sensory feedback

Ideas for getting hand flapping past body-policers

For the hand-flapping thing, I dunno if these have already been suggested or not but here’s some things that work for me. Most of them take some practice to get the feel right.

  • Rubbing my palms against my pant legs or fingers  - simulates sensory feedback of air flowing against the palm.
  • Tapping my 4 fingers all at once on a horizontal surface - simulates the whippy feeling of the fingers as you change direction. 
  • Patting my thighs as I sit - bit more subtle, still has the whippy feeling and the air rush feeling. 
  • Isometric exercises with my fingers/palms - works the same muscles that may be getting restless and making you want to flap. I twist my hands into different shapes as I do it and let myself feel the strain as I try to hold it and break it at the same time. This one is a bit more obvious, but if you do any kind of physical activity, you can just say that you’re training hand/grip strength, because it does do that.

Disguising the stim, as a previous submitter suggested, works, too. Previous poster suggested wetting your hands and shaking off water. If you help with cooking, this works with other cooking stuff that may get on your hands - flour, etc. 

Another thing I’ve done in the past is make an excuse to get away from people and go somewhere alone for a minute or two, where I can flap in peace.