sensitive monstrous vermin problems

actually I am super jelly of women who can enact things like ‘exaggerated menacing girliness’ because (a) it’s cool to subvert the idea of frilly pink things as weak, and use them to unsettle people, and (b) it’s PRETTY

but if I dressed in a remotely little-girly fashion, I would just appear to genuinely be four years old (or maybe, like, 11) because there would be no contrast between my 'immature’ behaviors and the clothing. the impression would not be subversive. and I don’t need to be infantilized further. it would work out very badly.

nonetheless I might start wearing mary janes again because they are comfortable

putting some things together

to be acknowledged as victim when you’re assumed predator

^ tony @ bruce

usually victim *because* assumed predator: hulk was locked up and they did experiments on him, mindless beast (what we do to assumed mindless beasts prevents them from ever explaining they’re not)

why a female bruce banner would be even harder to parse; the cognitive dissonance of ‘disabled woman’ is derived from the cognitive dissonance of 'predatory victim’

“irresistible” not that scully is not shown as explicitly having the perceived-as-predator issue, but as in, hers is the story-role a hulk deserves

^ “no one saw a pretty woman being run off the road in her rental car” = the opposite of derogatory, in context

“i know, i’ve tried!”

previous references: perfect example of a dangerous mix-up & me the monster & XF monster reversal & gender grotesque