sensiblestupidity  asked:

Hey Bobby, question. I see you often post pictures of food from restaurants, or going out to bars, and so on. I was curious about whether the appearance those pictures create, which is that you eat out/go out all the time is a representative one, and if so how you manage to swing it. I'm impressed by it, frankly, since I hear NYC is an expensive place, and your job and health issues seem to weigh on you heavily. Not trying to pry, just wanted to know how you pull it off. Keep up the good work

Nope, You’re not prying at all. This is my blog where I choose to put myself out there so I expect personal questions such as this, I’m surprised I don’t get them more often. 


  • I tend to only go out for food and drinks on weekends, and I order in for food at work during the week, But I rarely go out during the week because compared to most people, I work insanely long hours at this thankless job. So weekends is when I flip out. Burning the candle at both ends for life yo. 
  • How expensive NYC can be is all relative I think. I don’t really go out to dinner at expensive places on a regular basis at all. Then again everyone’s definition of “expensive” is different based on where your coming from. I’ll tell you one thing though, I definitely spend more money on alcohol than food when I go out. That’s where they really get you. So don’t be too impressed. My bank account isn’t impressed by it much.
  • As far as my health goes, that’s a more recent issue, since I’ve only been a mess since the car accident back in ‘12. I mostly take it day by day. I’m always in some sort of pain, whether it is my back or my shoulder or ribs but some days are just worse than others. I try not to complain about it too much. This also adds to the fact why I don’t go out during the week much, if at all. Between working all day and going to treatments for my pain, I just want to go home and pass out most of the time. I do have to push myself sometimes to be perfectly honest. Some days I’d love to just stay in bed but (as cliché as it sounds) you only live once and since I almost died in that accident I don’t want to waste my time doing nothing. If I have the chance to go out and do something I’m most likely going to do it, My body may not thank me the next day, but fuck it, we may not be here tomorrow.