Fate is a bitch (2) - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Well, originally this story wasn’t suppose to have a second part but tons of people asked me so, here’s a second part :-). I hope you will like it


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You strongly believed in Destiny. 

No matter what people could say, how many arguments against it they had, and how much they were sceptic about it…it wouldn’t change your mind. You strongly believed in Destiny.

Because it was impossible only coincidences brought you were you were now…At your wedding with the famous Bruce Wayne. 


It all happened about four years ago, when your son, Billy, somehow ended up getting caught by the Justice League and you almost used your elemental powers on them and punched Superman and…it was kind of a mess. 

Basically, you ended up being part of the League. 

Which was something, for someone like you, who was from a poor neighborhood, who had so many struggles in life and who found a kid once, a kid who was living in an abandoned station of the subway (you don’t even remember what brought you there…well, Destiny obviously), a kid who changed your life, and that you just had to adopt. 

At barely 25 years old. Oh the struggles were no where near to end. 

Then you met that guy, that dark and broody guy who stood up for your son when everyone else wanted to “fire” him from the League because he was but a ten years old child.

And that always seemed to smile when you were in the vicinity, though according to everyone else, the Batman never smiled. It was weird right ? And you caught yourself more than once wishing he was smiling because you were there, but it was impossible. 

Sure you and him always seemed to be able to talk about anything without any restrain, like you felt you could tell him everything on your heart, and more often than not, he talked to you about his own troubles and fears…The Batman, talking to you about his troubles and fears ! But it was impossible.

Oh you fell for him pretty fast, and hard, so so hard…But you thought it as impossible. He was older, he was clearly a man with tons of issues that couldn’t hold a relationship (according to his Bruce Wayne persona), he was the goddamn Batman…It just couldn’t be ! 

And yet. Yet. Your sons set you up. Damian and Billy. They tricked you into coming to dinner to the Wayne Manor and…Then Bruce fucked everything up. He avoided you. He stopped talking to you..Because he was afraid to drag you into his dark life. 

But when you almost died, and stayed in a coma for three months. When he just had to take care of your son and make sure you were gonna be alright…He realized that, well, destiny. 

And that’s when things started to get crazy. 

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After Work Party

by Imandra Pipkin

Alec woke up before the alarm clock rang. Magnus was laying with his back to him, Alec’s arm on Magnus’s waist, their hands clasped together. Carefully Alec tried to free his hand without waking him up. Magnus gave an indignant noise to this and pulled Alec’s hand closer to his chest. Alec grinned and kissed Magnus’s sensitiv spot between shoulder and neck. Magnus turned on his back in half-sleeping so Alec could place little kisses to his eyes and mouth. Alec loved this morning ritual, without this Magnus did not let him go out of bed. Quietly Alec stood up, took his clothes and walked into the bathroom. The shower aroused him halfway up. He did not take time for breakfast. He would do this with Jace, Clary and Izzy in the institute. A cup of coffee was enough at this early morning. He placed a cup of coffee for Magnus on the bedside table, kissed his sleeping boyfriend on the forehead and left the apartment.

When he arrived at the institute, he met Jace, Clary and Izzy, who were waiting for him with breakfast. On the occasion, they had time to chat, sharing gossip just like friends do, before he had to go to his office for work.
Maia mentioned a problem at their weekly meetings at Magnus’s, which he wanted to pursue.
Alec knew, Magnus was expecting a client early in the morning and he wanted to make sure, Magnus got up in time. On the evening before, Magnus was working on a translation for a long time, when Alec came home. It had been a short night for both.
“Are you awake?”, he texted Magnus.
“Almost. Thank you for the coffee. I had to send another cup of coffee to check out why the first one didn’t do his job.”

Now Alec was reasured and able to concentrate on the first briefing. It was nearly noon until everything was organised and coordinated.
“ How was your client? Do you want to join me for lunch? ”
“I will tell you when we meet. What do you want?”
“Except you? ♡♡♡  Surprise me!”, Alec texted him.
Alec cleared his desk when Magnus came in. They did not want to show any personal feelings at the institute so they waited with the kiss for greeting until they were alone in Alec’s office and the door was closed. Since Alec often came home late, for Magnus lunchtime is the best time of the day. Now they can be together, taking or simply enjoy the presence of the other without many words.

As the shadowhunters, Alec had sent on a mission, arrived, Magnus left the institute. Alec would be busy with debriefing meetings all afternoon.
And so Magnus was surprised when he received a message from Alec just a few hours later.
“Meetings are over, paperwork done. Meet me at Hunter’s Moon? Kisses, Alec”
When Alec arrived Magnus was already there, standing at the bar, talking to a breathtaking beautiful woman, laughing over a common joke. Alec got jealous somehow. Just a little bit. But this little bit was enough to scrape his self-confidence. For a moment he stood by the door, unsure what to do. Go out or come in. Magnus didn’t let him time overthink the situation like he always did.
“Alexander! There you are. Come over here. What do you want to drink?”
The beautiful woman looked at Alec as if she saw a second bowl of cream. Alec could almost read her mind, how she imagined having a really nice evening with Magnus and him, how she saw new opportunities developing.
“He is MINE!”, Alec thought and wanted to clarify that once and for all. He reached out for Magnus, one hand at his neck, one hand at his back and pulled him into a long, intensive kiss. The woman watched fascinated and gave Alec an inviting look. Alec shook his head and the woman went away after giving Magnus a bright smile.
“Who was this?”
“I don’t know. She doesn’t introduce herself. She spoke to me just before you came in.”
Alec needed a drink. A real drink. Not a simple beer. He tried his best to forget the woman, but she was always nearby, watching Magnus, no matter what that did. When they played pool or took their seats at the bar, she was permanently in his sight. Sadly, he couldn’t blame her. Magnus just looked fantastic in this tight pants and his elegant movements did not make it any better. And so Alec needed a lot of drinks. Before Magnus realised what was going on, it was almost too late. Alec was drunk faster than he thought. His pronunciation became indistinct, he swayed slightly and began to yawn.
This was definitely not the end of the day Magnus had in mind. No way! Especially not since Alec started to whisper dirty talk in his ear and Magnus was really electrified by that. This was a sight on his lover he did not know by now and he liked to savor every minute. It could be very interesting to see how far Alec would go this evening, drunk as he was.
At some point Magnus stopped drinking to be able to take care of Alec. One had to keep an almost clear mind. It was the first time he saw his boyfriend in a condition like that and he couldn’t assess his reaction.
Time to go home. Not to portal home but rather have a stroll home. Magnus thought the fresh air would please Alec. At home he wanted to start something with Alec and he did not want him to topple down into bed like a felled tree. Also they could use every dark spot for kissing so that Alec would realise what was waiting for him at home and so it could also be clear to him what was expected of him at home. Magnus wanted to spend a spectacular and memorable night with Alec.
The fresh air tried their best to dispel the clouds in Alec’s brain, clouds like the alcohol as well as his jealousy. He could not think clearly, but clearly enough. The fatigue had disappeared and now the alcohol showed it’s effects. Magnus’s kisses did the rest.
Suddenly Alec became impatient. He wanted to go home. Right now! He needed to feel that Magnus belongs to him, that he only wanted him just as well he would ever only wanted Magnus.  
“Magnus, I can’t wait. Please bring us home.”
With a delightful grin Magnus fulfilled Alec the first wish of that night.

EXCERPT: “Okay. You win.” He whispers and opens his door. I do the same and meet him at the hood of his car, his hand finding mine. He leads me down the sidewalk and my patience thins the longer it takes to get to my house. I occasionally lean up and try to kiss his neck or try to sneak my hand inside his shirt but Theo refuses to let things escalate.

It’s almost midnight. 15 minutes it says on the right corner of my screen where I’ve been watching the minutes go by for the past two hours. My parents are watching television downstairs and I hope the sound is able to drown out Theo’s arrival because the last thing I want is to get caught.

I walk over to my window and open it, a rush of warm air brushing my hair from my face. Summer nights are meant to be filled with fun, spontaneous moments — kind of like last night’s, except things didn’t end so well for me. Theo and I got into an argument and plenty was left unsaid — neither of us selfless enough to apologize. He usually comes over on Friday nights and picks me up so we can drive down to the park where we usually lie down and talk about numerous things. 

This feels sightly bizarre now and any normal person would cancel it, but more than anything, I want to see him. I hate fighting with him and feeling this emptiness inside me. So tonight I’m hoping can we settle this argument once and for all and move past it. 

I stare at the huge oak tree in front of my house, the leaves swaying in accord with the wind and bring my phone up once more. 8 minutes it says. Only 8 more minutes before I see him. Next year will be our senior year and the possibilities after that seem endless. Theo and I decided to spend the first four years after high school apart — each at our college of choice — and then meet again and possibly seal the deal. That’s the plan. 

I see a red car in my periphery and before I can confirm it’s him, my heart does a somersault. A burst of excitement rushes through me and I fastened my shoes before dashing out of my room. Downstairs, I walk into the living room and find my parents cuddled against each other on the couch. I lean down and kiss them both goodnight. “I’m calling it a night. Love you.” They return the kisses and wish me goodnight. Feeling successful, I pretend to walk toward the staircase in the hallway but veer off into the kitchen at the last second. 

I open the backdoor slowly and step out into the warm night air. I round the house, careful not to get caught and walk the few steps toward his car. I open the passenger’s side door and slide inside, my heart beating a mile a minute. There’s an awkwardness in the air and as Theo leans over to hug me, I extend my hand for a handshake. He stops, his arms mid-air, and slowly recoils. A deep flush settles over my cheeks as embarrassment fills me up. I start to hug him back but it’s too late, he’s already back in his seat. 

“Hi.” He says, glancing at me quickly. His body seems rigid and I feel partially responsible. Why did I go for a handshake? 

“Hey.” We sit in silence for a while. My eyes wander to his hands gripping the steering wheel and I have to keep from reaching over and feeling his soft skin. He catches me staring but instead of the usual smirk and witty remark, he pretends not to notice. I look away and clear my throat. “How are you?” 

“Can we not do this, babe?” He asks and I have to stifle a sigh of relief. I’m glad he doesn’t wanna pretend everything’s fine when it’s not. He turns on the ignition and speeds down the road. It’s only when we cross a red light that I notice, for the first time, Theo’s eyes on me. He redirects his eyes back on the road, a small smile appearing on his face. 


He slows down to a stop a few blocks away from my house. It’s 1:34 am and it’s dark outside, cricket’s filling in the silence. I sit there with my hands in my lap and my teeth over my bottom lip. Theo’s staring out his window, one hand on his thigh and the other lying alongside the door. 

“I should go.” I say but make no move to leave. I want us to talk, to settle this but I don’t know how to approach the subject. 

“Wait.” He holds out his hand and touches my arm. Relieved for the second time that night, I sit back in my seat and wait expectantly. “I don’t want to fight anymore.” He confesses and I nod profusely. 

“Me neither, baby, I’m so sorry.” I say all at once, my eyes trained on him. A faint smile stretches across his lips and he leans forward, his forehead coming to rest against mine. “I love you so much. I never wanna fight like that. Let’s just forget about it all, mm?” 

Theo nods, resting a hand against the side of my face. He looks into my eyes for a long time, his eyes speaking for him. I feel my heart flutter and without a second thought, crash my lips against his. A rush of air leaves my nostrils as I melt into his touch. I missed this. I missed him. Even if the fight only lasted a few hours. 

“I love you, too. It’s all forgotten. I just hate that we wasted all this time being mad at each other.” He smiles against my lips. I pull back slightly and nod in agreement. We can’t take another stroll, that’d be too risky. My parents never usually check up on me after I’ve told them I’m going to bed but what’s to say that can’t change? 

“Come up with me. My parents are sleeping, they won’t hear us.” I say, excitement brewing in my stomach. He kisses me again but doesn’t say anything when he pulls back. He sits back in his seat and runs a finger along his bottom lip, deep in thought. I lean forward and kiss his cheek lightly, my arm rounding his stomach. Theo remains seated and doesn’t seem to give me much attention. I kiss the corner of his mouth tentatively and after a few seconds, he sighs and turns around, his lips finding mine. 

“Let’s continue this upstairs. We’ll be able to get back the time we wasted being mad at each other.” I offer, touching his nose with mine. He keeps his eyes closed, his jaw clenched. I move my hand up to run it through his hair and kiss him. He allows my tongue to wander into his mouth this time and returns the enthusiasm. The wind picks up outside, drowning out the crickets and their chant. I pull back and stare at his lips, all red and swollen. At this moment, there’s nothing I want more than him. 

“Okay. You win.” He whispers and opens his door. I do the same and meet him at the hood of his car, his hand finding mine. He leads me down the sidewalk and my patience thins the longer it takes to get to my house. I occasionally lean up and try to kiss his neck or try to sneak my hand inside his shirt but Theo refuses to let things escalate. 

At the door, I pull out my key from my pocket and unlock the door. The house is silent and dark, my parents having gone to bed already. I invite Theo inside and lead him upstairs, my index finger against my lip as we march down the hallway toward my room. “I’m cool doing it here.” He whispers in my ear, his hands brushing up my stomach to cup my breasts. A little squeak leaves my mouth and I slap his hands away in complete shock. My parents’ room is a few steps from mine and my little squeak might just be what gets us caught. I push Theo inside my room and close the door, turning around with a look of fury on my face. He’s standing on my bed, his arms outstretched behind him, a look of pure delight on his face. He beckons me over, a small gesture of his finger. 

I take a few steps toward him, stopping when our toes touch. He looks up at me, his hair curled up at the tips, his eyes candid and his lips wet and impossibly red. I can almost feel the anger leave my bones as I stare at him. Theo sits upright and brings his hands up to my hips, his long fingers digging into my skin. I shiver, his touch electrifying. 

“That wasn’t cool, babe. My parents could have heard me. Do you understand how screwed we’d be?” He raises a suggestive brow and I have to roll my eyes. I can already hear the witty response. 

“Don’t say anything. Don’t answer that.” I say. He chuckles, his hands higher now, and in their process, pushing my shirt higher up my stomach. He leans forward and kisses the smooth skin of my stomach. There’s a slight chill in the room and I realize I left the window open. But I don’t mind. My body is hot right now and the wind is welcoming. His lips move lower and lower until he’s kissing the waistband of my jeans. I stand there, breathless, as he tugs on my jeans, pulling them down my hips and thighs. I suck in air and exhale a shaky breath. I feel lightheaded and at a loss for balance but Theo steadies me. At his request, I step out of my jeans and remain in my panties. He runs a hand up the inside of my thigh and I can’t help the noise that comes out of my mouth. He glances up at me and smiles before pulling my panties down as well.

I feel embarrassed at the sight of him watching me. I start to cover myself up with my hands but Theo grabs them. He stands up and lifts my arms in the air, one hand coming down to grab at the hem of my shirt. He pulls it up and with the other hand swiftly brings it over my head. The remaining item of clothing on me is my bra and as he stares it down, I know it’s only a matter of time before he takes that off too. He wraps his arms around me and expertly unclasps my bra, pulling it off completely. 

I’m completely naked in front of my fully clothed boyfriend and I can’t help but feel self-conscious. He sits back down on the edge of my bed and simply stares at me. “Come here.” He whispers and I bend down, my lips finding his. He kisses me slowly and pulls me down on his lap. My hands wander down his chest and rest in his lap, my nimble fingers working his belt and zipper open. I pull his pants down and Theo lifts his hips to help me out. Eager to see all of him, I push him down the bed and push his shirt up, bunching it up his neck. I bend down and kiss his neck, sucking on the sensitive skin — I want to leave marks on him. His hands press against my back, the skin warm but still strangely leaving goosebumps in their wake. 

I sit up and experimentally pull him out, his dick already hard in my hand. I glance down at him and find that he’s staring at me, his eyes full of something intense. He pulls his shirt over his head and throws it to the side. I stare at his chest, all strong and muscly. I bite my bottom lip and align myself on top him, using my hand to steady him. I feel his hands on my hips and with that, I sink down. A jab of pain courses through me at first and I have to stop. Theo, worried, rubs my thigh reassuringly and waits for me. When it’s bearable again, I sink further down his dick, this time the pain less prominent, and slowly start to move my hips — around, around, around and then up, down, up, down, up, down. His eyes are closed and quiet moans are leaving his mouth but not quite reaching me so I clench down on him and watch as his eyes pop open and a wanton moan comes barreling out his throat. He frowns at me, caught off guard and I reach over to touch his cheek, my way of apologizing. “I like it when you moan,” I confess. He raises a brow then reiterates my statement, directing the words at me. He slides one hand down his stomach and inches it closer to my crotch. I watch intently as he presses his thumb against my clit, rubbing it gently. A spark of something strong pulses through me and I can’t control the screams that fill my throat. Theo laughs, all soft and husky. 

He’s still working his thumb against me and the pleasure that engulfs me is surreal. I never want this to stop. I continue riding him, feeling him fill me up and then retract. Again and again. He’s watching, the moans leaving my mouth obviously a turn on for him. He pulls me down with a hand on the small of my back and kisses me with his tongue. I moan into his mouth, my hips rocking back and forth. His hand is moving between us, pressing against me and creating the most delicious of sensations. “My parents are going to hear me, baby.” I say but he doesn’t seem to care. He pulls my bottom lip between his mouth and starts sucking on it. A pool of hot electricity starts in my lower abdomen and slowly spreads itself over my body. 

I don’t have to tell Theo I’m over the edge, he seems to understand on his own. He releases my lip and pushes me up with his hand, his hips lifting up to pound into me. I sit there motionless as he does all the work and relish in the pleasure that takes over my body. “Theo.” I moan loudly. Way too loudly. His eyes widen and he shushes me, but I’m far too gone to care. He fucks me through my orgasm and when reality comes crashing down on me, I slump into him. 

“Babe?” His deep voice fills my ears. I sit up and stare at him before realization hits me. 

“Oh. Sorry.” It doesn’t take much to get Theo going and after a few minutes of my hand around him, tugging, he grunts and releases. I kiss his cheek and neck, whispering sweet nothings into his ear as he releases all over my hand. He turns his head toward me and kisses me softly. 

“I’m sorry I flirted with all those girls. You’re it for me. I don’t want anyone else. Ever.” 

I sigh. “We said we weren’t going to be talk about this.” 

“I know but I feel I should apologize.” 

I smile fondly at him and peck him. “You already did.”

Freundschaft, was ist das? Im Wörterbuch heißt es, das es das auf gegenseitiger Zuneigung beruhendes Gefühl von Menschen für einander ist, doch wie definiert man das Wort ‚Freundschaft‘ wirklich? Ist es das, wenn man mit jedem schreibt, einen auf sensitiv tut, einschleimt, nur um an Informationen zu gelangen? Ist es sich jeden Tag in der Schule sehen und mal kurz Hallo sagen? Ist es sich treffen und ab und zu schöne Momente zu verbringen? Oder ist es etwas weit anderes? Wahre Freundschaft ist seltener zu finden als die große Liebe. Wenn man jemanden als seinen ‚freund‘, ‚freundin‘, ‚besten freund‘ oder ‚beste freundin‘ bezeichnet dann sollte man wissen was man da so von sich gibt. Freundschaft sollte über allem anderen stehen. Man sollte immer füreinander da sein, sich helfen, sich vertrauen, Zeit miteinander verbringen und Spaß haben. Klar, es gibt die perfekte Freundschaft nicht, jeder Mensch macht hier und da Fehler, dann kommt es zu Streit, aber das klärt sich meistens. In Freundschaften kommt es nicht drauf an, wie lang man sich schon kennt, sondern darauf, ob man es bereut sich zu kennen oder froh ist, den gegenüber zu haben, und mit ihm sein Lachen zu teilen. Meiner Meinung nach steht Freundschaft auch weit über Liebe. Denn Liebe kommt und geht, klar, manchmal bleibt sie für immer doch, mal ehrlich, wann tut sie das schon? Man sollte nie seine Freunde vernachlässigen, die immer für einen da sein werden wenn was ist, für jemanden, der vielleicht irgendwann mal weg ist. Denn was ist, wenn es dann mal aus ist, und man seine Freunde vernachlässigt hat, ja was dann? Dann steht man allein da. Ich persönlich, finde man sollte seine Zeit aufteilen und versuchen so viel wie möglich davon mit den Menschen verbringen die man mag und schätzt, unteranderem auch mit seinen Freunden. Zu einer guten Freundschaft gehört eben beidseitiger Einsatz, da bringt es auch nix wenn der eine immer sagt das er immer da sein wird und das du ihm doch so wichtig bist, wenn der andere das nicht genauso sieht. Das selbe ist wenn du es nicht zeigst, sondern nur einen auf große Klappe machst und nicht durch deine Aktionen zeigst was dir wirklich an der Person liegt. Freundschaft, ja, das ist eine kompliziere Sache. Wie schon gesagt, eine wahre, ernsthaft gute Freundschaft ist meist schwerer zu finden als die große Liebe. Und deshalb sollte man sie auch nicht aufs Spiel setzen.

(Falls du das liest, was ich bezweifle, da dir mein Tumblr ja eh egal geworden ist, es ist an dich gerichtet, denk mal drüber nach. A. )

—  K.

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to their credit, it hasnt happened in a while! but for like 2 weeks there, EVERY comic had one part marked sensitive

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Emma and Regina are doing shots, and Killian walks in to see Emma half drunk and decides to tease her about it. (Includes lots of making out)

Thank you for this lovely prompt, anon! I know it’s been a long time coming, but I finally got some inspiration for this one. I hope you like it!

It turned out more fluffy and feelsy than smutty, but there is some smut in the end.

Rated: M

He can barely contain his laughter as he comes downstairs for a drink in lady Lucas’s fine establishment. Because there is his saviour, sitting grumpily next to Regina, holding a small glass that she tips back far too easily, looking utterly devastated.

Her golden hair is frizzy, there are bags under her eyes and the light in her eyes has been dimmed by the alcohol in her system.

She’s too drunk to even stay properly upright in her barstool. He moves in before she has a chance to fall off, wrapping his arms around her waist. “Evening, love. Enjoying yourself?”

Emma leans back against him, closing her eyes and shakes her head. “No. These drinks are horrible.” She turns around, running her hands under his jacket and pulling him close. “Where’s your rum?”

Killian chuckles, taking her hands away from him. “No way, Swan. Absolutely not, you’re way too drunk as it is.”

“She’s been tossing back drinks for at least an hour, and she cannot stop talking about you.” Regina sneers, rolling her eyes at the savior and throwing some money on the counter. “Take her home, Captain.” The Evil Queen disappears at that, and Killian hauls Emma off her barstool.

"Come on, love. Up you get.”

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REQUEST EXO REACTION: seeing you cry because your grandpa died

Hey, sure thing love! Hope I understood you right xx


It’s been 3 days now. 3 days that you tried to hold it all in. 3 days that you lived without your grandpa, one of the most important people in your life. 3 days that you tried to avoid the boys. If they asked you something you would just nod/shake your head. Most of the time you‘re laying in bed, trying to sleep and escape life for a bit. The shocking news really hit you hard. But you didn’t wanted to talk about it. You knew that you would start crying the moment you open your mouth. So you just keep it shut the whole time. You didn’t wanted to cry. You never really cried. You wanted to be strong for your grandpa. So you decided to compose youself and join the boys, who are watching some movie. Maybe it will distract me. As you entered the livingroom all of them greeted you with a warm smile. The movie already started and none of you really knew the plot. Big mistake. The movie was about an old man who is traveling the world because he only has 5 more month to life. As you realised that it was liek someone was stabbing you with a knife right into your heart, but you tried to keep it together and stay with the boys. You didn’t wanted to cause s scene.  But as the movie slowly came to an end you couldn’t hold it anymore. It felt like all you emotions, your pain came flooding out at once. You tried to hide it somehow but it was too late. The boys already saw.


First he wouldn’t quite understand the situation and kind of froze a little. But as soon as he realizes what’s going on he would show how good he is as a leader and giving each member a task so you would feel better. Alright, we need tissues, chocolate, a shoulder to cry on ..


I feel like in that exact moment happy Baekhyun would be gone. He never really imagined to see you cry since you’re always his sunshine.Usually he would try to lighten up your mood but he wasn’t able to. Seeing you like that broke his heart. Baekhyun be strong. You can’t start to cry too. But what to do?


He would think about telling a joke but couldn’t quite concentrate because his mind was going crazy. He wasn’t able to stand your upset expression. “Okay so a frog meets a camel .. no .. it was a elephant .. aish..”


He would try to talk to you as soon as you calmed down. “I know it’s hard for you but please talk to me! I can only help you if you do so and there is nothing else I want right now.”


First he would watch you for a while until he couldn’t take it anymore and leave you alone for some minutes. But only to come back with your favourite food. “Look at this (y/n)! This is heaven. Food is always a good way to become happy again, right?” Please smile again, I can’t stand this.


He would feel helpless in this situation so he would ask one of his sisters for advice. “Okay so I called my sister and she said puppies can heal everything. Lucky for you that I own about a 100!” And with that he shoved his puppy in your face.


Yeah Yeah, food and puppies are all nice but nothing can beat something that is made with love! And so he would sit down and draw you something. She’ll be so impressed!


My super power is healing right? Is that gonna work with a heart too? And where should I touch her .. I mean .. I can’t just touch her there .. or .. nonono! Seriously, Lay would be so confused.


He would be very concerned and he’d be the only one to really have a serious talk with you. He knows which questions he should avoid at first so you start to open up and tell him everything. All your emotions and how much you miss your grandpa. Throughout this whole conservation he tries to hold back his tears.


Because he was so concentrated with his book (the movie was too boring for him) he was the last one to realise. He first looked up as he heard running and gasps and just everything went wild. He was about to shout something but as soon as his eyes land on your face all anger is gone and replaced with sadness. Why is this world so cruel ..


As he is listening to your and Luhans conservation he gets sadder and sadder. He can really feel your pain. But even though he is known for being very sensitiv right now he is being strong. For you. I just have to think about a way to make her feel better.


I feel like at first he would let the others talk to you and help you. He may think that he could say something wrong and hurt you even more. But after a while he would come up to your room, letting you know that he’s always there for you and that he only wants the best for you.


Again I’m so sorry for not posting enough guys. But yeah school was annoying as hell and I couldn’t really motivate myself to write something, SORRYYY!