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Prowl loves a good strategy game. As a matter of fact, he’s consistently in the top scoring position on the most difficult strategy games available in Teletraan I′s vast collection.

Then he’s out of contact for a week or so on a mission, diplomatic in nature, uneventful but necessary, and unable to play. When he returns, he settles in that evening to wind down with a round or two of his favorite game. His shock is tremendous when he discovers his name replaced in the coveted top spot by none other than Sideswipe, a mech who only started playing shortly after Prowl left on that mission. A quick check shows even his most obscure game preferences have his name bumped down into the number two slot, all of them under Sideswipe.

Is this a glitch? Have the games been hacked? Or is Sideswipe somehow in possession of a much keener strategic mind than anyone ever gave him credit for?

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Humans are Space Australians try One

Klllr scuttled along corridor 3B, toward the Human Sector of the ship, her seventeen legs tapping along the dull gray floor rhythmically. She had been tasked with delivering a package to Crewmember Ashley, and though she had never met a human in person before, she had no intention of failing in her duties as a delivery person.

Once she reached the sealed door separating the Human Sector from the Krvatlln Sector, she pressed the sensor panel on the wall. Almost immediately, the viewscreen above it came to life, displaying the odd face with its two eyes and strange bilateral symmetry that Klllr recognized from Ashley’s personel file.

“Are you Klllr?” Ashley asked, her voice lilting unsettlingly at the end of her query, the light sensors in her eyes widening and focusing on the package held in Klllr’s dorsal graspers. “Is that my package?”

“I am. It is,” Klllr replied, unintentionally clicking under her words and nervously shifting several of her legs. Ashley really was creepy in person.

“Bring it on in!” Ahsley’s voice was rising in both pitch and volume.

The door opened, and Klllr scurried through it. The lowered oxygen level in the Human Sector was slightly disorienting, but not enough to be dangerous to a Krvatlln such as herself, the reason that their Sectors were adjacent in the first place (though the Human Sector was also adjacent to the hull, as they liked to set fires for recreational purposes, and most spacefaring species were unable to safely be exposed to smoke).

Ashley’s bilateral symmetry continued in person. Even her personal decorations were symmetrical. Klllr set the package down and tap tap tap’d away from it.

Ashley immediatly dropped to her central leg joints (the joints in the centers of her legs, as only having two legs, she had no central legs), tearing the sealed box open with her graspers (set on the ends of her still only two forelimbs), a task usually accomplished with specialized tools, and pulling out a clear box with small animals inside. Though still oddly symettrical, they were fairly cute. Klllr hadn’t realized that humans kept pets that looked less unsettling than they, themselves did.

Klllr blinked five of her eyes in surprise.

“Crewmember Ashley, I did not know that the intership postal service delivered pets.”

“They don’t, Crewmember Klllr. These aren’t pets, they’re crickets. They’re for Thomson.” Ashley opened her mouth, though did not part her teeth, and moved the flesh on her face inscrutably.

“Who is Thomson?” Klllr asked, chirping confusion, “and why did they not order the crickets themself?”

“Oh, he’s my pet toad. Thought I’d get him a treat, and some of the guys are planning to record him eating these suckers and put it to music. Wanna watch?” Ashley stretched her face again, eyes darting, syncronized, around Klllr’s own eyes, meeting each of them in turn.

“Kkkkkkkkkkk no thank you,” Klllr managed. “I, kkkkk, have obligations elsewhere. Thank you for the, kkkkkk, invitation, though.”

It took Klllr three tries to open the door into the corridor so that she could back out safely. She had no desire to watch the crickets be eaten by whatever monstrosity Thomson the toad turned out to be.