The Gang Learns to Drive

Requested by an anon

Summary: How each of the gang learned to drive.

Warning(s): None

Darry: Mr. Curtis taught him. But even though Darry was attentive and paid attention to each of his father’s warnings he still was an absolute nightmare. He just couldn’t get the hang of how sensitive the pedals were.

Tim: An older member of the gang he was running with showed him how to drive and he took notes when he went drag racing with people. When he went for his road test he had to forge his mom’s signature on everything.

Two-Bit: His mother had the pleasure of teaching him. It was pretty stressful, every time he messed up he’d make a timid joke, trying to lighten the mood.

Steve: p sure he was born actually driving. He actually learned from a book. Most of driving is just basic science and engineering anyways. When he got into an actual car he was a little shy but his studying didn’t fail him, he was a natural.

Angela: Tim taught her against his will. She blackmailed him a bit and he agreed after thinking of how much less he’d have to deal with her if she could drive. She was determined and caught on quickly thankfully.

Dallas: He knew how to drive for a while, his friends from New York teaching him how to drive but out of the whole gang he waited the longest to get his license. You don’t really need to drive in New York. And in Tulsa cops didn’t really pull you over a lot if you weren’t suspicious.

Sodapop: After Darry, Mr. Curtis passed the driving-torch to Mrs. Curtis, especially for Sodapop. But Soda wasn’t that bad. He was a little squeaky to begin with but it was simple for him.

Johnny: Johnny learned from Dallas and a bit of Steve. He was a nervous wreck driving and the whole experience really stressed him out. But after a while he learned it was like riding a bike.

Curly: He didn’t even want to learn how to drive tbh. He just didn’t care. But Angela was not going to let him use that as a bullshit excuse not to do things like GET A JOB. So Angela taught an unenthusiastic Curly how to drive. Because he just didn’t care, it took a while for him to pick up on everything.

Ponyboy: Steve and Soda and a dash of Darry taught him everything and having three different teachers really stressed him out. His favorite teacher would have to be Steve because he just knew more and gave hard, straight advice. Darry’s advice and “rules” were always over cautious and Soda’s advice seemed really…just…unlikely to happen.