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It’s time for the sickest physics.

This shit is going to blow your motherfucking gourd.

Like whoa.

This is some of the most wicked sicknasty physics in the world. I mean fuck.

Enough stalling. There’s this thing called conservation of momentum, right? In any given frame of reference, the total momentum of a closed system remains constant, not only in magnitude but also in direction.

This is an undeniable, immutable, true fact of physics. This is a fundamental cornerstone on which all of physics is built. This is one of the most profound, beautiful, and straightforward facts of the universe.

Except it might not be.

The EM Drive is a new design for a spacecraft propulsion system. According to its creator, it collects solar energy and turns it into microwave radiation which then bounces back and forwards inside an enclosed vessel. In any sensible mathematical model, this would cause the vessel to simply oscillate.


It doesn’t. It produces a shit-ton of thrust. Tests are still being conducted to absolutely confirm whether or not it works, but NASA already believes that it does, and the Dresden University of Technology has refrained from saying whether it works or not.

According to the preliminary tests, if it produces the thrust it seems to produce, it would allow a craft to reach the Moon in four hours or Alpha Centauri in a hundred years.

The upshot is that if this works, we will have interstellar travel and a complete re-write of physics. This might be the most important physics on this blog.

Of course, it might be an elaborate hoax or a very subtle miscalculation with significant results, but I can’t see how yet. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, but this is still very exciting.

I have no idea how this works, and I don’t think many people in the world do have an idea.

This is the first time I’ve used the “No Earthly science…” tag and meant it sincerely.

Imagine you’re stuck at a traffic light with your VW Beetle when some jerkass comes along and starts revving his fancy sports car engine at you. He’s being as obnoxious as he possibly can, clearly goading you into a race so he can humiliate your unassuming, fuel-efficient ride and impress his date at your expense.

Then the light goes green, you fire up your goddamn jet engine and disappear into the horizon, leaving behind a stench of burned rubber and mildly scorched sports car owner.

The Jet Beetle is exactly what it says on the box: a sensible, unassuming new model Volkswagen Beetle … that has a giant-ass Navy surplus General Electric T58-8F jet engine (the same type that’s used to land the presidential chopper) strapped on.

It’s the brainchild of car modifier Ron Patrick, who took consummate care to keep it street legal. The Jet Beetle actually has two engines: a standard-issue gasoline engine in the front, and the jet engine in the back. This means the law can’t touch you when you use the ordinary gasoline engine … and when you decide to use the other one, let’s see them catch you.

Pay attention to the speedometer, though – Patrick is fairly certain the car will actually lift off the ground if it hits 160 mph.

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Whats the #dontbeafruit campaign?

#dontbeafruit is an awareness campaign, to hopefully educate people about the dangers of doing risky “tricks” with their horses.

The #dontbeafruit campaign started because one girl on Instagram posted a photo of her lying down and putting the horse’s hoof on her stomach. People have been videoing themselves demonstrating what can potentially happen to your organs if the horse puts their full weight on you by using fruit instead of people. They are unnecessarily risking their lives doing dangerous “tricks” to prove they trust their horse and that they have a bond. 

There’s been other photos that have surfaced because of this, including lying underneath the horse’s legs, and sitting down and putting the horse’s hoof on your head. Most of the time these horses are unrestrained and could move or spook at any time.

Mostly, young teenage girls are the ones doing this stuff, usually they have thousands of young impressionable followers and they don’t realise that they have a responsibility to be a good, sensible role model to these people. Hopefully with #dontbeafruit these people will realise just how irresponsible they are being, and realise that there are other, safer ways to prove your partnership with your horse.

Confession: Modeling is an ugly business and you have to put up with sooooo much verbal and physical abuse, and in some cases, sexual abuse. Modeling is only glamorous if you’re really famous like Gisele, Kate, Naomi, Adriana, Natalia, etc. If you’re a model that no one even knows about, you’re gonna be taken for a nasty ride and discarded like last week’s lunch. If you’re a model of color, you have it even worse. I don’t envy models at all. So much of what goes on has a chance of psychologically damaging someone and none of this crap would fly in a regular workplace. All of this makes me more and more opposed to models under 20 getting into the business. I’m only for it if the models have sensible parents around (not stage parents), a union (much like actors have with SAG), and sensible workplace laws for the modeling industry that cracks down on exploitation of young models, low pay or no pay, racism, etc.  It’s actually quite scary that an industry this large is so unregulated