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Pence uses an AOL email. That alone is a crime.

“INDIANAPOLIS — Vice President Mike Pence routinely used a private email account to conduct public business as governor of Indiana, at times discussing sensitive matters and homeland security issues.

Emails released to The Indianapolis Star in response to a public records request show Pence communicated via his personal AOL account with top advisers on topics ranging from security gates at the governor’s residence to the state’s response to terror attacks across the globe.

In one email, Pence’s top state homeland security adviser relayed an update from the FBI regarding the arrests of several men on federal terror-related charges.

Cybersecurity experts say the emails raise concerns about whether such sensitive information was adequately protected from hackers, given that personal accounts like Pence’s are typically less secure than government email accounts.

In fact, Pence’s personal account was hacked last summer.”


I Give Up - part 26 (A Baekhyun Series)

The bedroom door closed with a click and you were halfway out of the bed scrambling in much of the same way as Baekhyun had before he vanished through the bedroom door.

You tried to move as silently as possible and you found your clothes from yesterday on the bathroom floor. Hygiene be damned, this was an emergency.

You heard his voice through the door, much too close to where you sat with your heart in your throat on the edge of the bed.

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The Real Leaky Problem

The arrest of Reality Leigh Winner, a 25-year-old federal contractor from Atlanta, Georgia, for leaking a National Security Agency report describing in far more detail than previously known Russian efforts to intrude in the 2016 election on behalf of Trump, comes in the midst of a deluge of Trump tweets and leaks.

Among the most sensitive leaks about national security since the start of the Trump administration was Trump’s own Oval Office conversation with top Russian officials last month, in which he revealed allied intelligence information apparently coming from Israel. At that same meeting, Trump discussed his firing of former FBI Director James Comey the previous day, thereby relieving “great pressure” on him, he said. (Comey will be testifying before Congress Thursday).

How do we even know about these discussions between Trump and Russian officials? They were leaked! So we had a leak about a leak, coupled with a leak about a potential coverup by the president of his attempt to obstruct justice.

The essential message of the Justice Department’s decision to go after Reality Winner is that those who leak will be targeted for prosecution if the information they give journalists is about Russia helping Trump win the election.

But let’s be clear. This particular leak of an NSA report is not the central problem.

The problem is Russia has directly and brazenly interfered in our democratic system. Yet we don’t know exactly how – and we don’t have a means of stopping Russia from doing it again.

The other part of the problem is that instead of resolutely focusing on this brazen attack on American democracy, we have president who’s been actively trying to obstruct public knowledge of what happened.

Zodiac Similarities

Virgo & Scorpio ⭐️ Obsessive, Analytical, Observant, Private
Cancer & Taurus ⭐️ Sensitive, Sentimental, Secure, Home & Family oriented
Capricorn & Aries ⭐️ Determined, Hard Working, Need for Recognition, Aims for the top
Pisces & Libra ⭐️ Idealistic, Romantic, Kind, Dislikes Conflict
Aquarius & Sagittarius ⭐️ Open Minded, Indepedent, Detached, Loves Unique Experiences
Leo & Gemini ⭐️ Social, Over the Top, Hard to Pin Down, Fun Loving

Moon:7th house✨💍🌙💍✨

-Marriage/Close relationships bring emotional security

-Emotionally sensitive to others

-Family may have some influence on who they marry

-Tend to baby their partners or vice versa

-Partner may be moody,sensitive,or unstable

-May be pretty popular at some point

-You may possibly marry early

-Feelings are very changeable in relationships/partnerships/marriage

-Very protective of Partner or vice versa

the signs as disney heroes

Aries: Hercules (Hercules)
Ambitious, unstoppable, courageous

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Taurus: Beast (Beauty and the Beast)
Possessive, materialistic, dependable

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Cancer: Quasimodo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
Sensitive, security oriented, generous

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Gemini: Peter Pan (Peter Pan)
Restless, sociable, lively

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Leo: Simba (The Lion King)
Dramatic, vain, caring

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Virgo: Li Shang (Mulan)
Critical, committed to excellence, dependable

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Libra: Aladdin (Aladdin)
Romantic, fickle, sociable

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Scorpio: Flynn/Eugene (Tangled)
Secretive, strong-willed, intense

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Sagittarius: Tarzan (Tarzan)
Adventuresome, seeks knowledge, straightforward

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Capricorn: Mr Incredible/Robert Parr (The Incredibles)
Perseverance, stubborn, realistic

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Aquarius: Eric (The Little Mermaid)
Values freedom, idealistic, self-reliant

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Pisces: Mowgli (The Jungle Book)
Impressionable, timid, devoted

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Late Night Ride (M) - Junhoe

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“What do you want Kitten? All you have to do is ask for it.”

  • *not my gif*

Word Count: 1,627

Summary: It’s late at night and you’re catching the bus home, but you run into a detour when Junhoe & the rest of iKON end up on the same bus as you. 

Contains: Rough Sex, Vocal Sex, Mild Asphyxiation, Unprotected Sex (don’t do it unsafe sex is bad sex) 

  • As Suggested by:

(Kinda skipped out on the multiple orgasms because I may or may not write a part 2.) 

But why is my life such a mess?


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hippykitty  asked:

What placements and aspects can make a person more emotional, sensitive, and needy? Love your blog btw x

hey… thanks so much…. Cancer and libra really have these qualities, they are interpersonally sensitive… cancer is especially security conscious and likes to be reminded that everything is okay, they need people to feel safe, this is also characteristic of 4th house planets and moon in the 2nd, 1st… Libra, moon in the 7th especially can feel like inner quicksand if they are alone so it can make the need for relationships consuming and those behaviours are a result of this. Leo is very sensitive and requiring of almost consistent validation 


atratx  asked:

I hear it called a Muslim ban over and over again. But it's not. It is a TEMPORARY halt on the allowed immigration from 7 countries that do not meet our vetting processes. Those countries do not do substantial background checks and/or relay that information to the United States. Trump has not introduced an order to stop Muslims from entering our country, but has rather introduced an order to increase our knowledge about the people coming here. Why is this so wrong?

This executive order:

1. Bans Syrian refugees indefinitely;

2. Bans all travelers from 7 majority-Muslim countries (Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Sudan) for 90 days;

3. Suspends the entire refugee resettlement program for 120 days (due to time-sensitive security checks, this means most refugees who are already approved will have to repeat 2+ years of screening, thus halting the resettlement program for possibly years);

4. Drastically reduces refugee resettlement from 110,000 to 50,000 (lowest in history); and

5. Preferences religious minorities.

All of these components taken together impacts many people, the majority of whom are Muslim.

Vetting is the same for all countries – people coming to the U.S. from those 7 countries go through the same processes.

If refugees don’t have the required information, they are denied. Most refugee have documents, and they go through in-person interviews with Homeland Security officials & security checks by Departments of Defense, State, Homeland Security, FBI, and the National Counterterrorism Center, including forensic document testing, biometric screening, medical tests, and DNA testing. The U.N. also uses iris (eye) scanning technology for Syrian refugees, most of whom are coming from Jordan – our strongest intelligence partner in the region.

Imagine you lived in the U.S. for 15 or 10 years and you have your family there. Then you go on a vacation to see your old, sick mother and when you want to go back to your kids, they stop you from coming in. You are detained in the airport and your kids are crying outside, scared that they will never see you again. I think that even if there will be more security procedures it can be done in a better way than putting a random ban on people who have done nothing but will suffer from it. No one chose in which part of the world they were born and no one should be treated or judged depending on that. 

To list a few of the troubling outcomes of the Order:

First, the text applied even to legal permanent residents and an official clarification had to be issued before these residents–many with citizen spouses and children in the US–could reenter the country or be assured that they could travel.

Second, all immigrant and nonimmigrant visas were canceled for people from these 7 countries, even though they completed all of the legal processes and screening that the US had asked of them. Many were rejoining their families or returning for their studies, or are doctors providing treatment that Americans need. It’s also worth noting that differential treatment by nationality was explicitly prohibited by Congress in immigrant visas.

Third, if the Order is implemented, people who were already living in the US and eligible for citizenship, legal permanent residence, or any other benefit, could not even submit an application, nor can refugees outside the US who are fleeing from terrorism.

For refugees, the ban is at least 120 days, but refugee resettlement is not automatically restarted after that, so the temporary nature of the Order is by no means guaranteed.

I could go on, but I’ll note that this also sends a terrible message to people from these countries. Think about Iraqi soldiers serving alongside US Special Forces to expel ISIS from Mosul. Thousands of Iraqis have given their lives in the fight against ISIS, but this Order sends the message that the US views all of them, no matter their sacrifice against terrorism, as terrorists themselves.

The Challenge (NSFW)

Your jaw drops as you first step foot into our secluded cabin. You’re taken aback by the array of toys, bonds and tools adorning all four walls. There are swings and suspensions hanging from the ceiling. A standing X-frame in the corner. But I know you’re eyes are fixated on the king size bed with built in padded ankle stocks, at centre stage. You shudder. Stocks are your biggest bondage weakness, they are like handing me your helpless ticklish feet on a wooden platter. I lick my lips.

You see, I’ve been been barely able to contain my excitement for weeks, ever since I booked the BDSM Cabin as our weekend getaway retreat. For months I had sensed that you’ve been craving a new tickling rush, an opportunity to have your preconceived boundaries further pushed and tested and until now I didn’t know how to fulfil this desire. Oh how you want to be tickled beyond ceilings you never though could be lifted. I intended to give it all to you this weekend, in the most perfect location where nobody but I can hear your laughter.

Pressing up against you as I kiss your lips, I notice your body has already deceived you. I grin.

‘I have something special in store for this weekend’ I coo, smirking at you with those devilish brown eyes you can’t resist.

You gulp. ‘More special than this?’ you nervously yet excitedly ask as your eyes dart around the fun filled room, again fixating on the bed stocks.

'You’ll need to undress’ I command with too much cheek, purposefully ignoring your question. You comply. Now your beautiful body stands naked before me. You’ve certainly sprung to life.

With my hand wrapped around your hard cock, I gently lead you to the bed. You’re so nervous. Your soft sensitive feet are secured into the stocks about hip distance apart. A thin rope looped around each of your big toes to render your feet completely helpless. I use all of my willpower not to test their ticklishness here and now, but there is a challenge to be won. With a firm pillow under your bum so your hips protrude, I lock both hands directly above your head with cuffs, stretching you out so your body is as taut as comfortably possible. I plant a long kiss on your lips to help you relax.

I shuffle down the bed and wrap my lips around the head of your leaking cock. My tongue circles. You moan. I step away. You exhale a disgruntled breath begging for me to continue. I’m so mean sometimes.

Your eyes follow me to the wall of toys. Oh, you look so cute squirming slightly in your bonds. Examining a large white ostrich feather in my hands, I begin to tell you about your predicament; 'I’ve noticed how much you want me to push your ticklish body recently, even though you’ll never admit it.’ You silently gulp. 'So I’ve though of a perfect challenge for this weekend,’ I continue, your eyes on me. 'I know that being tickled makes you so aroused, and I love that, but I want to see if it can make you cum.’ You start to shake your head. 'No stroking. No sucking. Actually no contact to your hard desperate cock at all.'I smile at you. Your eyes so wide.

'Are you ready?’ I ask, irrespective of the answer I start walking toward you with the ostrich feather. 'No no no please you can’t,’ you start to beg. The feather strikes the left side of your neck like a bow to a violin. You instantly erupt into a fit of giggles. The feather continues to play your neck and caress your ears. These perfect spots never fail to increase your lust. I adore watching you grow even harder. Your desperate cock dribbles.

Before you can become accustomed to the neck tickles, I dart the feather under your right arm and flutter it manically. The feather dances to the new fastened melody of your laughter. You whither as far as the bonds allow as your very ticklish, vulnerable hollow is mercilessly teased. With your eyes shut, you don’t notice my free hand preparing to tickle under your other arm until it’s too late. My nails scratch around the outskirts and spiral into the soft centre. You howl.

Dropping the feather, I scurry my nails down both of your sides and squeeze your hips. You buck and squeal, pleading for me to stop, already. Oh how badly you crave release. You’re too adorable. Your hips are such an erogenous zone that your cock quivers with every ticklish touch. I pucker my lips and kiss and nibble one hip gently, then the next. Your breathing is heavy beneath your laughter. You are so close already. I pause.

My nails dance about your tummy. Scratching just below your navel elicits the most beautiful high pitch laugh. My fingertips spider about and sporadically scratch inside your squishy belly button. You thrash your head and beg me not to tickle there. I just can’t resist. Your laughter is too sweet.

Your breathing steadies for a moment as I return to the walls to find a pair of sonic toothbrushes. You notice. I ignore your pleas for mercy, I know you really want this. Positioning myself at your feet, you hear the unmistakable buzz of the sonic brushes turning on. The inability to see behind the stocks increases your vulnerability. Your feet are so helpless and ticklish, especially as you cannot wiggle your tied up toes. You brace.

There is a stream of laughter as the vibrating toothbrushes kiss the pads of your toes. They caresses the crease beneath your little piggies and scurry between each one. Your feet are so ticklish. The vibrations are driving you crazy as the toothbrushes journey down your arches in unison. I swear your feet are attached to your cock.

You scream for contact.

I peek over the stock to see your quivering cock leak and hump desperate into nothing. Your balls look full and heavy. I resume.

My nails scurry over your soles and laugher erupts. I tease every crease and curve, paying too much attention to that spot under your big toe that obliterates you. I flutter my nails over your arch. Your laughter splutters. Taking one foot in my mouth, I firmly nibble from the heel, along the outer edge to your littlest toe You moan, which deepen with each kiss and suckle. I notice my windows of opportunity and move back up your body.

Your begging resumes when I feast on your thighs. Quick gentle nibbles drive you insane. Your cock bounces and journeys as close to my mouth as your predicament allows, but it met with no mercy. My nails burrow between your inner thighs. You scream, pre-cum freely flowing. I scrunch my fingers, each tickling touch edging you that much closer. Laughing one second moaning the next. Your body in sensory overdrive. It’s time. The pressure in your cock about to boil over.

I kiss your sides and squeeze them once more. Your whole body convulses. This is it. I scrunch my fingers over your protruding hips. You scream for contact. I scrunch with greater intensity. You hit ecstasy. The tickling continues until you’re completely expended. Making a mess of your tired cock and up your tummy. A gentle aching permeates your balls.

Smiling to myself, I’m pleasantly amused and impressed by our joint effort. At the end of the bed I lightly trace my nails on your soles before releasing them from the grasp of the stocks. You throw your head back in ticklish anguish. I’ll stop. Retreating to your head, I kiss your lips. Your eyes still closed and I unbind your weary arms. You pull me in close.

'We have two more days here, baby’ I profess. 'Tomorrow we can time how long it takes you to cum from just having your cock tickled.’ You shudder further to my embrace. It’s going to be a great weekend.

At the End of the Journey

Based off @leoji-headcanons no. 6, because I wanted to write about airports. I was going to post this on ao3 but I don’t have an account yet whoops-

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Key Words For The Signs
  • Aries: Assertiveness, pioneering, challenge, adventure, exploration, discovery, competition, winning, control, nobility, courage, openness, new beginnings.
  • Taurus: Wealth, prosperity, beauty, sensuality, nature, living things, control, dependability, organization, tenancy, stubbornness, caution, strength, kindness.
  • Gemini: Communication, persuasion, change, variety, intelligence, wit, curiosity, movement, learning, education, youth, freedom, adaptability, intuition.
  • Cancer: Receptive, sensitivity, home, domesticity, comfort, security, hospitality, nurture, wealth, philanthropy, dreaming, telepathy, family history, tradition.
  • Leo: Pleasure, playfulness, creativity, recognition, performance, appreciation, generosity, loyalty, risk, luck, entertainment, hospitality, romance.
  • Virgo: Altruism, honesty, self-improvement, health, hygiene, efficiency, reliability, service, modesty, veiled strength, sensuality, logic, decisiveness.
  • Libra: Diplomacy, arbitration, music, harmony, ideas, opinions, tact, self-control, refinement, sophistication, rationality, justice, charm, flirtation.
  • Scorpio: Death, sex, money, passion, discovery, transformation, metamorphosis, investments, inheritance, secrets, magic, taboos, honesty, Revolution, privacy,unconscious.
  • Sagittarius: Philosophy, religion, optimism, positivity, travel, freedom, generosity, honesty, wit, institution, justice, idealism, animals, nature.
  • Capricorn: Realism, practicality, planning, persistence, status, quality, authority, discipline, wealth, investment, loyalty, wisdom, love, marriage.
  • Aquarius: Imagination, inventiveness, kindness, humanitarianism, independence, detachment, warmth, friendship, quirkiness, rebellion, analysis, experimentation, mystery, originality.
  • Pisces: Compassion, altruism, art, performance, wisdom, memory, sensitivity, physic powers, fantasy, emotion, intuition, humor, hidden depths, sudden storms.
Introduction to the Rising Sign

Introduction to the Rising Sign

The Ascendant, or rising sign, is one of three predominant influences in an individual’s birth chart, along with the Sun and Moon. The position of the particular sign on the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth determines the rising sign; the same way that the positions of the Sun and Moon determine your Sun and Moon signs, respectively.

The rising sign is determined by the sign rising in the East. Since it takes the Earth 24 hours to rotate around its own axis and there are twelve signs in the Zodiac, the rising period of one sign is roughly 2 hours. This means that a person born 5 hours after you on the same day in the same year would have a different rising sign. The more you discover the complexity of Astrology itself, the more you realize that your birth chart is supremely unique and individual.

The Ascendant (Rising Sign) and the Eastern horizon also marks the 1st house, the house of Aries. The sky is cut into 12 stationary “houses,” corresponding with the 12 zodiac signs, representing the thematic energy of each sign, respectively. Aries is the sign of identity and the self, so the 1st house and ascendant represent our image, style, and social persona. This is also why the rising sign governs our identity and the first impressions we make.

The descriptions below categorize each rising sign by: the mask they wear; the dispositions they demonstrate;  the modes and qualities of their expression; their benefits and detriments; and the first impressions they make upon others. To discover your rising sign, click the link below:

Link to find your Rising Sign

Rising Signs:

Aries: A person born with Aries on the ascendant wears an energetic mask. These people have an impatient enthusiasm and youthful charm that resembles the spark of a infant flame. Demonstrably competitive, they are not easily intimidated if presented with a challenge; as they are natural combatants with aggressive urge to win. On impulse, they will be the first to volunteer without much thought; presenting novel, innovative ideas to a group. Aries rising people are enterprising, quick to smile, and speak directly with no intent to harm. In order to catch up with their rapid-fire thinking; they get ready quickly, walk fast, and have little patience for a turtle’s pace. They possess a forceful vigor that dominates their decision-making, and needs to be expressed in physical activity; though the value in this passion for them rests in the conquest rather than the prize and tends to be short-lived. As children, they were evidently independent and preferred to do things on their own; which may have translated to a stubborn self-reliance as an adult.   They may seem harsh or antagonistic; but they innovators that respect personal freedom and project a straight forward impression.

Taurus: A person born with Taurus on the ascendant wears a comfortable mask. These people have a fixed patience and quiet sensuality that resembles the repose of a verdant meadow. Demonstrably cautious, security and reliability are of foremost consideration; as they are resistant to change and comfortable with the familiar. Unyielding staying power and fixed persistence, they possess a single-minded determination that makes them both stubborn and loyal. Taurus rising people value material possessions, move slow, and project practical approaches to life. They have a serene appearance, dress for quality, and enjoy sensual indulgences. At least externally, they are practical and level-headed; choosing caution over risk, slow-approaches to rash decisions, and composure over restlessness. They know the value of reward, both in giving and receiving; and feel drawn to artistic expression and sensual pleasure. Outdoor environments, endowed with the beauty of Nature, provide inspiration and rejuvenation for them. As children, they were collectors, relying on each of their senses to understand the material world; which may have led to unjustified possessiveness as an adult.  They are headstrong, but not inconsistent; and project a steady, strong impression.

Gemini: A person born with Gemini on the ascendant wears a changeable mask. These people have boundless curiosity and a restless mentality that resembles the play of unpredictable air flow.  Demonstrably informed, communication questions is of foremost consideration; as they are always asking questions and providing answers, appearing as a human databank of trivial knowledge. Quick in physical expression and in thought, they appreciate fast-paced activities and intellectually-challenging games; and as a result, they tend to become quite bored in slow-moving, uninteresting, quiet, routines. Gemini rising people view the world as a place to learn new things, but only insofar as superficial intelligence. They tend to exhibit limited attention spans and lack the desire to move past surfaces; for this reason, they may seem shallow to some. They are the trickster, supremely clever and intimidating to some, lacking warmth and sensitivity in their presentation. As children, they were inconsistent and never stopped asking questions; which may have led to difficulty in making commitments as an adult.  They may seem impatient or flighty; but they are very adaptable and project a humorous impression.

Cancer: A person born with Cancer on the ascendant wears a protective mask. These people have an emotional containment and nurturing care that resembles the force of ocean tides. Demonstrably sensitive, security and domesticity are of foremost consideration; as they have strong feelings and prefer the familiar to unknown foreign environments. Attuned and responsive to the needs of others, their innate perception and strong intuition makes them excellent caretakers; and they often exhibit motherly instincts. Cancer rising people are shy and prefer indirect, side-to-side movement as opposed to direct action. They are easily flustered around new people and have a tendency to retreat into themselves if they feel uncomfortable or threatened. Since they are extremely receptive to surrounding emotions, both tears and laughter come quickly, sometimes simultaneously. They are prone to procrastinate and tend to hoard sentimental items that hold no value to anyone but them. As children, they were cautious homebodies with impeccable memory; which may have translated to an inability to leave home or to let go of the past as an adult. They may seem moody and withdrawn; but they are excellent listeners and project a warmhearted impression.

Leo: A person born with Leo on the ascendant wears an self-confident mask. These people have a friendly, generous, proud nature that resembles the bright warmth of sunlight. Demonstrably courageous, dignity and pride are of foremost consideration; as they prefer grand, boastful gestures to meek, shy reservations. Brave and willing to take risks, their optimism and unbridled spirit makes it very difficult for them to be unnoticed; and makes them excellent promoters of their own interests. Leo rising people are prone to drama and may come off as bossy in their insatiable need to be admired by others. They are self-aware and walk with undeniable self-assurance, even if it is not matched on the inside. Despite their innate tendency to crowd the limelight, they also radiate a glow that generates light for everyone else; as they are skilled at making people smile and helping others feel confident about themselves. As children, they craved the spotlight and enjoyed causing a stir in social interactions; which may have translated as remaining childlike and dramatic well into their adulthood. They may seem self-involved and over-estimating; but they are extremely generous and project grand, regal impression.

Virgo: A person born with Virgo on the ascendant wears an reserved mask.  These people possess a clear, critical, methodical perception that resembles the detailed pattern of a tree branches. Demonstrably hospitable, service and assistance is of foremost consideration; as they prefer to help others and to fix their problems, particularly in dealing with material matters. Willing to work until perfection is achieved, their sharp intelligence and practicality makes them masters at identifying what is broken and in offering solutions as to how it can be fixed. Virgo rising people often feel never quite good enough; and while they may seem standoffish or hypercritical, they are the most doubtful about themselves. They tend to be shy at first because they need to analyze situations and people before they warm up and feel comfortable. As children, they fell into hypochondriac worries and tended to be very picky about food; two qualities that likely carried into adulthood. They may seem harsh and insensitive to feeling; but they will offer useful assistance willingly and project a modest impression.

Libra: A person born with Libra on the ascendant wears a mask of style. These people have a friendly, elegant, likable charm that resembles the soft touch of a gentle breeze. Demonstrably fair, balance and harmony are of foremost importance; as they feel most complete in partnership and among social, aesthetic, creative energy. Attracting others to them effortlessly, their natural diplomacy and skilled persuasion makes them effective mediators and playful socialites. Libra rising people enjoy all forms of art, personal luxuries, and anything pleasing to the senses; they are often blessed with artistic faculties themselves, even if it translates into impeccable fashion. They tend to avoid disagreements and unpleasant situations, especially if they are unable to smooth over discord and cacophony. Their easygoing attitude and amiable approach to people gives provides them with a wide social circle of acquaintances, colleagues, and friends. As children, they were indecisive and had trouble being alone; which may have led to a slow process of learning to accept themselves as adults. They may seem emotionally detached and shallow; but they are always fair and project a charismatic impression.

Scorpio: A person born with Scorpio on the ascendant wears an intimidating mask. These people have an intense, magnetic command that resembles the quiet depth of a frozen lake. Demonstrably independent, privacy and self-reliance are of foremost importance; as they need to feel in control of their environment, which gives them opportunity to see through superficiality and to find answers reading between the lines. Quiet or loud, their presence rarely goes unnoticed; commanding respect, their disposition prevents them from being pushed around. Scorpio rising people are experts at strategy, planning execution carefully with precise deliberation; they rarely miss chances by being impatient. Their eyes are piercing and feel as though they are able to see straight through you, as though they have access to your soul. They are often confused when they get such defensive reactions from others. As children, they enjoyed solitude and tended to be possessive of emotions; which may have led to defensiveness and need a for alone time as an adult. They may seem shielded and unapologetic; but they are fiercely loyal and project a concentrated impression

Sagittarius: A person born with Sagittarius on the ascendant wears an adventurous mask. These people have a curious optimism and active drive that resembles that speed and spread of uncontrolled fire. Demonstrably restless, expansion and knowledge are of foremost importance; as they are in constant search of things just out of reach and then looking forward to the next. Blunt and opinionated, their sense of humor and playfulness excuses the willingness to speak their mind. Sagittarius rising people are travelers, either in the geographic sense or the intellectual sense; they are willing to explore both foreign lands and complicated philosophies. They may present exciting insights and encourage agreement among dissenting parties, but they tend to lack in powers of practical application and following-through with projects. As a children, they were very expressive and active, always willing to play but subject to quick temper-tantrums; which may have led to constancy or commitment problems as an adult. They may seem insensitive or pompous; but they go out of their way to help others and project a bright impression.

Capricorn: A person born with Capricorn on the ascendant wears a determined mask. These people have a determined, focused, stoic drive that resembles the sharp edifice of a mountain cliff. Demonstrably pragmatic, success and competence are of foremost importance; as they are hard-working, natural leaders that enjoy the result of conscious effort. Conservative and restrained, their seriousness and cool exterior allow them to deny short term wants in favor of long term goals, while at the same time concealing inner struggles and insecurities. Capricorn rising people wish to appear successful, and status is a predominant concern for them; both of which makes them very image-conscious. However, rather than being showy or boastful, they remain sturdy and enjoy the quiet air of success. They have a strong sense of tradition and often adopt a very dry sense of humor. As children, they were responsible and rational, assuming an adult role before growing up; which may have led to a perverted sense of duty as an adult. They may seem dark or devoid of emotion; but they excel at providing material support to others and project a paternal impression

Aquarius: A person born with Aquarius on the ascendant wears an non-conforming mask. These people have a radically-philanthropic force that resembles the environmental benefits bestowed by a large-scale cyclone. Demonstrably original, independence and the big picture are of foremost importance; as they are humanitarians with a purposeful eye on the future of mankind, even if their mode of expression seems a bit eccentric to others. Aquarius rising people refuse to conform to the ideas of others and tend to be rebellious; however, they have a keen interest in breaking stale order and in getting things to work, especially within groups of people. They are quirky, with idiosyncratic interests, and enjoy quietly provoking others in the interests of their own good. They are likeable and friendly; but their progressive idealism and drive to advance mankind may cause them to overlook the needs of others and may present them as inflexible, stubborn, or impersonal. As children, they felt special or different from other children; which may have led to a continued feeling of being misunderstood as an adult. They may seem standoffish or strange; but they are trend-setters and project a offbeat impression.  

Pisces: A person born with Pisces on the ascendant wears an gentle mask. These people have a thoughtful, receptive sensitivity that resembles morning mist or the fluff of an abstract cloud. Demonstrably soft-hearted, compassion and peace are of foremost importance; as they possess empathy deep enough to feel and understand the suffering of others. Pisces rising people feel their way through life, trusting their own intuition and often simply going with the flow; at the same time, with difficulty discerning between fantasy and reality. They are blessed with a capacity for psychic communication and can find insight and direction in dreams. Impressionable and accommodating, they are chameleon-changeable and self-sacrificing; qualities that make it difficult for each to form his/her own identity. Restless escapists, they tend to see the world as they want to see it, rather than how it is; placing less value on objectivity in favor of emotional considerations. As children, they seemed vaguely directionless with their heads in the clouds; which may have led to vivid imagination, artistic skill, or  charitable grace as an adult.  They may seem hypersensitive or moody; but they are skilled caretakers and project a sympathetic impression.

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nonplusagon  asked:

Hi there. I'm British, planning a story about an American secret service/FBI agent. Do you know of anywhere I could get information on how such agents operate?

First, you’ll have to decide if you want them to be a US Secret Service Special Agent or an FBI Special Agent. While both are federal law enforcement officers, they have very different roles and areas of jurisdiction.

While it is possible to be hired directly into these agencies, typically Agents have backgrounds either in the military or in law enforcement. You must be a US Citizen and be able to get and hold a Top Secret: Sensitive Compartmented Information security clearance. In short, that’s the highest, and toughest, clearance available. Those background checks go back 10 years, and include financial, medical/mental health, employment, residential, travel, and educational history. They also contact references. In some instances, you may be required to take a polygraph depending on the type of information you have access to. 

FBI Special Agents are federal law enforcement officers and are trained a the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. FBI Agents can investigate a number of different crimes. These are the men and women who track serial killers, domestic terrorists, and investigate federal crimes. If a crime crosses state lines, or happens in multiple states, the FBI takes the lead. Also, local or state police forces may request the FBI’s assistance during an investigation. The FBI publishes the 10 Most Wanted list, which is rather famous in the US. 

US Secret Service Special Agents are federal law enforcements officers, as well. They’re most famous for guarding the current US President and his family, along with presidential candidates AND former presidents and their families. Up until 2003 or so, they were actually part of the US Department of the Treasury, but now they’re part of the Department of Homeland Security. In addition to guarding the President, they also guard foreign dignitaries and investigate financial crimes, such as counterfeiting US currency. 

With that said, you’re not going to find detailed information about how they do their job online because it’s classified. With that said, there are certain basic police skills that every law enforcement officer knows. How to read the law, evidence gathering and preservation, etc. I’d suggest you read biographies about different Directors of the FBI and USSS, and see if you can find any documentaries about those agencies. You may find it helpful to read about US Federal law and regulations. 

Good luck!


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Dark One Trivia Round-up

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I thought it might be helpful to sum up where the Dark One Squad stands as of 5x07:

  1. The person requesting the magic has to pay the price, even if the Dark One is the one doing the magic
  2. You become the Dark One by stabbing the previous Dark One with the dagger
  3. Dark Ones automatically use dark magic
  4. Using dark magic makes you sparkly in proportion to the amount used
  5. Killing someone is an instant dermatological glitter bomb and “stains your soul”
  6. Dark One Cilppy pops up and sings “This is the song that never ends” until you’ve initially embraced your powers/darkness
  7. Dark One Clippy pops up with useful tips about magic when you’re stumped
  8. Dark One Clippy pops up whenever the Dark One curse is threatened or if #DarkOneLifeGoals are involved (see: the Sorcerer’s hat, anything to do with the dagger) and “won’t stop” until the goal is completed
  9. Dark One Clippy really likes murder
  10. Dark Ones can be animals
  11. Dark Ones don’t sleep
  12. Dark Ones are immortal and go to the Gloopy Dark Vault in the Enchanted Forest if the host dies
  13. The Gloopy Dark Vault has a rune-based touch-sensitive security system with random silly string security guards
  14. Resurrecting a Dark One requires a life for a life and a special key
  15. Dark Ones are tied to the dagger that can control them (with helpful Hello, My Name Is label)
  16. You can use the dagger to summon a Dark One to your side within the same realm (otherwise long-distance roaming charges apply)
  17. You can use the dagger to prank call previous Dark Ones
  18. Previous Dark Ones retain some of their original personalities (Nimue hates and loves Merlin)
  19. A good hard ride will temporarily banish Dark One Clippy (oh yeeeeeah)
  20. Reforging Excalibur will allow someone to snuff out either the Dark or the Light

Am I missing anything? Reblog and add your own!