Right now the rain is pouring down outside, and in my heart.
It’s been a rough week. 

It’s enough to make you want to pack up your troubles in your old satin handbag, bundle yourself in a big, cozy, deep eggplant velvet bathrobe and go to an awards show.


Of course it’s illogical for [Claire] to be in heels in the jungle. She never intended to go in the jungle. And if she was in flats, that would…that would be a cheat, you know, that would be something where it’s like, ‘She managed to get her hands on some flats.’ No, no, no, Claire never thought she was going to end up traipsing through the jungle, let alone outrunning a T. rex…Of course, she wouldn’t have sensible footwear on. She worked in an office and that’s how she dressed.

Are you having a bad day?

Well, just take a gander at this look.
Take your time.

Rest your gaze upon this playful, yet determined half-updo. Contemplate the nonchalance of a partially buttoned flannel shirt dress worn under a cropped leather biker jacket. Please observe the raw jauntiness exhibited by these broken-in Victorian-esque combat boots, providing both sass and ease of mind. Finally, just allow yourself a moment to bask in the all-encompassing optimism of this totally bitchin’ stance.

So, are you SURE you’re having a bad day?

No, you’re not, and you have this look to thank for it.

Hey guys! 1996 here. I don’t know what you were doing at the exact moment this picture was being taken, but I know I was probably skipping out of Calculus, on my way to 7-11, listening to Weezer in my friend’s older brother’s Volvo. 

What I was not doing was chilling in a grey velour-upholstered limousine in a flirty plaid casual blazer and sensible business pumps looking like a cheerful, redheaded, oval-glasses-wearing BOSS.

The irony is that this looks suspiciously like Vancouver out the window there so who knows, maybe that’s us in the car.

casmic-b  asked:

Your Frisk's shoes probably: uggs, crocs, toe shoes, ugg-crocs, ugg-croc-toe shoes, jelly sandals and flipflops to go with their goofy mismatched novelty socks, heelies, bunny slippers worn outside in public, those rainbow colored furry raver boots, one sneaker with the other missing, literally 'anything' but sensible and attractive footwear.

i think i lost 2 followers for raving on about crocs, i feel a bit bad but im definitely saving this for references. in case i need to draw frisk in the future :3c

The French caption reads, “The road to the future seems to be paved with gold for the heroine of the cult series Aux frontières du réel (The X-Files, to us),” but we all know that it is actually paved with SENSIBLE HEELS, MESH SWEATERS, LACE, and SHEER BUTTON-UP TOPS.

And, apparently, trench coats stolen from the costume department of The Nanny.

When most people enjoy sports, or hang around on astroturf-covered park spaces for the benefit of an undisclosed charity, they wear some sort of ill-fitting “athletic” apparel, along with sensible footwear that encourages agility, or at the very least, an approximation of stability. 

Not Gillian Anderson.

White platform mules, a mesh (?) sleeveless dress, white ball cap and, naturally, oval rose-tinted sunglasses are a killer choice for signing autographs and drinking frappucinos on a pleasant midsummer afternoon.

I must say I really appreciate when a person stays true to form in terms of their sartorial commitments. Really demonstrates something about their character.