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Manta Sleep Mask - World’s 1st Modular Eye Mask for Sleeping
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100% Blackout

Memory foam eye cups  that let you open your eyes with the mask on

The cups can be moved to the perfect position for you

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Perfect for light sensitivity due to sensory processing disorder, autism, migraines, etc.

Lightweight so you can take them with you for use during meltdowns!

Ritual Abuse Torture

T.W. R.A.

Victims may be able to describe the torture they have endured, or they may fear doing so. In many cases of ritual abuse and mind control trauma, the abuse remains dissociated when the individual first seeks treatment. Typically, the initial presenting problems are symptoms of anxiety, depression, or trauma derived from childhood sexual abuse, usually by a family member, who is eventually understood as a participant in the abuser group.

The following is a partial list of these forms of torture:

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You can make a disability stop being a disability without curing it.
Example: eyesight problems.

Before the invention of corrective lenses and glasses, people who had significantly worse eyesight than average were disabled. They couldn’t work, couldn’t learn, couldn’t even get around the house and do things like cooking and cleaning in some cases. Then corrective glasses became widely available and relatively cheap, and puff, it stopped being a disability. I mean, if we were to stop making glasses and lenses and destroyed all the existing ones, it would become a disability once again, but it’s probably not happening.

The reason? A lot of people need corrective glasses or lenses. The vast majority in some countries. More than 10-20 percent pretty much everywhere you go. Maybe not everyone needs them daily and at all times, but the majority of people will require corrective glasses at some point in their lives. Which is why the glasses/lenses market is huge, and making them is profitable. This is a kind of accommodation a lot of people need, so it has a big demand on the market, so it’s accommodated most of the time, so it’s no longer a disability.

Literally it would work with any disability. If the majority of the world would require mobility aids, suddenly the market would be flooded with wheelchairs, canes and other devices. If the majority of the world would need hearing aids, suddenly you’d be able to buy them in Target for a really low price. If the majority of the world was autistic, suddenly things like protective headphones, sensory friendly clothes, AAC devices and stim toys would be available in every supermarket. That’s how capitalism works.

So yeah, it’s totally possible to “cure” a disability without actually curing the person. Just make accommodations for that disability profitable to produce, distribute and sell, and that’s it.

Let There Be Light

by Saṃsāran

It was August 23, 2003 when Walter McCall,  a third year medical student at the UCSD School of Medicine in San Diego volunteered for the “Dream Chamber Project”. The so called “dream chamber” was a new type of sensory deprivation device.  It consisted of an egg shaped steel container about the size of a Volkswagen. It was suspended by cables in an anechoic chamber which absorbed all sound and the chamber within was also comprised of anechoic material.There could be no sound inside or out. All sound was absorbed instantly. It was light proof and completely dark inside. It was two thirds filled with a solution of water and Epsom salts  heated precisely to body temperature. The salt solution provided sufficient buoyancy for a human body to float gently without touching any surface and thickened it sufficiently that there was no sense of movement or sound of water splashing. The air inside was heated to precisely the same temperature as the water.

The upshot of all of this was there was no stimulation for any of the senses. Nothing to see, nothing to hear, nothing to taste, nothing to smell and since the body was suspended in body temperature fluid at 100% humidity there no sense of touch. Now the hatch to the chamber could be easily opened from the inside and the test subjects were drilled on opening it several times until they were comfortable with the fact that they could escape at any time.  Walter was the fourth test subject.  None of the first three had lasted more than an hour before they started exhibiting signs of claustrophobia and panic and demanded to be released.

Walter was different.  He liked the dark and the quiet.  Upon entering the chamber, naked so as to eliminate any contact with the skin, he immediately felt at home. His mind wandered. He even slept for a bit.  Now, the odd thing about the chamber is that, for Walter anyway, it seemed not small and cramped but as if he were suspended in space surrounded by all of creation. With no point of reference the space within felt infinite. After several hours Walter became fully absorbed by the experience. Hanging there, in infinite space he began to experience things.  I say experience because these things were not sensory.  He did not “see” or “hear” things. He, well, just experienced them.

He began to feel a sense of vastness as if he were all there was in the universe. His concentration narrowed until it was focused on a tiny pulse, without form, without physical dimensions.  He felt as if everything in the universe was focused on that single pulsing formless point. That “singularity” as physicists would describe it. He was one. He was One. Everything was One. Pulsing rhythmically. One.  Within the One he was suddenly alone.  For the first time ever a deep and overwhelming sense of Oneness, not loneliness, but aloneness.  It began to build within him within the One that he had become.  Building now, greater and greater he felt it. It was a becoming. Then with a fury unknown for 13.5 billion years the Oneness burst out in a great bang of creation and became the Many. Walter thought “let there be light” and there WAS light.