Uraboku Stage Play Vol.2 - after thoughts

It took a while but I finally made up my mind to watch the second Stage Play drama volume 2 of Uraboku(Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru) on NicoNico.

Overall I actually really enjoyed it(is it just me or does the second one seem better than the first). I would actually recommend people who are undecided if they want to watch or not to watch it.It’s on NicoNico for 1500yen and you can watch it anytime after you brought it (but only till October if i remember correctly).

What really impressed me was the coordination and how they designed the scenes to flow from one to the next as well as how they present the two battles that happens in the same time frame in the story. On top of that, the acting is really good and they even manage to pull off some gags from the manga really well. For example:

This scene (Chapter 28 when Senshirou ask if he can take care of Yuki and get attacked by Kuroto)

Turns into this in the stage drama xD (Kuroto’s falcon kick xD)

And here’s some screen shots from the play (Not in order btw)^^

-Kuroto, Yuki and Luka

-Luze Crosszeria