hold your head up high and begin to walk towards where he’s sat, manoeuvring between crammed tables and stepping over piles of books. You can only guess why the library happens to be so packed today.

As you approach him, the ball of nerves that’s swarming in your stomach seems to get worse, and you internally scold yourself. Why were you so nervous? You were only asking to sit at his table. Soon, you’re standing directly in front of him, but he seems to be so absorbed in his studying - or, trying to study - that you have to clear your throat a few times before his head shoots up.

“Is this free?” You ask quietly, pointing to the chair opposite him. Yugyeom doesn’t answer at first, and you consider just turning around and walking away so that you don’t die from embarrassment, but after a second of staring at you, he stutters out a yes, tidying some of his books away to clear space for you.

“Thanks,” you murmur, pulling out the chair and pushing yourself back into the table. You try not to notice how he’s glancing at you every few seconds as you get out your homework and start almost immediately. The last thing you want to do is make awkward small talk.

The silence lasts only about 15 minutes - during that time, you can sense that Yugyeom wants to say something, but you continue on with your work quietly as he musters up the courage to speak, you guess…

“_____,” Yugyeom whispers. You set your pen down expectantly, and look across at him. He flicks through one of his copies - a Maths one -, pointing to a question that had been scribbled out multiple times in different coloured pens. “Do you know how to do this?”

You inspect the sum for a few seconds, and in that few seconds you consider telling him you had no idea simply because the thought of the effort you’d have to use makes you groan - but in the end, after taking a peek at his hopeful face, you feel compelled to nod, taking the copy from him and gesturing him over to explain how to complete the question.

“…see? You carried it over when you weren’t supposed to,” you finish, the correct answer to the sum circled neatly at the bottom of his page. Yugyeom makes a sound of understanding, and a glance at his face shows you that he’s absolutely beaming.

“Thanks, a lot,” he grins, taking the copy back. You nod, and he goes back to work, but you’re confused.

“Why not just get a tutor?” You ask, tilting your head to the side. Yugyeom raises his eyebrows in confusion, before he looks down, shrugging his shoulders.

“I tried to get one, but they explained it weirdly and nothing made sense,” he frowns, but a smile quickly blooms on his face, “I understand it when you explain it to me, though.”

You hope he’s not implying what you think he’s implying, but you figure that leaving him hanging isn’t the most polite thing to do after he let you sit at his table - so you offer him a small smile, “Well, you can come to me anytime.”

You two were a sight; one of the smartest girls in your year, a previous hater of the trouble making boy that sat in front of her, his eyes pressed into crescents and his smile large.


It had become a sort of ritual, after that day. You’d go the library every day after school, planning to do your homework or study - and even if the library wasn’t packed, you always sat at Yugyeom’s table. He’d do his homework, you’d do yours, and more often than not he asked you for help.

You didn’t realise when the queries about Maths homework transitioned to questions about how your day was going, what your favourite colour was, how many siblings you had - somewhere along the way (and you’d never fully admit this), you and Yugyeom had become friends.

It wasn’t that bad, after all. Yugyeom was changing, for the better. He still arrived almost every day with cuts and bruises on his face and his hands, but at least he was arriving. He turned in homework, he didn’t skip class - much - and even though you barely knew him before, you were proud of him. Changing your lifestyle wasn’t easy.

Despite this, you still found it hard to hang around him at school - and he, you. Your friends still thought that you despised his guts and he hung around his older, rowdier friends. You only exchanged light smiles in the hallway - but in the library, it was a completely different experience. It was like you’d known each other for years.


It was one late, chilly night that your relationship with him changed. Your parents were not home, but you still found yourself at the library, your books splayed out in front of you and your head down as you worked hard. But although it looked as if your mind was completely focused on the work in front of you, your thoughts were on a certain tall brunette - one that hadn’t shown up yet.

You had always been more of a realistic thinker, but when you noticed that it was more than two hours past when he was supposed to be at the library, your mind went blank. Suddenly, you were thinking of all the bruises and cuts that he always seemed to have - how he’d change the subject whenever you asked about them. What type of situation was he in? Was he okay? You had no idea, but you hope you’d get him out of your mind soon. You’d been staring at the same page for the past ten minutes.

You had never been so worried about a boy you had only become friends with - it wasn’t that you were emotionless, but the fact that you had previously disliked him made your emotions all the more confusing. You’re ready to get up and leave (you’ve gotten way too used to Yugyeom being around in the quietness of the library), preparing to slide your books back into your bag, when suddenly the sound of feet pounding against the floor draw your attention.

“Sorry I’m late,” Yugyeom gasps for breath, earning disgruntled glances from the librarian and multiple other study-ers. He collapses on the chair in front of you, and immediately gets to work on taking out all his books. You’re still slightly taken aback by the sudden change of events, and so, it takes you more than a few seconds to realise that Yugyeom is hurt - and badly, by the looks of it.

“Y-Yugyeom,” you gasp quietly, taking in the damage done to his face - the area around his eye was swelling, his nose red and purple, his lip swollen and red. With wide eyes, you watch as he continues to take his equipment out casually, as if his injuries were non-existent - it’s only when he’s taken out the last copybook that he glances up at you, seemingly surprised by your gaze on him.

“What happened to you?” You demand fiercely, quietening your voice at the sharp shh! that comes from the table a few down from you. You send them a sheepish apology, before you’re back to grilling Yugyeom - quietly, this time. “Did you get beat up? Is that why you were so late? Who did this to you-?”

“It’s nothing,” Yugyeom insists harshly, eyes widening as he tries to convince you that he’s absolutely fine, completely peachy, top of my game. “Look, I’m fine. Can we just get on with studying?”

The tone of finality in his voice paired with how he bows his head deeply towards his books make you sigh, your eyes lingering on him for just a few seconds more, before you give up and look down at your own books. If there was anything that you learned from your friendship with Kim Yugyeom, it’s that he’s extremely stubborn.

Hours pass just like that; you glance up at him every few minutes, wanting more than anything to ask him how he got so hurt, to help him. You’re sure his lip starts bleeding but he quickly rests his hand on his lip casually, as if he had no ulterior motive - but you know he realises that you’re worried about him, and he doesn’t want to answer questions.

So caught up in worrying about Yugyeom while simultaneously trying to complete your homework, when you lift your head to peer around you, you’re shocked to find that the library is completely empty, with the exception of the librarian and a few others.

Eyebrows furrowing, you seek out a clock quickly - your parents aren’t home, but that doesn’t mean that you can stay home all night. 8:30.

Crap - it didn’t sound like much, but Winter made night come much faster than it usually did. As a result, the atmosphere outside was inky black, illuminated by the orange glow coming from the street lamps, and although the city was still lively, your house was a good 20 minutes away - and that was by bus.

“It’s getting late,” you bite your lip, turning back to Yugyeom. He’s already watching you, but you don’t take any notice of it, beginning to pack up frantically. It was best to get home quickly - it was already super dark, and you had no money for bus fare. “I should go…”

“Let me walk you home?” Yugyeom offers, beginning to pack up his things, too. You stand from your seat, shouldering your bag. “It’s dark out, you shouldn’t be alone-”

“Oh, no,” you reject the idea immediately, shaking your head. It doesn’t seem to stop him, though, as he too stands up, his bag hanging low on his back. “You need to get home too - besides, I’m sure I can get home by myself-”

“Where is your house?” He questions knowingly. You frown - you suddenly regret telling him where you lived, a few days ago. He knew it was quite far away.

“Hm? What was that? Yugyeom-oppa, I live 20 minutes away, and I’m going to walk by myself in the dark? I don’t think so,” he finishes smugly.

You try to ignore the fact that he called himself oppa, rolling your eyes flusteredly. He hits your arm playfully, tugging on your wrist gently and beginning to lead you out of the library.

The air is chilly and you shiver, tightening your school blazer around you. Apart from the occasional sounds of traffic or random shouts, the streets are fairly silent and it seems that walking out of the one and only place you and Yugyeom met at and into the night proved more awkward than you hoped.

“So,” you break the awkward silence about five minutes later, peering up at him. “Are you gonna tell me where you got those bruises?”

Yugyeom huffs, raising his eyebrow at you, and you almost think he’s about to tell you, before he turns back to face straight ahead, his face calm. “No.”

“Come on,” you groan, throwing your head back melodramatically. “I let you walk me home - now offer me something in return. Please?”

He sighs, muttering something along the lines of why are you so persistent? but he doesn’t answer your question. “I won’t tell anyone,” you promise, a last resort to persuade him to tell you, “Really, I swear.”

Another sigh, and he glances down at you with narrow eyes, before he rolls his neck, puffing air out from his cheeks. “You ever heard of MMA?”

“Mixed Martial Arts?” You echo, your eyes widening. That explains everything. The injuries, showing up late to school and skipping school… “You’re an MMA fighter?”

“It’s on the, uh, less than legal side,” Yugyeom corrects with a wince, peeking at your face to scope your reaction. “But yes, I’m an MMA fighter. A beginner, really.”

You stay quiet for a second, and Yugyeom almost thinks that he’s scared you off, before- “Are you any good?” You ask jokingly, earning an amused laugh in response. “What? I’m asking you seriously!”

“I’m good enough - it’s what I like to do, what I’m good at,” he grins. “What about you?”

“Me?” Your eyebrows shoot up on surprise, and you give a flustered laugh. “Well… I’m not good at much, really. No talents, no interests - everything is already set in stone for me…”

“My parents, I mean,” you continue, biting your lip, “They know exactly what they want. They want me to graduate, study to become a lawyer, and marry a doctor - that’s all they care about.”

“That sucks,” Yugyeom murmurs, and you nod in agreement. “I guess parents have a big influence on us, huh? My mom doesn’t want me fighting anymore - said that I have to start focusing on my studies, that fighting would get me nowhere. Said that it’s too dangerous - and I guess I agree, but I just can’t stay away.”

“I’m sorry,” you apologize quietly, and he shakes his head. His laugh is bitter but you know he’s not angry at you.

“It’s fine,” he sighs, “I couldn’t do it forever.”

The next while is filled with complete silence, but not like the silence from earlier - it’s completely comfortable and warm, unlike the awkward and cold air that filled the space between you previously.

By the time you reach your house, it’s completely black outside. “This is my stop,” you announce, coming to a stop at your drive way. You glance at the tall and brooding structure, infinitely glad that your parents were away. “Home sweet home.”

Yugyeom nods in understanding, and you both stand awkwardly for a few seconds. You really don’t want to say goodbye to him, for some reason, and the realisation that you’ve grown so attached to him almost makes you grimace.

“Listen,” he begins softly, interrupting your thoughts and looking down at you, “You really don’t have to worry about me, okay? I’ll be fine, I can guarantee you.”

“I know,” you smile sheepishly, fiddling with the strap of your bag, “I just… don’t like seeing you hurt.”

Silence fills the space between you to for less than a second - and then, it’s like a switch has been flicked inside of him, because he lurches forward suddenly, and you feel his hands on your cheeks and then his lips are pressing to yours and you don’t fight it.

You vaguely recall the feeling of his hair between your fingers, how his hands grasped at your waist tightly, almost possessive, how his tongue slipped into your mouth and made you whimper, your lips moving together in perfect harmony.

When you finally part, you’re both breathing heavily, your forehead pressed against his as you try to regain your breath and your eyes fixated only on each other - as if only realising it, he suddenly winces, pressing his hands to his swollen lip. “That hurt - but it was so worth it.”

The only thing he receives in return is a slap to the back of the head, but your cheeks are flushed and you giggle, just a bit.


“Where have you been lately?” Nayeon demands as soon as you step foot into school. More than a few weeks later from your first kiss with Yugyeom, and you no longer dread attending class every day.

Nayeon’s eyebrows are furrowed and her arms are crossed and you know exactly why - you had been spending all of your free time with Yugyeom, and your friends still thought you were arch enemies so they had no idea why you suddenly disappeared from around them.

“Studying,” you answer instantly. It was your excuse for everything these days - but it was true. You did spend hours in the library ‘studying’ with Yugyeom, even if you managed to kiss him more times than you managed to turn the pages of your Science book. “How do you think I uphold my grades, Nayeon?”/p>

You stroll passed her, reaching your locker within a few minutes and beginning to stuff your books inside. The school is still fairly empty, mostly because you tended to arrive early to spend some time with your friends, and you feel guilty for searching for Yugyeom in almost every class you pass. You already spend all your free time with him.

“But you’re not even talking to me or Dahyun that much anymore,” Nayeon whines, resting her head against the locker beside you. After a second, she sighs. “I’m sorry - I sound whiney, don’t I?”

“It’s okay, Nana,” you turn to her with a small smile as you shut your locker, wrapping an arm around her shoulder comfortingly, “It’s my fault, really. I just got so caught up in… studying…”

“As expected of our model student,” she grins - and you don’t know what it is about that phrase, but suddenly you have to start forcing yourself to smile as she begins leading you to the assembly hall.

Nobody pays attention in the assembly hall; you go there every morning for the daily announcements, all of your year and the year above you sitting for ten minutes early in the morning. The only thing you like about it is that it’s the only time of the day in school that you don’t have to work.

Your Year Heads are drawling on with their speeches, and it’s no surprise that your eyes start to wander, trailing over the heads of your fellow students boredly until you realise that suddenly, you’re looking into someone’s eyes - Yugyeom’s eyes.

He sits a few rows in front of you with his older friends, but he’s turned his head slightly to see you - at meeting your eyes, he sends you a small, secretive smile that almost makes your cheeks flush. You don’t even check if Nayeon or Dahyun are watching, and you send your own, looking down at your lap straight after in shyness.

Why exactly were you shy? You had no idea. You had no reason to be - but seeing him with his friends made the realisation all the more real. You were dating Kim Yugyeom, renowned troublemaker. It was real - your relationship was real.

It was hard to describe how your relationship made you feel; it was such a relieving breath of fresh air from your life, and every second you spent with him made you happier, more carefree. You only seemed to realise now how much stress you had piled on your shoulders - but when you were with him, it was if the weight of the world was lifted from you, and you could float if you tried hard enough.


“Why are you packing up?” Yugyeom frowns as he sees you close your copybooks, shoving them into your bag as quickly as possible. “It’s not even 6 yet…”

“Did I not tell you?” You ask breathlessly, cocking your head to the side as you desperately try to fit your pencil case in your over-stuffed bag. “My cousins are coming over today - my parents are going to be collecting me in a few minutes. The time just completely slipped away from my mind…”

He sees you gulp flusteredly and he can only guess that you’re thinking about what exactly had you so distracted - a secluded table near the back of the library was particularly handy for him, but probably not for you: the large hickey you were sporting on your shoulder would be a deal to cover up, but he finds himself smirking proudly to himself.

“…Anyway,” you finish, grasping your coat in your hands and setting it on the now cleared table in front of you, “I have to go.”

“Wait,” Yugyeom says hurriedly as you stand from your seat, beginning to frantically clear away his own materials, “I’ll wait with you.”

You freeze at that. It wasn’t that you didn’t want Yugyeom to meet your parents, but… Actually, yes. You didn’t want your parents meeting Yugyeom - not particularly because of his choice of - uh - attitude (though you doubt your parents would appreciate it), but because not only did your parents have strict rules concerning dating, but they’d probably completely ban you from seeing Yugyeom. You had only broken one of your parents’ rules before, and you didn’t fancy breaking anymore.

“Oh, no,” you refuse, standing up. You wave your hands in an attempt to get your point across but Yugyeom has all but finished packing up, and is towering above you seconds later, his own bag hanging off his back. “R-really…”

“Nonsense,” he grins, but his words are firm. “I don’t want you to be waiting by yourself out in the cold. Besides, I better head home, too, anway.”

Okay. What was one more rule to break, anyway?

“Fine, then,” you announce as you begin to walk towards the library doors, “but, uh, for the sake of my life, let’s pretend that we’re not dating - or, that we’re close at all-”

You quickly backtrack when you see the look on his face. “Not because of you,” you continue hastily, “But mt parents are very if-y about boys. I think it’s best if we just keep everything on the down-low…”

He makes a sound of agreement but you know your words resonate with him somehow - you want to comfort him and explain yourself, but as soon as you step outside the library your eyes zero in on the familiar silver car that was more often than not parked in your driveway, and the two people who wait expectantly outside of it.

Keep calm. Keep calm. Keep calm. You chant to yourself as you approach them, almost feeling sick to your stomach. You begin to fiddle with the zip on your coat anxiously as you come to a stop in front of your parents, and your less than happy to see their attention is mostly on Yugyeom.

“You’re late,” your mother greets you curtly, nodding her head to Yugyeom before she strides around the car and slips into her seat.

Your father only offers you an upturned nose and a nod before he, too, enters the car. You exhale, shutting your eyes for a second before you turn to Yugyeom with a weak smile. After mouthing a goodbye, you part ways; him, towards his house, and you into your car.

The tension is unbearable, and you rest your head against the cool window of the car to relieve some of the worry-caused heat in your cheeks, eyes fluttering shut in an attempt to shield yourself from the judgemental glances from your parents as the car takes off onto the roads.

“____?” Your mother’s voice is clear as day, and you’re gulping as you answer her. You hope your voice doesn’t shake.

“Yes, mother?”

“No more.”

“…Yes, mother.”


You had always been rather good at keeping promises - but not in this circumstance, not at all. If anything, you began to try and see Yugyeom more. Although your father actually walked you into the library and picked you up more often, you were still able to see him at school, when your friends’ watchful eyes were preoccupied with something else.

This, though? You were getting way too confident in your sneaking skills.

“I don’t like seeing you like this,” you sigh to yourself quietly, acutely aware of your parent’s presence just downstairs. Your heart was pounding in your chest, and you weren’t sure if it was from the possibilty of being caught or the close proximity to Yugyeom.

The boy in question leaned on your vanity, wincing as you pressed an alcohol soaked cotton ball to his lip. What you had gone through to get this medical kit was unreal - after finding Yugyeom throwing rocks at your window like some modern day Romeo, you noticed that his face was completely messed up.

You had thought he had stopped with the fighting - you thought he had gotten himself together, but obviously not. Despite your imminent anger with him, you were quick to sneak downstairs and take the medical kit from right under the nose of your parents - well, not before they interrogated you about why you needed it (“Uh - I saw this beauty hack that needed bandages… a-and rubbing alcohol…”) .

Yugyeom doesn’t respond to your mutter, and leaves you to continue speaking under your breath as he lets you clean him up. After the blood had been cleared, the cuts didn’t look so bad - a few on his cheek, one above his eyebrow, and one that stretched from his bottom lip to a little across his chin - but you were still fuming.

“I thought you stopped,” you huff quietly, packing up the kit again, “I thought you said you wanted to get your grades together.”

“It’s not that easy, ____,” Yugyeom groans seconds later, resting his head in his hands tiredly. “My hyungs - they’re all depending on me, I can’t let them down-”

“Yeah, well I’d hope that your grades are a bit more important than what your friends want,” you snap, a little too harshly. You exhale deeply, rolling your neck to calm yourself. Yugyeom’s jaw is clenched and he watches you with hard eyes.

“I’m sorry,” you mumble seconds later, and you feel your bottom lip tremble as you meet his eyes, stepping forward to wrap your arms around his neck. You know he’s not angry when his arms wind around your waist, and he bows his head so that his chin is resting on your shoulder. “I just… Seeing you so hurt - I -”

“It’s fine, sweetheart,” he inhales, moving to press his lips against your hair. When he pulls back, he inspects you for a moment; your eyes are tinged red, your eyelashes wet with unfallen tears, and your bottom lip trembles as you try to restrain said tears. “I promise - I’ll try, for you.”

He smiles gently, and brushes his thumb over your cheek, before he’s pushing off your vanity softly and collapsing onto your bed, opening his arms invitingly. “Come ‘ere.”

As if compelled, you trudge across the room, wiping your eyes as you climb onto your bed, sniffling as you try to get as close as possible to him and nuzzling yourself into his chest. It’s all so warm and cozy - his arms wrapped around you, your head on his chest, and nothing filling the room except your steady breathing.

“What would you be doing now,” you question softly about 10 minutes later, breaking the wall of silence and turning your head slightly to look up at him, “if you weren’t a fighter?”

Yugyeom seems taken aback by the question; he doesn’t answer for a few minutes, and when you study his expression his eyebrows are knitted together and his eyes are unfocused. Soon, though, he heaves a sigh, shrugging slightly. “I used to love to dance, before.”

“Really?” You smile up at him, and he nods, a nostalgic smile of his own painting over his face.

“Yeah,” he laughs quietly, “Dancing used to pretty much be my whole life… and singing, too, I guess. Some of my hyungs were interested in it as well, before they turned to fighting.”

You hum in satisfaction at his answer, biting your lip. “Will you - will you sing for me?” You ask hesitantly, looking up immediately to scope his reaction. He looks nervous, and he lets out a tiny laugh.

“I - I haven’t had much practice,” Yugyeom excuses, running a hand through his hair and ruffling his chestnut brown locks. You tsk, rolling your eyes - I’m sure you’re absolutely perfect. Please, Yuggie? And he’s putty in your hands.

He sighs, murmuring don’t expect much, before he begins to sing. His voice is smooth and not too high or too low, but just the perfect pitch with the perfect range and tone of voice. Really, you’re so blown away by how he sounds that you almost forget to listen to what he’s singing - almost.

I’ll never be your mother’s favorite

Your daddy can’t even look me in the eye

Oh, if I was in their shoes, I’d be doing the same thing

Sayin’ 'There goes my little girl

Walkin’ with that troublesome guy’-”

You almost want to interrupt him just so that you can hug him, comfort him, reassure him - anything. The lyrics are hitting too close to home, and it’s then that you realise that your situation is a bit too painful for the both of you, but what are you to do?

But they’re just afraid of something they can’t understand

Oh, but little darlin’ watch me change their minds

Yeah for you I’ll try, I’ll try, I’ll try, I’ll try

And pick up these broken pieces 'til I’m bleeding

If that’ll make you mine…”

He trails off, and his breathing is heavy and his chest is heaving, and you can sense that his throat is clogged with tears - and then, he pulls you close, burying his face in the crook of your neck as you wrap your own arms around him.

And in that moment, you weren’t a model student or a troublemaking delinquent. You were ____ and Yugyeom, first loves and rule breakers - but only for each other.

Species in the Rhinochimaera family are known as long-nosed chimaeras. Their unusually long snouts (compared to other chimaeras) have sensory nerves that allow the fish to find food. Also, their first dorsal fin contains a mildly venomous spine that is used defensively. They are found in deep, temperate and tropical waters between 200 to 2,000 m in depth, and can grow to be up to 140 cm (4.5 ft) in length.

Chimaeras (also known as ghost sharks and ratfish) are an order of cartilaginous fish most closely related to sharks, but they have been evolutionarily isolated from them for over 400 million years.

(Info from WP and .gif from video by NOAA's Okeanos Explorer—this is not an animation!)

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I would like to become as educated as I can, so could you describe what some of the words and different types of surgery are? I'm trying to go through your bottom surgery tag and find myself very confused

Sure, I’ll write out a few simplified explanations for the operations I talk about. For more information remember to look in the tags page linked in my description. In this post I’ll use language some might be uncomfortable with.

Hysterectomy - The removal of the uterus. This can also include the removal of the cervix and/or the fallopian tubes.

Oophorectomy - The removal of one or both ovaries.

Vaginectomy - The removal of the mucosa lining of the vagina. The walls will then fuse together as they heal and the entrance is stitched shut.

Urethral lengthening - The extension of the natal urethra to the tip of the newly formed penis. In metoidioplasty this is typically done using tissue from the mouth and/or vagina. In phalloplasty this is typically done using tissue taken from the original donor site of skin.

Scrotoplasty - The creation of a scrotum using the labia majora. Depending on the technique used the scrotum is either one sac or two sacs. Depending on the technique used the scrotum is either tight against the body or free-hanging. The scrotum can be filled with muscle, fat, silicone testicular implants, or (in preparation for the silicone implants) tissue expanders.

Metoidioplasty - The creation of a penis using the testosterone-enlarged genitalia of the patient. The genitalia is released from the labia minora and ligaments that hold it down and is sewn to more closely resemble a penis. Sensation is not impacted. If urethral lengthening is performed the patient should be able to pee standing up but patients with smaller phalluses may have difficulty. The average length of a phallus after metodioplasty is 4-6 cm (1.5-2.5 inches) and this is based on the size of the patients genitalia pre-op.

Phalloplasty - The creation of a penis using a skin graft taken from a donor site of skin on the body. The most common donor sites are the forearm, thigh, and abdomen but other sites such as the back, hip, calf, or hybrids of two sites are also used. If a nerve hook-up is performed the patient should have full tactile (touch) and erotic sensation from base to tip. If urethral lengthening is performed the patient should be able to pee standing up. Phalloplasty results vary in size depending on the donor site and patients preference. The average length of a phallus after phalloplasty is roughly 12-15 cm (5-6 inches).

Nerve hook-up - In phalloplasty this refers to a microsurgical technique where a sensory nerve is taken from somewhere on the body, commonly from the forearm, and attached to the nerves already present in your genitalia. This allows the nerves in your genitalia to grow and ideally provide full sensation from base to tip. The nerves are initially shocked but soon after will begin growing at a rate of about 1mm per day.

Mons resection - The removal of excess skin and/or fat above the penis. This can move the penis higher up and/or remove any tissue obscuring it.

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What are some of your favourite med school mnemonics? (5 weeks out from finals haha)

I was a big fan of the shortcut way to draw the brachial plexus, though I don’t remember it perfectly now. Unfortunately I remember more mnemonics than what they’re supposed to stand for. 

Other faves include:

  • Learn one. The other one’s the other one. - Goljan’s wise advice on learning the difference between 2 things. This is how I distinguish pemphigus and pemphigoid. 
  • the R-rated version of the cranial nerves. I’ll just abbreviate OOOTTAFVGVAH. I still run through that one. 
  • Some Say Marry Money But My Brother Says Big Boobs Matter More (remembering which cranial nerves are sensory, motor, or both)
  • I remember on renal drawing Hydrogen and potassium ions on a seesaw to remember how they moved in relationship to each other
  • There was definitely a weird one to remember the glycogen storage diseases, but I’ve never had to use that one so I’ve forgotten.
  • SpIN and SnOUT - for specificity and sensitivity, which rules in and which rules out
  • SIG E CAPS - symptoms of depression - Sleep disturbance, loss of Interest, Guilt, loss of Energy, poor Concentration, Anhedonia, Psychomotor retardation, Suicidality
  • MUDPILES - things that cause anion gap metabolic acidosis
  • DUMBBELS - cholinergic overdose symptoms - Diarrhea, Urination, Miosis, Bronchorrhea, Bradycardia, Emesis, Lacrimation, Sweating/Salivation
  • DIAPPERS - causes of urinary incontinence - Delirium, Infection, Atrophic Vaginitis, Pharmaceuticals, Psych, Excessive urine output, Reduced mobility, Stool impaction
  • Dry as a bone, hot as hades, blind as a bat, red as a beet, mad as a hatter - effects of anticholinergic drugs
  • wet, wacky, wobbly - symptoms of normal pressure hydrocephalus
  • bones, groans, stones, and psychic moans- symptoms of hypercalcemia
  • VEAL CHOP - fetal monitoring (put the words on top of each other)- Variable = Cord compression; Early Decel = Head compression; Acceleration = O2; Late Decel = Placental insufficiency
  • social history on kids and teenagers: HEADDSSS - Home, Education, Activities, Drugs, Depression, Safety, Sex, Suicide
The physical organism, your body, has its own intelligence, as does the organism of every other life-form. And that intelligence reacts to what your mind is saying, reacts to your thoughts. So emotion is the body’s reaction to your mind. The body’s intelligence is, of course, an inseparable part of universal intelligence, one of its countless manifestations. It gives temporary cohesion to the atoms and molecules that make up your physical organism. It is the organizing principle behind the workings of all the organs of the body, the conversion of oxygen and food into energy, the heartbeat and circulation of the blood, the immune system that protects the body from invaders, the translation of sensory input into nerve impulses that are sent to the brain, decoded there, and reassembled into a coherent inner picture of outer reality. All of these, as well as thousands of other simultaneously occurring functions, are coordinated perfectly by that intelligence. You don’t run your body. The intelligence does.
—  Eckhart Tolle

Science Experiment: Gateway of the Mind

In 1983, a team of deeply pious scientists conducted a radical experiment in an undisclosed facility. The scientists had theorized that a human without access to any senses or ways to perceive stimuli would be able to perceive the presence of God.

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Tips on Memorization + Cranial Nerves 

 Hi everyone, I finally have time to make another neuroscience oriented tip post. Below are my suggestions for how to go about memorizing all of those tricky neuroscience terms or anything else. I’m using cranial nerves as an example/template/way to cram two help posts into one

  • Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite - Or recite, recite, recite, or redo, redo, redo, etc. If you learn best by writing down or recopying notes, then practice writing down the information over and over. If it’s a diagram or you’re a visual learner, practice by redrawing the image (even if it doesn’t look perfect, don’t be discouraged). If you consider yourself an auditory learner, then repeat the words out loud over and over. Test yourself constantly. Review the information once a day until you feel confident you can remember the information without looking at your notes. 

For example, when I was trying to learn the cranial nerves, I recopied the chart and names every time I had space in my notes. I’d copy it on scratch paper and try to practice writing down everything before checking my answers. You could write it on a cute post it note, on your hand, etc. 

CN I: Olfactory nerve (Sensory)
CN II: Optic nerve (Sensory)
CN III: Oculomotor nerve (Motor)
CN IV: Trochlear nerve (Motor)
CN V: Trigeminal nerve (Both: Sensory and Motor)
CN VI: Abducens nerve (Motor)
CN VII: Facial nerve (Both: Sensory and Motor)
CN VIII: Vestibulocochlear (aka Auditory) nerve (Sensory)
CN IX: glossopharyngeal nerve (Both: Sensory and Motor)
CN X: Vagus nerve (Both: Sensory and Motor)
CN XI: Spinal accessory nerve (Sensory)
CN XII: Hypoglossal (Sensory)

  • Start early - Don’t try to memorize something the night before! By then it’s probably too late to get it to stick in your brain or worse, you end up memorizing it incorrectly because you’re in a rush. This has happened to me many times. Try to at least give yourself 2-3 days to review and practice. Again, a little practice every day will make future you suffer less.
  • Mnemonics for everything - I love mnemonics; I use them for memorizing lots of things. It’s merely word or pattern associations; make your mnemonics personal to you, really silly, or even really dirty. The more memorable they are to you, the easier it will be to recall them. I usually start by thinking of some word association starting with the word’s first letter. 

For cranial nerves, I’ve heard many different mnemonics. Here are some of the popular ones: 

For remembering the names and numbers: On old Olympus’ towering top a Fin and German viewed some hops OR Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, to touch and feel very good velvet - Such heaven! 

For remembering the modalities: Some say marry money but my brother says big brains matter more

  • Make up your own diagram/chart/table/etc - My professor shared the table above, but I usually draw out my own diagrams or tables since they help me remember better than just using a table or drawing from a textbook or lecture slides. Summarize the information you need in a way that makes it easy for you to remember. If you think it’s easier to list something alphabetically or by where it’s located, then do it. 

In the example above, it’s a chart with all of the nerves are grouped according to their motor or sensory function. Each row is organized in sensory, visceral, or special modalities, with the motor rows coming before the sensory rows. CNs VII, IX, and X all have all three sensory functions and visceral and special motor functions (So they form the first “block”. CN V “fills in the middle” rows for special motor and somatic sensory. CN XI is the odd man out with only a special motor function. CN III, IV, VI, and XII have somatic motor functions and fill up the first row are are all multiples of 12; CN III also finishes the second row for visceral motor. CN I and II are special senses and easy to remember because they’re the olfactory and optic nerves; finally VIII also has a special sensory function. 

  • Flash cards - Testing yourself with flashcards over and over can be especially helpful for vocabulary words. Try to set aside time to review, like when you get up and brush your teeth or before you go to bed at night. Sometimes just making many flashcards over and over has been helpful for me. 

For example, if you need to memorize the CN functions, you can make flashcards with only the names or number and then try to write the correct modalities in; if you get it correct, you can keep the flashcard but if you get it wrong you have to remake the whole flashcard until you can get it right.   

Good luck fellow bees and brains~~~

My Neuroscience Tips Posts: Part 1 (Tips on Taking Notes), Part 2 (Latin Terms and Neuroanatomy)

Some tips on writing injury, torture, and gore to make it more realistic

((Okay note to all of you who like to write about injuries and torture here, let me give you some advice that I learned today from the shit I was told in my First aid class taught by an EMT who has both experienced this shit personally and treated it. (Let me tell you, never take first aid if you are squeamish, especially from an EMT that takes pictures of the shit he sees.)

Most deep wounds on the body (the kind that leave scars usually) that occur anywhere around the body with the exception of the hands, face and toes, don’t hurt nearly as bad as a tiny paper cut on your finger. Like seriously, you could have a gash in your calf, forearm, thigh, about as deep as to your bone, and if you didn’t look at it, it’d hurt a bit, but you’d forget about it and not even notice afterwards. Why? Because you cut past the nerve endings, and most of your sensory nerves (ones that perceive pain) are located in your face and hands especially (why paper cuts her far more), as opposed to say.. you broke a bone (which I’ve done before). Really, you may get an achey feeling, and moving it might hurt, but that’s more in the surface areas, and there are times when people have broken something and don’t notice (shock to a degree can play into this too).

Now if it got infected, then it’s hell, or if it ends up as regenerating nerve endings and rotting tissue, swelling (when aggravated) that is also hell. 

So, note, you want excruciating pain for your muse? Stick to superficial injuries (less likely to bleed out too, and last longer), and localize focus on the face, hands, and feet whether for torture or general wounds.

-Sam/WL mun ))


Short data about Blaser squad:

8th Regiment

87th Battalion

117th “Cryptic” Company

11th Platoon

Blaser squad

The 8th regiment belongs to general Ima Gun Di, it’s CO is commander Jassup.

The captain of Cryptic company is captain Slowdown.


Clones on the pictur fom left to right, from top to bottom:

1. Commander Jassup: (CC-1177) He is the CO of the 8th regiment. Truthworthy, open-minded and has a bitter sense of humor. Has a tattoo on his face which says: “Strongest of them all”. It’s a sign of his respect towards general North. It’s one of her phrases. He has a good relation with both of his generals and mens.

2. Captain Slowdown: (CC-2997) Captain of the Cryptic Company. He always takes things too seriously. Thankfully has a lot of loving brothers who can make him ease up.

3. Sergeant Shortcut: (CT-3279) Sergeant of Blaser squad. He is always in a hurry, looking for easier ways, faster ones. He knows all the loopholes. When not on the battlefield he tends to be clumsy,  (which is ridiculous considering, he is a clone) but his brothers always cover up his traces.

4. Corporal Durant: (CT-2742) He is sergeant Shortcut’s right hand. He is an expert at “how to not tell the truth without lying”. He has a malfunction in his nerve system. The Kaminoans didn’t deem him defective enough, so he escaped termination and got a few nerve control devices, mostly helping him with optic nerves and sensory ones. An another malfunction caused him to turn grey right after his first battle. He was born with blue eyes.

5. ARC trooper Move: (ARC-2142) He joined the 117th after his brother by choice died. He is secretive, quiet and has a sad aura around him that makes everyone shy away. His squad brothers try really hard to break through his walls. He is an excellent trooper and has a great infatuation for heavy guns.

6. Falls: (CT-4441) He is a medic. He has a very curious and empathetic  nature. He is “everyone’s friend”.

7. Task: (CT-5586) He is a “by the book” guy. Despite that he never judges others. Never tries to correct anyone but himself. He keeps everything to himself. Good listener and reliable trooper.

8. Cyber: (CT-2608) He had the hardest past. He was brought back from the dead medically, twice. He had awful injuries but always survived. He is fiercely loyal, and despite his past he is the most cheerful and positive man in the squad. He thinks, it is his special duty is to lift everyone’s mood. His brother by choice is Trickster.

9.  Trickster: (CT-4462) He is the official funny guy in the team, but he can be also very cynic. His brother by choice is Cyber. Cyber’s injuries, suffering and almost deaths really weared him down. He is in a constant worry for his brother.

10. Stripes: (CT-3775) He was transferred from the coruscant guard because of repeated disobedience. His new captain tries really hard to straighen him out. He is snarky, sometimes rude, but has a big heart. He hates to see his loved ones hurt or sad, so he goes out of his way just to cheer them up, help them. 

11. Harlo: (CT- 3776) He is from the same batch as Stripes. Also a transfer. He asked to be reassigned with Stripes,so he can keep an eye on him. Usually he is the one who stops him when he tries to do something stupid. He tends to be real serious. Almost never smiles and has that stony stare that makes rocks hide under the ground.

Phalloplasty Information

This is part 5 in a series of posts summarizing what was said during the Gender Odyssey conference in Seattle from August 14-17, 2014. This is not basic knowledge, but rather it is supplemental knowledge. This is knowledge to expand upon what you already know but does not provide groundwork for fully understanding it otherwise. For more information I am always available to answer questions and I have a lot of information on my blog here.

Dr. Crane – San Francisco, CA
Dr. Metlzer – Scottsdale, AZ

For basic information about phalloplasty please look at my posts tagged “bottom surgery”, also linked on the left side of my blog. I’ve talked about this topic a fair amount. This information will help provide supplemental knowledge to this information, as mentioned above. This is a topic that I specialize in and have a lot of information about.

The majority of this information comes from Dr. Crane as Dr. Meltzer no longer does microsurgery. As such Dr. Meltzer’s phalloplasty results do not have an integrated nerve system and do not have much sensation.

The sites where donor skin can be taken are separated into two main categories: Local and Microsurgical

Local skin flaps are the groin, midline, and abdomen.
Microsurgical skin flaps are the forearm, fibula, and latissimus dorsi.

Local flaps mainly serve an aesthetic purpose. There is limited sensation as there is no nerve hook-up done and it is incredibly difficult to do urethral lengthening as the phallus is situated above the testosterone-enlarged genitalia (that is typically not ‘buried’ in the base of the new phallus). This is the only kind of phalloplasty that Dr. Meltzer performs these days, though in the past he did microsurgical operations. This kind of phalloplasty is for a person who wants to be able to pass when naked (in locker rooms for instance) but doesn’t care about needing to sit to urinate and doesn’t care for having sexual sensation in their phallus. For some people that’s all they want and that’s fantastic. If I remember correctly I believe Dr. Crane said that local flaps don’t have as good of blood flow since no veins are taken, but I could be mistaken. He talked about how he can tell how a surgeon has performed their operation by making a small incision into the phallus. If it bleeds heavily, there’s good blow flow and it was done well. Good blow flow = good healing.

Microsurgical flaps are the most common kind of skin flaps used for phalloplasty. These result in a well-positioned phallus that has tactile sensation, erotic sensation, can be used to stand to pee if UL is done, and has good blood flow to the phallus. To achieve sensation a nerve is taken from the donor site as well. When you cut a nerve it dies but what is left is a nerve sheath, which essentially acts a highway that paves the way for new nerves to grow. So in forearm phalloplasty they take a sensory nerve from the forearm, sever it and take the nerve sheath, and then attach it to the nerves present in the testosterone-enlarged genitalia that will then be placed in the base of the new phallus. This is sewn together with thread that is thinner than human hair. The phallus and urethra are constructed around this, veins that were taken from the forearm are attached so that the phallus has good blood supply to it, and then everything is sew together and ready to begin healing. Over the next year that nerve sheath allows the nerves present in the genitalia to grow and spread. The skin taken from the forearm already has sensory nerve receptors in it (which is why you can feel your forearm when you touch it), so these receptors are open and waiting for the nerve to reconnect. Full sensation takes about a year to achieve, since nerves grow at a rate of about 1 millimeter a day. By 3 months most people have sensation in the base of their penis, by 9 months most have it up to the tip. Dr. Crane has had patients reporting that their sensation continues to improve 2 years post-op. Sensation in the forearm itself will return over a very long period of time but it will never be what it was before.

In every phalloplasty operation the erectile device cannot be put it at the same time as the phallus being constructed. Even in 1-stage procedures a person has to come back for an erectile device. I always figured it was because the body needed to heal but I didn’t realize specifically why. Dr. Crane explained that they wait so long for the erection device to be placed because they need to make sure that the penis has protective sensation in it. This is the sensation that allows you to feel when something is uncomfortable, painful, or otherwise a negative feeling, so that you adjust it and make that feeling stop. This sensation allows us to protect ourselves from damaging our bodies. If you can’t feel it, if it doesn’t hurt, then you’re going to wear your device down/break it much faster. An important note with erectile devices is that the inflatable erectile devices break much easier than the semi-rigid rods and now I have more information on this. The inflatable devices were made for men in their 70s/80s who have erectile dysfunction. Compare how much sex they’re having with how much sex a person in their 20’s is having and you’ll see why the inflatable devices sometimes need to be replaced in as little as 1 year. Their usual shelf life in younger guys is about 3 years, versus the semi-rigid rod which can last been 10-20 years.

To determine whether or not you are a good candidate for thigh phalloplasty you can do a simple test. Flex your thigh and while it’s flexed pinch the tissue on it. However much tissue you can lift up, your phallus will be 4-5x this thickness. This is why only a very select number of people are good candidates for thigh phalloplasty, since having too much fat in your thigh (and most people do, you need a small body fat percentage to really qualify) is going to result in a very thick phallus. If you opt for this method and find your penis is too thick then Dr. Crane can perform liposuction, though this will only decrease the thickness by about 10-20%. If you look at his results page you can tell which people had thigh phallo and which people had forearm, since the ones who had a thigh phalloplasty will not have their glansplasty yet. They need to do this in another operation.

Dr. Crane has performed 50 phalloplasties and has 80 planned for 2015. At this current time he is booked until September 2015, making his current waiting list about 14 months out. Dr. Crane has never had a patient who has lost their phallus and reports that his current complication rates are between 10-20%, but he says his actual rates are much lower. These complications are entirely from fistulas and strictures related to urethral lengthening as it is a very delicate process. He does have a general BMI cut-off for surgery and says this is a BMI of 35, but that he has performed phalloplasty on someone with a BMI of 38. The cut-off is there because this is a series of very intense operations and the higher your body weight, the more complications you are likely to run into.

Lastly, phalloplasty with Dr. Crane is an 8 hour long operation for your first stage.

Why Taste Salt before Meals?

Our Holy Prophet (P) has said: “One who eats a pinch a salt before and after a thing (food) Allah will protect him from 360 types of hardship, of which the easiest is leprosy”. Imam Baqir (a.s.) has said: “Salt is a cure for 70 diseases and if people will come to know the advantages of salt they will not use any other cure except salt.”

1. Taste is a chemical sensation. Salt stimulates the taste buds of the tongue to their maximum, thus increasing secretion. Saliva thus secreted helps in the process of mastication of food, and in the preparing of the food into a bolus, suitable for digestion. Saliva also has a digestive and bacteriolytic action.

2. Salt stimulates the sensory nerve endings on the tongue. This generates nervous impulses which pass via the central nervous system to trigger the corresponding motor nerve of the gland into action and commence secretion. Thus digestive juices are secreted in stomach and intestines, and the digestive system is prepared to digest and absorb the food which is to follow the initial taste of salt. Similarly, a pinch of salt at the end of a meal completes digestion. In other words indigestion and other related problems can be controlled by practicing this simple dietary advice.

3. Salt plays an important role in phosphorylation. The term

phosphorylation includes all chemical reactions in the body which require combination with phosphoric acid. These chemical reactions are an essential part during the absorption and metabolism of different foods. It has been observed that adrenal glands (cortex) in the body control phosphorylation by helping the enzymes responsible for the process. But it is also known that many of the defects seen in diseases of adrenal glands are rectified by giving enough salt.

4. It is interesting to note that water absorption from the

intestines is influenced by the presence of salt in it. Pure distilled water is absorbed only upto 59% but if given along with salt, the rate of absorption gradually rises to 95%.

5. Deficiency of salt shows reduction in fat deposits, atrophy of muscles, lung infections, retarded bone growth and reduction in bone tissue.

6. Lastly a word of caution for excess salt taken, which can lead to swelling all over the body especially legs and ankles, high blood pressure, hyper-acidity, stomach ulcers and paralytic strokes.

Therefore, taking a pinch of salt before and after each meal will surely fulfill one’s daily requirements

anonymous asked:

What are the differences (if any) in the resulting phallus from the different microsurgical flap sites? I believe they are the forearm, the calf, and the mid-back, right? Obviously scar placement will be different, but I just want to know about the phallus.

Great question. There are 4 primary microsurgical donor sites that we look at; the forearm (RFF), thigh (ALT),  and the mid-back (MLD). Variations within techniques exist that technically count as different donor sites, such as using a horizontal donor site on the mid-back rather than a vertical one, as well as hybrids of two donor sites, but for the sake of simplicity we’ll focus on those 3 options. The difference in results from each donor site are scar placement on the body, size, and sensation. The aesthetic appearance of the phallus, such as the appearance of the glans, has more to do with the surgeon’s technique than with the donor site. Unfortunately my information on the fibula flap is limited, so I can’t offer the same level of information on that donor site. I will also reference Dr. Crane a few times throughout this post but my information is not limited to him.

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