Things Taco Bell Never Advertises Because They’d Rather Do Boss Wraps: The Gluten Edition

Did you know you can order gluten-free at Taco Bell? SURPRISE! I’ve checked the ingredients on every fucking one of our component items so you don’t have to, and you actually have a ton of options compared to a lot of fast-food joints. Please keep in mind that no kitchen is 100% free of cross-contamination, and if your gluten problems are severe you may wish to steer clear altogether (for example: we don’t change our gloves when grabbing taco shells after putting flour tortillas on the grill). If incidental contact like this isn’t a problem, though, you should be good to go!

Ready? Here’s how to order gluten-free at the Bell:

1) INFORM YOUR CASHIER YOU HAVE A GLUTEN ALLERGY. Even if what you actually have is Celiac disease or gluten intolerance, say “gluten food allergy” or “wheat food allergy.” A lot of cashiers don’t know what Celiac is or what “intolerance” means. The word “allergy” is a magic one that makes people on the line change their gloves, but if you want to be doubly sure, feel free to explicitly request a glove change. And if you’re one of those folks who doesn’t have a gluten problem per se but tries to eat gluten-free for your health, do not say a glove change isn’t necessary. If you do, you are an asshole. Do not make it harder for people with actual gluten-related diseases and allergies to get their food made safely.

2) DO NOT ORDER POTATOES OR DESSERT ITEMS. We don’t have separate fryers for gluten and non-gluten items, so these get fried alongside things with flour shells.

3) DO NOT ORDER YOUR FOOD WITH BEEF. Our beef contains small amounts of wheat as a filler and is not gluten-safe. Instead, order beans (free of charge), or one of our premium meats (chicken, shredded chicken, steak–there’s an upcharge for these).

4) Now that the big “these are priorities” things are out of the way, here are the items on our menu that are gluten-free. Please remember that you will need to order these with a protein that is not beef. If further modifications are needed, I’ve noted them for you.

  • Crunchy Tacos
  • Double Tostada
  • Spicy Tostada
  • Cantina Power Bowl
  • Mexican Pizza, substitute tostada shells for pizza shells
  • Any Burrito not made with beef, “no tortilla, in a bowl”
  • Pintos and Cheese
  • Black Beans and Rice
  • Chicken or Steak Fiesta Taco Salad, no shell

And finally: if you want to get creative, you can order Crunchy Taco shells all by themselves. I think they’re like 30 cents each. Get three or four of them, order a Nacho Supreme with no chips, break your taco shells in half, dip, and eat for a gluten-free nacho experience.

Go forth, my children. Don’t let gluten keep you from fast food. Your options at the Bell are many–please feel free to take them.

[Know of an “alternative menu” you’d like to see? Need to know which items are dairy-safe or popular with little kids? Shoot me an ask, and I’ll put one together!]


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and also consider this: force sensitive finn. any content with force sensitive finn. i die (2/3)

She was probably the last person Finn expected to see as he walked into Rey’s room. Okay, maybe Kylo Ren or Phasma would be a surprise but- no, no, this lady was definitely more of a surprise. Partially because she was blue.

Partially because he had no idea who she was.

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if you don’t like someone’s portrayal of a canon character and think their headcanon is shitty and minimizes an already under-represented group, then fucking tell them that. But you don’t get to write a rule book about what someone can and cannot roleplay their character as. It’s called creative license as an rp’r, and yeah some of the portrayals will suck and probably piss you off but that’s how it is.You don’t get to make “rules” about how other people play THEIR characters. You only have control over your own.If I want to play Micky Mouse as a neo-nazi it’d be in poor taste and stupid as fuck but you don’t get to tell me I’m breaking some rp rule in the rp rule book. 

Just admit you don’t like something instead of making it seem like your freedom fighting for something. these are fictional fucking characters. Tell me my neo-nazi Micky Mouse sucks because it’s stupid. You don’t need to justify it with “Because Nazi’s are bad, mmkay?”  Because we all know Nazis are bad. Just like everyone knows that underrepresenting genderqueer, PoC and etc is bad. But that’s not what you really care about. What you care about is seeing your favorite characters done in a way you personally don’t like. Why don’t you just admit it instead of making it sound like your righteous and angry about some movement. RP isn’t the place to fight those kind of injustices. It’s a place people come to have fun and hopefully not get yelled at because they made a canonically bi character straight in their rp. Who fucking gives a shit. They’re still bi.Theres’ just an rp’r who plays them straight now. Whoop de dee doo.