sensitive dean!girl problems

i slept on it, and yeah i don’t think i’m watching spn anymore.

they pretty much ruined it for me, ruined dean and discarded every single character development he ever had in order to create drama (which tells me they don’t actually give two fucks about the character), did a stupid redux storyline for sam that makes no sense for him and plus once again centers the mytharc and everything else on him, and bam, i lost all interest in one go.

thanks spn, took you 8 years but you finally put such a bad taste in my mouth i have like zero interest in watching you, despite dean or castiel’s faces. good job, show.

smartiespn replied to your post: i slept on it, and yeah i dont think im watching…

Im&kind of there with you. For the first time, in all the years Ive watched, I didn t watch live. I havent watched period. Im ready for it to end.

Oh, bb. It’s probably better not to watch. At least you won’t feel miserable.

veneredirimmel replied to your post: i slept on it, and yeah i dont think im watching…

lol i told myself that the moment they trashed deans character i would leave, so there, making good on that promise. in b4 someone says: but dean is always been like this!!! no, he hasnt.

Smilla you warned me the other day – you said, you were afraid they’d completely ruin Dean. And wow, I sat there and I was like…are you freaking kidding me? Ruin Dean to prop up yet another “Something’s Wrong With Sam” bullshit storyline? And trust me the Sam&Dean crap has pissed me off since 8.23. Sam’s writing is so nonsensical for his past characterization, and Dean’s just a wallflower with no character development.

Dean used to be better written, but that was ages ago when I honestly thought there were people on the writing team who knew how to write him or cared about his character. What’s funny is that when all the spoilers were coming out this summer and Deangirls were pissed about the lack of spoilers for Dean, folks would say: it doesn’t mean Dean doesn’t have a storyline! Maybe it’s a big one! Actually, yah it did mean that Dean didn’t have a storyline. They’re not even trying.

LOL at Dean drives the mytharc spoiler. Fuck you show. So very much.