But here’s the thing: Sherlock Series 4 purposely took something from every member of the audience. It gave them plot points that didn’t resolve. It baited them into watching the whole mess of a season because the writing implied it was going to make sense in the end. But it didn’t. All people got baited by the narrative. This usually only happens to minority groups. But now everyone can see what it feels like to be strung along and let down. Now non-queer people have a slight taste of what it’s like to be taken advantage of and mislead. This is what happens when queer people watch television, except when the media baits queer people, the effect is detrimental to their sense of self and personhood. You can’t take that from a heterosexual audience. But what you can take from them is their trust, time, and passion.

Did you find yourself asking these questions after “The Final Problem”?

** “What was the note John gave to Sherlock at the end of The Six Thatchers?”
** “How did Sherlock and John survive an explosion that propelled them through a second-story window?”
** “Why did Sherlock leave John to drown in the well?”
** “Where did John’s chains go?”
** “Why didn’t Sherlock notice the glass was missing?”
** “Why was every transition in The Six Thatchers wonky?”
** “Why did they bring up ‘romantic entanglement’ if they weren’t going to address it?”

There are many questions you should have after series 4. But those are questions a mostly heterosexual audience would ask.

These are questions the LGBTQ community is asking right now:

** “Why were Moriarty, Magnussen, Irene, and Eurus all queer and predatory? Why can’t one of the heroes be queer? Why am I always a villain on television?
** "What was the thing Sherlock wanted to tell John before getting on the plane and going to his death?
** "What was the stuff John wanted to tell Sherlock before he died but couldn’t even muster telling his therapist?”
** “Why did Sherlock leave John’s wedding early after blinking back tears?”
** “Why does John dream of Sherlock and keep his bags packed a month after getting married?”
** “Why did John ask Sherlock if he had a boyfriend while out for a candlelit dinner a few hours after meeting him?”
** “Why does John raise his voice at Irene when he finds out she’s still alive and texting Sherlock?”
** “Why does John, who’s so afraid of being mistaken for gay, never admit that he’s straight? Why is he always defensive instead of honest?”
** “Why does John continue to ask about Sherlock’s sexual relationships for over five years?”

These are questions straight people might not even think to ask. Many probably didn’t even notice these things. But queer people notice them. You bet they do. Because they see themselves on screen and wait eagerly for resolution that never comes. That’s queerbaiting. Being strung along, assuming your questions will one day be answered.

Nobody got their answers in series 4.

And look at the ratings.

They’re at an all-time low.

If all writers treated every audience member the way writers treat queer people on a daily basis, look at what would happen. People would hate it. Of course they would. It would be a waste of your time and energy. Now imagine if your sense of self was also at risk. What if you had more to lose than a couple of hours on a Sunday night?

“The Final Problem” is about burning the heart out of Sherlock. Moriarty told us this years ago. But do you see how they did it?

They took the heart out of their own show.

They took the love story from us.

They took the crime, the cases, the deductions, and the logic from everyone else.

THAT is The Final Problem.

What makes Sherlock “Sherlock” are all of those things we’ve come to know and love.

This is how I know we’re getting another episode this month. They left both audiences to dangle. They pulled a Reichenbach. Just like The Final Problem back in 1893.

As Mark Gatiss himself said: “I don’t like loose threads. Not on my watch.”

alchemicalapocalypse  asked:

I know you already went over the mpd claspect being the same for all personalities, but I was wondering about alt timeline versions where something happens that causes the person to develop in a completely different way. Like if John had never met his friends, or Dave decided by some fluke he didn't like rap, butterfly effect and all that, or something major like ONLY one of the kids getting into the session. Could something that changed a person's claspect or a session fundamentally happen?

(well its more that I acknowledge I can’t really answer that question for you, other than 1 Soul = 1 Classpect. If you consider 1 System = 1 Soul, then they have 1 God Tier. BUT if you consider each of your split parts to have separate souls, then each “soul” still has their own god tier. It can go either way, its just how you personally view your own sense of “self”. Technically Calliope and Caliborn are an example of a person with DID/MPD, each considering their seperate minds in one body as entirely seperate people and souls, therefore the have seperate dreamselves/god tiers. But the same can be said for Sollux or Mituna, who have two dreamselves, but they all have the same god tier and fundamentally are the same “person”)

but as for environments changing god tiers, well we already know the canon answer to that is “No”

all of the human kids have a counterpart in the other sessions version of the universe. 

In Universe A John’s Baby Meteor landed near his Dad and John grew up to play SBURB. 

In Universe B that same John on that same Baby Meteor landed somewhere and somewhen else and that instance of John became Jane’s Grandpa and his character had less importance in the story, dying before Jane’s time. Just like Jake’s grandmother Alt!Jade also was cremated by a young Jake

and just like that Dirk and Dave’s Bro (the Bro we know as “Bro”) are the same person, they have their differences, such as in the way they express or interact with their roles, but they still have the same role. Both are a Prince of Heart, or both would have god tiered as a Prince of Heart had both played SBURB

Nature, who you are, is one thing, and Nurture, what your environment is like, is another thing

Nature covers the god tier itself, literally which class and aspect describes the core best aspects of what you would define as “you”

Nurture/Environment covers stuff like whether or not you invert or overembrace, how this instance of you interacts with your god tier. Do you embrace it? Reject it? see it’s value? hate it? love it? All of those are environmental factors. If you live in a society that favors say, femininity and warriors, but you have a masculine and healing role. You will be affected by your environment that values who you are less, and this may set you up to be inverted

the same you, growing up in a society that heavily over favors masculinity and healing, may find yourself overembracing instead

just like how Dave’s Bro severely overembraced his role as a Prince of Heart to the point where he became an abusive guardian trying to mold Dave in his image by eroding Dave’s sense of self

but Dirk is actually much more balanced and healthier, having had the opportunity and environment and being willing to make the choice to better understand his friends, instead going down that same path of trying to mold them all in his image

any given enviroment will have any kind of effect, it may have a severe effect on how they see their roles/selves, it may not. But outside influences cannot ever change who you are, not really. They can effect how you look at yourself for sure, but they cannot actually change you.

gilotyna815 replied to your post “I know you already went over the mpd claspect being the same for all…”

an absolute canon confirmation is the fact that alt!Calliope, practically the opposite of our Calliope, is still the Muse of Space despite all the differences in their nurture

yup that too! Almost forgot that one lol Alt!Callie didn’t have the alpha kids as an environmental factor on her growth, theres whole conversations between the two Callies going into how that affected or didn’t effect them both

but regardless, both are still a Muse of Space (its just Alt!Callie’s heavy environmental factors, Caliborn, and no counteracting force, no human influence, caused her to deeply invert and forego the goodness of the Muse of Space in all but its most brutal practical forms because of the influence of a Lord of Time’s ideals being more important in her environment, she was forced to internalize them with no other route)

I’m proud of myself for putting myself out there today, and not being afraid of coming across as weird or too forward today.
There’s this girl from Norway in my Psychology lectures and groups, and we talked a little and became friendly last semester, but i wouldn’t say that we’re particularly close friends, though i’ve been hoping that maybe we could be, so decided to try and develop our friendship more this semester.
Today i sat next to her in this lecture which was quite interactive and involved a lot of partner work (it was developing our sense of self) so we talked quite a bit. About halfway through the lecture she brought up how cool she thought it was that i’m vegan and i do yoga (she follows me on instagram) and we talked about all that kind of stuff for a bit, and it was just really nice chatting to her and i was so flattered that she brought it up! So at the end i decided to ask her if she’d like to get together sometime, for coffee or something, and yeah we haven’t made plans yet but she said that she’d love to, and that she’d actually been wanting to ask me the same thing!! AHH YAY!! Lara: 1 - anxiety: 0

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Your tags for the makeup therapy post really moved me ㅠㅠ

You are so cute, I’m glad they did! Makeup is honestly a MASSIVE part of my happiness, whenever someone asks me “what makes you happy?” I inwardly think “makeup”. But rarely say it because people get this idea that makeup is a shallow interest that opposes natural beauty while also having the potential to damage someone’s confidence by creating this reliance on a product. And it’s just so shitty to think that some people will judge your intellect, values, and sense of self based on your usage of makeup alone. It’s not that deep. It’s a fun, positive thing and I’m glad that in recent years, people are embracing the full-on constructed beauty. 

In my case, I end up noticing a lot of things in a face that I appreciate so much because of makeup. Like how lovely someone’s skin is. Or how lovely a brow shape and hairs are. Or how the top lip has that amazing cave in above the cupid’s bow that causes the skin above to pop out a bit more. Or how much depth is in someone’s crease. All these little things that you wouldn’t notice if you didn’t have much knowledge in makeup. 

When people say those that are interested in makeup are shallow and stupid, I just kind of laugh because….well for one, re-read that sentence and note the hypocrisy. But a lot of the compliments I receive come from makeup artists / people who are knowledgeable in makeup. Not just something like “your lipcolor is so nice!”. Actual compliments like “you have such a beautiful face” “your features work so well together” ect ect. If you take time to construct your face with makeup, you work on individual parts in order to make them look a certain way you want. So you’re able to pinpoint what you find most beautiful in a facial feature, and in viewing another, you get this lightbulb in your head telling you that you’ve seen a view beautiful individual feature of a feature on an entire face. It’s impressive and heartwarming, and honestly so observant.

So to keep from rambling on, I think makeup artistry is such a pure and positive activity to dabble into. People aren’t as harsh about it anymore, but I hope we can stop this whole “people who wear a lot makeup have no priorities, are shallow, and insecure (or vain)”. Because that’s not an accurate representation to be spreading around.

honestly the hyuuga clan as a WHOLE is absolutely fucked up but i also wanna talk abt the like, obvious child abuse wrt hinata & hanabi. 

the first time we see hanabi on screen she’s like, 7 and crouched over in extreme pain from the grueling training that her dads putting her thru in order to be the head of the clan. hinata obv went thru the same thing before hanabi was declared the new heiress, and tbh thats horrifying to put ur child thru. obv the training of shinobi in general is fucked up but like, i feel like having that kind of direct pressure from your parent overseeing it would only worsen the emotional toll

and while i think hinatas a naturally gentle person in general, i think growing up in that kind of high-pressure environment and then to have her entire sense of self-worth be destroyed because she cant bring herself to hurt her younger sister is horrifying.. like, ofc she finds naruto inspiring! no matter how hard she tries, she can never seem to earn her family’s approval, and heres naruto, who has no ones approval but STILL TRIES and makes himself happy for him (even if it is still in a desire to be acknowledged its his self-drive that keeps him going that hinata just doesnt have)

unfortunately then i think hinata still falls into the same mistake of doing it for someone else - and this is when her character development falls apart, bc everything seems to become about naruto. i want more of hinata asserting herself, i want hinata who thinks that how the family treats her and neji (in different ways, and neji honestly far worse) and does something about it! she can still be a gentle reserved girl but i want her to work thru her issues and grow she rly deserves that

Ezekiel Jones was the heart. He was her heart, tin woman she was, cold and unfeeling with death ever-looming. He reminded her to love, how to love, how to really love, and she brought him into her chest and was filled with warmth. 

Cassandra Cillian was the brain. She was his common sense, his sense of self-preservation, the reason to stay out of trouble that he’d never had before. Scarecrow, head full of straw, suddenly stuffed with enough logic to see he should stay near the girl he loved.

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don't see why would Armin change sides tbh, he's an eledian after all he doesn't have much options then to stay inside the walls and fight for his nation Marley would only use him as Titan food i cringe when people think he would actually be a good

villain he’s smart but he’s really weak and unthreatening also cowardly

There’s one thing Armin wouldn’t do at this point: changing sides. Let’s face it, Armin is attached to his sense of self-sacrifice as demonstrated in chapter 82. It’s a trait that pushes him in risky situations under uncommon circumstances such as having a flux of courage welling inside him, thinking about the trust in his comrades. Aside from that, his main stat has been his intelligence. Being a shifter brings little to no addition to combat prowess, aside from him regenerating limbs. This is something he could use for future tactics: he acted as a bait several times (against Bertolt, disguised as Historia, etc…) and he’s the second solider in the SC capable of taking severe hits, as long as the spine stays unharmed. 

Besides, him becoming a shifter at the price of two lives was totally unwanted from his part. Judging how he was acting lately, the consequences are already starting to show up. If anything, he’s going to stay loyal to the Corps and Hange, mostly because he, as well as them, thought Erwin was the better choice. That pushes him to higher expectations, especially during times where the personnel was reduced to 9 people. 

Hange and Armin - Ch. 85

We’ve already seen this in effect: Armin plays the role of Hange’s messenger and reports whatever side effects of the coordinate Eren experiences. While his position as Hange’s agent is maintained, I wonder how he envisions the whole situation from Grisha’s logs and Eren’s memories. Chapter 88 revealed he wasn’t too thrilled about this because not many possibilities are offered to him. Not only that but I wonder how he’s experiencing his life as a shifter: being able to shift into these monsters of light flesh and regenerating limbs feels weird. Not to mention having a timer on your head.

Marley wouldn’t have any interest in keeping him around: he’d just be bait for another warrior. Plus some of them miiiiiight even be reluctant in accepting him because of what he did to a fellow *cough*Reiner*cough*

An experiment gone right. The creation of a link between two worlds - a host for another. The boy had been readily given away. An orphan to an adoptive mother who wanted no part of him. Believed him to be wicked. Sinful. A sickly looking boy with a dark mind passed down from his dead mother. The perfect specimen to disappear from the world without being missed. 

Years pass and the boy is kept deep within the confines of the laboratory. Quiet. Reclusive. Obedient to any order given and eager to please - reflexive out of a sense of self-preservation. Test after test proved to be for naught – until one day it happened. Mind enshrouded by another world, he came back screaming. But the noise wasn’t his own terrified voice but that of something furious. It lashed out. Destroyed the room and killed the boy’s handlers until all that remained was him. Tucked neatly in a corner, weeping, as wisps of something sinister all but rolled off him. He’d made contact with something. And he’d brought it back with him. 

He was perfect. Their Project: MIRACLE, as it would be written in their files. But miracles do not come without a price – which is what the branch-off facility of the HAWKINS NATIONAL LABORATORY would discover when it met a swift and untimely end. A fire. A collapse. And one boy left to run from it all.

The best way to oppose Trump’s presidency is to be nothing like him.

To do this, we’ll need to read books. Think. See beyond ourselves. Empathize. Embrace the definition of humility. Respect others. Be kind. Defuse conflict. Control our temper. Refuse to belittle those who disagree with us and threaten our sense of self. Strive towards psychological maturity. Admit mistakes. Apologize. Listen. Care about the well-being of people who aren’t exactly like us. Safeguard the environment. Buy fewer things. Turn off the television. Watch documentaries. Take down walls. And tell the truth.


You can exist without your soul, you know, as long as your brain and heart are still working. But you’ll have no sense of self anymore, no memory, no… anything. There’s no chance at all of recovery. You’ll just — exist. As an empty shell. –  p. 268


EXO _ Coming Over:
I’m coming over, at any time blow up
Filled with hype, it’s gonna burst
Wherever you go, rocking show
Gimme gimme go sign, I’ll bring you so high