rivulo asked:

Oh my gosh I literally cannot get enough of your art. It's just... wow. (Ob, and on an off note, are you familiar with jenny's (charleskinbote) blog? Because I honestly think you two are the same person.)

Sadee, thank you, but I know this word is not enough for how warm you made me so imagine there’s a deep hole under it with flowers.Thanks for the hearts you gave on the dashboard, the word “art” is too much too intense for my drawings sorry I can’t bear it.  Your drawings and words are sad and beautiful, they make me strangely blissful (neutralising sadness?). I think I like you:$
I like Jenny a lot too. I guess a part of me is her and I’m subconsciously plagiarising her drawings (Sorry, Jenny) and other amazing artists (I’m so sorry). I don’t know who I am originally any more so I don’t deserve anything…?